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Dead By Daylight
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Dead By Daylight
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Dead by Daylight | First Cut
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  • AJG
    AJG Před 3 minutami

    So any news on legion buffs or tweaks?

  • JKD For3
    JKD For3 Před 38 minutami

    Yessss now I only have to wait an hour to queue up as a killer

  • Neru Musoev
    Neru Musoev Před 3 hodinami

    how mach time you need for fixe fk bag in dbd

  • light time
    light time Před 4 hodinami

    Who here after chapter 14 teaser? 👹

  • Rodrigo Marques
    Rodrigo Marques Před 4 hodinami

    Please add a small buff to "small game" perk, we have a NOED fiesta right now, or just add a Totem counter to the Perk. Trying to cleanse the totems as a solo player with gen rush happening is a nightmare.

  • Gato Loco
    Gato Loco Před 5 hodinami

    Soooooo, is this old man being a new killer now?

  • Kayla
    Kayla Před 5 hodinami

    Will switch get the halloween event with the next update? :/

  • Emy Cortez
    Emy Cortez Před 7 hodinami

    I wanna protest something, I’ve played this game for 2 years already and Im main Meg and guess what...we have literally no new skins for her, im so doneee

  • al g
    al g Před 9 hodinami

    The regret buying the battle pass.. Garbage skins, Grindy as hell and the runs like shit on Xbox.. no locked 60 or 30fps yet? How about a 4k patch?? Sucks being a fan nowadays.

  • MangoPersona
    MangoPersona Před 10 hodinami

    This hurt me 💔 hearing baby rin in pain

  • Ivette Aparicio
    Ivette Aparicio Před 10 hodinami

    Dead by daylight should add Coraline

  • Lavinia L
    Lavinia L Před 11 hodinami

    Someone here trying to find some answers about the gif they posted? I have no clue

    • RoxasXIIIkeys
      RoxasXIIIkeys Před 4 hodinami

      Something to take note of is after they tweeted saying "Something's missing" people have started to notice that one of the katanas shelved on the wall of Yamaoka Estate is completely missing, possibly implying someone took it. Which is why many are starting to think Rin's father is the next killer.

    • Schölme
      Schölme Před 10 hodinami

      @Lavinia L Could also be a spirit nerf/rework

    • Lavinia L
      Lavinia L Před 10 hodinami

      @Schölme I don't think so, it's too early to receive clues about next killer imo, but who knows

    • Schölme
      Schölme Před 11 hodinami

      Maybe the Father will be the next Killer ?

  • Gavin Grant
    Gavin Grant Před 11 hodinami

    You said it would be an hour of farming every game, bu that's just not the case, you get less than 600xp max each game when you need 800 for one fragment, so it takes roughly 15 games for one tier and the rift only covers around half, that's going to take forever, even if you do beat every rift mission.

  • Joaquin Ortiz
    Joaquin Ortiz Před 11 hodinami

    2017:Trapper 2019:Demegorgon 2025:Grim Reaper

  • That Bloo Guy
    That Bloo Guy Před 12 hodinami

    1:37 "the fuck you just say dwighty boi?"

  • it's-a me, Brawler
    it's-a me, Brawler Před 19 hodinami


  • 魚沼宇水
    魚沼宇水 Před 19 hodinami

    옆동네 오버워치가 딜러로 한 게임하는데 몇 분 기다리는게 짜증나서 데바데하는데 데바데도 한 게임 하는데 버그방 때문인지 살인마 안들어와서 게임 1번하는데 5~10분 걸리게 만들었는지 이해가 안가네. 아니 솔직히 오버워치처럼 인공지능대전을 만들어주던가. 일본,한국 서버통합 하던가 살인마로 게임플레이 한 번 하는것도 게임 취소 못하면 게임 재실행해야해서 짜증나서 빨리 잡히는 생존자로 밖에 못하는 것도 짜증나는데. 버그방을 고치던가.(생존자 살인마 5명 다 못들오는 경우가 종종 발생함) 1년넘게 Bug room 안 고치고 있다면서요? "한국어로 작성해서 미안합니다." 정말 오버워치도 짜증나고 이 겜도 짜증나서 한국어로 댓글 남깁니다.

  • Featherful
    Featherful Před 23 hodinami

    I know I'm about two months late. Anyways, I understand that whole reason of not putting Eleven in because she's a little young but why didn't they add the teenage version of her in the game? (Edit: I just realised that it would be unfair because she has powers which would probably give her that unfair advantage)

  • Heather Jassman
    Heather Jassman Před dnem

    It's the plag

  • ron sae
    ron sae Před dnem

    This is pure evil, be careful what you wish for.

