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  • Whatwillhappen
    Whatwillhappen Před 6 hodinami

    This type of music is for dumb mother fuckers. This is complete fucking bullshit..

  • Sercio!
    Sercio! Před 7 hodinami

    Every SINGLE time i listen to Amon Amarth my imagination goes crazy with honor-type stories, featuring Vikings, dragons and mythology things. I'll never thank you enough.

  • lordbjesomar
    lordbjesomar Před 10 hodinami

    Directed by Guy Ritchie!!!

  • Spooky Mulder
    Spooky Mulder Před 14 hodinami

    Sacramento in three fucking days!! ROCK!!

  • Marwan Manowar
    Marwan Manowar Před 16 hodinami

    my terrorist father told me that we share a lot with the vikings

  • Donnie P
    Donnie P Před 22 hodinami

    OMG! 2:10 - 2:41 is Demonic as Slayer \m/

  • Cukin Charts
    Cukin Charts Před 22 hodinami

    This is everything an Amon Amarth video should be! lml

  • Zak Jackson
    Zak Jackson Před dnem

    What the fuck?! I literally just shaved this morning!

  • Robert Jablonski
    Robert Jablonski Před dnem

    I seen he gamed the old polish money, last of the white powered.

  • Wilman Imbachi
    Wilman Imbachi Před dnem

    Excellentt hp

  • Maximus Raginis
    Maximus Raginis Před dnem

    Why there is polish soviet republic money ? :D

  • paalerling
    paalerling Před dnem

    This is truly pumping iron metal..

    • paalerling
      paalerling Před dnem

      Thats it i,m going to the gym.

  • Unknown Phantom
    Unknown Phantom Před dnem

    Played this to my cat now its a dragon

  • Kai Nguyen
    Kai Nguyen Před dnem

    3:55 The 🐐 Trevor Bauer

  • mrsmilestudio
    mrsmilestudio Před dnem

    I played this song while my 1month doughter is eating

  • Federico Musu
    Federico Musu Před dnem

    I loss my eterosexuality

    PUFULETZ Před 2 dny

    who's blasting to this while playing the ragnarok event in for honor?

  • Daniel Rothenburg
    Daniel Rothenburg Před 2 dny

    Not a good show without a good slaughtering or two

  • beatka33335
    beatka33335 Před 2 dny

    A dlaczego w tym teledysku są polskie pieniądze? 🤨

  • Jed Olson
    Jed Olson Před 2 dny

    seeing this many metalheads in one video brought joy to many

  • James Peers
    James Peers Před 2 dny

    Amon Amarth: we have an idea for a video. Director: Testosterone Amon Amarth: Yes

  • Breaker OfWorlds
    Breaker OfWorlds Před 2 dny

    my favorite song from them besides war of the gods 🤘

  • Jeremy Owww my eye Stephens

    Yo there are actually motherfuckers in here actin like its the seventeen fucking hundreds.

  • adnsaurus
    adnsaurus Před 3 dny

    This is a great song, kudos to you, but could you make a song about dinosaurs? Like...actual paleontology?

  • facundo rosas
    facundo rosas Před 3 dny

    4:13 the God of metal !

  • Гелий Изюмов


  • isobel943
    isobel943 Před 4 dny

    So excited to see them in November!

  • Rob Velzen
    Rob Velzen Před 4 dny

    ANGEL DESIRE "you pray to god he never answers because he is dead" by Vibrant Arm.

  • redbeard603
    redbeard603 Před 5 dny

    3:30 Josh Barnett

  • Gilgamesh Lornezhad
    Gilgamesh Lornezhad Před 5 dny

    amon amarth is not about being a viking. it's about being strong and unbowed .keep calm and listen to magical notes

    PELO DRUM/Foot ASMR Před 5 dny


  • Chucky
    Chucky Před 5 dny

    Two against all and still emerge victorious. Now that's how fairy tales are made. Skål 🍻

  • Ghost Nation
    Ghost Nation Před 5 dny

    This should be theme song of stormcloaks.

  • RightClic God
    RightClic God Před 6 dny

    The real way of the vikings is to say "migrants welcome you can have my daughter" and escape reality by listening to music telling them their ancestors 1500 years ago were cool.

  • TheGermanGunGuyChannel 7555

    Played this in Germany Hey!!! Stop!! Don't Zuckerberg me !!

