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Epic Rap Battles of History News - Season 6
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Epic Rap Battles of History News 2018
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Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.
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6 Million Subscribers. Thank you.
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4) Epic Rap Battles of History - Live.
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Epic Rap Battles of History News.
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Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.
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  • Sam Whalen
    Sam Whalen Před hodinou


  • Mastthew Breckenridge
    Mastthew Breckenridge Před hodinou

    Pennywise vs Joker with Kristy the Clown and Bozo at the end. What you think?

  • Shikyo Jojo
    Shikyo Jojo Před hodinou

    the three musketeers vs the three amigos

  • Jeremy Shaw
    Jeremy Shaw Před hodinou

    And the win goes to Freud

  • LORD Eyehead
    LORD Eyehead Před hodinou

    I'm really sick of seeing Marx vs Adam Smith suggestions. Here are some much better match-ups for Marx (IMO): Marx vs FDR Marx vs Che Guevara (Although they already did Che, so I guess that's off the table) Marx vs Kant Karl Marx vs Karl Popper Marx vs Jeff Bezos Marx vs Woody Guthrie Marx vs Rosie the Riveter

  • Isaiah Walls
    Isaiah Walls Před hodinou

    Rick vs Morty

  • Swordaxe 567
    Swordaxe 567 Před hodinou

    Porfirio Díaz vs Napoleon Bonaparte

  • James Sparrow
    James Sparrow Před hodinou


  • Neil Kapuria
    Neil Kapuria Před hodinou

    Annand Kumar vs Einstein

  • shamy pan
    shamy pan Před hodinou

    Mother Teresa was actually evil

  • HorizenPure
    HorizenPure Před hodinou

    Ash Williams vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

  • DJ Luke
    DJ Luke Před hodinou

    Gene Simmons vs Richard Simmons

  • Daniela Antonia
    Daniela Antonia Před hodinou

    Freud won

  • Doug R
    Doug R Před hodinou

    Nebuchenezzar Vs montezuma

  • Collin Pribula
    Collin Pribula Před hodinou

    Definitely Mother treasamwon!

  • Gwyvian Dirthamen
    Gwyvian Dirthamen Před hodinou

    Daaaamn I can’t decide who won, great job!!

  • Skeliath
    Skeliath Před hodinou

    Why did you have to fucking deadname her like that? wtf

  • Ash Archer
    Ash Archer Před hodinou

    Freud smashed that!

  • Yuri Katana
    Yuri Katana Před hodinou

    Dovahkin vs Beowulf

  • Skinny Walrus
    Skinny Walrus Před hodinou

    Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds

  • Simon Barabash
    Simon Barabash Před hodinou

    this was pretty weak, but freud was less shit than teresa.

  • Anton Masters
    Anton Masters Před hodinou

    PT Barnum vs. Pennywise (Circus Ringleader with "Freaks" versus A "freak" who is related to the circus) Travis Walton vs. Pocahontas (One was Abducted by Aliens and the Other was Kidnapped by the English both with insane true stories) Alexander Hamilton vs. Andrew Jackson (Founding Father who made the Federal Reserve and A controversial President who was known for hating the bank and both with musicals) OJ Simpson vs. Chris Benoit (Both well known athletes who are infamous to tragic murders) Benedict Arnold vs. Judas (Battle of the Traitors)

  • Sr.Profesor Manuel
    Sr.Profesor Manuel Před hodinou

    Oooow damn, I love you guys 😆, i really laug so hard whit this battle

  • League of Retired Evil
    League of Retired Evil Před hodinou

    I gotta say, Cara Francis had the BARS! No wonder she made the name FantasyGrandma for her Instagram. <3

  • Marvellous Chester
    Marvellous Chester Před hodinou

    I... Genuinely can't pick a winner. I'm leaning towards Freud, but... I don't know if I'd feel right doing so. They both had dope verses

  • jendalme RD
    jendalme RD Před hodinou

    Subscribe or l'll kick you no joka

  • kyllian baudelet
    kyllian baudelet Před hodinou

    Green arrow vs robin hood please just them not extra bow users like katnis

    SAM MACARONI Před hodinou

    Freud won fuck Jesus white hair bitch

  • LordNumbnutsthe1st
    LordNumbnutsthe1st Před hodinou

    I honestly wasn't liking this one, and was about to click back when Savage Connery showed up and showed Daniel Craig who's really boss. Thanks for the fun twist of my expectations, ERP!

