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  • Salpsan
    Salpsan Před minutou

    I could read in kindergarten and I’m kind of retarded.

  • Form4li7y
    Form4li7y Před 2 minutami

    Not to insult your sources but anyone who said Picard wouldn't be a failure was.... A. A shill B. Someone who cares more about politics C. Braindead D. Never a Trek fan E. All of the above. The only thing that surprised me about this series was how much Patrick Stewart is responsible for it's horrible turn. I knew he didn't like doing the same thing twice and was responsible for some of stuff in Nemesis but what he has done with this show is absurd. I hope he retires after this.

  • drrob1963
    drrob1963 Před 6 minutami

    Wow! Those woke SJWs must be the most powerful beings of all....they have destroyed what the Klingons, what the Romulans, what the Ferengi, what the Borg, and what the Cardassians could not!

  • James Gatz
    James Gatz Před 11 minutami

    Why does bright red hair create BONERS? Seriously, what is the science behind this phenomenon?

  • Dusty Boot
    Dusty Boot Před 16 minutami

    The storyline of the Picard series was actually the idea of Patrick Stewart. Blame this on Patrick Stewart.

  • Fig Jam
    Fig Jam Před 18 minutami

    wait one god damn minute. they made Jonathan Frakes cry? no, this will not stand. how dare they, HOW DARE THEY! i thought "new" trek was bad, i was wrong. "NEW" TREK IS EVIL AND MUST BE DESTROYED!

  • Tony F
    Tony F Před 19 minutami

    Mecha are you alright? Your doing this video in tears it seems. Dont let them get to you. The shows failure will teach them a lesson.

  • William Page
    William Page Před 23 minutami

    I love sonequa martin-green but discovery is horrible

  • M Paws
    M Paws Před 24 minutami

    ''Reaches out to give mecha giant hugs''. Be still, be calm my dear =). I detached myself from all hope of any decent trek being born the moment they announced that discovery would be a prequel show, this was way back before any details came out. And thanks to midnight's edge's entertaining news I can now laugh at star trek.....because its not star trek, but some arrogant minded writers fan fiction of self-interest. It has given me the ability to remove all care about trek and to smile at its failure and slow degradation into nothingness. I know you want ''REAL'' trek just as much as the rest of us, but as long as those scum bags are in charge it will not happen. But, on the plus side, the more they fail, the angrier it makes Lady Redstone, and the faster she will seize control and perhaps bring back the hope we all once lost. Despite lez Moonves being kicked out (and I guess we should thank the meetoo gals for that xD ) he left his filthy goblin minions in charge, sadly we must put up with them until the time is right for lady Redstone to strike =)

  • Ed Parnell
    Ed Parnell Před 25 minutami

    I can almost hear the studio... Disaster, you say? Make it so.

  • cb_spock
    cb_spock Před 26 minutami

    They can kill Picard they did it to Kirk, it’s one reason I really don’t give a crap about the TNG films. Welcome to the party TNG fans. I liked TNG as a series, but I have no nostalgia for it. I’m not even watching Disco, I quit after season 1, and I won’t be watching Picard. I won’t be watching anything that’s been produced by Alex and his team of franchise assassins.

  • Animation Engineer
    Animation Engineer Před 28 minutami

    Call me when they produce episodes of *Star Trek Continues* with Vic and the rest of that great cast. Until then, I don't give one F-.

  • Steve Ruiz
    Steve Ruiz Před 32 minutami

    What are your thoughts on the Tesla episode?

  • Steve
    Steve Před 33 minutami

    They killed off Kirk so Picard is definitely dispatachable. I'd drop a bridge on him without a second thought.

  • David Raper
    David Raper Před 34 minutami

    I have to agree with you and I do so hope we are all wrong.

  • M Paws
    M Paws Před 40 minutami

    Mecha all sicky ?? here ya go =)

  • Humble Marty
    Humble Marty Před 41 minutou

    I decided to give Star Trek Picard a HARD pass when Picard said he'd cover Brexit and Trump.

  • davidw706
    davidw706 Před 42 minutami

    Thank you for explaining why these new shows are lacking. It seems they have taken the Nerd out of Star Trek. All we are left with is lens flares and plot holes.