  • oskari lepisto
    oskari lepisto Před 6 dny

    The name of the bear skin dude should be besrerker

  • Phanrawee Sriprapha
    Phanrawee Sriprapha Před 6 dny

    It's way of the Jomsboxings

    QDROP Před 6 dny


    QDROP Před 6 dny


    QDROP Před 6 dny


    QDROP Před 6 dny


  • Vatharian
    Vatharian Před 6 dny

    At 0:32 - they are using old Polish money (1975-1995) :D Each note would be worth today 0.005zł or $0.00013, if it was valid

  • Lane Jacques
    Lane Jacques Před 7 dny

    I played this song while doing cocaine... I now go by Pablo Escobar

  • Essenzborn
    Essenzborn Před 7 dny

    3:32 14-72 string gauge probably :D

  • Barnacle souffle
    Barnacle souffle Před 7 dny

    Satan? Is that you?

  • Kel Longmore
    Kel Longmore Před 8 dny

    The mechanic said "You need a beard." Took my money? I'm fixing the problem.

  • nishant ojha
    nishant ojha Před 8 dny

    They should compose theme songs of MCU THOR

  • Oliver Michel
    Oliver Michel Před 8 dny

    Was ein geiler Song !

  • Killipedia :D
    Killipedia :D Před 8 dny

    Lmao people romanticizing Vikings but hate Jihadists, who are essentially brown vikings with different invisible friends.

    • Will the Viking
      Will the Viking Před 2 dny

      You couldn't be more wrong. The term "Viking" meant to go "a-viking", i.e., steal plunder to increase their personal wealth. It had nothing to do with spreading a religion, which is what Islamic Jihadists want.

  • Arthur
    Arthur Před 8 dny


  • Olaf Olafson
    Olaf Olafson Před 8 dny

    I played this to my Space Marines They are painted now

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat Před 8 dny

    3:58 omg Joakim Broden from Sabaton xD

  • Johan Montero
    Johan Montero Před 8 dny

    Amon Amarth puede dar mucho mas que estos videitos

  • Connor R_YT
    Connor R_YT Před 8 dny

    Someone needs to put this song over Captain America beating up Thanos with Mjolnir in Endgame

    • Costi 666
      Costi 666 Před 5 dny

      Shhh....We're working on it.

  • Kahlkopf HR
    Kahlkopf HR Před 9 dny


  • Pa Be
    Pa Be Před 9 dny

    can´t wait to listen it in Hamburg ...:)

  • uesdto signin
    uesdto signin Před 9 dny

    Next song would be Amon Amarth - Stormbreaker, New Weapon of Thor

  • Jionah Exee
    Jionah Exee Před 9 dny


  • Jionah Exee
    Jionah Exee Před 9 dny

    Amon Amarth died with Jomsviking for me. What a shitty videoclip , how its this supposed to be death metal ?

  • Sr. Ciervo Crispador

    Guess that for "Norse devil woman warrior" they only found a Wushu artist

  • Bert d
    Bert d Před 9 dny

    somehow i hear some part of games of thrones xD

  • MunkiMan85
    MunkiMan85 Před 9 dny

    Great story through the video but a couple of things irritates me....... Mjolnir had a short handle, because of Loki messing with the dwarves while they were forging it, and Thor was a red head, in the mythology. Still can't get enough of Amon Amarth, though!

    • MunkiMan85
      MunkiMan85 Před 9 dny

      @Jionah Exee cheers, mate. I'll have a look at those.

    • Jionah Exee
      Jionah Exee Před 9 dny

      MunkiMan85 the real Amon Amarth is death , now they do it for the money. Listen to The crusher lyrics those were real deep lyrics .... now its all about the sabaton type rift and some shitty viking related text. No epic story like Arson or Beheading of a King or Fate of norms even death in fire got powerfull lyrics now its shit 😂😂

  • Ugur Ozekmekci
    Ugur Ozekmekci Před 9 dny

    The Way Of Peaky Blinders

  • James Sills
    James Sills Před 9 dny

    Just started my decent into metal and fuck this slaps

  • Gabriel Logan
    Gabriel Logan Před 9 dny

    Some white people ngl

  • Anthony Barnes
    Anthony Barnes Před 10 dny

    hey, marvels thor taught me that valhalla was filled with blacks and asians you racists

  • John Harvath
    John Harvath Před 10 dny

    103 frost giants are not very happy with this song!!

