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EXO 엑소 'Obsession' MV
zhlédnutí 35MPřed 15 dny
EXO 엑소 'Obsession' MV Teaser
zhlédnutí 2,2MPřed 15 dny
SUNGMIN 성민 '오르골 (Orgel)' MV
zhlédnutí 464KPřed 20 dny
WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV
zhlédnutí 6MPřed měsícem
WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV Teaser
zhlédnutí 326KPřed měsícem
TAEYEON 태연 '불티 (Spark)' MV
zhlédnutí 14MPřed měsícem
SuperM Premiere Event
zhlédnutí 682KPřed 2 měsíci
SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV
zhlédnutí 48MPřed 2 měsíci
SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV Teaser
zhlédnutí 2,7MPřed 2 měsíci
SuperM Group Trailer
zhlédnutí 3,3MPřed 2 měsíci
SuperM Trailer : TAEMIN
zhlédnutí 1,1MPřed 2 měsíci
SuperM Trailer : KAI
zhlédnutí 1,8MPřed 2 měsíci
SuperM Trailer : MARK
zhlédnutí 2MPřed 2 měsíci


  • Meni Roberts
    Meni Roberts Před 9 minutami

    Baekhyun: screaming like a bitch 2:26

  • michaa michaa
    michaa michaa Před 9 minutami


  • Dunkin' Donutt
    Dunkin' Donutt Před 10 minutami

    Waiting For The ReVe Festival Finale Comeback 2019.12.23 ❤️

  • Just Me
    Just Me Před 10 minutami

    Me: Will you come to Turkey after all this comments? Exo: I dOnT tHiNK sO :/ -TURKISH EXO-L

  • Ayoka l
    Ayoka l Před 10 minutami

    بنات كل ما تعملو ستريم اكتبو كومنت خلينا نزيد العدد قد ما نقدر

  • Irmak Avcı
    Irmak Avcı Před 11 minutami

    turkish exo-l

  • Daevin R !!!
    Daevin R !!! Před 11 minutami


  • Duwi momy Safira
    Duwi momy Safira Před 12 minutami

    71.000 dislike .. Not exoL 😑

  • Jeni Tan
    Jeni Tan Před 12 minutami


  • K-DAN
    K-DAN Před 13 minutami

    this is the one and only Kpop queen

  • Ajeng Koeshella
    Ajeng Koeshella Před 13 minutami

    First time three, threemakasih.... oke om oke wkwkwkk

  • Đan Minh
    Đan Minh Před 13 minutami

    Who hate EXO ? 👇👇👇👇

  • Nusrat mim
    Nusrat mim Před 13 minutami

    20.8 m sub. but 5.2m view special clap to exo-l

  • toriah thompson
    toriah thompson Před 13 minutami

    beakhyun scream got me in love

  • Nitya Harvey
    Nitya Harvey Před 13 minutami

    Welcomeback Queen ❤️

  • Me-Me BJ 메리
    Me-Me BJ 메리 Před 14 minutami

    How many of you love BoA Me: 🙋🏻‍♀️ Arab

  • Chris
    Chris Před 14 minutami

    Y'all naughty this has more views than moonwalk

  • 달
     Před 14 minutami

    Queen is back!

  • katie stamey
    katie stamey Před 14 minutami

    I love you BoA

  • Nagham Aoun
    Nagham Aoun Před 14 minutami

    عنجد الاغنية ساحرة و من كوكب اخر كالعادة ما بعرف ليش كتير ناس قالو مش مثل التوقعات بس انا حبيتها كتير و كمان كتيير حماسية .. يلا اكسوالز نوصلها لاعلى نسبة مشاهدات انشالله

    ZAHRAA D.O Před 14 minutami


  • mika -san
    mika -san Před 14 minutami

    Chanyeol oppa🤗🤗🤗💜

  • Singing Mulgogi
    Singing Mulgogi Před 14 minutami

    I will work hard too to be part of your 20th anniversary!!! 😍

  • Sydney Stylites
    Sydney Stylites Před 14 minutami


  • cageti Park
    cageti Park Před 14 minutami


  • Everglow is My priority
    Everglow is My priority Před 14 minutami

    Reveluv redvelvet are coming back this 23 December with finale !! Remember save up some money or energy to stream the new cb !!! Lets do this !!! They’re serving us some bops again. Ik its seems rushing but reveluv can do this because why? They’re best group alive remember that

    • Everglow is My priority
      Everglow is My priority Před 13 minutami

      Also this year might be the last year for them to get 3 comeback in one year since nextyear the new girl will debut which is redvelvet sister which mean sm will be focusing on them more but don’t worry redvelvet will be more focusing on solo stuff !! So hwaiting

