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This is Need for Speed Payback
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Need For Speed PC Launch
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Need for Speed - SEMA Community Car
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Need for Speed - PC Reveal
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Need for Speed Legends Update
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Need for Speed Accolades
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Need for Speed Icons Update
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  • exile 5707
    exile 5707 Před 23 vteřinami

    Lootboxes, im good

  • Pioneer Leo
    Pioneer Leo Před 31 minutou

    Я один пытаюсь найти русские комменты?

    NITISH GOEL Před 59 minutami

    Who wants need for speed the run

  • Old World Radio - Boston

    Cockpit view or bust. I won't buy another NFS game if it doesn't have an in-car view. Get with the times!

  • UnKnOwN NiGhT_raCeR
    UnKnOwN NiGhT_raCeR Před hodinou

    This is basically nfs heat

  • Muhammad Fahmi
    Muhammad Fahmi Před hodinou

    Who else missed need for speed world???

  • Art Of Games
    Art Of Games Před hodinou

    Me : I don't to shutdown Pc My mom: 0:21

  • Vignesh Balchand
    Vignesh Balchand Před 2 hodinami

    Who else thinks pursuit breakers should be a thing ? I hate the whole safe house + car damage idea

  • Neon Blade
    Neon Blade Před 2 hodinami

    Ah yes, the thing we all wanted. Legal races in a street racing game.

  • GD FrostByte
    GD FrostByte Před 2 hodinami

    I’ve only Played no limits and Hot pursuit but wanted to play MW Does that count me as a NFS fan or just a lazy gamer

  • Shun Kurosaki
    Shun Kurosaki Před 2 hodinami

    GTA 5 Need for Speed Version

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh Před 2 hodinami

    Those cop seems to be made too strong. There should be a option to disable them for entire game or unable who love playing with cops.

  • David Leandro
    David Leandro Před 2 hodinami


  • Dylan Hui
    Dylan Hui Před 3 hodinami

    Ign be like : 5.9/10

    RAMAZAN ŞERVAN YILDIZ Před 3 hodinami

    Saçma sapan oyunlar yapacağınıza hikayeli güzel oyunlar yapın. Bu grafik motoru nedir allah aşkına. Underground serisindeki sürüş zevki bile daha iyi. Ve birde Sgt. CROSS Geri gelsin.

    TRK SUPRA Před 3 hodinami

    Hi , I Make a New video game like need for speed . The Need For Stunt . See the new game in : ( ) . The New Need For Speed Heat is Gooooooooooood , I like the new ferrari in this game . But you forget the best car ever : TOYOTA SUPRA MK4 ( 2000 )

  • sozcan
    sozcan Před 3 hodinami

    Okay, exhaust sound customization is godlike

  • Junior Jaw
    Junior Jaw Před 4 hodinami

    small little fast fact : The time on the cop camera is the same as CHclip at 1:07

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan Před 4 hodinami

    NFS:Heat is NFS:MW-Revisited

  • Jokers Demieyn
    Jokers Demieyn Před 4 hodinami

    Kann das bitte für die switsch raus kommen plese

  • Adonis Melo
    Adonis Melo Před 4 hodinami

    Can we get slow motion camera back?

  • Samuel Jr
    Samuel Jr Před 5 hodinami

    I really dont like the health bar,but hey it is what it is👍😁

  • Youtube Pills
    Youtube Pills Před 6 hodinami

    Have to ask how ghost games really could put nfs payback out. Ok graphics, boring map, i dont even know right now what happening in strory lines that supposed to be like action film. no police in free roam. and i dont wanna this new game.

  • Noelle butcher
    Noelle butcher Před 7 hodinami

    Not even close to Forza horizon 4 , not even graphics and customisation .

  • DeathBySlitWrist
    DeathBySlitWrist Před 8 hodinami

    Is it free roam?

  • Joseph Steven
    Joseph Steven Před 9 hodinami

    Available in ps4?

  • Shinelucid
    Shinelucid Před 9 hodinami

    When you have a vanilla Porsche licence and you choose the customized RUF way...

  • WeAreLive!
    WeAreLive! Před 9 hodinami

    I’m in on this game, time to burn some rubber

  • Davilas Vas
    Davilas Vas Před 11 hodinami

    🤔🤔🤔 Looks Awesome! Like Every NFS Trailer. This one I'm gonna wait until people do a review.

    • Davilas Vas
      Davilas Vas Před 4 minutami

      @DjVanHeb Thank you! I'll watch out for that! :) Those Review bomber...

    • DjVanHeb
      DjVanHeb Před 5 hodinami

      Be careful with the user scores on metracritic. EA haters that wont play the game will give the game a 1/10 no matter what.

