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Astartes - Part Four
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Astartes - Part Three
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Astartes - Part Two
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Astartes - Part One
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  • Talion1011
    Talion1011 Před 11 minutami

    It's always been a pet peeve of mine how most Warhammer 40k animators have their Space Marines walk around ridiculously slow. They have this misguided idea that because Astartes wear such heavy armor, that they are hindered and slowed, when the lore/novels makes constant mention on how fast the armored Astartes are, and that 'things that large should *not* be able to move as quickly as they do.' The only time the lore/novels make mention to Astartes being slow is when they are wearing terminator armor. With that said, I love how the animator of this series has the space marines moving around at a normal walking pace instead of like slugs. It's still a bit weird that they walk around so much during a ship boarding action (ie no sense of urgency?), but it looks so much more fluid and natural than other animators.

  • KhoPhi
    KhoPhi Před hodinou

    Somebody give this guy 1m$, 1 yr, and 1 instruction: *BLOW OUR MINDS*

  • paul valle
    paul valle Před 2 hodinami

    "ass- tarts" is cool. never seen this before.

  • Travis Hammer
    Travis Hammer Před 8 hodinami

    GW please for the love of the emperor hire whoever made this.

    KILLINGEVERYDAY Před 9 hodinami

    Get hired for a ether a netflix deal or a full fledged movie series

      WONDER BREAD Před 5 hodinami

      Agreed. And not just saying this. Workshop would be absolutely insane not to hire this person for a full fledged animation movie or like you said a series then have it as a box set. Absolute mental in awesomeness this person is. Talent is through the roof.

  • God Mode
    God Mode Před 9 hodinami


  • God Mode
    God Mode Před 9 hodinami


  • Tristan D
    Tristan D Před 10 hodinami


  • Fr33man Health
    Fr33man Health Před 10 hodinami


  • engasal
    engasal Před 11 hodinami


  • Индюк Ультрас
    Индюк Ультрас Před 11 hodinami

    Я не понимаю. Тут люди с людьми рубятся ?

  • Inferno
    Inferno Před 11 hodinami

    1:18 *megalovania starts playing*

  • Micheal Attar
    Micheal Attar Před 13 hodinami


  • Nick Underdown
    Nick Underdown Před 13 hodinami

    I am praying that GW let you do the Horus Heresy! So much talent!

  • Nick Underdown
    Nick Underdown Před 13 hodinami

    Awesome, pure AWESOME!!!

  • Dead Signal
    Dead Signal Před 13 hodinami

    H-h how many parts are there supposed to be?

  • madlarkin8
    madlarkin8 Před 14 hodinami

    Get James Earl Jones on this project immediately. Theres a finite number of voice actors who can believably be a space marine. He is your dude, and luckily he is available and is also a huge 40k fan.

  • Cian Mac
    Cian Mac Před 15 hodinami

    How many marines died in this?

  • Valerian Orlov
    Valerian Orlov Před 18 hodinami

    Бля огонь, давайте еще

  • Oopsie Doopsie
    Oopsie Doopsie Před 19 hodinami


  • Darozev
    Darozev Před 22 hodinami

    EXTRAORDINAIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naseem Shanboor
    Naseem Shanboor Před 22 hodinami

    after part 4 i was like "shutup and take my money" and so i did :D

  • KelRiever
    KelRiever Před dnem

    I commented last video. Sorry, this is the last one for me. I mean, it just lacks any sense of drama, and is just a grinder of marines kill everything and maybe get some armor cracked. You're great with the video, team up with someone who writes plots and I think it will be brilliant.

