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Highlights from the 2020 SAG Awards
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How to ride Tokyo's trains
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  • Mr.EdgeLordHere
    Mr.EdgeLordHere Před 4 minutami

    Wow Washington Post really dosent understand the demographic bunch of boomers

  • kdjsky320
    kdjsky320 Před 4 minutami

    Parasite Well deserved Amazing movie

  • Its Purex
    Its Purex Před 4 minutami


  • MyNutsOnYourChin
    MyNutsOnYourChin Před 5 minutami

    The people in this country that don’t want a fair trial are sick and disgusting and biased

  • Energy
    Energy Před 5 minutami

    After you drain the swamp in D. C. Drain it in Virginia, Cali, and New York. Don't let the enemy have any part of our country.

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker Před 6 minutami

    “Hola, I’m Mike Pence”

  • ZxchFat
    ZxchFat Před 6 minutami

    Y’all are a bit late

  • Ryan McCauley
    Ryan McCauley Před 10 minutami

    I want to see witnesses from both sides of the aisle,, How about that?

  • I'm B4dM4n
    I'm B4dM4n Před 13 minutami

    This is what happen also to Elon if he became the president of US.

  • Sean L
    Sean L Před 14 minutami

    Parasite! surprising but well-deserved! Let's go for Oscar!

  • Christopher Fisher
    Christopher Fisher Před 15 minutami

    Whether or not to call witnesses is not what this is about. This is about Pelosi wanting to be the President and using her position in Congress to force our Republic down to the level of mob rule. In 2016 Trump was elected, in part, on a promise of "Draining the Swamp" because Americans were beyond tired of an obviously corrupt Federal Government. When he was elected, he rightfully starts using the power of the Presidency to do just that. He started with the obvious goal of finding out how far the treason went that caused the DOJ, the FBI and the State Dept to unlawfully and unconstitutionally attempt to steal an election from the American People. Joe Biden was a key player in all of that. The investigation of Biden started before he decided to use the 2020 election in an overt attempt to shield himself from investigation. The DNC has once again screwed over Democratic candidates that were far more capable candidates for the actual job of being the leader of our Republic, in favor of that child sniffing, doddering old criminal in yet another effort to derail, yet another election, and cover up even more Illegal, Unconstitutional BS.

  • Mirissa Summer
    Mirissa Summer Před 15 minutami

    Such a liar

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Před 16 minutami

    Northam, Get ready for civil war you vile creature. Virginians will rise up and overthrow the dictator Northam.

  • Jim Wahl
    Jim Wahl Před 18 minutami

    Snopes fact checked this a ruled it as true. Because the story is real in Biden's mind if nowhere else "Biden's story is not "false," as was widely reported, because his underlying recollection of pinning a medal on a grieving soldier who did not want the medal is based on a real occurrence."

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Před 20 minutami

    Northam has been cursed by God, vile and pestilence follows in his path. His seed shall be stricken from the Earth.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Před 21 minutou

    Look at his sick followers. CIA and FBI are the ones who did the mass shootings and now their errand boy King Northam will disarm all the peasants in Virginia. CIA HQ is in VA that is why they want everyone disarmed.

  • MrYoumitube
    MrYoumitube Před 23 minutami

    Parasite needs to win the best picture, Oscar. Everything else does not matter.

  • Cindy Mathewson
    Cindy Mathewson Před 24 minutami

    How fitting..the " parisite" wins! OMGOSH!

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming Před 26 minutami

    In 2027 the Nat ARchives to release 10 file cabinets ful of MLK recordings of affairs with women and men...multiple conversations of a lewd nature. He was a plagiarist commie who denied it until caught. But then everyone forgot it when he was sent packing. Disgraceful man of values that most dont share. WHy celebrate? SOrry, I take a KNee on this disgrace ot teh cloth and human memory. CHeers

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx Před 26 minutami

    I think President Trump should host the Oscars. Now let's play, Who's a Hypocrite?! 😃POW!

  • Cindy Mathewson
    Cindy Mathewson Před 27 minutami

    no deniro you have no rights, because you are delusional, the folks at the NH take that away from you when they know..

  • Cindy Mathewson
    Cindy Mathewson Před 28 minutami

    dinaro...you need meds buddy...go get em buddy!

  • tisoy909
    tisoy909 Před 29 minutami

    Now that thousands of tons of relief aid have been discovered in abandoned warehouses in Puerto Rico, who has the last laugh now? These useless Democrats are thieves. They would rather starve their own people just to damage the president. Garbage Democrats! This woman is GARBAGE!

  • Cindy Mathewson
    Cindy Mathewson Před 29 minutami

    dang Jen, you transitioning to Jon?

