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Youtube Just Declared War
zhlédnutí 812KPřed dnem
Moist Meter | Rambo: Last Blood
zhlédnutí 146KPřed dnem
World Cyber Games Ultimate Gamer
zhlédnutí 316KPřed 3 dny
My Deepfakes
zhlédnutí 583KPřed 3 dny
Valve's Most Shameful Disaster
zhlédnutí 698KPřed 4 dny
Weird World Champions
zhlédnutí 575KPřed 5 dny
Moist Meter | Borderlands 3
zhlédnutí 552KPřed 5 dny
Animals Fear Him
zhlédnutí 432KPřed 6 dny
CallMeCarson Gets Mukbanged
zhlédnutí 819KPřed 7 dny
Joker Drama
zhlédnutí 642KPřed 8 dny
No Happy Ending
zhlédnutí 281KPřed 9 dny
Police Encounter A Real Ghost
zhlédnutí 672KPřed 10 dny
Bodybuilder Skyrim
zhlédnutí 243KPřed 10 dny
Rainbow Six Siege Is An Easy Game
zhlédnutí 403KPřed 11 dny
Bearded Asthma World
zhlédnutí 357KPřed 12 dny
Evil Mohawk
zhlédnutí 278KPřed 12 dny
The Ultimate Workout VHS
zhlédnutí 433KPřed 13 dny
Wendy's Has Come A Long Way
zhlédnutí 566KPřed 14 dny
Blair Witch Forces Me To Kiss Her
zhlédnutí 349KPřed 14 dny
Obsessed With Being a Man Baby
zhlédnutí 616KPřed 15 dny
Moist Meter | It Chapter Two
zhlédnutí 547KPřed 15 dny
Cursed Zombie Seaman
zhlédnutí 242KPřed 16 dny
High Energy Police Chase
zhlédnutí 670KPřed 17 dny
Horny Gamers In WoW Classic
zhlédnutí 351KPřed 17 dny
How Powerful Are Sex Toys
zhlédnutí 652KPřed 18 dny
Badass Way of Saving Bees
zhlédnutí 475KPřed 19 dny
Men of Medan
zhlédnutí 380KPřed 19 dny
Rookie Slapping Tournament
zhlédnutí 804KPřed 20 dny
Blair Witch
zhlédnutí 423KPřed 20 dny
Dino King Is A Masterpiece
zhlédnutí 531KPřed 21 dnem
I Invented A New Sport
zhlédnutí 785KPřed 22 dny
zhlédnutí 444KPřed 23 dny
White Knights of WoW Classic
zhlédnutí 491KPřed 24 dny
The Death of Tumblr
zhlédnutí 1,4MPřed 25 dny
Wrestling From Hell
zhlédnutí 255KPřed 26 dny
Fake Prince Harry Gets His First Kiss
zhlédnutí 326KPřed 26 dny
Forged In Fleshlights
zhlédnutí 675KPřed 27 dny
Police Catch The Trailer Park Boys
zhlédnutí 456KPřed 28 dny
I Am Justice
zhlédnutí 533KPřed 28 dny
Farting Animation Youtubers
zhlédnutí 347KPřed 29 dny
Moist Meter | Ready Or Not
zhlédnutí 176KPřed měsícem
Love Is A Strange and Beautiful Thing
zhlédnutí 696KPřed měsícem
Moist Meter | Remnant: From the Ashes
zhlédnutí 236KPřed měsícem
Police Find Rare CSGO Knife
zhlédnutí 692KPřed měsícem
Every Horror Game Has The Same Ending
zhlédnutí 423KPřed měsícem
Redditors Are Not Helpful
zhlédnutí 363KPřed měsícem
Minecraft Has A Dark Side
zhlédnutí 374KPřed měsícem
Bodyguard Competition
zhlédnutí 395KPřed měsícem
My Netflix Stand Up Comedy Routine
zhlédnutí 411KPřed měsícem
Moist Meter | The Angry Birds Movie 2
zhlédnutí 260KPřed měsícem
Ex Picks Boyfriend
zhlédnutí 692KPřed měsícem
All Horror Games Are The Same
zhlédnutí 518KPřed měsícem
Foot Fetish Wedding
zhlédnutí 650KPřed měsícem
3AM Toy Story is Too Scary
zhlédnutí 493KPřed měsícem
zhlédnutí 1,5MPřed měsícem
Hardcore Wrestling
zhlédnutí 469KPřed měsícem
Hentai Survive Island
zhlédnutí 540KPřed měsícem
Police Find The World's Drunkest Man
zhlédnutí 1,2MPřed měsícem
The Worst Movie on Youtube
zhlédnutí 921KPřed měsícem
Tall Women and Prom
zhlédnutí 372KPřed měsícem
Breaking Into Hitler's House
zhlédnutí 763KPřed měsícem
Polar Bear Police Force
zhlédnutí 676KPřed měsícem
6 Sex Lords Try To Find The Secret Virgin
zhlédnutí 999KPřed měsícem
Police Find Sex Toys
zhlédnutí 791KPřed měsícem
Neil deGrasse Tyson Is A Horrible Person
zhlédnutí 944KPřed měsícem
Cursed Kids Show
zhlédnutí 719KPřed měsícem
Moist Meter | Hobbs and Shaw
zhlédnutí 362KPřed měsícem
My Dogs Hate Keanu Reeves
zhlédnutí 1,2MPřed měsícem
Moist Meter | The Boys
zhlédnutí 519KPřed měsícem
Is Twitch Dying
zhlédnutí 825KPřed měsícem
Police Catch Cobra Commander
zhlédnutí 614KPřed měsícem
Killer Bees Are Dangerous
zhlédnutí 1,1MPřed měsícem
Psychicpebbles Funeral
zhlédnutí 563KPřed měsícem
I Finally Tried Minecraft
zhlédnutí 773KPřed měsícem
This Movie Ruined My Childhood Hero
zhlédnutí 469KPřed měsícem
Todd Howard Shows No Mercy
zhlédnutí 492KPřed měsícem
Drunk Wrestling
zhlédnutí 450KPřed měsícem
React Channel
zhlédnutí 585KPřed měsícem
Cow Shit Throwing Competition
zhlédnutí 425KPřed měsícem