  • Finesmokey 78
    Finesmokey 78 Před 11 hodinami

    Back 2 the drawing board EA!!!! Take it back to the roots!! You been slipping EA !!!#Hotpursuit

    56M views Před 12 hodinami

    Disliked by cops 😂

    56M views Před 12 hodinami

    Disliked by cops 😂

  • Robert Kimmy Igayac
    Robert Kimmy Igayac Před 12 hodinami

    Just give us a g37, 350, 370, supra mk4, evo 9 and 10, r32, 33,34. Basically any imports, no exotics.

  • Святоша
    Святоша Před 13 hodinami

    Пахнет жареным, именно жареным а не гарью

  • Gmail User
    Gmail User Před 13 hodinami

    Not as impressive as Forza Horizon

  • Evil abby
    Evil abby Před 14 hodinami

    Am i the only one noticing the "classic" Frame rate dive/lag during dense parts of the gameplay? Ffs it's 2019, fix that crap before giving me the option to have pink socks on a driving game!

  • Irfan OvO
    Irfan OvO Před 14 hodinami


  • Tye West
    Tye West Před 14 hodinami

    Why does this feel like a re-skin of nfs rivals

  • WtoN Araujo
    WtoN Araujo Před 15 hodinami

    Whats about the multiplayer? I want to drift with friends!

  • Olwethu Xaba
    Olwethu Xaba Před 15 hodinami

    2004 : Snoop Dogg song on game 2019: Iggy rapping on trailer

  • Manuel Ramirez
    Manuel Ramirez Před 15 hodinami

    Haven’t played a nfs since most wanted, just got back into gaming a yr ago so since the last ones were few years old I passed in hopes thier would be a new one, hoping this ones as cool as I reamber nfs on ps1 and most wanted and because I’m passing up grid for this

  • Olwethu Xaba
    Olwethu Xaba Před 15 hodinami

    02:21 My character will look the part when I'm being arrested "officer watch out these are $350 Yeezy Crocs"

  • ErMigens
    ErMigens Před 16 hodinami

    Desde luego, pierden el norte y no saben lo que sacar. Así andamos...

  • Olwethu Xaba
    Olwethu Xaba Před 16 hodinami

    This is Tokyo nights

  • gagag96
    gagag96 Před 16 hodinami

    Still waiting on underground 3

  • ninetails625
    ninetails625 Před 17 hodinami

    this wasnt actual gameplay, this is cgi. the actual game does not look like this, this has an cinematic effect to it

  • SCSA
    SCSA Před 18 hodinami

    Super excited for this because I haven't played a great need for speed in over a decade. We deserve another epic need for speed game like underground and most wanted!!! I hope this is it! It looks very promising.

  • japcrap
    japcrap Před 18 hodinami

    This better be NFSMW 2005 but with new cars or I'm not buying.

  • DOOMSDAY is here
    DOOMSDAY is here Před 18 hodinami

    All I want is the 2fast 2furious sound in the R34

  • DOOMSDAY is here
    DOOMSDAY is here Před 18 hodinami


  • Luiz Antônio
    Luiz Antônio Před 20 hodinami

    he is good but unfortunately does not connect to google play games he leaves the screen when he goes to account

  • Oscar Pozo
    Oscar Pozo Před 21 hodinou

    The Deluxe Edition will be physic format?

  • juan carlos gomez
    juan carlos gomez Před 21 hodinou

    Yesterday wanna the NFS Hot Pursuit for play 4 and dont hab for play station only for Wii PC and Xbox 😤

  • juan carlos gomez
    juan carlos gomez Před 21 hodinou

    Im want the need for speed Hot Pursuit for play station 4 os the BEST games of need for speed 🚗🚓🚔🚘🚔💪

  • Anant Bhagwant
    Anant Bhagwant Před 21 hodinou

    So the corvette killed all those palm trees. Why dis so fake man. Bring back U2 in 4K and better cars and mods and a bigger map, a real map.

  • Piotr Kubacki
    Piotr Kubacki Před 21 hodinou

    3:14 Volvo S90 or Polstar? Either way still a Volvo.

  • techie kanth
    techie kanth Před 22 hodinami

    Nfs most wanted was their best and nothing ever can come close to it. Do what you did best and cut this bull..!

  • Taha Mohamad
    Taha Mohamad Před 22 hodinami

    It’s like Underground 2

  • Ralph Rikerume
    Ralph Rikerume Před 22 hodinami


  • Luke Antinone
    Luke Antinone Před 22 hodinami

    I want to believe itll be good but cant take any more heartbreak from this series

  • Ahmed Yahya
    Ahmed Yahya Před 22 hodinami

    Remake NFS MW 2005 😿

    WEADEPT Před 22 hodinami

    Типа лафк

    HAN STARKILLER Před 23 hodinami

    NFS Heat-You can escape the cops “oh man. This is going to be hard” NFS Veterans-My time has come

  • Jaziel Mireles
    Jaziel Mireles Před 23 hodinami


  • Logan Wolfe
    Logan Wolfe Před 23 hodinami

    So..aside from beautifully rendered cars, physics and detail of everything seems to be abysmal. And don't get me started on the characters being carton cutouts straight out of Bugs Bunny meets Fast & Furious.