  • Kit Kat Catastrophe
    Kit Kat Catastrophe Před 43 minutami

    These horrible writers already failed miserably to make the Klingons in Discovery look like Trump, so what do they do? They try to turn the Federation into Trump in Picard...I know their track record...I know it will be horrible. I don't know if I can believe the Frakes stuff, Discovery is so un-Trek and it didn't bother him at all.

  • nelipotfootfree
    nelipotfootfree Před 44 minutami

    I grew up in the 1970s watching the original Star Trek. I have loved it since 1970. I stuck with it through the motion pictures, through Rick Berman, and through Manny Coto. I agree with your statement about blue prints, I lived and breathed the Franz Joseph technical manual. The fact that CBS could actually get me to hate Star Trek shows how incredibly incompetent they must be. I am just baffled: Why would Disney buy Star Wars, why would CBS create Star Trek, when it is clear that they both despise the properties and despise the fans? What is the logic that creates this insanity? Their goal must be to flush money down the toilet and to alienate their viewers. They destroyed Spock, No 1, Star Fleet, the Federation, and all of Star Trek in STD; and they destroyed Picard and TNG in STP. There are so many behind-the-scenes Trek alumni that could be and should be working on these shows; but instead CBS hires woefully ignorant, clueless, and incompetent woke high school interns to create them.

  • Projekt:Kobra
    Projekt:Kobra Před 45 minutami

    If you never watch Picard or never will have the good episodes from your childhood ruined for you. I never watched another SW thing after The Last Jedi. Its over....nothing they can do will I allow to ruin the prior perfections, and good memories....(The Force Awakens was bad..but I thought Id give it a chance....not a second)

  • Torsten Seidel
    Torsten Seidel Před 45 minutami

    I stil hope you are wrong. I don't want the Picard series to be a disaster.

  • Fig Jam
    Fig Jam Před 46 minutami

    star trek : ow my balls.

  • Dairakai Menepada
    Dairakai Menepada Před 51 minutou

    Both Star Trek, and Star Wars are dead to me now. I am finally over being sad about it. I refuse to give the "nice people" in charge the satisfaction. The thing is, modern VFX tech is so good, we the fandom could actually come up with our own Space Fiction...

  • Pena Punkkanen
    Pena Punkkanen Před 52 minutami

    Star Trek was originally about having positive future. People had evolved and petty squabbles between people. STD throws that away. STD needs the free marketing. They need to kill the old world of ST to make a new one. SJW´s are like the red guards of Maos China: vandalizing, destroying and criticizing.

  • Your White Knight
    Your White Knight Před 54 minutami

    Good video.... hope you feel better soon.... lots of chicken noodle soup dose wonders! :)

  • Jeffery Wilson
    Jeffery Wilson Před 57 minutami

    Good news as far as I’m concerned!! Maybe Sherry Redstone will give it back to Paramount..and things will go back to normal!! ❤️ But the Seth McFarland news would be cool to!! 👍🏻 Here’s to hopes and dreams and prayer comes in!

  • nelipotfootfree
    nelipotfootfree Před 59 minutami

    Seth MacFarlane getting Star Trek? That would be fantastic.

  • D V
    D V Před hodinou

    High IQ? Nobody is higher IQ than anybody else. We’re all born slippery into this world with the exact same cognitive potential material up inside our skulls... 🤔🙃

  • megacide84
    megacide84 Před hodinou

    Honestly. I'll sit through the first season of STP. ... ... If and when it's released on physical media and I pick up a second hand copy dirt cheap at my local Disc Replay. Just as I did with STD. Sorry CBS. Not getting my money.

  • Cormoran
    Cormoran Před hodinou

    Lower Decks is like The Orville? Orville gets away with it's comedy specifically because it's not Trek. I don't want a Trek that's comedy TNG...

  • Binal Trogaci
    Binal Trogaci Před hodinou

    you shouldn't let old folks drive the Enterprise on their own , you just know that they are gonna crash it .

  • Kevin Meixner
    Kevin Meixner Před hodinou

    I know how you feel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, were all things I loved to watch, whenever I was feeling down I could tune into one of those and get transported to a better world. Now, all three of them have been ruined by idiots who have no clue how to write decent sci fi or what the heart and soul of those franchises was and just want to use it as a tool to promote their extreme left political propaganda. Oh well, at least we still have the reruns.

  • John Ellermann
    John Ellermann Před hodinou

    Hope you feel better soon mecca.