  • RoseYuff
    RoseYuff Před 25 minutami

    If they can't make money on monetizing creators' videos, they'll verify big brands and shaft the majority of their users.

  • yoyoyames
    yoyoyames Před 26 minutami

    bro this camera quality is terrible

  • iHaveTheGaul
    iHaveTheGaul Před 27 minutami

    Its easy to get rid of people when you pretend they dont exist

  • Ben Hughes
    Ben Hughes Před 28 minutami

    It’s big brain time

  • EimiYoshikawa
    EimiYoshikawa Před 28 minutami

    The irony is, this current and ongoing balkanization of the streaming services by greedy rights-holders could well lead to the collapse of the streaming industry, as well. And...then...what? I kind of want to jokingly say that physical rental places could return, but let's be honest, that's pretty damn unlikely, but...what?

  • Tony James Gilpin
    Tony James Gilpin Před 29 minutami

    You can lead a Jimmy to a check mark, but You can't make me watch! :D

  • TheFlodyo
    TheFlodyo Před 30 minutami

    I dont fucking care about it

  • chknman
    chknman Před 30 minutami

    Fuck the internet is totally fucked. CHclip is fucked. Everyone just hangs shit on everyone, everyone spouts their shitty opinions. Fuck my life.

  • Aiden Michaud
    Aiden Michaud Před 32 minutami

    Okay, so Kotaku IS the Fox News of gaming "journalism" then, gotcha.

  • Denty Mann
    Denty Mann Před 32 minutami

    I saw plenty of ads for it

  • Fash out
    Fash out Před 33 minutami

    Holy shit, youtube censors, I've seen this video/livestream a billion times, go to bitchute ffs

  • king quark
    king quark Před 33 minutami

    its not like there have been jokes about area 51 for 50 years, good god people are fucking stupid these days

  • Hubert Bartholomew
    Hubert Bartholomew Před 34 minutami

    I love borderlands(one of my fav series) but bl2 villian, story and side missions are better. Wish I could skip cutscenes too but I'm still gonna play alot bc it's gameplay is awesome also no invincible bosses for endgame is extremely disappointing

  • fpspro123
    fpspro123 Před 34 minutami

    Yea I hate the AI in main story especially when youre following Vaughn and he keeps turning around before jumping 😐

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama Před 34 minutami

    Bet Jake Paul is still verified lol

  • Craniacs
    Craniacs Před 35 minutami


    • cursedyeet
      cursedyeet Před 34 minutami

      ok youtuber with 240k subs

  • naynay sploogle
    naynay sploogle Před 36 minutami

    thanks for the immediate laugh I was kinda crying and depressed after watching the mw2 Shepard betrayal of 2009

  • karl marx
    karl marx Před 36 minutami

    If I Had a twin I would fuck him day n night

  • AnotherOne
    AnotherOne Před 37 minutami

    I'd rather have Ricochet Remake

  • Fuzzy Barbarian
    Fuzzy Barbarian Před 37 minutami

    The man should be 5'6" with sticks for legs.

