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Top True View Plays of Week 14
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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings!
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Week 14 Preview & Game Picks Show
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Week 14 Game Picks | NFL 2019
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Top True View Highlights Week 13
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Every Team's Best Play of Week 13!
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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings!
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  • Dank Rellos
    Dank Rellos Před 33 vteřinami

    Ravens fan here, Mixon is such an underated RB.

  • rodetofreedom
    rodetofreedom Před 45 vteřinami


  • Revival
    Revival Před minutou

    2:03 offsides call?

  • Kybron Mvp 18-1Forever
    Kybron Mvp 18-1Forever Před minutou


  • Glen Roebuck
    Glen Roebuck Před minutou


  • Manuel Jara
    Manuel Jara Před minutou


  • Jackson Hodkey
    Jackson Hodkey Před 2 minutami

    When your first...

  • Murtaza Syed
    Murtaza Syed Před 2 minutami


  • QualifiedGamer
    QualifiedGamer Před 5 minutami

    Im sorry, but the Bengals are way worse than the Jaguars and maybe the Giants

  • SungHyun Kim
    SungHyun Kim Před 5 minutami

    What a big game!!

  • William Oster
    William Oster Před 6 minutami

    Todd Gurley deserved to win

  • Lucky Valera
    Lucky Valera Před 7 minutami


  • Nathanael Heil
    Nathanael Heil Před 9 minutami

    Why do these all involve the patriots?

  • Alexio12 Plays
    Alexio12 Plays Před 9 minutami

    Who else wants this to be the NFC championship game?

  • Pootie TAng
    Pootie TAng Před 9 minutami

    My Vikings doing so well. I’m so proud of you guys

  • Connie B
    Connie B Před 9 minutami

    Pats so desperate they’re cheating against Bengals. Filming Bengals. Spy gate 2. You got to suspend Belichick.

  • The Piper Report
    The Piper Report Před 10 minutami

    Seahawks above Saints?

  • Jeremy Garcia
    Jeremy Garcia Před 12 minutami

    Darnold has thrown nine TD passes to only two INTs in the Jets’ past five games, four of which have been wins.

  • Jeremy Nelson
    Jeremy Nelson Před 15 minutami

    Swap the Broncos and the Chargers

  • Otis Jones Jr.
    Otis Jones Jr. Před 16 minutami

    @7:13 Am I confused or did Carr actually throw it away on 4th & goal??

  • Unknown Burger1
    Unknown Burger1 Před 16 minutami

    Browns number 17 is a blessing lol

  • SideTrack Beatz
    SideTrack Beatz Před 16 minutami

    GO BENGALS!!! haters will say bengals should be 32

  • josh crawford
    josh crawford Před 19 minutami

    Definitely taking Reggie White on my John Madden All Defense Team. No doubt!

  • Aspen Hawkins
    Aspen Hawkins Před 20 minutami


  • Larry Desmond
    Larry Desmond Před 22 minutami

    This dudes outta touch with reality the only thing he really nailed was cinn,i mean the only thng that stands out

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. Před 22 minutami

    You’ve got the 2nd place Raiders in the AFC WEST under BOTH the Chargers and Broncos? Seriously why do I even watch this channel anymore? This is coming from a CHIEFS FAN! Seriously the person (s) who make these rankings know nothing about our great game of football. Seriously NFL NETWORK, you could LITERALLY pick and pay someone from this specific comment section, and pay them half as much money and they’d do a MUCH BETTER JOB! Wtf am I even looking at?!?!

  • luxifer 17
    luxifer 17 Před 22 minutami

    False, Patriots are best team in NFL.. Tom Brady 🐐

  • Wexfordbuccos _
    Wexfordbuccos _ Před 23 minutami

    I swear to god. All the awful calls in the NFL come from that referee. Across the board. That guy always has some bullshit call up his sleeve. Same guy who called Calvin Johnson’s catch incomplete. He’s the guy who used an index card to measure the spot of the ball last year. This guy sucks. Edit: there were several bad calls against the Patriots this game including a phantom offsides and a phantom roughing the passer but nothing this egregious

  • Jordan Butt
    Jordan Butt Před 26 minutami

    Anybody know what song this?

