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UFC 244 Preview Show | ESPN MMA
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Best of UFC 244 Weigh-Ins | ESPN MMA
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  • Haymons world
    Haymons world Před minutou


  • mr.tbaggin urmom
    mr.tbaggin urmom Před 4 minutami

    Struve faked the second shot, he wanted a way out, he knew he was getting ko'd as he usually does.

  • Mathius S
    Mathius S Před 5 minutami

    Crawford a real one

  • Marc Ruffalo
    Marc Ruffalo Před 6 minutami

    Eat a squirrel?? That's a rat with a furry tail. I'll pass

  • Ash tUnes
    Ash tUnes Před 8 minutami

    The frustration will be fuel driving ngannou.. he's gon go crazy over em all.

  • wolfgang rittner
    wolfgang rittner Před 9 minutami

    used to dislike Jorge but I was wrong all the way. Fantastic fighter and a great fellow human.

  • Infinite Mindset
    Infinite Mindset Před 10 minutami

    Great fighter, great talk

  • Comrade Fighter
    Comrade Fighter Před 10 minutami

    I’m wondering why there’s so many down votes, then I see people are mad at her Shevchenko fight, then I legitimately realized I forgot they even fought. I fell asleep while streaming that fight 😴

    WHITE LION Před 10 minutami

    Paul Felder needs to start being professional and be an ANALYST when he is being paid to be an analyst or commentator whatever his position is called. I really dislike when he is up there and after the fights interviewing fighters with Karen (horrible as well) will instigate fights between himself and the fighter or Karen instigates it. If your dumbass cannot separate being an analyst and fighter then just be a got dam fighter.

  • Jamaa L
    Jamaa L Před 14 minutami

    The hate is the gate and it's gonna be high af.

  • James Reed
    James Reed Před 16 minutami

    Yeah its so funny stupid humans say oh was those last punches necessary but at the same time they want a man to be murdered after being brutally dropped and having his face ripped off lets be thankful jairzinho didnt kill him with that ground and pound

  • Hoosier Freight
    Hoosier Freight Před 20 minutami

    I'm liking Ariel Helwani more and more. He is a true professional very interested in the game, and important for the sport, I think. Also, starting to become a Tony Ferguson fan. I am, in fact, a Nate Diaz fan, ALWAYS.

  • Don’t Believe Me Boy
    Don’t Believe Me Boy Před 22 minutami

    Max is gonna smoke this little stocky midget. I can see it now. He’s gonna feel the power and strength in Max’s hips early on. He thinks he’ll go in and muscle Max. That his gameplan. He’s gonna try and go out there and make the fight dirty and clinch a lot and dirty box inside but Max will eventually find his distance and pick him apart and this guy will start to fail every takedown attempt and get unmotivated. I don’t see the midget getting finished because he is tough, but Max will win by decision. After Volkanovski loses this fight, he’ll get swallowed by Zabit next. Keep in mind Max finished Aldo twice and Volkanovski couldn’t.

    KEEPING IT REAL Před 22 minutami

    the man is in the woods looking for bigfoot lol

  • Kozuu
    Kozuu Před 25 minutami

    She was cut because she was terrible, boring, and only kept around to fill the ranks until the UFC could find actual top level female talent to replace her, like about a third of the girls in the UFC and half the Heavyweight/Flyweight guys honestly.

  • john doe
    john doe Před 25 minutami

    The comments are brutal. Lol

  • smill pupstick
    smill pupstick Před 26 minutami

    Low key, me and the boys were dying of laughter.

  • Keegan
    Keegan Před 26 minutami

    This is normal stuff in wrestling

  • Comrade Fighter
    Comrade Fighter Před 29 minutami

    The California Gal

  • iLLeventhHourz
    iLLeventhHourz Před 30 minutami

    ✋✊☝️ 🐗

  • Maher Ayoub
    Maher Ayoub Před 31 minutou

    Diego sounds.... like Diego

  • TheDjScotti
    TheDjScotti Před 31 minutou

    Paul is Great on the Mic !! Let's keep him there !!

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein Před 34 minutami

    No offense Jairzinho. But your asking for the wrong guy buddy. He'll beat you by DECAPITATION!! Maybe fight Mr. Lewis..... Now that's a winnable fight for you... 11 and 0 looks better than 10 and 1.... Just looking out for you...😎

  • Johnny Chromatic
    Johnny Chromatic Před 37 minutami

    Stefan should get a bonus for basically taking an L for the fans. 😲👍

  • Comrade Fighter
    Comrade Fighter Před 38 minutami

    She was a pubic hair away from beating Ronda Rousey!

  • abdul nazari
    abdul nazari Před 39 minutami

    Fight floyd and let him taste his first L that will be on his record. Why isn't this man calling out floyd. Come onnnnnnn!!!!!!!!

    • reborn new
      reborn new Před 34 minutami

      Floyd is old this guy is in his prime he’d beat floyd now

  • QuabmasM
    QuabmasM Před 40 minutami

    I rock with Colby but "irregardless" I cant just not rock with Jorge....gotta respect those baptisminizmssss. Nick didnt like hearing about Jorge baptizin his brother though lol but I rock with Jorge especially after he answered Askren's question with an exclamation point lol.

