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Maren Morris - GIRL
zhlédnutí 18KPřed 2 dny
Maren Morris - The Bones
zhlédnutí 16KPřed 2 dny
Tinder for Kids!
zhlédnutí 141KPřed 2 dny
Impeachment Will Distract Trump!
zhlédnutí 464KPřed 4 dny
A No-Trigger Comedy Central Roast
zhlédnutí 87KPřed 5 dny
Green Day - Father of All...
zhlédnutí 415KPřed 9 dny
Sean Penn Reads Mean Tweets
zhlédnutí 298KPřed 9 dny
Ms. Monopoly Causes Controversy
zhlédnutí 101KPřed 10 dny
Weezer - End of the Game
zhlédnutí 157KPřed 11 dny
Commercial for IKEA with Guillermo
zhlédnutí 63KPřed 11 dny
Apple Unveils New Phones We Don't Need
zhlédnutí 243KPřed 11 dny
Trump "Fires" Bolton & More Lies
zhlédnutí 1MPřed 11 dny
Trisha Yearwood - Workin' on Whiskey
zhlédnutí 15KPřed 12 dny
Yehya Reviews IT Chapter Two
zhlédnutí 146KPřed 12 dny
Bachelor in Hairadise!
zhlédnutí 25KPřed 12 dny
Jimmy Kimmel on Antonio Brown
zhlédnutí 209KPřed 12 dny
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
zhlédnutí 83KPřed 15 dny
zhlédnutí 380KPřed 15 dny
Donald and the Magic Sharpie
zhlédnutí 577KPřed 15 dny
Clairo - I Wouldn't Ask You
zhlédnutí 166KPřed 16 dny
Cousin Sal Pranks Delivery Man
zhlédnutí 176KPřed 16 dny
Trump Hard at Work Not Working
zhlédnutí 1MPřed 16 dny
Shaed - Thunder
zhlédnutí 19KPřed 17 dny
Shaed - Trampoline
zhlédnutí 20KPřed 17 dny
Trump Thinks We Are All Idiots
zhlédnutí 1,3MPřed 17 dny
Marina - Karma
zhlédnutí 149KPřed 18 dny
Cardi B & Bernie Sanders Talk Politics
zhlédnutí 206KPřed měsícem
We Scare Aunt Chippy on Her 80th Birthday
zhlédnutí 481KPřed měsícem
Jimmy Kimmel - Mayor of Dildo!
zhlédnutí 303KPřed měsícem
You Can't Have a Dildo Running Dildo!
zhlédnutí 211KPřed měsícem
Kimmel for Mayor of Dildo
zhlédnutí 117KPřed měsícem
Daniel Caesar - Cyanide
zhlédnutí 240KPřed měsícem
Trump Has Lied Over 12,000 Times
zhlédnutí 197KPřed měsícem
14th Annual Summer Belly Flop Competition
zhlédnutí 1,2MPřed měsícem
Pete Yorn - Can't Stop You
zhlédnutí 8KPřed měsícem
Pete Yorn - Calm Down
zhlédnutí 14KPřed měsícem
Guillermo's First Dildo Experience
zhlédnutí 424KPřed měsícem
The Most Powerful Man in Dildo
zhlédnutí 124KPřed měsícem
Massachusetts Has the Best Drivers???
zhlédnutí 37KPřed měsícem
EXCLUSIVE Ron Burgundy Stand Up Comedy
zhlédnutí 463KPřed měsícem


  • ajay dhillon
    ajay dhillon Před 2 minutami

    Girl in black clothes with cap is a real beauty I hope she can get success in reel life .

  • Sukhdeep Singh
    Sukhdeep Singh Před 2 minutami

    I am an indian ...but its not hard for me to understand that fake news are so dangerious for a country.. Mr president did a great job on fake news

  • NME gaming
    NME gaming Před 5 minutami

    The closed captions being automatically turned on is really annoying. Bill Burr is great though.

  • The American Flag
    The American Flag Před 5 minutami

    Lol her pants fell off and then she decided to continue the rage 😂!

  • Cat boys
    Cat boys Před 6 minutami

    Now the boys wanna taste of a straberry shortcake

  • Deuce Bucket
    Deuce Bucket Před 6 minutami

    my dad works alot more than my mom, and my dad doesnt have to deal with all the stuff my mom does. you act like its bad, but our brains are wired differently and when mothers have to write the information down for doctors visits and everything else all the time its not hard to see why this is, way to try and shame fathers on fathers day jimmy.