  • Dwight Fairfield
    Dwight Fairfield Před dnem

    Those look like 15 fps wth

  • Jerrius Young
    Jerrius Young Před dnem

    Here i am rank 2 and getting rank 14 survivors bro this game is ass

  • Jerrius Young
    Jerrius Young Před dnem

    Bro i stg if y’all don’t fix the ranking system i swear y’all game is so broken

  • MR Sleep
    MR Sleep Před dnem

    Hey dead by daylight I got an idea what you guys should do next you guys should do Doctor Sleep where you can play as Danny Torrance or Wendy and the murder can be jack or rose the hat and the place is the hotel where Danny goes and you have to escape in the hotel where they can be ghost like in the movie and when you escape you have to go through the maze to find the Exit while jack or rose the hat trying to find you please see this comment it’s a great idea

  • comonerleon
    comonerleon Před dnem

    Nooooo leave my spirit alone please.

  • Juan Nieto
    Juan Nieto Před dnem

    Nerfed the spirit

  • Erique John
    Erique John Před dnem

    Wow Steve's kit is amazing lol

  • Андрей Тарасенко

    If initially you throws to newcomers, which only-only learn basics game, and perhaps even not past tutorial, allowing receive fan as survom, so and murderer, then later while, game sharply crosses in regime hardcore, constantly podsovyvaya you the pereskilovannogo until impossibility of maniac, then stack survov with III lvl skills, sitting in what-nibdu discord and balanced selection kit, from-for which all that you will remain-break for them generators and boards, not being able to even injure them with a throwing axe\blink\chainsaw or something. *The search time of the match: survey 1-2 minutes; the killer in the theory of 4-8 minutes. Me same on practice had to wait 15 (!) minutes on Sunday to kick generators and boards. The second time, for murderer, game at all not has found. But Surami - all OK! * Strange coincidence, but, quite often, playing surovm, I-either object obsession with, either simply so focus only me,as if the only player. Especially cool when it's repeated

  • Андрей Тарасенко

    ● not able to fix butting through the palettes and Windows (will receive damage, even if the palette is already thrown off and even if it is the window of the second floor, and you're almost on the ground); ● make lobbies that don't fall apart; ● to make priority of buttons (in a pursuit you jump in a case, instead of in a window or you begin to repair, instead of to heal); ● make optimization of in-game (in-game) effects and elementary performance when updating and loading; ● do adequate dailies (three weeks falls one bullshit only on maniacs) plus dailies change after played rinks and not are counted; ● years not able to adequately process such as broken уе6ищ Nurse and Spirit. Nurse "processed", but nothing (nothing) has not changed; ● degenerate like and Clown scum Freddy, which a skill not need, they simply spamyat its drisnyu without curiously fines, slow down in shit and clamp OK in your direction. It kills the fan, but nothing is done about it; ● remove deranged auto-guidance on impact ; ● so far

  • An Alcoholic Clown
    An Alcoholic Clown Před dnem

    I love always love when the theme starts playing 😄

  • thechristenedone
    thechristenedone Před dnem

    Would love to have The Demon Nun aka Valak, Samara Morgan (The Ring girl) and Pennywise as new killers.

  • робо талион

    Add a new killer please

  • Jesrel Rabo
    Jesrel Rabo Před 2 dny

    Ability to break walls

  • izik Parker
    izik Parker Před 2 dny


  • Darcy Dungan
    Darcy Dungan Před 2 dny

    Who is your speaker for this video?

  • LuiVi
    LuiVi Před 2 dny

    wow i cant wait for this dlc to drop

  • Carnival boi2019
    Carnival boi2019 Před 2 dny

    Ey good but im geting it on ps4

  • Берёза рон
    Берёза рон Před 2 dny

    Демогоргон ваще не стрвшный

  • 6 god
    6 god Před 2 dny

    i can’t even find a game on ps4 i’m in europe and it sucks. i can’t even be the killer :(

  • Randomcat 955
    Randomcat 955 Před 2 dny

    Battle pass much?

  • firewater gamer
    firewater gamer Před 2 dny

    So dbd mobile but even more handicaped

  • amirhosein sebghati
    amirhosein sebghati Před 2 dny

    Guys i haven't ever seen this pig woman charecter in jigsaw movie

  • Alex Den
    Alex Den Před 2 dny

    membah when he was the worst killer in the game

  • Mr. spaghetti wizard

    When does level 2 come out?

  • lillie Sherman
    lillie Sherman Před 2 dny

    The update is great but there are still bugs within the game. And i know its impossible for it to be perfect. However there are still bugs in this game which hurts the overall game play.

