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Game Theory: No More Games
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Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
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Game Theory: How Does Kirby Fly?
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Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem
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The $1.7 Million Lie
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They stole $1.7 million
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Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?
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Losing the Battle
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  • NotDave
    NotDave Před 3 vteřinami

    My theory is that they used the chests for storage and the cities as a home but they turned into endermen

  • Tom Sandell
    Tom Sandell Před 21 vteřinou

    How come steve can carry literal tons of gold, compress diamonds with his bare hands, chop down trees with his hand and DIES OF HUNGER???

  • Elen Ross
    Elen Ross Před 24 vteřinami

    if you want minecraft lore, just watch the 10 minute thing after u beat the ender dragon and go through the portal

  • THE K
    THE K Před 41 vteřinou

    Opsidian is a block that can be created by water and lava which doesn't exist in the end, and the end crystal is a craftable block that can summon the enderdragon, there's a dragon head in the end city, the enderdragon is pregnant am I the only one concerned about this

  • RayBerge
    RayBerge Před 45 vteřinami

    Three questions: 1) Why the Ancients used three skulls instead of just one to revive dead person? 2) Wither is not around when Steve is starting his adventure. What did get rid of it? 3) How Steve got into the abandoned world of Minecraft anyway?

  • Morwine
    Morwine Před 57 vteřinami

    I dont know why but that title card and music brought tears to my eyes

  • Electric Bird
    Electric Bird Před minutou

    This is probably wrong but maybe they chose 13 because 4+1+8=13

  • Minecraft GreenWitchCraft
    Minecraft GreenWitchCraft Před 2 minutami

    Ive bet that the strong holds is herobrine torture chamber and he is stealing people and putting deme in the end thats what i think Buts thats just a theory a Minecraft theory and cut!

  • warz toli
    warz toli Před 3 minutami

    same what about the villagers the witches mansions what about those

  • Crimson Mupas
    Crimson Mupas Před 3 minutami

    I'm amazed how you provide evidence for your theories.

    E NI MI NI MI NI MO Před 4 minutami

    So in summary, these endermites/silverfishes are basically pests?

  • Mine4526
    Mine4526 Před 5 minutami

    I have a theory about strays. They have an amulet of some sort on them. I think that when they died of hypothermia, it kept them alive, also showing magic abilities.

  • Kiwik 33
    Kiwik 33 Před 5 minutami

    Why the heck is he$$ forbidden word?

  • Kasey C.
    Kasey C. Před 6 minutami

    "Strongholds are insanely deep, and there's no signs of them on the surface" *Flashbacks to all the seeds where a stronghold was in a cave that wasn't even deep enough to kill you if you jumped onto it, with it being basically the first thing in said cave*

  • Commander0
    Commander0 Před 6 minutami

    What if endermites were things in the endermans brain to control them. Because you can only get an endermite if you trhow an ender pearl. Wait what if the endermites controlled the first builders and they became endermans

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker Před 7 minutami

    from what i've read in these comments The Ender Dragon can be reborn which may explain why his head is over yonder. also maybe he controls the Ender Men which may be why they attack you if you look into their PURPLE eyes

  • Creepygachalover Nya
    Creepygachalover Nya Před 7 minutami

    I’m still confused with mat talking

  • LimitlessBounds LB
    LimitlessBounds LB Před 8 minutami


  • Professional Dumbo
    Professional Dumbo Před 9 minutami

    D͟͟o͟͟ g͟͟i͟͟r͟͟a͟͟f͟͟f͟͟e͟͟ t͟͟o͟͟w͟͟n͟͟ n͟͟e͟͟x͟͟t͟͟

  • Jera2271 MyEasy
    Jera2271 MyEasy Před 9 minutami

    Mat:"Beacons aren't that useful" *HERMITCRAFT WANTS TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION*

  • Manuel Dublino
    Manuel Dublino Před 9 minutami

    Good one, but, What about creepers? or why the wither don't kill all the animals? It's a good one, but you doesn't count that the wither kill animals (or maybe you know it, but you don't said it! 😂)

  • Veronica Capia
    Veronica Capia Před 11 minutami

    I can't taken any more Golden Freddy is my favourite is cute

  • iitzalu jr
    iitzalu jr Před 12 minutami

    If the people are endermen, how did they get the eye of ender to go to the end in the first place?