  • Jerkicus Maximus
    Jerkicus Maximus Před 10 dny

    A lot of people talk about his hammer, but most dont know about his speech impediment called "Thor's Stammer." Poor ffffffffella.

  • DarekTube1
    DarekTube1 Před 10 dny

    1:14 Old polish money on the table WTF?????

  • Don Kubiako
    Don Kubiako Před 10 dny

    Polish old money on table with Fryderyk Chopin, cant beliewe! :O

  • teghlat Pelasser
    teghlat Pelasser Před 10 dny


  • Jerkicus Maximus
    Jerkicus Maximus Před 10 dny

    I listened to this in bed My mattress is expecting

  • joe8388
    joe8388 Před 10 dny

    I played this song while reading the comments And they keep getting better

  • fast flow fishing
    fast flow fishing Před 11 dny

    White man came across the sea He brought us pain and misery He killed our tribes killed our creed He took our game for his own need Ou shit wrong song, my bad.

  • Дмитрий Шабанов

    Brothers, you are the best!!! From Russia with very love fore you!!!!! When you come to us

  • LoL Tom
    LoL Tom Před 11 dny

    Hot take: Under the Northen Star is actually this bands most underrated song

  • mrkiiprototype
    mrkiiprototype Před 11 dny

    Man the elder scrolls 6 is looking great!

  • Niv Rh
    Niv Rh Před 12 dny

    Hail from israel! Can't wait for you to come back!!

  • ᛒᛖᚾᚾᛃ ᚲᚺᚱᛁᛋᛏᛖᚾᛋᛖᚾ

    Well besides your music is okay .... You will NEVER be true BERSERKERS ! ;)

  • Jakob Tor Vurnik
    Jakob Tor Vurnik Před 12 dny

    Johan said they made 'Guardians of Asgard' as some sort of a viking metal hymn. For me this is the one. \m/

  • Antero Mannela
    Antero Mannela Před 12 dny


  • kuked222
    kuked222 Před 12 dny

    minuta 1.14 Kopernik Polski banknot he he

  • NarrowJester91
    NarrowJester91 Před 12 dny

    at the beginning i thought they do it because of budget management...but i think they've a crush on trashy things.

  • guillaume poirier
    guillaume poirier Před 12 dny

    best video ever !

  • guillaume poirier
    guillaume poirier Před 12 dny

    great song, video doesnt fit

  • Baby Hominid
    Baby Hominid Před 13 dny


  • Flippy236
    Flippy236 Před 13 dny

    2:11 I’m selling replay buttons, one use costs one like

  • Jonny Deuteronomy
    Jonny Deuteronomy Před 13 dny

    I played this for my dog... and he turned into a dire wolf...wearing armor!

  • Mark Shalhoub
    Mark Shalhoub Před 13 dny

    When the video doesn’t load I’m ok, when the ad doesn’t...that’s a different story.

  • Federico Prencipe
    Federico Prencipe Před 13 dny

    Who is the guy with sunglasses at the end? It looks like Jack Black...

    MARYANN THORSON Před 13 dny

    Wicked !!! Skal !!!!

  • Gustavo Herrera
    Gustavo Herrera Před 13 dny

    3.32 & 3:38 I do believe Oden and this guy at the bar is the same actor :/

  • Ian Crotzer
    Ian Crotzer Před 13 dny


  • Dragonbornn
    Dragonbornn Před 13 dny

    camera off , they are the nicest people you could ever meet .. lol

  • Kathy Black
    Kathy Black Před 14 dny

    He reminds me of Davy Jones.

  • john williams
    john williams Před 14 dny

    2:16 its polish money on the table ? lol :)

  • Joshua Howden
    Joshua Howden Před 14 dny

    showed this to my 30s jazz loving great grandpa now he's heavy metal no regrets

  • Shadi Frost
    Shadi Frost Před 14 dny

    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل ع مخرج الفيديو

  • Lexy
    Lexy Před 14 dny

    Best death metal band ever. 🎸

  • Luan Bejeveld
    Luan Bejeveld Před 14 dny

    Played this to my dog He turned into an ancient beast