  • Vipex Gamer2
    Vipex Gamer2 Před 23 hodinami

    Meu primeiro need for speed foi o Most Wanted

  • Vipex Gamer2
    Vipex Gamer2 Před 23 hodinami

    É por isso que eu amo esse jogo

  • Elliot Perry
    Elliot Perry Před 23 hodinami

    No speedcards is the best selling point ,looks very familiar to NFS fans, that's not a bad thing, but the likes of payback have left us all sceptical ,please deliver! If you fail this year just remake underground 2 and change nothing but updated graphics

  • yan 's
    yan 's Před 23 hodinami

    I hope this game release on android or ios hahaa

  • 小花腩
    小花腩 Před 23 hodinami

    For phone ?

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins Před 23 hodinami

    This is going back to the core game. Amazing. This I'm going to get

  • 519achilles
    519achilles Před dnem

    This looks great! Really good job! I hope the driving feels realistic and not be able to take turns with 200 km/h

    • DjVanHeb
      DjVanHeb Před 5 hodinami

      When was the driving ever realistic in a NFS game... they've always been arcadey.... I agree oon the 200mph turns though.. Payback was a joke.

  • NeroThe SpookyCat
    NeroThe SpookyCat Před dnem

    So basically you removed the bad aspects of payback and added the good parts of nfs 2015

  • NeroThe SpookyCat
    NeroThe SpookyCat Před dnem

    I’m wondering if I should get this for ps4 or pc

  • Zachary Finch
    Zachary Finch Před dnem


  • Muhamad Rubi Topan
    Muhamad Rubi Topan Před dnem

    I wonder if we can pause the game like Payback

  • omar Morcy
    omar Morcy Před dnem

    I already pre ordered the game's deluxe edition

    • omar Morcy
      omar Morcy Před 23 hodinami

      @KingofGames I know it's not worth it but I hope this game will be than payback

    • KingOfGames
      KingOfGames Před 23 hodinami

      With deluxe edition you only get 4 characters and money / rep boost not even worth it

  • AlterableBat 10
    AlterableBat 10 Před dnem

    Officer : do you know how fast you were going. Me : no because my speedometer is broke from when I ran from the cops last night.

  • Hallow Gen
    Hallow Gen Před dnem

    New NFS title announced... *Asphalt 7:* Wait... That's illegal

  • julian duarte
    julian duarte Před dnem

    Cuando va a salir el juego ?

  • Sniper Killer
    Sniper Killer Před dnem

    Viel zu heftig

  • Joshwa J
    Joshwa J Před dnem

    I think these all views by gamerssssssss......

  • pussy destroyer
    pussy destroyer Před dnem

    ramengvrl for lyfe

  • NJ Dimla
    NJ Dimla Před dnem

    Looking more like underground/prostreet

  • BDRyan // RetardedRiolu

    So this is GTA but you're stuck in a car

  • Creych
    Creych Před dnem

    Тут Раша есть вообще?

  • Carlos Salvino
    Carlos Salvino Před dnem

    O triste é ver que os projetos da Need for speed, não duram nem 5 anos...... é simplesmente desanimador esse pula pula

  • Mike B
    Mike B Před dnem

    We say, “Bring Underground back.” Here we have NFS HeAT.

  • Mike B
    Mike B Před dnem

    Hope it’s not too arcade like

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Před dnem

    can we get out of our cars and beat people up?

  • A K
    A K Před dnem

    gameplay need for speed underground 2 graphic need for speed 2015 heat need to upgrade

  • Raihan Rahadyan
    Raihan Rahadyan Před dnem

    i hope there would be so many jdm cars, cant wait, but i hope there is no microtransaction

  • lj mattis
    lj mattis Před dnem

    Can we just have Co-Op please

  • Pragyan BORAH
    Pragyan BORAH Před dnem

    is there any mannual transmiaaion

  • selorm mireku
    selorm mireku Před dnem

    is there offline multiplayer?

  • Generic Protagonist

    Inshallah make it Epic Games exclusive 🙏🏻


    REAL need for speed is back!

  • Lobo
    Lobo Před dnem

    The one thing this game got right

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Před dnem

    WHY 00S STYLE?

  • - WhiteLite -
    - WhiteLite - Před dnem

    so cockpit?