  • ThorGaming
    ThorGaming Před 12 minutami

    A strange detail that I noticed is that at the end of some hallways in the strongholds there are holes in the walls. Not like bad generation, but like purposefully generated holes at the end of hallways leading to caves or sometimes just walls of stone. Maybe something got in, forcing the inhabitants to retreat to the end? Cave-ins could explain the closed off holes.

  • VáclaF
    VáclaF Před 13 minutami

    I almost cried when watching the sad part-

  • PrehistoricFanBoy 101
    PrehistoricFanBoy 101 Před 14 minutami

    1st Theory: Creeper = Peat 2nd Theory: Endermen = Our own kind 3rd Theory: Haunted Discs: 11 and 13 4th Theory (Mini Theory): Endermites = Silverfish 5th Theory (Now): Wither = Resurrection Gone Wrong 6th Theory (Future): Ender Dragon Origins

  • Christian Emerson
    Christian Emerson Před 14 minutami

    Ok, but where'd they get the Endstone to MAKE the portal?

  • Ryeloaf Breadmen
    Ryeloaf Breadmen Před 15 minutami

    I wanted to hear the discs overlapped

  • xCloud _
    xCloud _ Před 15 minutami

    They should have named sans "Dark Ness"

  • dirthood
    dirthood Před 16 minutami

    If the old builders are the endermen, how did they get the eyes of ender?

  • Cat Wizard18
    Cat Wizard18 Před 17 minutami

    I’ve asked only ONCE before but I think this theory is a good idea; The Zombie Pigmen were once a civilized superior race. The Mobestiary even states that people once thought this! Plus when pigs get struck by lightning they turn into. ZOMBIE. PIGMEN.

  • Raptor _TX
    Raptor _TX Před 17 minutami

    This makes me never want to kill an enderman ever again

  • Mr. Peppermint
    Mr. Peppermint Před 18 minutami

    If the wither was never defeated then why is it not there when we spawn in

  • Joshua Curley
    Joshua Curley Před 18 minutami

    Could you do a theory behind herobrine in Minecraft

  • Can we hit 1000 subs So i can brag at school

    Dont come to school tomorrow guys

  • {jecs cards} :3
    {jecs cards} :3 Před 20 minutami

    I love minecraft who else loves minecraft? :3

  • PokeMon _EDDIE
    PokeMon _EDDIE Před 20 minutami

    The door was FIRST open then it closed

  • JustAnotherZach
    JustAnotherZach Před 21 minutou

    *Sees the title* Hell I am a sexy goddess now

  • 00Geeky00 00Goggles00
    00Geeky00 00Goggles00 Před 21 minutou

    Centripetal Force: You are watching the ring spin. Centrifugal Force: You are on the ring. Bare bones explanation.

  • derpy cow minecraft indonesia

    Make theory about blaze because I think his face looks like steve

  • ShadowHwkX7
    ShadowHwkX7 Před 22 minutami

    In my part of the theory to add to yours, is that the Pillagers are surviving members of the ancient race who became wild and violent after constantly defending themselves against the undead and they were most likely the outcasts of the society. They also were the ones who brought down the Wither, but not the way the ancients would have done. When the Ancients went to the Nether and the End, they took most of their best weapons, leaving the Pillagers to use what the undead dropped, damaged weapons like swords and bows, but to defeat the Wither, they needed to prepare more, since melee weapons aren't so useful against it since it flew around, so they upgraded their bows into crossbows, in where they can shoot immediately without having to prep. Using enchanting methods the ancients left, they enchanted their crossbows to prep faster and be able to shoot 3 arrows at a time, as in be able to shoot all 3 heads of the Wither at once. Once the Pillagers killed the Wither, they decided to go and attack the villagers in revenge, since they were the decendants of the Ancients who have abandoned them in the fight against the Wither.

    • ShadowHwkX7
      ShadowHwkX7 Před 16 minutami

      The Illagers where witches who were outcasted by the ancients and learned how to use magic, and joined the Pillagers, while Vindicators trained to fight in close combat, so they can provide melee damage against the Wither.