  • WorldPeace21
    WorldPeace21 Před hodinou

    Big budget special.effects doesn't make a good series. Less is more. Sure TOS had sets held together by duct tape but the stories and characters were good. I don't root for the crew of Discovery. I bet The Orville is done on a fraction of the budget but is twice as good as STD or this Picard series.

  • ThomasFishwick
    ThomasFishwick Před hodinou

    ... Me and the current state of Doctor Who

  • mappyhappychappy
    mappyhappychappy Před hodinou

    Just a reminder that Alex Kurtzman is the man who guaranteed Universal's Dark Universe was dead on arrival.

  • Robtimus Cron
    Robtimus Cron Před hodinou

    14 Drekkies got triggered by this video.

  • Msquared
    Msquared Před hodinou

    You are breaking my heart!

  • Jesus Gilberto Solis Casillas

    I still have the DVD sets and the fan productions before the axanar debacle...I will keep to those.

  • deamondeathstone1
    deamondeathstone1 Před hodinou

    That's what I've been saying! We're Star Trek nerds! If you do something weird in a show that doesn't fit, we'll know. You might not know what it is exactly, but most of the time you know which season of which series you need to look to figure out what is wrong.

  • tazgamer
    tazgamer Před hodinou

    So, Kurtzman, has destroying star trek set to automation, and is now destroying something else.

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz Před hodinou

    MechaRandom42, I’m new to your channel and have been enjoying your videos. I’ve been a Star Trek fan since before you were born and it so very sad to hear how distraught you are about what has happened to our beloved franchise. I am sad for you and sad with you. I know you‘re under the weather, but you sound like you were on the verge of tears when you made this video. It sounds like your heart is in deep despair. I don’t blame you, sweetie. Star Trek is part of our souls, and to see it dying on the vine like this… Please keep up the good work. We need to hear from you, now more than ever.

  • tazgamer
    tazgamer Před hodinou

    Instead of star trek discovery, or even std, it's star trek disaster.

  • sinidicate
    sinidicate Před hodinou

    I doubt any of these articles are true.

  • NaturalLaw isTheSolution

    "The Federation is Trump & Brexit" -- Picard... In 2020. Dear God, none of these actors even knew who their characters were or why they appealed to mass audiences. 😒

  • tazgamer
    tazgamer Před hodinou

    Tv guide magazine is advertising it as the next gen crew being back on the bridge. Anything to get people to watch I guess.

  • TheShoguneagle
    TheShoguneagle Před hodinou

    Bryan Fuller left creative before S1 was even finished. That should've been the sign that Star Trek under CBS was going to be garbage.

  • blackdreamhunk2
    blackdreamhunk2 Před hodinou

    I would say reylos are right wing.

  • Gregory Motta
    Gregory Motta Před hodinou

    Do we actually need Patrick Stewart to continue the Picard story? I am thinking not.

  • steve gordon
    steve gordon Před hodinou

    Sir Patrick needs that money for that luxury pad he's retiring to!

  • Vintage News Network
    Vintage News Network Před hodinou

    The shilluencers want to get called again to review other stuff, so of course the reviews will be positive. They fear the free lance youtubers who are supported by their community. Seriously, Star Trek had a huge following and CBS had to piss all over it in the interests of wokeness and virtue signaling. Why can't these people ever come up with their own intellectual property? Ghostbusters, Dr. Who, Star Trek, all pre-existing things that got ruined. Seth Mc Farland created his own show and built an audience, so clearly it's possible to create your own thing and be successful.

  • joe C
    joe C Před hodinou

    Stargate exist therefore startrek is invalid. Except for Enterprise that one was awesome. NG episodes where 50/50 with a lot of cringe.

  • noneed4me2
    noneed4me2 Před hodinou

    They cancelled a black writer off the show for using the N-word in a context of discussion, because the non black folks felt offended. Kurtzman and Lindelofs level of white guilt and self hate must be extreme. I wonder what it’s like to live in there sheltered bubble. I hope they find their nerf world and leave the entertaining to those who want to entertain. If I want a preacher I’ll go to church.

  • s13 gouf
    s13 gouf Před hodinou

    Blueprints, tech manuals, and discussion about how a miranda class works without a deflector dish. What real fans wanted to know to the most finite details.

  • The Narrow Brush
    The Narrow Brush Před hodinou

    Meccha appears very somber, I wouldn't blame her if she started sobbing. For me I suppose star Trek Ended at the countdown comic. RIP Captain Picard, you were an Inspiration to a generation.