  • Fractal Fragrance
    Fractal Fragrance Před 37 minutami

    Garro vs Vasily? Who would win?

  • idk
    idk Před 37 minutami

    rambo dies in the end

    • idk
      idk Před 37 minutami


  • Kewldood Brownie
    Kewldood Brownie Před 37 minutami

    Who are you, why do i keep being lead to a non verified channel 😕

  • CCreepyCCrow
    CCreepyCCrow Před 39 minutami

    alien swarm had better reception

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre Před 41 minutou

    Next they'll put a "verified" tab in CHclip to browse only verified creators And guess who they are.... TV shows.

  • Cloud987600
    Cloud987600 Před 42 minutami

    If childhood movies taught me anything? It went something like this? When the chips are down and the odds are against you? Theres only one way to make it? You're gonna have to assemble a spanish archeological team to locate and find rare dinosaur eggs. Record and document the journey throw it on youtube and you'll be back before you know it ,Charlie. CHclip cant take the dinosaurs away from you Charlie

  • Mr locus lazer
    Mr locus lazer Před 45 minutami

    Im 5'10 and 15

  • Cheese
    Cheese Před 48 minutami

    Brunch is breakfast and lunch

  • First Name Surname
    First Name Surname Před 49 minutami

    Guides behind you

  • Двоюродный дедушка дяди бабушки мамы подруги Олёши

    At least they are still going to add this thingy around the name for verified users...

  • First Name Surname
    First Name Surname Před 50 minutami

    Beautiful golden Aura Like a super Saiyan

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man Před 50 minutami

    Man, fuck CHclip

  • neognosis kek
    neognosis kek Před 50 minutami

    neoverification is chemo

  • Otto Von Eichmann III
    Otto Von Eichmann III Před 51 minutou

    Damnit this isnt good for shoenice. Lol.

  • Sir ravix of fourhorn
    Sir ravix of fourhorn Před 52 minutami

    youre not a far left trump hating celeb charlie. thats why.

  • James Walsh
    James Walsh Před 52 minutami

    Hey it’s scary to hear what’s happening. There’s only one you I’ll ever watch so don’t worry about this one view :)

  • ERRandDEL
    ERRandDEL Před 52 minutami

    7:05 also Jesus, Charlie, wear your hair back like that more, with the bangs coming off. Didn't even know you could do that look until you did it.

  • Dave
    Dave Před 53 minutami

    You aren't inviting guests anymore? :(

  • Hal
    Hal Před 54 minutami


  • First Name Surname
    First Name Surname Před 54 minutami

    Love & Light to you & your beautiful family I love your furry babies 😍

  • purple rain
    purple rain Před 55 minutami

    This is easily the worst podcast I've ever heard. Your friends arent funny, insightful, creative, or interesting. They are incredibly annoying, stupid, and boring. Great. I would rather eat a bag of dildos instead of listening to thse useless bums.

  • YK :D
    YK :D Před 56 minutami

    4:20 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  • ERRandDEL
    ERRandDEL Před 57 minutami

    Doesn't really matter if YT is the butt of all of our jokes so long as it can't reach the normies who won't dig further than the no-account homepage where late-night orangemanbad commentary and corporate brands absolutely bury everybody else. YT knows that these everyday joe blow users aren't going to take the time to curate their own content and really look for all of those niche creators that they enjoy, so we're just going to continue to sound like nutjobs to the people YT is spoonfeeding.