    • Jocose Sonata
      Jocose Sonata Před 23 hodinami

      They are genetically-enhanced super soldiers regarded as angels of death fighting a group of mortal human rebels, and two (relatively) weak psykers. Of course it's just a meat grinder, they're facing cannon fodder. Let them face some Necrons, Chaos corrupted Astartes, some Eldar/Dark Eldar, a horde of Tyranids, or even Orks and you'll get your drama. The creator of this seems to just want to show how badass Space Marines are when faced against mortals. Hopefully his next work lets them face something that will actually give them a fight, because that _is_ something I agree with you, and it is that I want to see these Astartes actually fight. Not just a steamroll, I want to see a *fight.*

  • KelRiever
    KelRiever Před dnem

    okay, great graphics, but way too cartoony and lopsided with how this plays out. It's basically losing my interest because of the lack of drama of anything other than marines kill everything thoughtlessly. HOWEVER, if you've got this much skill with your video, I'd get someone who writes plots well, and team up with them, to make something rather excellent.

  • MrFusionCube
    MrFusionCube Před dnem

    What boarding craft are they using? Shark Assaultboat?

  • Rezbutt
    Rezbutt Před dnem

    Can somebody here site me examples of how powerful the Emperor as a spyker? Im a noob to the lore.

  • Steel Alsbury
    Steel Alsbury Před dnem


  • BlackLight
    BlackLight Před dnem

    Are those like Necron Psykers that use to be human? Edit: nevermind I realise that they are human psykers with psyker hoods.

  • scoobidie bop
    scoobidie bop Před dnem

    Oi gw give this cunt some money and a license to do what the fuck he wants... Atleast he'll make a decent 40k movie

  • Micky Dub
    Micky Dub Před dnem


  • vBDKv
    vBDKv Před dnem

    Space Mariiiiiiines !!!

  • Blue chaplain
    Blue chaplain Před dnem

    Will there be a part 5 I want to know what inside the vault

  • jayden dang
    jayden dang Před dnem

    dude! the way those bullets hit...this is some AAAs production values...someone get this man a job!!!!!

  • TraMaChi
    TraMaChi Před dnem

    1:29 You actually can see the Astartes attempt at tricking the Psyker. Making the Psyker believe the Weapon of choice for him would be the gun, but the Knife was the already in position to strike the knife through the Psykers head :D

  • DarkVitamins
    DarkVitamins Před dnem

    Finally! 10/10 execution of sound design. Top notch animations and textures. Can you start a crowdfunder and dedicate the next 8 years of your life for a 40k 40 year anniversary movie short in 2027? No? You're just amazing and doing this as a fun project? Okay then, thanks for your time and have a good one <3

  • Gabe Smith
    Gabe Smith Před dnem

    This is soo cool, good job

  • OneMind OneUniverse

    This is incredible please keep going

  • leeboy29680
    leeboy29680 Před dnem

    i guess they didnt want to join the emperors cause

  • Jadedomino Marvel DC nerd

    This needs to be an actual movie I would pay good money for it

  • Tip TipTip
    Tip TipTip Před dnem

    They are so focused on killing people so hard it's scary..

  • Richard Lízner
    Richard Lízner Před dnem

    I have just watched the whole series on 1/4 speed to see all of those details, even then, I had to rewind a lot to appreciate everything. The fact that you are doing this on your own is mental. I would expect a big group of people doing this. It is astonishing to see this level of detail from a single filmmaker. It is perfect. I haven't seen a single thing that would suggest that this is computer made. Plus the whole series is believable. And this is Warhammer 40,000. This is awesome. I can't wait for the next episode!

  • Lyann Duff
    Lyann Duff Před dnem

    Literally just shouted Ohhhhh shiiiiiit! At work. I think they know I'm watching videos now....anyways bad ass man. Love these.

  • Xeno Kid
    Xeno Kid Před dnem

    Dayumn son this is the shit

  • The Truth
    The Truth Před 2 dny

    Bhaisaab Hollywood sa bhi tagda action sequence tha ye, maa chod di Hollywood ki

  • DirtyDuckofDoom
    DirtyDuckofDoom Před 2 dny

    0:46 When they start firing, the smoke reacts to the gunfire. Beautiful work.

  • MatrixEmulator
    MatrixEmulator Před 2 dny

    jesus christ what did i just watch i want more!