  • Cindy Mathewson
    Cindy Mathewson Před 30 minutami

    Oh sweet jenn...you lost it baby..RIP...hope you come back to reality someday..

  • Jerry Degarcia
    Jerry Degarcia Před 32 minutami

    Now the democrats crying for a fair trial...hahaha..

  • Paprika
    Paprika Před 34 minutami

    People weren’t calling you a school shooter because you are white... it’s because you brought a gun to school! There are so many school shootings a year and many people that suffer from ptsd from school shootings! I was never involved in a school shooting but in middle school hearing about it time after time on the news made me spiral and have anxiety. Imagine a stranger with a large gun walking up to your school? Are you gonna think, ‘oh they’re a nice person’ or ‘they have bad intentions.’ You are making everyone uncomfortable please stop. ~sincerely, random girl on the internet

  • Kathleen Major
    Kathleen Major Před 34 minutami

    So disrespectful

  • akev
    akev Před 34 minutami

    I still want to see his tax returns. What is he hiding? What is he so afraid of?

  • Drew Hong
    Drew Hong Před 36 minutami

    DeNiro ruined himself ...

  • tisoy909
    tisoy909 Před 42 minutami

    Liberals are full of schitt! Now that thousands of tons of relief aid have been discovered in abandoned warehouses in Puerto Rico, who has the last laugh now? These useless Democrats are thieves. They would rather starve their own people just to damage the president. Garbage Democrats!

  • Miguel
    Miguel Před 44 minutami

    The Joaquin speach is so classy!

  • K.Felix
    K.Felix Před 47 minutami

    When all said and done he’s not going anywhere.

  • George Santana
    George Santana Před 47 minutami

    Hmm.. 5 months later, are you still holding your claim? Washington Post, join the other garbage and toilet media CNN and MSNBC. Poor ratings, garbage news, only to influence small minds. By the way, Biden has gone into hiding and Hilary appears she took a job in UK. I hope she doesn't leave the country before she wear the orange jump suit for a while.

  • Venus Mack
    Venus Mack Před 52 minutami

    If they are going to follow the same pattern as Clinton then where are the documents and the president 's statement. Clinton did testify in the house that is why they got him for LYING. Where are the witnesses requested by the house that the president denied... Clinton did not stop any information or witnesses in the house. This is not the same. Moscow Mitch says he will not honor his oath..... What?...... lying linseed says he does not need to see any documents or witnesses .... Why.... What is happening to We The People.... If those we voted for don't represent US. .....

  • Jo Mo
    Jo Mo Před 52 minutami


  • Letrano
    Letrano Před 52 minutami

    Wow bill Murray's is so much cooler than this prick and bill Murray is known for being a super cool down to earth guy

  • Abe Aziz
    Abe Aziz Před 53 minutami

    Don’t worry about Mike. Nancy and chuck are full of crap ! These traitors shouldn’t be in power , we the people have had enough bullshit from the Democrats, they don’t care about Citizens of the United States, Trump is in charge not Nancy or chuck so get over your cryin.

  • Letrano
    Letrano Před 54 minutami

    He seems like he has dementia or something now

  • thomas riner
    thomas riner Před 54 minutami


  • Final Boy
    Final Boy Před 58 minutami

    Maybe the TV was a return and your nosey neighbor called the SWAT Team?

  • hilda cruz
    hilda cruz Před hodinou

    Pence's wife must be a very very happy woman!!!!!!!........ He does listen!!!!!

  • nix arias
    nix arias Před hodinou

    South Korean Film has been great through the years. They really put a great amount of time to their Art that's why they continually been recognized all through out. Parasite is one of best example to that, and they can possibly win an Oscar to that amazing performance and dedication.

  • Laura Lafauve
    Laura Lafauve Před hodinou

    You are wonderful and beautiful.

  • Laura Lafauve
    Laura Lafauve Před hodinou

    The Bidens are just a couple of red herrings the Republicans are using to try and distract from the real issues of the impeachment.

  • xWilled
    xWilled Před hodinou

    Imagine not knowing who Tfue is.

  • guadalupe aparicio
    guadalupe aparicio Před hodinou

    everyone being genuinely happy and fond of the partiste cast...yeah, even hollywood is tired of the same old crowd. please give foreign films more chances.

  • Will Chin
    Will Chin Před hodinou

    i mean, Jennifer aniston's nipples...............

  • Chance K
    Chance K Před hodinou

    January 2020. This video didn't age well

  • Tennessee Honey
    Tennessee Honey Před hodinou


  • President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020

    why can a criminal decide which witnesses will testify against him?! is trump above the law?,. FFS!

