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Does Planet 9 Exist?
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Flamethrower vs Aerogel
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Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!
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First Flight on Another Planet!
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Why the Future of Cars is Electric
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How Cod Saved the Vikings
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I Waterproofed Myself With Aerogel!
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Can You Swim in Shade Balls?
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World's Lightest Solid!
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My Video Went Viral. Here's Why
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Magnetic Micro-Robots
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$250,000 for a High School Science Student
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First Image of a Black Hole!
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How to Understand the Black Hole Image
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How Was Video Invented?
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Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?
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Why Machines That Bend Are Better
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Can You Recover Sound From Images?
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How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma
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Are Negative Ions Good For You?
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The Inverse Leidenfrost Effect
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Spinning Black Holes
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Five Firsts for Mars InSight
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The kg is dead, long live the kg
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What Actually Causes Dandruff?
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Why Boredom is Good For You
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This Toy Can Open Any Garage
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How UV Causes Cancer and Aging
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Can You Overdose on Vitamins?
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The World in UV
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Spinning Sphere of Molten Sodium
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My Life Story
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The Threat of AI Weapons
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This Particle Breaks Time Symmetry
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World's First Car!
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Your Body's Molecular Machines
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Schlieren Imaging in Color!
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Total Solar Eclipse (2017)
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How We're Redefining the kg
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Hydrodynamic Levitation!
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Sandwich Bag Fire Starter
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NEW Gravitational Wave Discovery!
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World's Heaviest Weight
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Mars 2020: The Next Mission to Mars
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Is America Actually Metric?
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Fire in ZERO-G!!
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The Sun Sneeze Gene
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4 Revolutionary Riddles Resolved!
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4 Revolutionary Riddles
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The Bayesian Trap
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The Science of Thinking
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Water on the Moon?
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Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter
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Indestructible Coating?!
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What the Fahrenheit?!
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Welding in Space
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Is Most Published Research Wrong?
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The Illusion of Truth
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Stringless Yo-Yo!
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Celsius Didn't Invent Celsius
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Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault
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Why Anecdotes Trump Data
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These Liquids Look Alive!
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What Exactly is the Present?
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Why Life Seems to Speed Up as We Age
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How Long Will You Live?
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Is Glass a Liquid?
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How to Launch a Nuclear Missile
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Backspin Basketball Flies Off Dam
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Should This Lake Exist?
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Chernobyl - What It's Like Today
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Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tail
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Ice Spikes Explained
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Extended: Beaker Ball Balance Problem
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What I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger
zhlédnutí 1,7MPřed 4 lety
Explained: Beaker Ball Balance Problem
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  • Young Views
    Young Views Před minutou

    You never know what there is the universe is unpredictable there’s so much out there we don’t have enough technology to help us see everything

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen Před 2 minutami

    Forget flat Earthers, 9th planeters are the new trend

  • coogko moim
    coogko moim Před 3 minutami

    “Does planet number 9 exits” becomes #9 on trending 0_o

  • Jaytheradical
    Jaytheradical Před 4 minutami

    Could Aerogel be used to manage global warming, you think? Maybe "aforest" a large artificial island in the ocean then put a dome of aerogel over it to raise the effective albedo? Does that make any sense?

  • mahaboob subhani
    mahaboob subhani Před 5 minutami

    with out copper plate its flying or not

  • motor head1
    motor head1 Před 6 minutami

    there would be a huge increase in cancer worldwide...

  • Masked Smoke
    Masked Smoke Před 9 minutami

    Would it be a bad idea to place a observatory on the North Pole? It would have zero light pollution but also there are the northern lights... its night half of the year but it’s also low elevation so the atmosphere would probably be disruptive... I’m just a random non expert space enthusiast but I’m just curious what smarter people than me would say on the idea... Yes it would be expensive as hell but it is getting more possible with climate change as well.

  • idea lnwza
    idea lnwza Před 20 minutami

    why i think is in big hero 6

  • Tracenji
    Tracenji Před 20 minutami

    you know, pluto is the 9th planet but does planet 9 which is actually planet 10 really need a name? why can't it just be called planet 9 even if it's the 10th planet?