  • SpidermanHDX
    SpidermanHDX Před 22 minutami


  • Squidpai
    Squidpai Před 22 minutami

    2:50 but hey, that's just a theory! A ᵐⁱⁿⁱ ᵗʰᵉᵒʳʸ

  • Unstoppable Apple
    Unstoppable Apple Před 23 minutami

    Can you make a theory about what the villagers are

    WILLY Z Před 24 minutami

    What If In Deltarune, You Can Choose Your Destiny?

  • executioner games
    executioner games Před 24 minutami

    I'm two months older than minecraft

  • MalySami MalyKrab
    MalySami MalyKrab Před 24 minutami

    Matpat i finally know how to assume the time from portal 1 to portal 2, you see but yesterday i bought portal and in one of the ratmans dens i found empty milk cartons which didnt appear in portal 2 like empty water bottles and empty bean cans so first we need to find what the longest the typical empty milk carton decays, find out in what enviroment empty cartons, cans and bottles were and then we can assume the time it took for milk cartons to decay and chell to wake up at the right moment before cans and bottles start to decay

  • Emma Paulson
    Emma Paulson Před 24 minutami

    How do you turn nothing into something

  • TheUltimateGamerDK
    TheUltimateGamerDK Před 24 minutami

    What if mixing souls sand and the heads actually worked, but they came back as zombies and skeletons

  • Doggy Woggy
    Doggy Woggy Před 25 minutami

    MatPat if the ancient people didn't like silverfish why did they put silverfish spawners in the strongholds?

  • Xavier Bassett
    Xavier Bassett Před 25 minutami

    I think the builder race was attacking each other with the wither and they hid in the core (nether) underground came out villagers and went to there moon (end) also I think the end wasn’t always like that I also think that the wither is weakened by from its true self and feeds on life

  • Aidan Finley
    Aidan Finley Před 27 minutami

    Comic sans sm

  • Ostrich
    Ostrich Před 27 minutami

    matpat's new intro should be "theory to internet, game hello!"

  • Kijubgg
    Kijubgg Před 27 minutami

    Smh "great ancient civilization" couldn't even kill the wither what a bunch of weaklings, even if they couldn't kill it they could just run a few thousand blocks away and they would be Aok

  • titas totas
    titas totas Před 29 minutami

    why was are games to blame demonitised

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson Před 29 minutami

    Mat. Can you try to discover what made the ships sink in the aquatic update? Because Dark Corners did a video on it but it wasn't that entertaining nor' informative so could you try to discover. What made ships sink in the aquatic Update...

  • xXR3dm1u53rXx
    xXR3dm1u53rXx Před 29 minutami

    Him: sonic Me: these days before i switched to Pokémon

  • Anime Believer
    Anime Believer Před 29 minutami

    I think The builders builded The villages before The wither was summoned, and then The builders summoned The wither, The wither did not attack The willages becuse he was far away, then The villagers came and just took them, they don't know how to build and that's why there are sometimes dirt on The floor. But that's just a theory. A Comment Theory, thanks For reading.

  • Moltenlava :D
    Moltenlava :D Před 33 minutami

    Mat pat and Austin fighting for dem *sweeet* Minecraft theorys

  • Myxilisk
    Myxilisk Před 33 minutami

    “a wasteland guarded by an unstoppable dragon” players with beds: im about to do whats called a pro gamer move

  • Speed 3D Prints
    Speed 3D Prints Před 33 minutami

    Stop flexing your million hearts I still have just 3.

  • Travis Lamphier
    Travis Lamphier Před 33 minutami


  • Silver Bug
    Silver Bug Před 33 minutami

    We play video for pass the time and people take it serious and play too much

  • Rayne Gruber
    Rayne Gruber Před 34 minutami

    Pausing the video just after the intro, at 3 minutes. I am guessing this has to do with great filters. Time to play and see if I was right.