  • Pango Prime
    Pango Prime Před 2 dny

    W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ярослав Лолович

    Fuck avatar, this is fucking astounding and sooo tense. Especial part with laser turret. And then I saw 'fan film' description. NOOOOOOOOOO WAY))). They are lying, guys. This is obviously zillion dolla production). Another reddit experiment or some kind…

  • Teddly
    Teddly Před 2 dny

    It's immaculate, down to the point of being able to hear the mechanical components and electrical motors moving when the Marine is running.

  • Glenn Ryzebol
    Glenn Ryzebol Před 2 dny

    More please!!!

  • Leo Sabat
    Leo Sabat Před 2 dny

    Acoording to the codex astartes giving a -1 to this video is considerated heresy and will be exterminated with extreme prejudice. The master chapter has declare this video of strategic value: ABSOLUTE

  • Ken Andre Tancio
    Ken Andre Tancio Před 2 dny

    At 1:31, the knife instantly switched from the left hand to the right hand.

  • Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ
    Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ Před 2 dny

    Can anyone confirm which legion of space marines are these?

    • 8man
      8man Před 8 hodinami

      They're Imperial Fist successors as per the creator.

  • Jordan Desilets
    Jordan Desilets Před 2 dny

    I would love to see the Horus Heresy on Netflix please! Who do I need to contact to get Games Workshop to sign off on your work!?! I'm on currently on book 5 of the series so this came to my eyes at the perfect time. Thank you thank you for your amazing work.

  • armin bauer
    armin bauer Před 2 dny

    Not the bigest fan of warhammer and W40K. None the less This is well executed. I do not know much about the lore detail, but I do presume it is very present in the film (like the twin guys, never heard of them), and the rendition of the space Marines make them relentless looking and even quite scary. Does those guy even die to something ? Would be nice to see if they can be put in difficulties in the future ;) Overall quite straitforwad scene to the mcguffin (vault), if there is something after, I wanna sure see it.

  • Yihua Pu
    Yihua Pu Před 2 dny

    Damn they are so badass

  • electronic alligator

    OH, MY!!! GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • F1rstp3rson
    F1rstp3rson Před 2 dny

    I,ve just sent 50€ on your way. Hope you make good use of it. Want to see more of these films :D

  • Professional DaffyDanielDaniel

    And I only found you guys today, that's weird.

  • Professional DaffyDanielDaniel

    MAKE MORE, PLS, DIS IS TOO AWESOME, I RLLY LOV IT. Correction: Make more please, this is too good to be true, I love it. We all love it.

  • Subash Chandra
    Subash Chandra Před 2 dny

    What program were all of these made in? It can't possibly be Blender.

  • ThatCampingOwl
    ThatCampingOwl Před 2 dny

    Re-watching it so many times, still absolutely amazed!

  • Gavin Leonard
    Gavin Leonard Před 2 dny

    You are the first person that I have ever truly seen put this amount of work into a channel. Each episode is incredible. I know next to nothing about animation and even I can tell the amount of work you’ve done. The rendering, sound fx, story board, just frickin everything is incredible. You’re the only channel I have ever subscribed to after one video; and you’re the only channel I’ve ever turned post notifications on for. Well done.

  • Chris
    Chris Před 2 dny

    And these were only a couple of Psykers. Imagine a cinematic with a greater daemon of Nurgle.

  • kosmoss101
    kosmoss101 Před 2 dny

    best spend 13 seconds of my life.

  • Kings of Asgard Studios

    When is part 5 coming

  • Pale flame
    Pale flame Před 2 dny

    *Hold up, I can only get so erect.*

  • Chunder Dragon
    Chunder Dragon Před 2 dny

    So stunning, I keep coming back for a rewatch.

  • navindu sachin
    navindu sachin Před 2 dny

    after watching review from Corridor Crew!! one person wow

  • Avolto
    Avolto Před 2 dny

    0:50 you can feel the utter contempt he has for the heretic how dare he betray The Emperor you're less than nothing and deserve to die. Outstanding work GW could make a whole lot of money if they worked with you.