  • i’m exol
    i’m exol Před 15 minutami

    araplar geciyo bizi gencler ~Turkish Exo-L

  • Amo el pollofrito
    Amo el pollofrito Před 15 minutami

    Mi amorcito💖💗💕💖💕💗💕💗💕

  • Chanbaek Sky
    Chanbaek Sky Před 15 minutami

    35.108.892× 22:17 11/12/2019

  • Adinda Silvi
    Adinda Silvi Před 15 minutami

    Jaehyun's voice is so addictive

  • ril nastress
    ril nastress Před 15 minutami


  • cageti Park
    cageti Park Před 15 minutami


  • cageti Park
    cageti Park Před 15 minutami

    My babiesssss

  • lina ratus
    lina ratus Před 16 minutami

    Hope they would release the Japanese version of this song 😄

  • cageti Park
    cageti Park Před 16 minutami


  • i’m exol
    i’m exol Před 16 minutami

    törkiş exo-ller bos birakmayin buralari ~Turkish Exo-L

  • Charm Lapaz
    Charm Lapaz Před 16 minutami

    again vote for exo in gda co eggies! by using our tiktok acc we can vote for them 3 times a day! In every entry just use the hashtag # EXO with @golden disk awards come on! stop being so lazy people! keep supporting them!

  • 츄츄몬
    츄츄몬 Před 16 minutami

    믿 듣 보 ❤️ 노래가 반짝반짝해..

  • Hani Agustina
    Hani Agustina Před 16 minutami

    Oppa changmin 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Merve Ağmanalmaz
    Merve Ağmanalmaz Před 16 minutami

    EXO visual radio diye bir programa katılmış çevirisi olsun lütfen onun. Turkısh EXO L

  • Mememememe
    Mememememe Před 16 minutami

    I kind of miss the King of Kpop aka Lee Taemin so here i am back again to watch his masterpiece

  • JoyismyQueen 12
    JoyismyQueen 12 Před 16 minutami

    Expect the Unexpected when it comes to the Queen of Concepts: Red Velvet! Can’t wait for December 23!!!!

  • نجم الكون
    نجم الكون Před 16 minutami

    امير اسياء

  • Park Ji Hae
    Park Ji Hae Před 16 minutami


  • SilentAutumnHues _09
    SilentAutumnHues _09 Před 16 minutami

    BoA is Kpop's goddess. No doubt in that.

  • velours rouge noirerose
    velours rouge noirerose Před 17 minutami


  • Burcu Oral
    Burcu Oral Před 17 minutami

    Haters : "this song is really bad and kai’s outf....." Me : "I didn’t think so,stop your obsession,shut up and go away" turkish exo-l

  • whatever forever
    whatever forever Před 17 minutami

    that part when BoA sang "baby baby baby baby" and the pupper jumped into their human's arms? i felt that. 💛🥰💛

  • nuttngow
    nuttngow Před 17 minutami

    Perfect voice

  • نجم الكون
    نجم الكون Před 17 minutami

    بعض ناس الكورين يقولون ان سهيون يشبة لفياي ان احب اقول لكم من هذا حتي يشبهو بامير اسياء

  • Lucy Ojeda
    Lucy Ojeda Před 17 minutami


  • ran st
    ran st Před 18 minutami

    How can I vote for EXO , Baekhyun , Chen , SC -EXO in Seoul Music Awards 2020][2/6] 1. Download the App 2. Sign up with Email address, Facebook, Twitter or Naver account. 3. Fill out the blanks (mandatories). 4. Check the availability of your account & User ID. 5. You'll receive an email to verify your account. 6. Go back to the App and Login with the verified account. 🗳 HOW TO EARN VOTES (Part 1 🔸️After login, enter a category and click on "vote". A message will pop up, click "OK". 🔸️You'll have 5 options to earn votes. 🔸️Voting Rules: 5x votes per category daily. 1️⃣ Claim 3 votes daily by login. 2️⃣ Complete missions. 3️⃣ Play games. 4️⃣ Buy coupons with ❤ from IDOL CHAMP champ 5️⃣ What 10 videos to earn 1 vote (1📼 each 30 min) [IDOL CHAMP TUTORIAL] 🗣 IMPORTANT‼ Pls download the App, follow the tutorial, collect ❤ & VOTE! 1. Show Champion (Music Show 🏆) 2. Members Birthday Ads 3. Others IDOL CHAMP] 1. Solving quizzes is one of the fastest ways. Follow @EXOLxIdolChamp (on twitter) to get all the answers!! 2. Buying hearts on the "Idol Champ Shop" 3. Watching free ads (2❤ per ad) on the "Idol Champ Shop" ( please let’s make EXO and Members win ) -Arab EXOL

  • Phengsakon ເພງສາກົນ

    Super lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Irmak Avcı
    Irmak Avcı Před 18 minutami

    so beautiful

  • Amee Kim
    Amee Kim Před 19 minutami

    لاحظت انو أغلبية اذا مش كل الاكسوالز العربي ما يعرف عن تصويت GDA و SMA و هذي كااااارثة، التصويتات هذي كثيييير مهمة و اكسو محتاجين دعمنا فلا تخذلوهم رجاءا!!! واذا ممكن تخبروا الصفحات العربية المشهورة مثل اكسوباشن و exoarabvoting@ انهم ينزلوا عن هذي التصويتات ايش اللامبالاة هذي؟؟؟؟

  • Metanet Yaqubova
    Metanet Yaqubova Před 19 minutami

    EXOL 36M edelim((<>_<>))