  • DJGRAY 81
    DJGRAY 81 Před 2 dny

    They should make will Smith from men In black a survivor

  • Foxy the inkling
    Foxy the inkling Před 2 dny

    So I like this dead by daylight but now I starting to not like it. First I played it on the PlayStation 4 and it takes so long to find a match. I played dead by daylight on the Nintendo switch too but I am just disappointed. The Halloween event is not even on the the Nintendo switch. I wont be playing dead by daylight anymore until they change. I don't think anyone should buy dead by daylight

  • E d
    E d Před 2 dny

    2:39 still missed

  • Chris de
    Chris de Před 2 dny

    This game company needs to fix their servers takes forever to get into a match it's not fair considering we pay for the game.

  • Javij Gameing
    Javij Gameing Před 2 dny

    Killers can now open Exit get to counter this the survivors have the ability to memento more killers

  • EliasPalias
    EliasPalias Před 2 dny

    lol look at future gamer_21 and Nahid 2003 thinking their first lol

  • kapitan19969838
    kapitan19969838 Před 2 dny

    Bring back the old menu theme please

  • MasterEldriel
    MasterEldriel Před 2 dny

    They should add DIO (?)

  • mew PL
    mew PL Před 2 dny

    I nead polish in xbox one

  • tolga serdar
    tolga serdar Před 2 dny

    I leave this game. Enough the unbalanced system. Having 3 year, ı have different life now.

  • Udeanu Younes
    Udeanu Younes Před 2 dny

    How can i get street meg?

    • sTaTiKzXBL
      sTaTiKzXBL Před 20 hodinami

      Buy it on Ebay but it costs like 50 dollars

  • Fabrice null
    Fabrice null Před 3 dny

    Only if we could speak in the game! Why isn't there a chat group??

  • Magnetic blue jay the yeet master

    Battlepass in my dead by daylight

  • Red Flaman
    Red Flaman Před 3 dny

    Xenomorph for dbd next perhaps?!? Would add perfectly for more creature/monster type killer roster 0.0

  • Liv Ezlic
    Liv Ezlic Před 3 dny

    my fukin air jums are dyimg

    • Lanoria
      Lanoria Před 3 dny

      miene er bledin m8

  • Goddess
    Goddess Před 3 dny

    Fuck you guys for making the worst game ever created. Nice balance. You should pay people to play your fucking game.

  • Osama Al Harbi
    Osama Al Harbi Před 3 dny

    i will quit playing killer if you nerf spirit and i think a lot of ppl will do the same. good luck finding a killer if that happend.

  • Moji1207
    Moji1207 Před 3 dny

    Please add chances for player who don’t have legacy or lost It from progress loss to get 6 prestige’s. 3 for the blood skins and the last 3 for legacy

  • Meep Beep
    Meep Beep Před 3 dny

    Hey DBD developers, checkout mr envy’s channel. He has some great soundtracks you might want to hear. :)

  • Mucstar [Mucinator]
    Mucstar [Mucinator] Před 3 dny

    So badass

  • Chris de
    Chris de Před 3 dny

    Bring Pumpkinhead to Dead by Daylight.

  • Suneel Kumar
    Suneel Kumar Před 3 dny

    I love this map bcoz it is the most intense mal

  • Kosmic Bullets
    Kosmic Bullets Před 4 dny


  • Santi Quinones
    Santi Quinones Před 4 dny

    The killer can t bag GHOSTFACE : mi i a joke to you???

  • jellyfishman
    jellyfishman Před 4 dny

    This chapter has already been released and i still love this trailer and re watch it

  • DiLL3N
    DiLL3N Před 4 dny

    The earlier u change spirit the better - just no fun at all to play against

  • ElderSandwich
    ElderSandwich Před 4 dny

    Dead by daylight sucks tbh

  • Not enzo
    Not enzo Před 4 dny

    Im can t pass the level 1

  • lonely darkrai
    lonely darkrai Před 4 dny

    What do the flowers do?

  • Baguette Stewart
    Baguette Stewart Před 4 dny

    There’s a battle pass now. Dead by Daylight has fallen.

  • FreemanGameChannel
    FreemanGameChannel Před 4 dny

    Товарищи разработчики!!! Прошу вас сделайте что нибудь с поиском лобби. Время запредельно долгое!!!

  • Mad man Mitch
    Mad man Mitch Před 5 dny

    Stop nerfing the good killers dammit

  • Xmemes Blackskull
    Xmemes Blackskull Před 5 dny

    As dbd likes to add famous real characters into the game. I wonder would Sam And dean fit well in dbd? from supernatural

  • Redzilla: God of the Monsters

    How do you use the dream pallets?

  • Natasha Yenovic
    Natasha Yenovic Před 5 dny


  • いじが
    いじが Před 5 dny

    So Cute!!