    MD JACK Před hodinou

    Nah boy, this was one of the hardest ever. I was like 😳👀😱 all the way through.

  • Foundations Medical Informatics

    Jesus vs Mohamed Guest Appearance: Richard Dawkins *Proceed to watch world burn*

  • Sonic The Irish Neko Demon

    Oh damn

  • Zen The Nerd Gamer
    Zen The Nerd Gamer Před hodinou

    Dammmm, Lloyd really is epic! He's played Wolverine AND Deadpool! Along with other tons of dope characters like Superman?! Sign him up to a movie!

  • ThisUsername WasAvailable

    A Battle Royale of all the cinematic Batman's would be pretty cool!

  • Cyan Speedster
    Cyan Speedster Před hodinou

    John Wick v.s. Hitman or John Wilkes Booth v.s. Lee Harvey Oswald

  • The.#1 T
    The.#1 T Před hodinou

    This is the best ERB that's been out in a while.

  • Aiden Call
    Aiden Call Před hodinou

    I knew this one was going to be good from the thumbnail. The HISTORY history ones are always the best.

  • Joseph Biddle
    Joseph Biddle Před hodinou

    Jeff Dunham vs Gabriel Iglesias! Battle of the modern-day comedians.

  • Lalith Adithya
    Lalith Adithya Před hodinou

    Ghost Rider and flash

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick Před hodinou

    Your a mother no one wants to sleep with lmao

  • Micshork
    Micshork Před hodinou

    Sorry but this was pretty terrible

  • Hajar Matveeva
    Hajar Matveeva Před hodinou

    Sigmund won. No doubt. He's my favourite author since early adolescence.

  • Kerry Boles
    Kerry Boles Před hodinou

    How are there so many suggestions on the same 2 people.

  • Madeline Larson
    Madeline Larson Před hodinou

    YUNGBLUD vs Billie Eilish

  • C Robinson
    C Robinson Před hodinou

    Sylvia Plath v. Virginia Woolf

  • John Daniel Esguerra
    John Daniel Esguerra Před hodinou

    Goddamn it. If there were no third party I would pick BK but you picked my favorite fast food restaurant, Wendy's.

  • Steve Villanueva
    Steve Villanueva Před hodinou

    Mother Theresa won.

  • Mastthew Breckenridge
    Mastthew Breckenridge Před hodinou

    The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse vs the The original 4 Horsemen of WC W Wrestling .

  • Handsome Sam
    Handsome Sam Před hodinou

    Peter B. Parker: “Not bad, ERB”

  • Merriman Devonshire
    Merriman Devonshire Před hodinou

    Ad for menards on 22sep19

  • Philly Redsox
    Philly Redsox Před hodinou

    The Dukes of Hazzard vs. The Olsen Twins.

  • Edison Pang
    Edison Pang Před hodinou

    I just realised this is equivalent to Religion vs Science

  • itscelerysticks
    itscelerysticks Před hodinou

    Naruto runners VS aliens from area 51

  • Asunerdy
    Asunerdy Před hodinou

    I need Mussolini Versus Caligula in my life

  • SONIC INC Comics Dev
    SONIC INC Comics Dev Před hodinou

    Yeah MAMA😂😂😂

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee Před hodinou

    Mother Teresa

  • José Pedro Bortolini
    José Pedro Bortolini Před hodinou

    Ada Lovelace vs Alan Turing. a battle of pioneers in computer science. (and both faced problems, her for being a woman, and him for being a closed gay man)

  • Jed Serrano
    Jed Serrano Před hodinou

    Simi Hayha vs Chris Kyle The deadliest sniper in military history vs America's deadliest sniper.

  • Is Thus Potato
    Is Thus Potato Před hodinou

    Joel and Ellie vs Clementine and Lee

  • Cooking My Way
    Cooking My Way Před hodinou

    When TF Sigmund told God doesn't exists? You should study...

    • Aries Banegas
      Aries Banegas Před hodinou

      Sigmund was an aethist and you should study grammar

  • Corvaire Wind
    Corvaire Wind Před hodinou

    Bernie vs. Warren (and throw Biden in mumbling some nonsense.) lol

  • AmeriCossack
    AmeriCossack Před hodinou

    Goddamn this battle has an infectious beat.