  • Ricardo Carmo
    Ricardo Carmo Před 2 dny

    Bigest question, when is episode 5 ? :D

  • 50_Cal
    50_Cal Před 3 dny

    When is part 5 coming?

  • D Y
    D Y Před 3 dny

    Warhammer 40,000 Movie on Shut the fuck up! Just take my money!!!!

    EL PATRON Před 3 dny


  • stoagy mahalo
    stoagy mahalo Před 3 dny

    And people say Starcraft fans are better. HA.

  • stoagy mahalo
    stoagy mahalo Před 3 dny

    fucking SIIIICK.

  • My 300zx Story
    My 300zx Story Před 3 dny

    ok this really makes me want to make a Space Marines cosplay and just go fully out FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!

  • E.J. Donaghey
    E.J. Donaghey Před 3 dny

    More please

  • BT -7274
    BT -7274 Před 3 dny

    this is f*cking brilliant. Keep up the amazing work. you guys/girls (don't know) are hardcore

  • Harrison Hunter
    Harrison Hunter Před 3 dny

    That scene in the middle was powerful. Great cinematography

  • Harrison Hunter
    Harrison Hunter Před 3 dny

    I don't understand why full length movies aren't animated like this

    • Konrad Marcinkowski
      Konrad Marcinkowski Před 2 dny

      I can explain but if it's a joke i don't want to get whoooshed😂

  • ptick16
    ptick16 Před 3 dny

    Just watched the first 3 parts. When can we expect to see more?!?! I need a full length movie ASAP!!

  • IronVigilance
    IronVigilance Před 3 dny

    0:24 I love the small little detail of the weapon light turning on after being blessed

  • TheNerogarden
    TheNerogarden Před 3 dny


  • Happy Goat
    Happy Goat Před 3 dny

    Just to clarify, it's not blood we see in the helmet of the astarte at 1:26 , it's just the sensors and other tech inside the helmet, still an incredible detail

    BLKBRDSR71 Před 3 dny

    More please.

  • Leo Teal
    Leo Teal Před 3 dny

    What's going here plot wise? Who are those blue eyed creeps?

    • Chickenator X
      Chickenator X Před 6 hodinami

      They're just a pair of human psykers, who were also a part of the Argosa uprising. They appear to be in charge of the ship defence, but it also looks like they specifically are tasked with guarding whatever is in that vault.

  • Will Huff
    Will Huff Před 3 dny

    once your computers cool down after should put together a documentary showing the process so people who don't know, will understand the amount of work this is. Amazing job. Your life is about to change in some big way.

  • Ricardo Carmo
    Ricardo Carmo Před 3 dny

    THE best fan project that i've seen so far !! Awsome job fellas !

  • fegasd
    fegasd Před 3 dny

    Dont know what this is, but I love it...

  • Mas_ ki
    Mas_ ki Před 3 dny

    Did Terrans just Kill Protos? :O Amazing animation!

  • Basil Irzhak
    Basil Irzhak Před 3 dny


  • That Unkown Internet Guy

    Holy shit moar plz!!!!1

  • Daniel Hejlek
    Daniel Hejlek Před 3 dny

    Damn that plasma weapon shot was amazing

  • Шэд
    Шэд Před 3 dny

    Это просто охренительно! Мужик, ты - гений.

  • El Fishii
    El Fishii Před 3 dny

    I'm here to re-watch for the 20th time this morning for my daily dopamine intake. Please give me more.

  • Q-Tip 47
    Q-Tip 47 Před 3 dny


  • seaxavier
    seaxavier Před 3 dny

    Their mask reminded me of the NPC villain from ONI by Bungie. I just wish they have a sequel to the game. I can't even imagine how only one person manages to do this. ANYWAY GREAT CONTENT MAN, AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • Syncytium
    Syncytium Před 3 dny


  • wones2
    wones2 Před 4 dny

    I just subscribed..Epic work.. Games workshop should have made a film decades ago!......