  • DaSnitch55
    DaSnitch55 Před 5 dny

    I've been playing DBD for two years & it's the best & the most fresh it has ever been. You guys are doing an amazing job 🙌🏽

  • meg main DBD
    meg main DBD Před 5 dny

    Maybe instead of nerfing the spirit you should first make it so that leatherface isn't know for camping but is an actual fun killer to go against

  • Geralda Galdino
    Geralda Galdino Před 5 dny


  • Fahad Bh
    Fahad Bh Před 5 dny

    You must do some thing about the game something new in mod like story mod for Claudette or any ‏ Survivor

  • SyndiCate Gaming
    SyndiCate Gaming Před 5 dny

    The narration of the backstories are weird in my opinion.

  • Максим Листровой

    Dear developers, please fix the problem with the lobby maniac, the download lasts 10 minutes!

  • Youre Death
    Youre Death Před 5 dny

    Whispers alert

  • Its_Fine_ Its_Zorn
    Its_Fine_ Its_Zorn Před 5 dny

    I have a weird glitch, where whenever I open the Archives, it shows me my challenges, but I can see the Level 4 challenges for some reason.

  • Voltulasp Voltulaentertaiment

    When do these fuckwits fix Ruin + Thrill of the Hunt. Too OP

    • Matthew Emfinger
      Matthew Emfinger Před 3 dny

      Two perks to maybe protect ruin, hopefully. A perk to protect a perk that can be destroyed easily and early. Meanwhile survivors have countless ass pull perks.

    • Matthew Emfinger
      Matthew Emfinger Před 3 dny

      Too op... Boyyyy

    • Mad man Mitch
      Mad man Mitch Před 5 dny

      Must be a survivor main, spoiled bitch.

      TRUEJAYSTONE Před 5 dny

      Voltulasp Voltulaentertaiment how is it op. Trade a perk slot for a dim chance to maybe protect your totem

  • The Red Spider
    The Red Spider Před 6 dny

    I still miss og Freddy. I wish at least survivors couldn't see Freddy when awake or at most get flashes

  • Ghost Scales
    Ghost Scales Před 6 dny

    This is basically a battle pass

  • Rob E
    Rob E Před 6 dny

    Is there a chance we could get John Cusack as a survivor one day? Maybe use his Mike Enslin character from 1408. Perks: Non-Believer: You've seen it all, nothing phases you. Even in the most strange unexplainable situations, you remain stable. When hooked, slow down entity progress by 10% (and when maxed slowed down by 17%) and gain immunity to insanity. Writer: Your knack for critically thinking and creative expression helps you battle the entity's realm. When working on a generator alone, gain a 7% speed increase; Great skill checks no longer grant speed bonuses. (Maxed out 13% increase and great skill checks still don't grant speed bonus but now grant twice as much bloodpoints. Stacks) Last Stand: You've defeated evil, yet you just can't seem to escape it due to your past sins. When the exit gates are opened, you can't escape by any means, but you can make your last stand. Grants the ability to "harm" the entity under the following circumstances: -All other survivors have left -Being the object of Obsession -Hooked only once (going into 2nd phase while on 1st hook will not count against you) -Escaped 3 chases -Repaired 3 gens (must do 50% on each) The "harming" the entity part is basically just you badly hurting the entity with a makeshift Molotov (from the ending scene in 1408). Must be done in basement.

    • Javi Menendez
      Javi Menendez Před 15 hodinami

      Is a good idea but writter is a bit broken

  • Liddy911
    Liddy911 Před 6 dny


    • Bard
      Bard Před 5 dny


  • Heki Chan
    Heki Chan Před 6 dny

    Guys where I can report person how collaborate with the killer? He blocked me all the time so the killer can hock me !! Pls help

  • Donavon Naylor
    Donavon Naylor Před 6 dny

    You should ad Jeff the killer to the game

  • Darkness Rising
    Darkness Rising Před 6 dny

    I was about to be a Demogorgon, When the game says I have no internet. I just wasted 34 Minutes of my time.

  • xBlackSlender
    xBlackSlender Před 6 dny

    I bought a Battle Pass and I don't get the Aura cells

    • xBlackSlender
      xBlackSlender Před 5 dny

      @light time jes is Bug and new Update soon 😃

    • light time
      light time Před 6 dny

      @rank 22 oh there a bug?

    • rank 22
      rank 22 Před 6 dny

      you’ll get them with the next hotfix, they know about this issue & are working on it. check their twitter.

    • light time
      light time Před 6 dny

      You have to complete the rift.

  • Logan Wilder
    Logan Wilder Před 6 dny

    The Rift is a terrible idea and the only thing I’m not looking forward to. I think the idea of “passes” are awful.

  • Mack Harris
    Mack Harris Před 6 dny

    I can’t be the only one that enjoys playing against prayer beads spirit?