  • UrAllOnSteroids
    UrAllOnSteroids Před 40 minutami

    anyone else watching taxi driver in their head whilst also watching this :)

  • FightFan 1995
    FightFan 1995 Před 41 minutou

    Work on takedown defense and then he becomes champion

  • TheMenaceNoob
    TheMenaceNoob Před 43 minutami

    God bless Diego looking and sounding better than ever

  • J Svalina
    J Svalina Před 43 minutami

    A dude who's shredded and cuts to 265......... And he's angry. No one wants to be in the cage with the man, except the lip Buster

  • Conner Wilson
    Conner Wilson Před 44 minutami

    Shout out 402 ✌

  • Capt. smashedyomom
    Capt. smashedyomom Před 45 minutami

    That dude is awesome

  • Ricky Lopez Quintero
    Ricky Lopez Quintero Před 45 minutami

    She talks such like a girly girl

  • FiascoMotorSport
    FiascoMotorSport Před 45 minutami

    Why does this weight division look like dwarfs fighting eachother😂😂

  • abdul nazari
    abdul nazari Před 45 minutami

    He will get beat up and his 35-0 record will turn into 35-10. Alot of boxers avoid MMA in general because their boxing skills get neutralized with other forms of combat. Also boxers make way more money ofcourse so that's another reason. But COMPETITIVELY they know they will get their asses kicked quickly. This all really depends on the individual, some are highly competitive and some arent.

  • Clasher
    Clasher Před 46 minutami

    Strive join Zahabi

  • Almighty Khan
    Almighty Khan Před 47 minutami

    Surinam on the map JR do something about those thight af shorts looked like it was bothering him in the fight

  • oj1101
    oj1101 Před 48 minutami

    Gonna be a challenge for him especially in the lightweight division. Felder does have a lot of heart tho so he got a slight chance

  • Karll Rumsey
    Karll Rumsey Před 49 minutami

    I follow boxing and didn’t even no he was fighting this week proves he anit marketed good has to come on a mma show to get notice

    • Conner Wilson
      Conner Wilson Před 42 minutami

      I'm from Omaha and a huge combat sports fan. Had no idea he was fighting Saturday..

  • Sean Forbes
    Sean Forbes Před 51 minutou

    Blessed Express track marks all over this man's face come Saturday

  • 2timestwistedtv
    2timestwistedtv Před 52 minutami

    Diaz is my hero and my idol he ain't scared of anyone or anything

  • J Svalina
    J Svalina Před 53 minutami

    We will see Francis vs lip Buster, he should fight volcov or black beast

  • Bryan Randall
    Bryan Randall Před 54 minutami

    Alistair Overeem's lip, yikes!

  • m Ace
    m Ace Před 57 minutami

    14:10 “The doctors are gonna say, oh wow! this fckn idiot can read” - Thug Nasty 😂😂this man is my new favorite fighter

  • Brad93Jones
    Brad93Jones Před 57 minutami

    Tony the type of guy to sell his car to pay for some new tyres

  • Fern Mccreary
    Fern Mccreary Před 58 minutami


  • Damon Craiger
    Damon Craiger Před 59 minutami

    We need Bryce on JRE

  • Jan Smit
    Jan Smit Před hodinou

    Rozenstruik was lucky. Overeem controlled the match till last seconds. Thats fighting. So sad for reem!

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson Před hodinou

    seriously a 3 hour show. Just a little overkill eh?

  • Brandonian3030
    Brandonian3030 Před hodinou

    His son is ranked #1 in the nation wrestling. Respect

  • Frankie Cal
    Frankie Cal Před hodinou

    Crawford keepin it 💯 about ufc fighter pay.

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim Před hodinou

    Bright future.

  • Joelapeño Elkgan
    Joelapeño Elkgan Před hodinou

    Josh ”Steven Seagal” Fabia - Come on guys Diego “Es Normal” Sanchez 2019

  • john doe
    john doe Před hodinou

    The equivalent of alistair in boxing would at least pull a million.

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim Před hodinou

    You just gotta love this kid.

  • Frankie Cal
    Frankie Cal Před hodinou

    The original BMF!!!!

  • Berlin Lebt 2
    Berlin Lebt 2 Před hodinou

    His nuts are still hurt

  • mike ijsendijk
    mike ijsendijk Před hodinou

    He will finish rozestruik cold he get lucky with overeem he was the beter fighter

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim Před hodinou

    Crawford is the current pound-for-pound king.

  • Gregg K
    Gregg K Před hodinou

    Dust in the wind...Diaz brothers are dusting the wind Completely incoherent. Thems the good drugs.

  • Maverick
    Maverick Před hodinou

    Theo Von of MMA - Freaking talented!

  • Frankie Cal
    Frankie Cal Před hodinou

    CCC,Diego and Tony need to fuse.

