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Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier
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  • Jefferson Wang
    Jefferson Wang Před vteřinou

    One of the best videos

  • Cesario Alviar
    Cesario Alviar Před 58 vteřinami

    Where was Pandas rocket?

  • sooth5877
    sooth5877 Před 58 vteřinami

    You guys better have gotten him something you pieces of do do

  • Vilasuto Thami
    Vilasuto Thami Před minutou

    Offside hurts

  • Poornima Sati
    Poornima Sati Před 2 minutami

    Practice,practice, only practice

  • Jorze
    Jorze Před 2 minutami

    In 2030 I bet you they will go the moon and do trick shots there

  • Person 89
    Person 89 Před 2 minutami

    It’s say my name

  • Eli Jaco
    Eli Jaco Před 2 minutami


  • Bailey Miller
    Bailey Miller Před 3 minutami

    I have wacthed this vid all the time feel bad for ty Team coby;tyler;Garret

  • tuskerasdf
    tuskerasdf Před 3 minutami

    Iran: America is lame. America: Puts a basket ball hoop on an aircraft carrier... America: *Victory Royale!*

  • Merris Veyette
    Merris Veyette Před 4 minutami

    Yo ty is playing hacker typer when garret yells at him

  • Tobes Fall
    Tobes Fall Před 6 minutami

    I am a parkorer

  • Person 89
    Person 89 Před 6 minutami


  • cireboner dotcom
    cireboner dotcom Před 6 minutami


    DANIEL HOYNG Před 6 minutami

    Who puts makes a coin and doesnt put anything on it. Ever heard of a gold blank

  • Austin Cannon
    Austin Cannon Před 6 minutami

    I feel sooo sorry for him those cars are nice that is not right

  • Jose Ignacio Salgado Rivera
    Jose Ignacio Salgado Rivera Před 6 minutami

    I like the song

    NUCL3AR Před 7 minutami

    Dude perfect: plays soccer at baseball field

  • Plush Seal
    Plush Seal Před 9 minutami

    I've liked and subscribed but I can't share the video on social media like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, ect. Am I still eligible for winning the Dude Perfect basketball?

  • Matthew Joynt
    Matthew Joynt Před 9 minutami

    Sorry to tell you this Tyler but Penguins live in the South Pole, not the North Pole 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • OG Peej
    OG Peej Před 9 minutami

    Anyone here 2020?

  • otro canal sin sentido
    otro canal sin sentido Před 10 minutami

    The definition of aimbot

  • Mila Tuando
    Mila Tuando Před 10 minutami

    How muchthe bow

  • tree top gamer
    tree top gamer Před 10 minutami


  • Katie Kemp
    Katie Kemp Před 11 minutami


  • Christian Jimenez
    Christian Jimenez Před 12 minutami

    At ubserd recurds I thot it was fastest time to drink caned drinks in a time limit LOL 0.0 [edit] wheel unfortunate I really wanted Coby to get own a cat

  • Miles Mador
    Miles Mador Před 13 minutami

    Did anyone else realize that Ty didn’t do his signature move

  • Ryan Lan
    Ryan Lan Před 13 minutami

    2.14 he said Alabama then....

  • Tommyo2210
    Tommyo2210 Před 14 minutami

    2 months later and Tyler’s list is still a disgrace

  • Caison graves
    Caison graves Před 14 minutami

    5o mil subs panda face revals

  • Efrain Gonzalez
    Efrain Gonzalez Před 14 minutami


  • Dardan Vrajolli
    Dardan Vrajolli Před 15 minutami

    Tyler: in the forest about to die Garret: in his backyard watering the bushes

  • Gavin Rapp
    Gavin Rapp Před 15 minutami

    3:50 me :that is quite satisfying the way the coaster landed Garret:TY THE COASTER Me:Well there goes my chance

  • DNA genji
    DNA genji Před 16 minutami


  • DNA genji
    DNA genji Před 16 minutami


  • Calin Johnson
    Calin Johnson Před 16 minutami

    i hated cory's rocket

  • Jordan Mullins
    Jordan Mullins Před 16 minutami

    There is no sound in space because there is no air molecules so the sound waves can’t travel

  • ShOtZ
    ShOtZ Před 16 minutami


  • Sarah Pavelski
    Sarah Pavelski Před 16 minutami


  • Kyle Nguyen
    Kyle Nguyen Před 17 minutami

    boot camp

  • Rachel
    Rachel Před 17 minutami


  • The. D.O. Gang
    The. D.O. Gang Před 17 minutami

    Raise hand if you think Ty is one of the lame person in the world he hasn’t sent avengers endgame

  • DCZ 7407
    DCZ 7407 Před 19 minutami

    It is impossible. lingard scores 2goals

  • Westley Dilley
    Westley Dilley Před 19 minutami


  • matthew gaming
    matthew gaming Před 20 minutami

    You guys rock I sure and turned on notifications😎😎😎😎😎😎😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😃😃😃

  • Mason Dorgan
    Mason Dorgan Před 20 minutami

    GIVE ME 10 BUX

  • Eli Steier
    Eli Steier Před 20 minutami

    Found it there’s three of them😒 a 🙂 and a😞

  • Star Killer
    Star Killer Před 20 minutami

    That’s an expensive party boat

  • adam overlander-kaye
    adam overlander-kaye Před 21 minutou

    Ty is my fave

  • Samuel Mielke
    Samuel Mielke Před 21 minutou

    My heart sunk when Coby didn't make the shot. Team Coby, ALL THE WAY!