  • JPin
    JPin Před 7 minutami

    It is not fair the actors have to give excuses and explanations for something it was not over their control.

  • Theraging Russian _yt
    Theraging Russian _yt Před 7 minutami

    We have the same birth date

  • Seth okthen
    Seth okthen Před 7 minutami

    Shown the full video dangit!

  • Flying Fox
    Flying Fox Před 8 minutami

    Then I must be an IDIOT.....

  • Hooolly W
    Hooolly W Před 8 minutami

    How does that look at all like Australia

  • JoyfulMD
    JoyfulMD Před 8 minutami

    Zach Galiafinakis is cute...when did that happen? And what does that mean for the world?

  • Average Boi
    Average Boi Před 10 minutami

    & they say all the dumb people are in the south

  • Lily Wallflower
    Lily Wallflower Před 10 minutami

    It is a well-known fact that whatever language you are learning, you always learn the curse words first

  • Vloging with junior Junior
    Vloging with junior Junior Před 11 minutami

    This is fake

  • manusia319
    manusia319 Před 13 minutami

    Los Angeles eh

  • Sumire Gemz
    Sumire Gemz Před 13 minutami

    Why did this performance give me nutcracker vibes??

  • Lily Wallflower
    Lily Wallflower Před 13 minutami

    How do you not know your neighbour country when you only have TWO ?!!

  • Rick Rascon
    Rick Rascon Před 14 minutami

    Cause your not funny

  • Kriss Kross
    Kriss Kross Před 14 minutami

    CHclip algorithms are great. Yesterday I saw Trevor Noah's standup routine video on the same topic, and now this. :D

  • Guido Costa
    Guido Costa Před 15 minutami

    How can they be so stupid? The first one doesnt even know where She's standing.

  • Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

    It took me a moment. I was like whhhhyyy is she taking her hair out at a meeting?🤔Ooooh, 😌 I get it... kind of!😏😁🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • Bianca Johnson
    Bianca Johnson Před 16 minutami

    Lovin me some Megan! 🔥❤

  • NaturaLadi B
    NaturaLadi B Před 16 minutami

    Nice crowd

  • Greetings From Stevieland
    Greetings From Stevieland Před 16 minutami

    Paul drew better than I can 😂

  • Henri Shatto
    Henri Shatto Před 17 minutami

    I'm 11 and I can name pretty much all of those countries.

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    1:50 lizzo hitting the camera Camera man: running away

  • Nilufa bano
    Nilufa bano Před 17 minutami

    Tin pani is big too

  • ny_kia31
    ny_kia31 Před 18 minutami

    The growth of a man is a wonderful thing to witness.

  • prn rbn
    prn rbn Před 21 minutou

    *Jennifer Lawrence is the ultimate bae*

  • Penelope Flora
    Penelope Flora Před 21 minutou

    Where is Trixie Mattel’s eyes?

  • Henri Shatto
    Henri Shatto Před 23 minutami

    Those people are idiots.

  • SilentChaos
    SilentChaos Před 23 minutami

    Jimmy really bombed this interview, killed Nikolaj's good vibes and made the crowd die out.

  • Cameron Siggers
    Cameron Siggers Před 23 minutami

    I love Janet 😭 she’s my favorite character. She’s dead ass the funniest

  • Афон Слепцовский

    damn, this is really good way to learn some information)))

  • je pense est puis j'existe
    je pense est puis j'existe Před 26 minutami

    Get away from "you" Chelsea...service is freedom.

  • Poker Face
    Poker Face Před 26 minutami

    With that voice quality, I think she grew up singing in gospel choirs So awesome

  • Joe Orzech
    Joe Orzech Před 26 minutami

    I saw a picture of her in a thong I thought it was an advertising campaign for an iodine bottle

  • je pense est puis j'existe
    je pense est puis j'existe Před 27 minutami

    Reparations Chelsea. Get behind that. Use ur privaledge to support reperations.

  • Gunsquawk 44
    Gunsquawk 44 Před 28 minutami


  • Katerina Tz.
    Katerina Tz. Před 28 minutami

    He can get it

  • robert graziano
    robert graziano Před 28 minutami

    He pooped his pants!!!