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. Před 27 minutami

    Uhhhhh.....who else besides me thinks that chubs needs to resign and step down as the person who does the power rankings??? When I saw the Jags as the first team, meaning #32 being the worst, how could you ever put a 4-9 team below a 1-12 Bungles??? That is one of the many fails I’m sure I’ll see as we go along this path of wrong smh

  • Kaden Johnson
    Kaden Johnson Před 29 minutami

    Jags blowout cost them 😂😂😂😂

  • Derek Wright
    Derek Wright Před 31 minutou

    Mike Keith 5:56 Touchdown Titans.

  • Violet Burr
    Violet Burr Před 31 minutou

    Jags at 32 thats just disrespectful.

  • John Nappa
    John Nappa Před 32 minutami

    @ 10:15 "fffffffffffffffor the touchdown!"

  • Bob The Great Reee
    Bob The Great Reee Před 32 minutami

    Anderson has got good hands

  • Anna Monrose
    Anna Monrose Před 32 minutami

    💯🏈#NFL🔥💪🔥🏈💯 💁This Is 2Good🔥💯🙋🌹 #QBrady12 & #ThePats🙋

  • Anthony F
    Anthony F Před 32 minutami

    Wow 😂trash

  • Matt Haines
    Matt Haines Před 33 minutami

    Game of the year! Go niners

  • KCC
    KCC Před 33 minutami

    14:57 that would’ve been a td if he stayed inbounds

  • Graden McGee
    Graden McGee Před 34 minutami

    Mine 32. Bengals 31. Jaguars 30. Giants 29. Lions 28. Dolphins 27. Panthers 26. Redskins 25. Falcons 24. Cardinals 23. Raiders 22. Broncos 21. Jets 20. Buccaneers 19. Bears 18. Browns 17. Chargers 16. Cowboys 15. Colts 14. Eagles 13. Rams 12. Steelers 11. Titans 10. Texans 9. Packers 8. Bills 7. Vikings 6. Patriots 5. Chiefs 4. Seahawks 3. Saints 2. 49ers 1. Ravens

  • William Wright
    William Wright Před 37 minutami

    Steelers going 9 7

  • Masayuki Shimada
    Masayuki Shimada Před 38 minutami

    力の入ったゲームでした。 どちらも好調なのが分かりますね。 後半、49ersの2度のタイムアウトを上手く生かされなかった点が勝負を分けた気がします。 しかし、タッカーの存在は大きいですね。 このキックのお陰で、どれだけの勝利を導いたのでしょうか?

  • Harry Diaz
    Harry Diaz Před 39 minutami

    New York Jets 29th on offense and the NFL New York Jets defense 18th in the NFL. The better team on paper won. Yeah this was close to being the Toilet Bowl

  • Kendal Manis
    Kendal Manis Před 40 minutami

    Women as comentary

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez Před 40 minutami

    Please nfl never let her commentate again I can’t even watch this, she sounds depressed no excitement. Denzel ward gets a pick 6 and she acts like just seen a normal ass 3 yard run.

  • adminofutube123
    adminofutube123 Před 42 minutami

    Refs really trying to keep the bills in the game

  • Mike Simon
    Mike Simon Před 43 minutami

    Mans really torched the Bucs out here

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez Před 43 minutami

    Tomlin should’ve tackled him

  • KCC
    KCC Před 43 minutami

    What about Damien Williams 91 yard rushing td against the Vikings

  • BinxTheJinx73
    BinxTheJinx73 Před 44 minutami

    Remember when the Giants looked solid? Yeah, me neither.