  • Mark Schumacher
    Mark Schumacher Před hodinou

    Insurance sucks I'd rather have medicare

  • 이용우
    이용우 Před hodinou

    2:53 기생충(parasite)

  • Евгений Садохин

    Почему вам можно а нам нет? Спосибо что показываете свободу.

  • 1986prs
    1986prs Před hodinou

    These are basically progressive leftist youths training to be professional socialist protestors.. Baby ANTIFAS...( inspired by their whack job leftist parents no doubt) this is sad and dangerous...

  • Helen Righteousness
    Helen Righteousness Před hodinou

    Who are this child’s patents!?? Shame on them!

    TAROT RYTHMS Před hodinou

    Biden got in that church and talked about children being penetrated. That man knows nothing of God. The irony is his speech (what was comprehensive) spoke of hate but these people are letting their hatred of trump lead them to side with the serpants. It’s sad.

  • Wayne Brinker
    Wayne Brinker Před hodinou

    With a pretty girl (or a handsome man) there ain't nothing like dancing a polka. Hot, tired, and sweaty,.......one more time. You kids don't know what you're missing.

  • pencileater1
    pencileater1 Před hodinou

    Just look how fired up and adamant he is, to believe that he doesn't have a personal stake in this is ridiculous - what a liar, he needs to be held fully accountable for his actions and anyone who pops up to defend him should also be investigated, done and done....

  • Mr. Sotack
    Mr. Sotack Před hodinou

    What a preposterous notion!! The left lives and thrives on lies.

  • Bianca
    Bianca Před hodinou

    I actually think this person is the worst person in the earth

  • Br1aNn88 YT
    Br1aNn88 YT Před hodinou

    2:03 They are watching Tfue watching Khanada

  • 1986prs
    1986prs Před hodinou

    These kids are unfortunately being used a pawns in a political warfare.. it’s sad these kid’s parents poison these young minds...

  • ohhh yeah mr krabs
    ohhh yeah mr krabs Před hodinou

    The fact this was made by value is funny

  • zetnnik
    zetnnik Před hodinou

    so, how come we didn't see the Parasite casts' speech in this vid? did they not give speeches?

    • mensrea
      mensrea Před 9 minutami

      zetnnik They did. But the Washington Post decided not to include it in this clip. A stupid, stupid move but you know, foreign language... (the speech was moving and lovely btw... there are clips of it on CHclip.)

  • hey funny
    hey funny Před hodinou

    Um, Jennifer, did you happen to look in a mirror, girl? Nip, nip, nip. No, no no!

  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic Před hodinou

    so, best picture Oscar's pretty much a lock for Parasite, the question is...who would get the best DIRECTOR? cuz, 1917's Sam Mendes's been stealing some of BongnJoon-ho's buzz for it.

  • Raje
    Raje Před hodinou

    I love you my venkat from NC Charlotte. business man in California job in but my venkat don't understand my feelings blocked my phone numbers why I don't mistakes my life don't hurt why venkat. please USA friends please tell me my venkat ..

  • Shawn O'Brien
    Shawn O'Brien Před hodinou

    Willem Dafoe should have one best supporting actor. No one was even remotely close.

  • Ram sai
    Ram sai Před hodinou

    Madam can I get a job💚

  • jack phoenix
    jack phoenix Před hodinou

    At several times heard 2 different shots at the same time. Call me crazy?

  • Doni Darko
    Doni Darko Před hodinou

    I think we all know who’s going to win the oscars.

    • Nat
      Nat Před hodinou

      @Funk O'Matic Not really. Look at the awards....not really

    • Funk O'Matic
      Funk O'Matic Před hodinou

      not really. aside from the best picture..parasite got a pretty stiff competition. in director, there's 1917's Sam Mendes. in the original screenplay, there are marriage story's noah baumbach and tarantino for once upon a time in hollywood. of course, i myself WANT Parasite to win em all. it truly deserves it. 😁

  • Tone Seeker
    Tone Seeker Před hodinou

    Schumer looks like a buzzard slouched on the sofa

  • Darren A
    Darren A Před hodinou

    Sure, let's have no witnesses , no emails, or any evidence . Let's just vote which party you belong to,..sounds like a typical trump system !

  • Logical Conservative
    Logical Conservative Před hodinou

    nobody cares.

    • elijah sessom
      elijah sessom Před 24 minutami

      Logical Conservative ........ the term logical conservative is an oxymoron ........ lol.

    • Funk O'Matic
      Funk O'Matic Před 48 minutami

      @Mercury Angel 😄😄

    • Nat
      Nat Před 57 minutami

      No care for trp

    • Mercury Angel
      Mercury Angel Před hodinou

      Bitching on social media to strangers about not caring. Yup, Funk O'Matic is right, you are a dumbass, guess no one in your life cares what YOU have to say, huh?