  • Noah Rodriguez
    Noah Rodriguez Před 29 minutami


  • Wendell Hackley
    Wendell Hackley Před 29 minutami

    What a hypocrite, he talked about Obama playing golf to much, but he's played more golf already than Obama played in 4 years, he's only at 2 years and 9 months. Then he lies again he wouldn't be playing golf if he was president. Conman and psychopath and pathological liar and traitor and tax evader go to prison and don't pass go you creep!

  • Jack Knight
    Jack Knight Před 29 minutami

    I'm just guessing based on where they say they're from. I'm getting it pretty on point. I definitely saw the Sydney one coming. XD

  • Sahanalovesyou
    Sahanalovesyou Před 30 minutami

    i love this guys. he is always upbeat, can hold peoples attention with his aura and loves to laugh

  • Animus Cumminham
    Animus Cumminham Před 30 minutami

    josh leyva’s dad?

  • Support Worker.
    Support Worker. Před 31 minutou

    He looks like marty Mcfly on crack.

  • Braedtlo X
    Braedtlo X Před 32 minutami

    I know I am 3mos late but I nearly died with sandwich on sleeping dad 😂

  • Ф.W.M.C
    Ф.W.M.C Před 32 minutami

    Do the same with for example Britain. You don't even have to turn it

  • John Ross
    John Ross Před 34 minutami

    So, Punk Jimmy Boy Kimmel, is now making fun of old people! Little Jimmy Boy has to run down people to feel better about himself. Typical of a Loser, Communist, Lying, Democrat!

  • Wendell Hackley
    Wendell Hackley Před 35 minutami

    Kellyanne Conway might be sleeping with trump she sided with him over her husband's. Trump your uneducated and a traitor and conman and psychopath and pathological liar and tax evader. You so smart but you can't read, listen to you talk it shows. You keep saying people say you this or that. I challenge you if you can read Trump in wonder land I'll vote for you, sikes never traitor.

  • Moorland
    Moorland Před 36 minutami

    0:47 to be fair, cananda does have a "flat-bottomed" border, so . . .

  • Al Satan
    Al Satan Před 36 minutami

    general: we are at war with North korea soldiers: *attack ohio*

  • Victoria
    Victoria Před 39 minutami

    He looks like if Noel Gallagher was American

  • lullabby hosny
    lullabby hosny Před 41 minutou

    Not asaprise it was all staged😜

  • Monica G
    Monica G Před 41 minutou

    Her personality is contagious! I love her!!! Funny, smart and beautiful 💜

  • Reece A
    Reece A Před 41 minutou

    Getting raped by your dad > watching shitty walking dead

  • Dave Curry
    Dave Curry Před 42 minutami

    Sad..... Sad day

  • Radioactive Hufflepuff
    Radioactive Hufflepuff Před 42 minutami

    Am I the only person who has never heard a man say "We are pregnant"

  • Al Satan
    Al Satan Před 42 minutami

    where's america? *points russia* do you even know where you are?

  • Maximos
    Maximos Před 42 minutami

    Method man seems so genuine and Kimmel seems so fake

  • Crassus
    Crassus Před 43 minutami

    I swear to god, put a flat hat on him and he looks exactly like Andy Capp

  • Age Of The Witch
    Age Of The Witch Před 43 minutami

    "The bird became the king the prisoner the hand , The rightful king banished " Yeah sure Nikolaj great f**king ending !!! 👌Lol

  • Al Satan
    Al Satan Před 43 minutami

    I don't know if this is sad or just disappointing, but certainly those people don't deserve to vote

  • ItsFeliciaTime
    ItsFeliciaTime Před 47 minutami

    the begin was a little of tune but after that she rocked it!

  • Age Of The Witch
    Age Of The Witch Před 48 minutami

    Nikolaj DESERVES an Emmy!!! And I think he has a bigger chance to get it than even Peter and Alfie and kit! He did a phenomenal job.

  • Blxck Pantxr Pantera negra
    Blxck Pantxr Pantera negra Před 49 minutami

    Menos emoción tienen los Yankis.

  • Caged
    Caged Před 50 minutami

    Melania hates this.

  • Cxmmenting Hah
    Cxmmenting Hah Před 51 minutou

    :) im so happy she is still making music. Been listening to her for years and her voice never fails to amaze me.