  • Jan Mischa
    Jan Mischa Před 21 minutou

    Why is nobody adressing that there might be a million things faster then the speed of light because they already move faster then the speed of light but we cannot really observe them. What about Quantum Entanglement, Super Positioning, space bending, things traveling in different dimensions aso.

  • Rodary Windsor Cleveland
    Rodary Windsor Cleveland Před 27 minutami

    Hmm?!. When I think about movies like Transformers, and then think about aether? I actually think transformers can exist due to the aether!. Aether is basically Di Electricity, and all it needs is a magnet to turn it into electricity!. Di Electricity isn't AC, DC or static, it's totally wireless and I wouldn't be surprised if Earth really is trapping Unicron?!. Hahahaha Could be why they're covering up planet 9?!. Cos it could be Cybertron and all these UFO's people are seeing or have seen, are Cybertronian drones spying in us?!. Cos if you think about it?!. Life could very well be unique to Earth only, because this is a very unusual planet and we're in an unusual solar system to boot!. So who knows lol, but if I were you I'd look into the aether!. One way to prove something is there, is to get a phone with a torch and point it to a turned off TV, that is how simple it is, and then move it, you can do it with a lighter, match, candle, anything that lights up, it all has the same blueprint!.

  • Rickard Sutej
    Rickard Sutej Před 28 minutami

    Ofc it does and its name is PLUTO

  • Split It
    Split It Před 28 minutami

    3:22 liu kang

  • Antoine Sfeir
    Antoine Sfeir Před 31 minutou

    What happens when a hurricane passes from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere ???

  • Jaytheradical
    Jaytheradical Před 32 minutami

    Professor Jeremy Corbyn!

  • TheDistortion
    TheDistortion Před 32 minutami

    kmac looks so educated

  • Jura Banerjee
    Jura Banerjee Před 33 minutami

    How can you drive crazy..if you're CONTINOUSLY TALKING

  • UnownB
    UnownB Před 40 minutami

    We can never trust somebody that dosent call it "Your-Anus"

  • Morgen arid
    Morgen arid Před 41 minutou

    I believe there is 11 Planets not only 8 or 9

  • Falco F
    Falco F Před 43 minutami

    "As long as you have hair" ok, looks like I'm going to shave or buy head and shoulders... choose wisely...

  • Allie Morales
    Allie Morales Před 44 minutami

    Nooooo, planet 8 barely exists 🙄🤣🤣

  • leaveAcommentPls
    leaveAcommentPls Před 46 minutami

    Young people were actually smarter because they started counting to 60 when they were asked to estimate how long 1 minutes does last! Those older people did not ! :D

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Před 48 minutami


  • Blue :-\
    Blue :-\ Před 48 minutami

    You know you're tired when you wind up on the side of CHclip with no jokes, excessive and annoying editing, and no yelling.

  • Nicolas Dickreuter
    Nicolas Dickreuter Před 50 minutami

    What software is he using for those simulations? Is there anything open source / python?

  • Robert Criddle
    Robert Criddle Před 54 minutami

    Pffft 😂pfffft and who cares

  • imacouchpotato yee
    imacouchpotato yee Před hodinou

    It's that time again to play... Whys that in my recommendations

  • Pokey
    Pokey Před hodinou


  • Stephenie Nilsen
    Stephenie Nilsen Před hodinou

    Alert, Nunavut is the northern most town on Earth.

  • Bijoy Chandra Roy
    Bijoy Chandra Roy Před hodinou

    That's a great question

  • Alek Pludra
    Alek Pludra Před hodinou

    Touhou fans, are you there? Can we get ⑨ in the chat?

  • Shad0X
    Shad0X Před hodinou

    I thought they cut off black mans balls snd put them in there Fake adversising!

  • MetalheadAndNerd
    MetalheadAndNerd Před hodinou

    How do they prevent the cryo cooler from collecting water ice?