  • Raptorlover 3000
    Raptorlover 3000 Před 21 minutou

    My name is Erik

  • 団長の手刀を見逃さなかった防犯カメラ


  • Raptorlover 3000
    Raptorlover 3000 Před 22 minutami

    Hey Chef Eric it’s me

  • Kaabaag Her
    Kaabaag Her Před 22 minutami

    If only this was every day life

  • 𓄼 ¹⁹⁹⁹ 𓄹
    𓄼 ¹⁹⁹⁹ 𓄹 Před 22 minutami


  • Poptart animations
    Poptart animations Před 22 minutami


  • AP
    AP Před 23 minutami

    4k video no ??'

  • JR Productions
    JR Productions Před 23 minutami

    That’s so fake

  • bzn 1243
    bzn 1243 Před 23 minutami

    Cody is a b***

  • Jao felix
    Jao felix Před 24 minutami

    And the rest history...

  • George Nelson
    George Nelson Před 27 minutami

    if your here 2020 like

    SAAD MALIK Před 27 minutami


  • ZioTuborg
    ZioTuborg Před 28 minutami

    how much plastic have you thrown into the ocean? 😒😒😒

  • Lionel Clark
    Lionel Clark Před 29 minutami

    Hi you make me happy

  • DarkSpaceGaming9
    DarkSpaceGaming9 Před 29 minutami

    Ksp be like: 4:58 The bumblebee is a full blown missile too

    DENNIS HOPKINS Před 29 minutami

    Don’t forget the guy who claims he LOVES POWDER ........ but falls and is stuck for 1 hour...... Oh, that’s me.

  • Drizzy King
    Drizzy King Před 30 minutami

    I bet y'all won't go to Antarctica and do trick shots and do cool things and see animal life.

  • The enderman God
    The enderman God Před 32 minutami


  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez Před 34 minutami

    Washington 🇺🇸

  • Landon Kiehl
    Landon Kiehl Před 34 minutami

    Dodge city Kansas

  • may FN
    may FN Před 35 minutami

    No one: No one in the universe: CHclip: recommends this 10 years later

  • Nighster77 Skyhightower
    Nighster77 Skyhightower Před 35 minutami


  • George Nelson
    George Nelson Před 35 minutami

    if your here 2020 like

  • Grayson Walton
    Grayson Walton Před 35 minutami

    3:45 Cody: “I’m pretty sure my worm is bigger than the fish” Me: 🤔🍆

  • George Nelson
    George Nelson Před 36 minutami

    if your here 2020 like

  • The Gentlemen's Fishing Club
    The Gentlemen's Fishing Club Před 36 minutami

    Coby is the best fisherman out there.

  • Charles Guay
    Charles Guay Před 36 minutami

    yeah biodegradable golf balfs on a freeking aircraft carrier...

  • George Nelson
    George Nelson Před 36 minutami

    if your here 2020 like

  • DarkSpaceGaming9
    DarkSpaceGaming9 Před 36 minutami

    Kerbal space program be like 2:26

  • Oluwaleke Obe
    Oluwaleke Obe Před 36 minutami

    lose some weight Tyler

  • George Nelson
    George Nelson Před 38 minutami

    if your here 2020 like

  • KJ laye
    KJ laye Před 38 minutami

    I was trying to spin the figet spinner and then catch it and i spinned I tried to catch it and I did not catch it hit my head and then it’s swollen now

  • Guns And Glory
    Guns And Glory Před 38 minutami

    1:58 burgers look delicious Ty

  • TheCoolLemon
    TheCoolLemon Před 38 minutami

    Song: we were born for this My head: so dp was born for throwing plungers

  • George Nelson
    George Nelson Před 39 minutami

    if your here 2020 like

  • Skatejamz Vlogging
    Skatejamz Vlogging Před 39 minutami

    This was the first video I had ever seen

  • Joseph Echevarria
    Joseph Echevarria Před 40 minutami


  • Rachael Barwick
    Rachael Barwick Před 42 minutami

    most fish caught in 60 mins

  • Writing Overload
    Writing Overload Před 42 minutami

    Lol 14:24

  • Liam Levesque
    Liam Levesque Před 42 minutami

    So fake in some of the shots you can see another person driving the rc

  • Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez Před 42 minutami

    Sir Slide a lot baseball and softball players got cannons in the outfield

  • Slice _da Op
    Slice _da Op Před 43 minutami

    There is a thing that puts u in a plane and goes up and up then down to simulate zero gravity