  • Simran Kalsi
    Simran Kalsi Před 51 minutou

    Cersayyyy.....I want to slap him so hard 00:53

  • Age Of The Witch
    Age Of The Witch Před 52 minutami

    Jaime's arch was a tragic arch not a redemption one like theon's i made my peace with that part. What I hated was Euron stabbing him then smirking about it, like WHY!!! Euron's character took a ton more than it deserved while other main characters like Jon snow and Dany among others greatly suffered. Also i must say getting paid this much probably helped the actors accept it all alot better lol

    JOHNNY BOYHTX1 Před 52 minutami

    Mr. Mustachepuff! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • William Peytz
    William Peytz Před 54 minutami

    Y'all need A U D I B L E

    • William Peytz
      William Peytz Před 54 minutami

      and can someone tell me what audible stands for?

  • Dalanguerban Amina
    Dalanguerban Amina Před 55 minutami

    I don’t want to go to hell like this The funniest part

    POWERBEASTS Před 55 minutami

    Tony Ferguson is a type of guy to look up and down before crossing the road.

  • Squatting Squirrel
    Squatting Squirrel Před 56 minutami

    Minka Kelly is beautiful

  • Bowser Dragon
    Bowser Dragon Před 56 minutami

    Tweets begin at 0:35 you're welcome

  • Paul DiBenedetto
    Paul DiBenedetto Před 57 minutami

    When you're that mediocre looking, why put a ring through your nose and tattoo yourself to make yourself even uglier?

  • dear dear
    dear dear Před 57 minutami

    Julia Roberts wasn't bothered by the tweet.

  • Crow
    Crow Před 58 minutami

    Its not true ) people can`t be so dumb )))

  • Rafael E. Reyes Rueda
    Rafael E. Reyes Rueda Před 58 minutami

    00:07 man thar's Gwen Stefani??? I thought she was Hillary Duff sister, can't remember her name.

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams Před 58 minutami

    Who on earth is cerSAY???? 😐

  • Johnny Marcy
    Johnny Marcy Před 59 minutami

    We the sheaple

  • Carl Justin // Mr. thumbs Up
    Carl Justin // Mr. thumbs Up Před 59 minutami


  • Princess Black
    Princess Black Před hodinou

    I'm crying at the sounds the dancers make when they hit and slide on the floor😂

  • John Wayne Gayce
    John Wayne Gayce Před hodinou


  • AltijdTrumbler
    AltijdTrumbler Před hodinou

    hoi ik ben wilco

  • Madam Cyberhack is running again

    Never watched a single episode of the Walking Dead or GOT.

    • penelope pittstop
      penelope pittstop Před 35 minutami

      I only started watching the walking dead a few months ago. Not into TV shows in general but was home sick and needed entertainment. Its actually really good. Its gory for sure but the psychology of the characters is very interesting. Hahha maybe I'm a nerd but it's a fascinating insight into how people do really behave in crazy situations. Regular people with regular jobs and families. Never thought it would be like that.

  • The ABacross
    The ABacross Před hodinou


  • James Madison
    James Madison Před hodinou

    Yang wants everyone a slave to the man. Welfare IS slavery.

  • frien234
    frien234 Před hodinou

    Oooooh....my God....the legendary yankees...Tom Sangra?....I am here after Trevor Noah....and it's even funnier after the real sign language interpreter interpreted it

  • Maxamed Maxamud
    Maxamed Maxamud Před hodinou

    Jimmy why are you doing this to us?!

  • GunsAndPoker
    GunsAndPoker Před hodinou

    Such a punk ass kid.

  • James Madison
    James Madison Před hodinou

    Goofy candidates are driving moderates to the right. Most sane folks do not embrace socialist programs. Beto? Pure punk who doesn't believe in your right to self defense. I wish there was a reasonable Democrat....there isn't. Way, way too far left. Jimmy....still deep state stooge.

  • Hugo
    Hugo Před hodinou

    Islam is right about women !

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith Před hodinou

    Jimmy is terrible.

  • Job
    Job Před hodinou

    “God god god”.... “my albums called the Big Bang”... hmmmm

  • Aaryan Chowdhury
    Aaryan Chowdhury Před hodinou

    Upside down it kind of looks like a cartoon fox on crack

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill Před hodinou

    Alcoholic Shia LaBeouf is a lot more fun than straightedge Shia LaBeouf.