  • Oscar the Grouch
    Oscar the Grouch Před 34 minutami

    Clearly the builders never watched Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Lucien Kelly
    Lucien Kelly Před 35 minutami

    Glich trap could have corrupted the 16th log so u put them all together and free him

  • Morty vids
    Morty vids Před 35 minutami

    This video is amazing

  • Manas Desai
    Manas Desai Před 37 minutami

    How did the ancient civilizations get ender pearls if they themselves became endermen ? Surely there were no endermen for them to kill

  • Dot
    Dot Před 38 minutami

    It seems like you're just out of ideas

  • NoName McNoName
    NoName McNoName Před 39 minutami

    This is my face when endermites don’t spawn naturally and instead only spawn when the player throws a ender eye

  • Quakering Up
    Quakering Up Před 39 minutami

    11:20 😂

  • MaxZaps Gaming
    MaxZaps Gaming Před 40 minutami

    Ok this got me thinking about something in the game when it got to the Witch part, lightning, as it seems to have strange effects on certain creatures of the Overworld, it turns Pigs into Zombie Pigmen, and Villagers into Witches. I believe that there is some form of magic within lightning, after all once a Villager is struck by lightning and turned into a Witch, they are suddenly well versed in the art of potions. It's possible around the time they discovered how to enter the Nether, on more than a few pig farms near each other, a lighting storm rang out and struck multiple of the Pigs and because of the lightnings strange magical properties but because the Pigs were less Human than the Villagers were, instead of making them into superior beings that are masters of magic, they become incomplete vessels skilled in swordsmanship and only attack when threatened. It's possible this happened many many times throughout the Builder community and because of their access to the Nether they then had a way to banish them into a place they believed would kill them, but it didn't. Instead they thrived in the Nether, and reproduced (most likely with help by their newfound magical properties) into a new species in the Nether labeled 'The Zombie Pigmen'. And mabey the Builders did get help from the Witches, as being struck by this somehow magical lightning they now had the knowledge of all forms of magic to help the Builders with their Soul Sand and Wither Skeleton problems as they had once helped them with their farming, trading, and building their Villages. And as being superior, they might've believed that the Builders were the only beings on their level as unlike the Villagers who need Golems to protect them from Pillagers, both Witches and Builders were the only 2 humanoid species able to defend themselves on their own, so they convinced the Builders to build them nice secluded Huts inside Swamp Biomes as most Villages aren't anywhere near there. But then because of the creation of the Wither, with most of the entirety of the Builders running away from their demonic abomination, creatures such as Witches, Golems, Wolves, whatever members of the Builders remained in the Overworld, and more or the such stayed to fight this beast as they were brave enough to face it head on, and after a long battle with many deaths they ended up killing the creature. Unfortunately, because of that battle, the Witches believed the Builders tricked them into helping them create the Wither by giving them their magical knowledge, making them hate all Builders which is why they are now hostile towards us why they may have previously been kind to the other Builders in the past, because our mere existence reminds them of the horrible monstrosity they once created, and they will go at any lengths to get rid of us because of that. Many races could've been created because of the magical lighting, multiple Pigs within the vicinity of TNT with the added properties of the lightning could've somehow created the Creepers, creating a separate but still somewhat incomplete entity because of the added TNT, and then that happened a few times, and having no natural predators at the time they were able to reproduce quite fast and make a new species labeled as the Creeper, and if you're wondering why a pig well that's what a Creeper originally was, a coding error that was supposed to make a Pig but instead made a Creeper. It could've made it so that most of the offspring of Witches were beings such as Evokers who were taught to use their magical feats for greater purposes, and after most of the Evokers gathered small groups of themselves and Pillagers, they secluded themselves within Woodland Mansions to live a high life away from everyone else, and even since the Pillagers in the group no longer pillaged they instead got new types of weapons of which mostly consisted of axes that they probably had to obtain in order to build the Woodland Mansions (with lots of effort as they still had knowledge of how to build things such as Villager Outposts but now they had to make a much larger contraption built for multiple people to live in) and instead called themselves Illagers. Who knows, mabey some of the magic lighting ended up mutating certain Villagers into Villager Beasts and like the Zombie Pigmen and Creepers they reproduced and thrived You know I could probably make my own theory channel of I knew how to edit videos properly, also I'm now coining the term 'Builders' as the title for the species of the Player which is also the previous species that thrived within the Overworld