  • Frankie Cal
    Frankie Cal Před hodinou

    This dude sound 1,000x better then the Diaz brothers combined.

  • Frankie Cal
    Frankie Cal Před hodinou

    This ain't a wrestling Match VATO!!!!

  • Edik Pribitkin
    Edik Pribitkin Před hodinou

    Don't understand the hate. Yes, she had a boring fight vs Shevchenko. Yes, there may be a little misconstruing of why she got released. But overall, she's a pioneer of women's mma.

  • Prashant Vyas
    Prashant Vyas Před hodinou

    If Francis had the belt The triple C Henry cejudo would have called him out already

  • Mike Braaf
    Mike Braaf Před hodinou

    And Dana give thuis man a bonus!fair play

  • adarsh ramanujapuram
    adarsh ramanujapuram Před hodinou

    Bruh, no one in the comment is mentioning Diego,s trainer 😭😂

  • Amin - tMK
    Amin - tMK Před hodinou

    Ariel “long time no speak” Helwani

  • TheBull916
    TheBull916 Před hodinou

    Can you hear me now? Good!

  • Aristotles Muse
    Aristotles Muse Před hodinou

    Usman Takes the L 9/10 times

  • Cenyon
    Cenyon Před hodinou

    It’s criminal not to get Francis in the cage as often as possible. The guy is a walking highlight reel

  • Brian
    Brian Před hodinou

    She looks extremely amateur. If she keeps winning fights it shows how slowly women's mma is evolving

  • Clasher
    Clasher Před hodinou

    Francis should do some boxing fights and knock some cans out. At least he will make some money

  • blue seraphimov
    blue seraphimov Před hodinou

    Tony the type of guy to chew gum at a funeral

  • Ernesto El Pesto Presto

    kai kara-france looks like the name of a gay porn star. 2:33:10

  • TheStapleremover
    TheStapleremover Před hodinou

    Tony the type of guy to go to a feminist parade and ask "who's the man in charge"

  • Lun Hing
    Lun Hing Před hodinou

    Bud is a real one undefeated champ 💯🏆

  • Whoa Brian
    Whoa Brian Před hodinou

    Awesome interview!!! Perfect questions!

  • Big C
    Big C Před hodinou

    Spence dony want that smoke

  • travishd1986
    travishd1986 Před hodinou

    Doctor Bryce suggests to get twistered the other way to even you out, your vertebra is all twisted up right now lol

  • jakiiboi8
    jakiiboi8 Před hodinou

    It takes a certain type of person to step in the cage. Even a lot of boxers won't do it.

  • andytt14
    andytt14 Před hodinou

    Alex for the win !🇦🇺

  • Graphic Society
    Graphic Society Před hodinou

    Can’t hear it well.

    THE FIRE Před hodinou


    • Agus S
      Agus S Před hodinou

      Yeah no. He's done great things but he hasn't fought any greats so we don't know yet

    • Julian Martinez
      Julian Martinez Před hodinou


  • Ben
    Ben Před hodinou

    I hate the way Dana and crew make fights. Looks like they base evwrything on internwt response instead of just being super fans of the fight game. Just make the best fights and the people will follow. Social media is chaos, it's a stupid foundation to base fights off of. As is, they do fake bullshit like the media stuff like the reverse psychology for the Adesanya/Romero fight, going on media and saying no one wants the fight so we explode with outrage so they can see the PPV numbers are there so then they go ahead with the fight. Just fucking make good fights. Thanks to the Fights with Friends channel for talking about that recently. Ariel is foundational for this bullshit flow. His interviews are all stupid drama talking points to create responses that be easily rehashed in those stupid channels like MMA World ad nauseum. Just make the best fights you fucking assholes. And fire Ariel immediately.

    505 ALAMOGREEDY Před hodinou

    Dinner White call her.

  • Tang Alicious
    Tang Alicious Před hodinou

    The Volk!

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller Před hodinou

    Crawford is the boogie man

  • RR Channel
    RR Channel Před hodinou

    Why daniel eye poker cormier there?

  • Tang Alicious
    Tang Alicious Před hodinou


  • Arnaldo Rivera
    Arnaldo Rivera Před hodinou

    Jairzihno looking like a fit Derrick Lewis in the close up.

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller Před hodinou

    402! what?!!!👊💪

  • Brock Smith
    Brock Smith Před hodinou

    I like this guy

  • Luis
    Luis Před hodinou

    Boogeyman of boxing

  • Kalmer Henrico
    Kalmer Henrico Před hodinou

    Feel so bad for Francis. Stipe my favourite and best heavyweight ever. But now, Francis will never lose again and finish everyone he fights. Such a shame and waste. This man would fight 3-4 times a year if he could- all of them would be KO’s

  • Nick Martella
    Nick Martella Před hodinou

    Very good point on the pay differences.

  • Ben
    Ben Před hodinou

    He's fun, I'm a fan now

  • Cabil Gibbs
    Cabil Gibbs Před hodinou

    Tony the type of guy to find the entire lineage of the Bear Khabib Wrestled as a child and poke them all.