  • Quiten Tafek
    Quiten Tafek Před hodinou

    Not your best work. Interesting combo though

  • AndrewChicken
    AndrewChicken Před hodinou

    Emperor Gligamesh vs. King Solomon

  • Cade Lewis
    Cade Lewis Před hodinou


  • Miles Forint
    Miles Forint Před hodinou

    America vs China

  • AsiaDanceScene
    AsiaDanceScene Před hodinou

    Should have gone more into Freud's beliefs about religion. He basically viewed faith as a way for people need to feel secure and absolve themselves of their own guilt for what they do which would have been pretty potent for a Mother Theresa diss.

  • King Awesome
    King Awesome Před hodinou

    Teresa wins by a long shot

  • Das Macht
    Das Macht Před hodinou

    Colonel Sanders versus Bernie Sanders. Also saw General Tso versus Colonel Sanders, that looks finger lickin' good...

    • Hutchlover Ds
      Hutchlover Ds Před hodinou

      Das Macht with a cameo by Sandro ‘The Hound’ Clegane!

  • Andrew Ferry
    Andrew Ferry Před hodinou

    This was ..... Not a good erb. Come on, guys...

  • Edison Pang
    Edison Pang Před hodinou

    “I ain’t got no D-envy” Me: ......ohhhhhh hahahaha 😆

    JUSTIN DODSON Před hodinou

    Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Sylvester Stalone

  • Ying Zou
    Ying Zou Před hodinou

    Bruce Lee vs quentin tarantino

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham Před hodinou

    Mother Teresa wins.

  • B T
    B T Před hodinou

    Mother Teresa won hands down. Wasn't even a contest. I lost it at "your rhymes are so poor I should be washing their feet".

  • masked gaming
    masked gaming Před hodinou

    Do a 40K themed rap

  • Slasrath
    Slasrath Před hodinou

    Cenk and Ana vs. Morbo and Linda

  • Wreckage Gaming
    Wreckage Gaming Před hodinou

    Sigmund Frued

  • Tsar
    Tsar Před hodinou

    Mansa musa vs T'challa Genghis khan vs alexander the great Hitler vs Napoleon

  • Michael Rigs
    Michael Rigs Před hodinou

    So obviously Cosby won, right?

  • Couch Time
    Couch Time Před hodinou

    So it's Christian vs Atheist

  • Sean McCaffery
    Sean McCaffery Před hodinou

    This one is so great I kinda just want one of nothing but Sigmund Freud rapping for 5 minutes

  • FearTheMattman -_-*
    FearTheMattman -_-* Před hodinou

    Sigmund Freud won with those truth bombs. Gene Roddenberry vs George Lucas (Let us see the Star Trek Wars finally come to an end.)

  • Robert Griffin
    Robert Griffin Před hodinou

    That was sadly sided.

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great Před hodinou

    AP Psych students rise up.

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson Před hodinou

    Dr. House vs anyone

  • Justin The Gamer
    Justin The Gamer Před hodinou

    Jon wick vs richard kuklinski. Fictional hitman vs real hitman know as the iceman.

  • Boxster Box
    Boxster Box Před hodinou

    do Amy Winehouse vs Adele

  • Grave Spawn
    Grave Spawn Před hodinou

    Lovecraft vs L. Ron Hubbard?

  • Asunerdy
    Asunerdy Před hodinou

    I need Mussolini Versus Caligula in my life

  • Chillicat Jo
    Chillicat Jo Před hodinou

    Captain Kirk vs Ripley from Aliens Kyle Ren vs Hitler.... post Vader.

  • MCWaxC -
    MCWaxC - Před hodinou

    Teresa won for sure but this was great

  • Dog_Luvr
    Dog_Luvr Před hodinou

    Atheists are scum so Teresa wins lmao

  • Sophie Dunooon
    Sophie Dunooon Před hodinou

    RIP Steve Irwin Lots of Love From Australia 🇦🇺

  • Arye Moskowitz
    Arye Moskowitz Před hodinou

    Eli Manning vs Payton Manning

  • xoz 514
    xoz 514 Před hodinou

    The Flash vs Usain Bolt

  • Szymon Jedamski
    Szymon Jedamski Před hodinou

    Barbie Doll vs Klaus Barbie

  • Amirhossein Kvn
    Amirhossein Kvn Před hodinou

    Batman V Superman 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • cayden altizer
    cayden altizer Před hodinou

    Robin Hood VS Katniss Everdeen

  • Daine Ashworth
    Daine Ashworth Před hodinou

    Christopher Columbus (first to discover America) vs Captain Cook (the first to colonise Australia )with Qin Shi Huang (The first Chinese emporer) and Narmer (the first Egyptian pharoah)