    • Funk O'Matic
      Funk O'Matic Před hodinou

      YET... here U R, dumbass. 🤦‍♂️🙄

  • Din Din
    Din Din Před hodinou

    I am beyond happy for this cast and team. Bong Joon Ho is a legend. I look forward to more Korean films make it big in the US!!!! Time for Korean cinema to shine!!!!

    • Đạt Lê
      Đạt Lê Před 34 minutami

      Din Din huge congratulations to Parasite. I personally think this is truly a monumental year for Korean artists in general, for both music and cinema. Parasite and BTS. I hope that Hollywood will keep recognizing good works worldwide because there are so many great pieces of art that still been hidden from US.

    • Funk O'Matic
      Funk O'Matic Před hodinou

      did Train to Busan do well, financially i mean, in the States..?

  • jimmer
    jimmer Před hodinou

    This guys going to be swimming with the fish soon

  • Rahul vinal Narayan
    Rahul vinal Narayan Před hodinou

    Parasite for the Oscar!!!

  • Chris is bad Lol
    Chris is bad Lol Před hodinou

    When is it exactly gonna come out

  • Sang Huh
    Sang Huh Před hodinou


  • IronChef
    IronChef Před hodinou

    Interesting,,,a huge warehouse full of unused water and supplies is found in Puerto Rico! This troll Schumer and the moron behind him Bernie Sanders are corrupt!

  • Nicolee
    Nicolee Před hodinou

    Shes so annoying, she needed something to stand out from the squad.

  • Zentafergie Fergie
    Zentafergie Fergie Před hodinou

    It's so wonderful people can get a new beginning

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man Před hodinou

    The articles don’t even allege a crime let alone a high crime or misdemeanor. That will still be the case whether you hear witnesses or not. So the articles are arguably unconstitutional. The essence of the democrats case is that Biden did nothing corrupt in Ukraine so Trump was essentially trying to force the Ukrainian President to gin something up. But if Trump had reason to believe that Biden may have done something corrupt (like blackmailing Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son), then Trump had good reason to ask Ukraine to look into it and democrats’ allegations fall apart. So if the senate wants witnesses, then Trump should call Biden and the Ukrainian prosecutor.

  • Mongroon
    Mongroon Před hodinou

    No your name Turner aka tfue

  • X X
    X X Před hodinou

    BRAVO , ROBERT DE NIRO !!!!!!!

  • Zentafergie Fergie
    Zentafergie Fergie Před hodinou

    Good on you mate from Australia

  • GrooberNedJardine
    GrooberNedJardine Před hodinou

    Trump wants it his way ,the Dems want it their way , who really is the duly elected President . You can't have a President if he is neutered , nothing gets done .

  • Francisco Valiente
    Francisco Valiente Před hodinou

    Pure entertainment and distraction so we do notvfocuse on the real criminals. Total disrespect to us the people. That is should be given to our veterans housing in California. Poor people aid in Chicago. You all make us sick.😠😠😠. Instead you trying to destroy the president gave us jobs. Also Virginia is taking gun rights from citizens,

  • bertraminc
    bertraminc Před hodinou

    Proof that kids are too stupid for phones.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Před hodinou

    Trump and Bernie don't agree on a lot of things, but they do agree tha Abby asks a lot of stupid questions.

  • David Aaron Bowden
    David Aaron Bowden Před hodinou


  • MD M8
    MD M8 Před hodinou

    Turner aka Tfue?

  • 808bboarder
    808bboarder Před hodinou

    She sounds like she starts a sentence without knowing how it’s gonna finish

  • mbsnyderc
    mbsnyderc Před 2 hodinami

    It doesn't matter if you ever got famous or made any money doing it if you have to do it your an artist.

  • Respect Your Universe
    Respect Your Universe Před 2 hodinami

    Who knew Parasite would actually win it

  • Amir Rezvani
    Amir Rezvani Před 2 hodinami

    Lmao De Niro w the dig at Ricky Gervais

    • elijah sessom
      elijah sessom Před 40 minutami

      Amir Rezvani ....... I'm glad he did it ....... I get sick of Gervais always going after actors ...... he's a jealous sleazeball ....... you never see him say a word about crooked politicians ...... just always actors ..... it gets old ..... great job, Mr. De Niro.

  • PATP Trailblazing for the LORD

    Parasite is most deserving!

  • R U S S I A
    R U S S I A Před 2 hodinami

    It's crazy how this newspaper spend so much time on hating president trump....

  • Ireli Manila
    Ireli Manila Před 2 hodinami

    Ese Robert De Niro ya está canson con su discurso contra Trump

    • DonVal86
      DonVal86 Před hodinou

      Ireli Manila No, que le siga.