  • Michael Rose
    Michael Rose Před hodinou

    Like I keep typing on other channels: Star Trek - Discard. It's pretty much what Bad Reboot/Stealing Hideout has done to the franchise. Terrible things no long time fan wants to see. I feel sorry for those that say (insert show/movie) is dead to me now. It shouldn't be. We still have the good stuff. It's just we need to remember that, and fix it. Just like Star Trek taught us to do, before 2009. Sad to say, but I do hope even some of these rumours are true. Disgracery needs to die stat, and Discard is not looking any better, behind or in front of the screen. I would seriously love Seth to get his hands on Trek. Or at the very least, maybe CBS will re-open a licensing agreement for him to work independent of NBC, under CBS, just for Trek alone. Oh well, honestly I'm still holding my breath. 2020 will either see this abomination that is calling itself Star Trek finally die, or it will continue to cockroach its way onto our screens. Because normies eat it up like cheap fast food fare, before realising they're on the privy for hours on end later. That's my 2 slips of gold pressed latinum anyways.

  • Ahmeer Whetstone
    Ahmeer Whetstone Před hodinou

    If McFarland got rights to star trek we would have so much hope. Hell we could possibly get a Orville crossover episode. The potential is would be insane. id start a go fund me or something to get it going. Anything to reboot this STD trash.

  • BigDaddyJinx
    BigDaddyJinx Před hodinou

    This is what you get when you put politics over story and character. Hollywoke is just gonna keep flopping around like a fish outta water til the shareholders start rebelling en masse at one company after another demanding asses on stakes. People are simple creatures. They know what they like and they know what they don't. They don't need Hollywoke telling them what they'll like. You push an agenda or politics or go with diversity hires "because reasons" then people will reject it wholesale and outright. I guess Hollywoke will have to keep making the same mistakes again and again before the mass firings at the top commence. And believe me, it's coming. Shareholders can only lose just so much before they make demands to change leadership and people are sent packing.

  • Blackwood Richmore
    Blackwood Richmore Před hodinou

    Star Trek: The Last Generation.

  • dubsky 2018
    dubsky 2018 Před hodinou

    I remember the amount of merchandise from Next Gen. Going to Symths toy store (Ireland's answer to Toys 'R' Us) and just a full lane of Next Gen. Great times.

  • Man of Action
    Man of Action Před hodinou

    Word on the street is that there is consideration of not even putting this out... They know that it is a shitshow.

    WILL GRIFFIN Před hodinou

    Im extremely...unsurprised by this, hope springs eternal but so does disappointment.

  • Jeremy Lowe
    Jeremy Lowe Před hodinou

    I am with you on how you feel, I grew up watching the original series and TNG and loved them because they showed quality people who put ideals of freedom, humanity and intelligence ahead of personal gain and darker elements of our nature. It gave hope that we can over come our weaknesses to become something better as a people and leave the trappings of today behind. They have killed Roddenberry’s vision. There is some hope Sheri Redstone can finally put an end to this madness and fix the franchise with people who know and understand the franchise.

  • Man of Action
    Man of Action Před hodinou

    You just can't make this shit up... CBS- The gang that couldn't shoot straight... o.o

  • Aether Toast
    Aether Toast Před hodinou

    Almost nothing that gave me hope in the past is untainted in the modern era. Kinda leaves you a bit listless and hopeless sometimes.

  • J Palliser
    J Palliser Před hodinou

    And, how do we know that the candles smell like her cooter? Funny how she cried about Weinstein... then ends up selling cooter candles...

  • Jet Screamer
    Jet Screamer Před 2 hodinami

    I was gifted too. 90 percentiles. The one thing that I held sacred has been watered down.

  • Alex McIntyre
    Alex McIntyre Před 2 hodinami

    Let's hope that Ronald D. Moore, Ira Steven Behr and Manny Coto can take over making Star Trek tv shows. As for a new Star Trek movie they should hire Nicholas Meyer. If these people were put in charge of Star Trek then Star Trek would be awesome again.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Před 2 hodinami

    Does MechaRandom have any credible information on any of the BS mentioned in the above video? I'm seeing the same comments about "Picard in trouble, Kurtzman is out" etc, yet the actual evidence suggests otherwise.

  • Sternencolonel
    Sternencolonel Před 2 hodinami

    "Its about a world of Brexit and Orange men" thats all I need to know, to judge it will be bad. In the current climate they will be as sutile as a sledgehammer about it.