  • TriHard 7
    TriHard 7 Před hodinou

    throughout this episode theres only been "great questions" asked

  • OnePieceNation
    OnePieceNation Před hodinou

    Sorry but naming a planet after a celebrity would set a most dangerous and ludacris precedent ever, we will have madonna, justin bieber and 50 cent planets next. The only way to name a ninth planet is to stick with the theme of roman gods. The best name for it would be Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth who was rarely depicted in humanoid form and generally was represented just a fire, Ceres is already the name of a dwarf planet, but their sister Juno, Jupiter's sister wife also has no equivalent in space yet (all it got was an 3.8 rontgen movie) other names could be Caelus who is sometimes seen as the opposite of Uranus, Vulcan God of Metallurgy which some people confuse or equate with Mars, heck even Apollo would be great name for it , even though his name was already famously used before and Ceres is already the name of a dwarf planet. Diana is the only name I wouldn't give it, for it is both to common a name and already associated with the moon.

  • amirof
    amirof Před hodinou

    amirof theory: The orbital objects are being "left behind" a bit as our solar system is moving through space, because the universe is expanding. After the "big bang", chunks of matter been thrown in all directions and eventually formed solar systems. All orbits would have been circular like they are on spheres around every sun, but "all" suns are moving away hence "all" orbits everywhere are ellipse.

  • red cat
    red cat Před hodinou

    Mosquitoes are not just attracted towards me, they even come to sing near my ear. They just love me.

  • Thales Fontanetti
    Thales Fontanetti Před hodinou

    David Bowie?!?

  • infinite jfzj
    infinite jfzj Před hodinou

    At 7:00 ".. the universe is flat and the inflation is going one way like blowing a balloon, not omnidirectional? Why?

  • Martin S
    Martin S Před hodinou

    0:33 what true level feels like

    MUGODA SIMON Před hodinou

    So, did it work out 6 years later?

  • P J
    P J Před hodinou

    When he finds Planet 9, his government funding will end. So where's the incentive??

  • infinite jfzj
    infinite jfzj Před hodinou

    Why would the space expand and how is the expansion rate measured?

  • P J
    P J Před hodinou

    Never mind Planet 9, what about Planet 10?

  • wrong spanner
    wrong spanner Před hodinou

    this science?

  • P J
    P J Před hodinou

    This is all very fascinating, but what use is it?

  • Charlie Jeans
    Charlie Jeans Před hodinou

    Idk. But this coin has planet 9 out of orbit on a collision course for planet 4 in this depiction. Struck on astronomy coin. Royal Australian mint. I.velokovsky 1930. Wrote Pluto exploded a piece came close to earth and settled to become mars. Or something like that.

  • тнεηιяø ๏w๏
    тнεηιяø ๏w๏ Před hodinou

    The guy at the start of the video looks like a sims character

  • Jbyrd Texas
    Jbyrd Texas Před hodinou

    It's funny how scientists act like they know everything about the universe but they don't even know how many planets we have in our solar system.

  • HexerPsy
    HexerPsy Před hodinou

    It would be an most epic story, if the 5M object would be from another star system, and captured by the sun in this strange orbit.

  • domenicaantje
    domenicaantje Před hodinou

    History predicts the future.There are MANY ancient drawings about 'planets' or other heavenly bodies that SHOW the catastrophically 'event'...Hence the huge underground cities world wide...

  • Moartem S
    Moartem S Před hodinou

    Planet 9 should be named after a female godess, because the current gender qouta for planets is 1:6 (2:6 if you call earth gaia). We should probably look into non european cultures for increased diversity.

  • Kids crazy kc
    Kids crazy kc Před hodinou

    Time to have a chat with my mum

  • Odysseus
    Odysseus Před hodinou

    You are sooooo sexy babe !

  • BBnose
    BBnose Před hodinou

    it reminds me the logo of Aphex Twin

  • ss
    ss Před hodinou

    So, "Planet 9" it's too faint to see. What about radio wave emissions, similar to that of Jupiter?