  • RAiningBiscuits
    RAiningBiscuits Před 43 minutami

    wow it hurts to see matpat cry, ;-;

  • Ro- ghost
    Ro- ghost Před 44 minutami

    Youre making all games TALE super complex

  • Just Your Average Sun Bro
    Just Your Average Sun Bro Před 45 minutami

    Matpat maybe the person in disc 11 is the old builders

  • Kaspar Kasparov
    Kaspar Kasparov Před 45 minutami

    In a game dlc J. Jonah. Janeson literally got a heart attack when he found out that there was 2 spider mans

  • NC561 9
    NC561 9 Před 45 minutami

    Soooooooo MatPat, now that you bring up that the nether is litteral hell, what if the zombie pigman are reincarnated pigs from the overworld. I mean, if this is hell, then the disseased should travel there. and that just happens to be the natural habitat for zombie pigman.

  • Raptor _TX
    Raptor _TX Před 46 minutami

    Lotta deep in this video

  • KittenAdventures :3
    KittenAdventures :3 Před 46 minutami

    Comic sans. I'm really messy.

  • i like rice
    i like rice Před 47 minutami

    Gman is a stand user

  • Max Gamer
    Max Gamer Před 47 minutami

    “The wither. An unstoppable force that-“ ad

  • Dany Channels
    Dany Channels Před 47 minutami

    Respect for sega gamers like me =1 like

  • Declan Alphey
    Declan Alphey Před 48 minutami

    What if the ender dragon is the wither through the ender portal

  • Seungji Lee
    Seungji Lee Před 48 minutami

    Peach and rosalena both have 6 eye lashes and when they are banies they both have 3

  • Davidツ
    Davidツ Před 48 minutami

    Smh, should've called the avengers.

  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous Před 50 minutami

    How do the people escaping make the ender eye? if the main component is dropped by the enderman? i dont htink they can time travel lmao

  • Ethan Chenoweth
    Ethan Chenoweth Před 50 minutami

    When will we address herobrine? The most mysterious of the evil entities.

  • Oscar Floyd
    Oscar Floyd Před 51 minutou

    What about villages and villagers

  • Christy Balding
    Christy Balding Před 52 minutami

    I don't think video games cause gun violence but can cause slight anger. Almost every game has some sort of mechanic for you to fail. As humans we get.some form of upset when we fail, this deosnt mean video games cause the mass shootings over the years, it means that people (if getting angry at the specific game) should take a break.

  • MegaCrazyScience 123
    MegaCrazyScience 123 Před 52 minutami

    Then how come it isn't there when we spawn? How come we have to summon it if the ancient builders left the overworld with it still there? Great theory, it would make it even better if you answered this question. Thanks!

  • AnimeLover7
    AnimeLover7 Před 52 minutami

    Skyward sword is my favorite game because of the way I can use my sword and fly my Loftwing with motion controls. It can have problems sometimes but I think its worth it.

  • Davidツ
    Davidツ Před 53 minutami

    Game Theory: The portal always spawns in a stronghold! Seed with no portal: I'm bout to end this mans whole career

  • Kirk The best
    Kirk The best Před 53 minutami

    gaster is a dad

  • Kirk The best
    Kirk The best Před 53 minutami

    WD gaster is sans, papyrus's father

  • max frank labuschagne
    max frank labuschagne Před 54 minutami

    wait so is it possible that zombie pigmen are normal pigs who wandered in and ate soul sand

  • Speed 3D Prints
    Speed 3D Prints Před 54 minutami

    Game: It was a terrorist attack Alkhaeda(I can't spell it): Hold my drink

  • Raptor _TX
    Raptor _TX Před 54 minutami

    Hey Beacons are cool. They give you instamine

  • Don't Judge
    Don't Judge Před 54 minutami

    Another Life lesson Never give a Wither a commandblock.

  • Jonathan Roper
    Jonathan Roper Před 55 minutami

    New theory :What is herobrine's origin story??

  • Wooden poom
    Wooden poom Před 55 minutami

    Please do the zombiepigmen next I'm totally confused about them Do they were once pigman?