  • milbomi1
    milbomi1 Před 2 hodinami

    Why don't you watch at least a single episode before you pile on this? Is this what the internet has become?

  • Rick Sanford
    Rick Sanford Před 2 hodinami

    Modern iterations of my favorite sci-fi shows have beaten the love of them out of me.

  • Red Pill Gary
    Red Pill Gary Před 2 hodinami

    just keeps getting worse and worse , they should just cash in what little chips they have left and give it to Seth because even though the Orville isn't Star Trek is has been one of the best Star Trek shows in over a decade . . BTW your voice sounds sexy when ur sick, hope u feel better soon Mecha

  • Gamers
    Gamers Před 2 hodinami

    Does sound a bit like garbage. Too bad. I was looking forward to this show as well. Sad!

  • Lloyd Cantu II
    Lloyd Cantu II Před 2 hodinami

    The people in Hollywood today are mental. They can no longer write well written fiction, and only use sci-fi as a political vehicle to spread propaganda. Fiction is supposed to be about the fiction...and nothing else.

  • Stephan de V
    Stephan de V Před 2 hodinami

    at 5 minutes into video is me .. FFS give the damn infooooo. [at least the wait was worth it]

  • Phier554
    Phier554 Před 2 hodinami

    Come to think of it, the screw ups and bad guys in TNG were rarely stupid or just evil to be evil.

  • mikeifyouplease
    mikeifyouplease Před 2 hodinami

    Maybe some major character could wake up in bed...........and shake his head.............and then realize that all the "woke" Star Trek shows were just a series of super bad nightmares! He would stay in sick bay for a week and the doctor and the other members of the crew would visit him and help him recover by showing him how "impossible" it would have been for his visions of "woke" Star Trek to have been true or even possible! His nightmares were a symptom of a joie-joie astrovirus infection. The cure is a daily injection of roddenberry and barium extract.

  • Endora TheWitchWriter
    Endora TheWitchWriter Před 2 hodinami

    What is with Hollywood ruining all these wonderful franchises that have brought people such joy?? It's like a mission to destroy everything good😶.

  • daverjax
    daverjax Před 2 hodinami

    Well, when you get finished with getting your ^&*() hurt by the WokeZombies and the Childishness of them wanting to break things just to soothe they're own egos' ; then perhaps you can make a special trip to Kingsland Georgia and Visit the Reproduced SET of the TOS Enterprise. Because it awfully bad that a Am Group can do Star Trek BETTER then the Wokeyweird Wokeratzi. I don't know if you've ever had Kids, but one of the things that happens eventually during Potty Training is they Usually Take a Big ole CRAP on the floor somewhere and THEN get all Proud and get you to show it too. Then they get confused because you're not happy with them. The Mentality of those Toddlers IS THE MENTALITY OF THE WOKERATZZI.

  • Ryan McAmis
    Ryan McAmis Před 2 hodinami

    Stop playing with your tits, my dear. They're lovely to be sure, but yes we can all see them. Captain Mecha, when?

  • Madtography
    Madtography Před 2 hodinami

    Just to make it clear, I don't like the Jar Jar Burnham show, it's simply no Star Trek.. but two days ago, I was at the Picard premiere and watched the first 3 episodes.. and they were awesome. Sir Patrick does an impressive job. Yes it will be (again) a different kind of Star Trek (feels like the 2nd remake movie), does have more Kung Fu action in it, no real space battles or the "gentleman" behavior kind of doing things.. but it also has no gender/PC stuff in it, at least it is not getting stuffed right up your nose to eat it. It brings a lot of interest in the first eps, as many good "huh.." moments happen, AND it feels naturally evolved for a show that plays ~20yrs after the Nemesis movie, without toooo much fancy stuff.. except for stupid hologram interfaces.. so yeah.. don't take that D too seriously ;) The only thing I DON'T like is, that they call Jean Luc -> JL! And ex Borg: xBs.. those slang abbreviations simply don't rlly fit into Star Trek, esp that Picard NEVER EVER was called "JL"...

  • J Palliser
    J Palliser Před 2 hodinami

    What I found funny... was how so many people online as well within the, so called media... all stated what Africa would be like if it weren't for white people! People actually said, Wakanda would've been a reality if it wasn't for Colonialism! That is why I will never watch that movie... it has a stench upon it!