  • Kiamani Denmark Track and field

    So we not gon talk about 2:11

  • Sir Robin of Camelot
    Sir Robin of Camelot Před 45 minutami

    How do the commentators not acknowledge it

  • Michael Wall
    Michael Wall Před 46 minutami

    should have been a delay of game on qb at 2:54

  • jimbo gasoline
    jimbo gasoline Před 47 minutami

    Lesbians like to scissor when the temperature reaches 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the wrong corner and you can get lost forever. I'll buy that for a dollar

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson Před 48 minutami

    OJ the GOAT.....2003 yards in 14 games is INSANE

  • Johanna Gaumond
    Johanna Gaumond Před 48 minutami

    Ryan cool good

  • Lex P
    Lex P Před 49 minutami

    Where is the one with the impersonation of ray Lewis... Even funnier

  • Lorenzo Rolle
    Lorenzo Rolle Před 49 minutami

    Guice needs to learn to expect these cut tackles he won’t make it it long

  • Tariq Wallace
    Tariq Wallace Před 51 minutou

    hell of a game

  • Garrison Matthews
    Garrison Matthews Před 51 minutou

    As a Jags fan and Jacksonville native, I agree with these rankings. Its bad here right now guys...

  • Harry Diaz
    Harry Diaz Před 52 minutami

    As of today Wednesday 12 11 19 Miami Dolphins defense 32nd in the NFL. Miami Dolphins offense 30th in the NFL. I suppose the people that are seeing improvement with the dolphins are A) delusional and hallucinating B) And not seeing the facts or wanting to admit we are the worst team in the NFL. Statistics do not lie. One thing is watching the game and truly studying the plays, As well as the head coach's decisions in certain situations. He's getting a big fat F so far this year. The roster on the field is the roster the head coach and his staff chose. As Dolphins fans we should discontinue making excuses for the head coach.. It's great to be optimistic. It's not so great to be ignorant of the facts. This is the worst Miami Dolphins team ever fielded by the organization. And the worst coached. I've been watching the Dolphins since the days of George Wilson. And hands down this is the worst coaching staff ever. Again statistics do not lie. In Sunday's game Flores had 2 timeouts left...... Heated use one of those to try to ice the kicker ????? Why is that? he could have called both of those timeouts just before the kicker was going to make contact with that ball...... And he didn't do it. That is stupid coaching or lack of. yet he's walking off the field wanting to eat one of those referees alive....???? The bottom line is my Dolphins committed pass interference.... Which ultimately cost them the game.

  • Wilson Television
    Wilson Television Před 53 minutami

    I would’ve trucked his ass. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Isabel Lopez
    Isabel Lopez Před 53 minutami

    Raiders are not 22 they are 14

  • Barrett Bryan
    Barrett Bryan Před 53 minutami

    Eagles and Cowboys right behind the Rams and the Bears 😂

  • Josef
    Josef Před 54 minutami


  • Wilson Television
    Wilson Television Před 54 minutami

    Lmao I’m glad we won the super bowl in 2013.

  • Jack Hintze
    Jack Hintze Před 55 minutami

    God damn Ryan Tannehill was being held back so bad in Miami. Dude is playing like a superstar rn.

  • Edgar's Modern Life
    Edgar's Modern Life Před 56 minutami

    Its funny how because of the officials, the chiefs are one spot higher up than the Pats 😂

  • Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin

    1:52 Look at that idiot. He has a guaranteed, crucial, stop on a plate - and instead he junks the whole game because he wants the glory of the int.

  • Benji Arehart
    Benji Arehart Před 57 minutami

    If a team doesn't respect your throwing game, they will stack the box. With Tannehill they are now having to respect that, which has helped Henry record great rushing stats. Unfortunately with Mariota, we didn't have that. I wish him well, but Tannehill is a way better fit, and QB for us.

  • Peyton Tiseth
    Peyton Tiseth Před 57 minutami

    Browns manage to have a close game against a team trying to lose

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson Před 58 minutami

    both teams battled. however that tackling on sf,s side was horrible

  • Jack Hintze
    Jack Hintze Před 58 minutami

    If he wasn’t so damn inconsistent in fantasy he’d be a number one receiver

  • Den94life
    Den94life Před 58 minutami

    The commentary made me not want to watch the highlights of this game anymore.

  • Micah Moore
    Micah Moore Před 59 minutami

    They should have just given the ball to Adrian Perterson. He has always had great success against the Packers over the years.