  • Riska Pebriyanti
    Riska Pebriyanti Před 19 minutami

    Lain kali jalan jalannya ke daerah Sumbawa, raja ampat Papua Indonesia bagian timur sana. Pasti gk bakalan puas bner dengan keindahan alam nya

  • نجم الكون
    نجم الكون Před 19 minutami

    هل تعلمون خلال هذا اسوع يجب ان نصل 50M واكثر بيلز فل تعملو بجد

  • pınar timur
    pınar timur Před 20 minutami


  • 백백
    백백 Před 20 minutami

    Vote for EXO in SMA (K-wave)

  • Arab ĖXØ
    Arab ĖXØ Před 20 minutami

    عرب اكسوال وينكم ؟؟؟ ^~^

  • farwa batool
    farwa batool Před 20 minutami

    His voice is soothing

  • Hey Love
    Hey Love Před 20 minutami

    Keep steeeerming

  • Sehun Oh
    Sehun Oh Před 20 minutami

    SMTOWN Artist will always have a unique voice! Stan Queen BoA for brighter future!

  • Citizen of N_city
    Citizen of N_city Před 20 minutami


  • AH
    AH Před 21 minutou


  • 백백
    백백 Před 21 minutou

    new day in Korea don't forget to vote for EXO, BAEKHYUN, CHEN and EXO-SC in SMA (focus on k-wave *EXO*)

  • Diana Osazenaye
    Diana Osazenaye Před 21 minutou

    I first listen to the shark ost!!

  • tecialist
    tecialist Před 21 minutou

    She is wearing AirPods Pro.

  • Coryl Addy
    Coryl Addy Před 21 minutou

    The Queen continues her reign

  • JoyismyQueen 12
    JoyismyQueen 12 Před 21 minutou

    Reve Finale poster teaser is so creepy... and I like it!!! So excited!!!

  • Thái Khải Hoàn Nguyễn
    Thái Khải Hoàn Nguyễn Před 21 minutou

    LET GO 300M

  • 부엉이
    부엉이 Před 21 minutou

    크!!! 아이린 누나 고마워요

  • Asang Longchar
    Asang Longchar Před 21 minutou


  • aeri_ htth
    aeri_ htth Před 21 minutou


  • Nanami Haruka
    Nanami Haruka Před 21 minutou

    Miss u 🥰

  • aeri_ htth
    aeri_ htth Před 21 minutou


  • Tatiana Andrea Torres Yepes
    Tatiana Andrea Torres Yepes Před 21 minutou

    I love it ♥ BoA is amazing!!!

  • fani natalia
    fani natalia Před 21 minutou

    Aaaaa Mr Moonnn

  • Diana Estupiñán
    Diana Estupiñán Před 21 minutou

    If he ain't the vocalist of this generation

  • Asang Longchar
    Asang Longchar Před 21 minutou


  • Asang Longchar
    Asang Longchar Před 22 minutami


  • LuisaELF Valdez
    LuisaELF Valdez Před 22 minutami

    Yesung la nostalgia que me gusta al escuchar tus canciones ahora me hacen llorar y sentir un nudo en la garganta apenas hoy me atreví a escucharte de nuevo sigo muy triste por la perdida de mi hermano ojalá que este dolor pase pronto

  • HNJG Before
    HNJG Before Před 22 minutami

    The best exp crush

  • Asang Longchar
    Asang Longchar Před 22 minutami


  • Space Bro
    Space Bro Před 22 minutami

    Perfect song for this season ✨

  • Asang Longchar
    Asang Longchar Před 22 minutami


  • Meta Duarsa
    Meta Duarsa Před 22 minutami

    5M more everyone!!!! owo

  • Asang Longchar
    Asang Longchar Před 22 minutami


  • Sydney Stylites
    Sydney Stylites Před 23 minutami


  • Asang Longchar
    Asang Longchar Před 23 minutami


  • nanda t
    nanda t Před 23 minutami

    the concept, the colors, the vibe of this mv.... so perfect with nct dream

  • Simai _ Exo L _
    Simai _ Exo L _ Před 23 minutami

    الهادئون دائما ، في ارواحهم ضجيج مستمر . Arab Exo L

  • PMD LQ Mobile
    PMD LQ Mobile Před 23 minutami

    Looking for Vietnamese

  • Daniela Dana
    Daniela Dana Před 23 minutami

    Taeil a golden voice!Can't wait to watch the mv and listen to their wonderful voices!

  • 박기준
    박기준 Před 24 minutami

    Marry me!

  • Mocca cheesey
    Mocca cheesey Před 24 minutami

    itu boleh ga kertas yg ada tanda tangannya di gunting trs di pajang di rumah? T_T

  • Jayendra Prabhashi
    Jayendra Prabhashi Před 24 minutami

    SM artists never got old...... ❤️😍

  • - i n R e v e r i e -
    - i n R e v e r i e - Před 24 minutami

    Mark down your calendars luvies! *THE REVE FESTIVAL FINALE DECEMBER 23 6PM KST*

  • nurazizah windiani
    nurazizah windiani Před 24 minutami

    Aku ga bosen2 liatnyaaa apalagi liat sehunnnn