  • rhodesianscout
    rhodesianscout Před 2 hodinami

    For Star Trek, Doctor Who and Star Wars to succeed in the future, the film and tv studios need to ask the fans what they want to see. Even ask for possible stories and ideas that they can work with. It really isnt that hard to give the fans what they want.

    KING TROLL Před 2 hodinami

    That sucks! But I had no doubt that they would kill this instantly.

  • Fionnait Sradag
    Fionnait Sradag Před 2 hodinami

    Sounds like they're going to pull a Last Jedi. 🙁

  • Chris Knight
    Chris Knight Před 2 hodinami

    Star Trek died a long time ago for me so yea let the past die.

  • Lloyd Cantu II
    Lloyd Cantu II Před 2 hodinami

    It should be a crime, for someone come along, and rape and pillage a loved sci-fi franchise like Star Trek. It's just wrong, and inexcusable. New fans don't even recognize that TREK is supposed to represent the actual future of humanity. I tried to explain it to one of them...and they thought I Was trolling...smh...😒

  • Alexei Rayu
    Alexei Rayu Před 2 hodinami

    Thats their goal precisely: "We won't survive, thanks it's all Orange Man!" Star Trek is a lever for you? Then they will pull it.

  • Myke Twayne
    Myke Twayne Před 2 hodinami

    Mecha I’m telling you right now, I absolutely know exactly how you feel. I’ve been preparing myself for this emergency planetary primary hull glide for a while now. I have sought solace by spending a couple of hours each night enjoying the antics of Quark and Odo and the leadership of the bestest Starfleet Captain to ever wear the uniform. Mecha... you must trust in the Sisko! I know I do. For me watching DS9 is more akin to spending time with friends and family. So buck up sister don’t feel sad. Just have “Inner Light” on que and get ready to pretend that this isn’t really happening to any of us.

  • Uncle Deadly
    Uncle Deadly Před 2 hodinami

    Oh we can only hope there will be a U.S.S. Burnham in STP ...

  • Ray Carter
    Ray Carter Před 2 hodinami

    In some ways it’s necessary for this to happen. They refuse to learn. They refuse to listen. Money is all they understand and if we take it away from them then they will hear us. Just because you have a popular character or franchise doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with it and make money. Star Wars is making the connection and mandalorian is the first step. Hollywood is seeing the joker in a new light and the blue check marks are screaming because they can feel the power of me too and diversity fading away. Picard is the pain that will destroy this fad and then it’s going to be better. By the way Mikey Spock is the fart in the face of the fans because this arrogant bitch will turn to you and expect you to thank her.

  • hancmd16
    hancmd16 Před 2 hodinami

    The SJWs are the real Borg. They got their Locutus.

  • Matthew Letendre
    Matthew Letendre Před 2 hodinami

    Well Star Trek had a good run! I'm revisiting Deep Space Nine now

  • Dash Fatbastard
    Dash Fatbastard Před 2 hodinami

    You buried the lead, Mecha :) Seth MacFarlane doing Star Trek on NBC could be the amswer....ultimate solution...42..., the universe, everything. I've said it before. If you don't like the state of Trek, just wait. This too shall pass. This starship'll have to crash before it gets its next refit. The reason Seth decided to got to Fox may well have been a soft commitment from NBC/Universal to make a good faith effort to buy Star Trek. One hundred milion dollars helps of course, but it is the one thing that he would not be able to say no to. It would be his dream come true...and ours. One thing we do know....when Fox went over to Disney, this was inevitable...Seth hates Disney's hypocritical bullshit as much as we do! bringing his Orville game to Star Trek I just hope they hurry I'd like to be around to see it.

  • Christopher Gonzalez
    Christopher Gonzalez Před 2 hodinami

    With Star Wars/Trek all drama'ed out, what other science fiction universe is there that we can escape to..?

  • Python 085
    Python 085 Před 2 hodinami

    This sounds like TOTAL SHIT! I was looking forward to PICARD as well! Hopefully Seth will be able to buy it!?

  • NextWorldVR
    NextWorldVR Před 2 hodinami

    _This fall on CBS All Access:_ a self-important young female, her destiny is the galaxys destiny! *FIREFLY 2020* by Alex Kurtzman

  • Ahmeer Whetstone
    Ahmeer Whetstone Před 2 hodinami

    Good point definitely has a made for TV vibe. New Terminator pilot. Sad either way