  • cosmicgold
    cosmicgold Před hodinou

    Eagles beat giants goes up 6 Rams beat Seahawks doesn’t move at all

  • Shrek Straight Outta Swampton

    He sucks he used stickum

  • Jack Hintze
    Jack Hintze Před hodinou

    I always had a slight feeling Miami was holding this man back

  • Qui Gon Jinn
    Qui Gon Jinn Před hodinou

    The Pat Mcafee show made me come here. Steelers got themselves a good QB. Quack Quack Go Duck

  • Rage Peanut
    Rage Peanut Před hodinou

    Von Miller was in cam Newton’s nightmares that night

  • Trent Merritt
    Trent Merritt Před hodinou

    how are the seahawks in front of the Saints?

  • MisterBenne
    MisterBenne Před hodinou

    Oops, he did it again :D also noticed on the game vs 49ers and this game either. Seems QB also is Runningback. Why nobody stops him? It is so predictable what he has in mind! He should be easily tackled, bcs it's always same plan.

  • Procore Cup Series
    Procore Cup Series Před hodinou

    The Ravens squad still at number 1!!!

  • Ethan Reynolds
    Ethan Reynolds Před hodinou

    We are 2nd in AFC south. So we are the best we have been in a while. Titans are my favorite team.

  • RYANtheBEAST44 Gaming
    RYANtheBEAST44 Gaming Před hodinou

    How u going to say that about my broncos we proved u wring buddy 5-8 so far

  • Bilal Muhammed
    Bilal Muhammed Před hodinou

    Gratitude and Humility from a greatful human being. So proud of this black man.

  • Charlie Phung
    Charlie Phung Před hodinou

    How come everyone says Lamar will get hurt throughout his career Josh Allen is Cam Newton part 2. No one's seen anything like Lamar and he's taken less Big Hits than the Bigger Running QBs because he's waaaaaaay more Elusive than former Dual Threat QBs. LAMAR IS THE TRUTH.

  • Mike Burns
    Mike Burns Před hodinou

    I didn't expect us to agree, perfectly. But, the Chargers as been playing a lot better ball recently, than the power ranking reflects. and the Packers has not been showing up as one of the top tier teams. They have been playing average ball, at best. They get sacked, way too often.

  • Friedemann Dalquen
    Friedemann Dalquen Před hodinou

    Does anyone know a PC madden 20 connected Franchise? I would take any team wich is still free

  • anthony loza
    anthony loza Před hodinou

    Everyone gets a stat boost against the cowboys , it’s like getting double XP

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    310th comment eagles biggest home win in years 🏈🏉🎮👾

  • Friedemann Dalquen
    Friedemann Dalquen Před hodinou

    Does anyone know a PC madden 20 connected Franchise? I would take any team wich is still free

  • Friedemann Dalquen
    Friedemann Dalquen Před hodinou

    Does anyone know a PC madden 20 connected Franchise? I would take any team wich is still free

  • Winston Churchill's Ghost

    Can we talk about the fact that we KNOW that the Patriots filmed the Rams' pregame practice? Also, it wasn't some fluke. It was part of a detailed and elaborate criminal conspiracy.

  • Smooth Bro
    Smooth Bro Před hodinou

    The Saints also beat themselves with dumb penalties at the most crucial times I am a diehard Saints fan but I got to speak the truth u have to b disciplined enough to not make dumb penalties u can’t give great teams chance after chance

  • RYANtheBEAST44 Gaming
    RYANtheBEAST44 Gaming Před hodinou

    The browns were way off

  • Před hodinou

    wenn du ein fake antäuscht Halt dich bedeckt #niemalsantäuschen

  • jk jj
    jk jj Před hodinou

    That's the tortoise

  • No Name
    No Name Před hodinou


  • Despacito Lord
    Despacito Lord Před hodinou

    The Bills are better than 11th. All of the ravens games have been blowouts, we held them to one touchdown. Nobody takes us serious. Also, the seahawks couldnt get our offense going that game sucked :(