  • Mike JH
    Mike JH Před 2 hodinami

    I hope it's there, but I can understand the skeptics' position given the previous history of hypothetical planets that turned out not to exist.

  • DoubleDown 6789
    DoubleDown 6789 Před 2 hodinami

    Does Planet 9 Exist? Pluto: *confused* *screaming*

  • Element7
    Element7 Před 2 hodinami

    Of course planet 9 exists. That's where the aliens are. Why do you think they only visit every 10,000 years when their orbit is closest to the Sun and consequently Earth? 😏

  • Jimmy Wonder Boy Headrick
    Jimmy Wonder Boy Headrick Před 2 hodinami

    Wait, aren't there already nine planets? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus (pronounced "your-AH-ness"), Neptune and Pluto. So shouldn't it be "planet 10" (Or "Planet X")?

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat Před 2 hodinami

    Planet 9 is actually a permanently manned space-station of the reptiloids who are recording everything that happens on earth for their Reality-TV-Show "Third Rock from a random sun". Please fold your tinfoil into a hat and wear it AT ALL TIMES! 🤪

  • Feynman42
    Feynman42 Před 2 hodinami

    If you had a thermometer accurate and precise enough, would you be able to measure the temperature of peoples fingertips to show how metals feel colder? Or am I missing something?

  • Mahi Mahi
    Mahi Mahi Před 2 hodinami

    Is that what causes our polar shift? Well sort of .. Rolling gravity.

  • YehoshuaD
    YehoshuaD Před 2 hodinami

    The older professor was a bit pretentious, but I guess that comes with the territory.

  • Nano606606
    Nano606606 Před 2 hodinami

    I used to have that exact same shirt. I got it i think it was the 95 tour of the chili peppers.....dam that makes me feel old.

  • Greenninjadjh
    Greenninjadjh Před 2 hodinami

    Bowie to Bowie.. "How far out are you man"? Bowie to Bowie "I'm pretty far out man"..

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar Před 2 hodinami

    Does it really matter if doesn’t or does

  • Bulat Sabirov
    Bulat Sabirov Před 2 hodinami

    Это же Костян

  • Bulat Sabirov
    Bulat Sabirov Před 2 hodinami

    Это же Костян

  • Nikhil Reddy Guda
    Nikhil Reddy Guda Před 2 hodinami

    Superb! Especially the behind the scenes

  • Cyber Stalker
    Cyber Stalker Před 2 hodinami

    First thing in my mind:- what happen if i Kill someone and throw him/her into this 🙂

  • Goat Man
    Goat Man Před 2 hodinami


  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Před 2 hodinami

    They lying. It is 50%. It either exists or it doesn't.

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!
    Hello Kitty Lover Man! Před 2 hodinami

    Well, how do they make "LiNi" in the factories?

  • Warg jack
    Warg jack Před 2 hodinami

    The Sumerians told us that planet 9 exists on clay plates 6000 years old, Anunnaki come from this, it is their home planet so planet 9 Nibiru was discovered a long time ago

  • ChilliShadow
    ChilliShadow Před 2 hodinami

    I have no evidence that a 9th planet is real. Therefore, I cannot prove that a 9th planet is out there somewhere. I am only 11 years of age, so I am often ignored. Ignore me if you like. I don't mind. But in a way, I can sense a 9th planet in our solar system. Some type of energy, that this "9th planet" is producing, is being sensed be me. So, deep down, though I have no evidence, I believe there is a planet No.9). Ignore me if you like. One last thing, thank you for taking the time and effort of reading this comment. Ignore me if you like.

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!
    Hello Kitty Lover Man! Před 2 hodinami

    ".3% oxygen" right when it hits .2%...

  • ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy
    ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy Před 2 hodinami

    How is it we can see outside our galaxy but not our own solar system

  • 3P1C H1D3R
    3P1C H1D3R Před 2 hodinami

    planet nibiru

  • Pluto
    Pluto Před 2 hodinami

    *_A M I A J O K E T O Y O U ? ? ?_*

  • julian kuntha
    julian kuntha Před 2 hodinami

    Anyone tried this at home

  • v3rb4Ll3rT
    v3rb4Ll3rT Před 2 hodinami

    Veritasium apparently has a lot of "very good questions".... :D

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!
    Hello Kitty Lover Man! Před 2 hodinami

    How would these experiments that you say these guys are "paid" to do (supposed "professionals" at) be a job for them?

  • Anthony Wilbanks
    Anthony Wilbanks Před 2 hodinami

    well fraternities are producing astronomers now at least. the konstantine-bro is either really smart or lives in a fantasy. either way he's good at projecting his beliefs over reality

  • Chocolate Lion
    Chocolate Lion Před 2 hodinami

    he said that is a good question 739 times

  • Can we get 50,000 subs with ? subs a video?

    The lightest solid is called: the lightest solid. Not aerogel

  • As Vet
    As Vet Před 2 hodinami

    If Veritasium was about education he would show the citations and quality of citations of the theory. Instead of giving the same weight of two scientists completely different in league. Typical opportunist CHclipr exploiting the narrative of science.

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!
    Hello Kitty Lover Man! Před 2 hodinami

    LOL, David Bowie the planet! (10th overall planet; 9th _regular_ planet.) That'd be weird and funny.

  • Vedant Neema
    Vedant Neema Před 2 hodinami

    Man, this video is bananas.

  • Alain Maury
    Alain Maury Před 3 hodinami

    Very good intervention of David Jewitt. A few other comments : - Kuiper belt should be called Fernandez belt because Julio Fernandez from Uruguay was the first one to predict correctly the existence of a transneptunian belt. Kuiper never did. - There was not enough material in the Fernandez belt to make a single planet, but then there was enough stuff further away to create a planet 5 times the mass of the Earth. Yes, sure... Or it was formed inside the solar system and was somehow ejected on its current, stable orbit. Sure again. - It would be nice if another further away planet would be discovered. Why not. - It will be hard to find a name for it if it is ever discovered. If it's not discovered Emmanuel Lellouch from Paris Observatory suggested that it should be named "Planet Nein". German speaking people will understand.

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!
    Hello Kitty Lover Man! Před 3 hodinami

    Oops, that professor talked about a supposed "LSST telescope," which doesn't even exist!

  • BeethovensCunt
    BeethovensCunt Před 3 hodinami

    Why can Planet 9 don't be explained by dark matter?

  • Christopher Teale
    Christopher Teale Před 3 hodinami

    Just a reminder to doomsayer's who where claiming planet 9 was a brown dwarf discovered by the Sirians and was inbound from the outer solar system to destroy the world... Do you realize we can't see this thing even with today's technology? I'll leave that for you to think about and come to your own conclusions, something you should do more often

  • melaku Yeshwas
    melaku Yeshwas Před 3 hodinami

    We now. All thing becuse we are. Ethiopians.......

  • Lord Tyrion
    Lord Tyrion Před 3 hodinami

    Planet 9 already has a name as its existence was already predicted by the Sumerians It was called Ninbiru.

  • Сергей Лихочов
    Сергей Лихочов Před 3 hodinami

    Перевод пожалуйста.

  • Luis Aldamiz
    Luis Aldamiz Před 3 hodinami

    A millenial with a Red Hot Chilly Peppers shirt must be more right than a baby-boomer without it. I'm 99.99999... sure it exists for that reason alone.

  • ben schurmann
    ben schurmann Před 3 hodinami

    send me location.

  • Ben Molendijk
    Ben Molendijk Před 3 hodinami

    Imagine how scary it would be discovering two or three giant blackholes orbiting each other with our solar system in the middle, with their opposing forces producing the planets motion and with just a small entropy trigger event or something like that the whole solar system swallowed in fractions of a second in one of these blackholes,....who can guarantee that something like that doesnt exist? You cant see a blackhole anyways...

  • Richard S.
    Richard S. Před 3 hodinami

    Please do less boyish videos (such as flamethrowers or black balls) and more of these kind of documentaries!