  • Stelle verde
    Stelle verde Před 57 minutami

    Fuck jimmy bobimy tho :d

  • NPC #7496854115
    NPC #7496854115 Před 57 minutami

    I thought this video was gonna be about: 'the crate depression'

  • EpikDisko
    EpikDisko Před 59 minutami

    CHclip became Area 51

  • ᅚ
     Před 59 minutami

    This is what happens when you clear cookies once in a few years and see unpersonalized youtube without your years of "Do not recommend channel" clicking

  • worm babey
    worm babey Před 59 minutami

    the lack of checkmark reminds me of vintage Critikal

  • Harvard University
    Harvard University Před hodinou

  • Harvard University
    Harvard University Před hodinou

  • The Bad Guys
    The Bad Guys Před hodinou

    you look like a hipster version of current keanu reaves

  • Erich Stauffer
    Erich Stauffer Před hodinou

    I remember watching this on Reddit years ago when it first came out. Ah, Internet memories. Thanks!

  • Erich Stauffer
    Erich Stauffer Před hodinou

    10M views. No ads. Give this man a medal.

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong Před hodinou

    Bro, cut your hair and take that fucking hat off

  • Mack
    Mack Před hodinou

    "youtube is too big to fail"- youtube isn't even profitable, it runs on subsidiary directly from and hemorrhages millions of dollars a year for a public service. I've agreed with pretty much every video you've ever made, but a public streaming video service will never be profitable and so someone has to make the rules for it sort of.

  • HipsTer_Miraak 63
    HipsTer_Miraak 63 Před hodinou

    I only want Team CoCo to be the only tonight show i tolerate in youtube

  • HipsTer_Miraak 63
    HipsTer_Miraak 63 Před hodinou

    Kinda sad theres a game its on mobile i know calm down guys called Marvel Future Fight and there a big youtuber that only dedicated in this game called Cynicalex and he got unverified which kinda sad is that dude uploads 2 vids daily its not even a clickbait bad content channel, congrats youtube you don fucked it up

  • Mikey Higgins
    Mikey Higgins Před hodinou

    Could someone make an scp based on burny's

  • ᅚ
     Před hodinou

    1:52 No need to tell the location because you will be able to hear that shitty music in 20 kilometer radius of the party

  • Niko Gagnon
    Niko Gagnon Před hodinou

    How about verifying your life before making a video.

  • samuel cleall
    samuel cleall Před hodinou

    did he record this on a samsung fridge?

  • Stanley Sandeep
    Stanley Sandeep Před hodinou

    Man, they should just let things die gracefully. Nope, let's milk it some more...God knows how awful the upcoming Terminator movie will be...

  • Nești
    Nești Před hodinou

    Even CHclip's own channel got their verification badge taken down lol

  • Ethereal413
    Ethereal413 Před hodinou

    jesus when you said 150 bro thats so sad jesus christ omg bro

  • Azkuzku T
    Azkuzku T Před hodinou

    Your voice is fucking draining. I hate listening to it.

  • prophetblood1
    prophetblood1 Před hodinou

    xd and people told me to shut the fuck up about saying youtube is going to fuck all non kid channels. Fucking cunts at google.

  • gama tastica
    gama tastica Před hodinou

    We all attend this man's wedding and get a free flesh light each

  • Elomoose hat
    Elomoose hat Před hodinou

    Hey, yo, wtf even is CHclip?

  • SpiCing D33d
    SpiCing D33d Před hodinou

    No shutdown for it'self But purified it'self

  • Gibby from iCarly
    Gibby from iCarly Před hodinou

    Nobody: Bots: ✅✅✅Heyyy guyzzz its penguinz0✅✅✅ i gotta special gift for you🈯️🈯️㊗️㊙️🉐🈹🈵㊗️ CliCk HeRe ----> PORNLOL

  • PP Boy999
    PP Boy999 Před hodinou

    the only meat i beat

  • FoxyKero
    FoxyKero Před hodinou

    I met the first guy at the Fire Rescue conference in Columbia, SC. Guy is absolutely massive

  • Aurija
    Aurija Před hodinou

    I don't know maybe we give Juice WRLD some extra subs while we are at it.

  • Mario Angel Ruiz
    Mario Angel Ruiz Před hodinou

    CHclip sucks dick tbh because of the ceo... she can’t do anything right....

  • Rifqi Maulana Jati
    Rifqi Maulana Jati Před hodinou

    5-minute craps

  • Nathaniel Jurcago
    Nathaniel Jurcago Před hodinou

    CHclip has been sinister since like 2013

  • Zack Emerald
    Zack Emerald Před hodinou

    Did he say Jimmy titties

  • bianca
    bianca Před hodinou

    "kpop didnt exist in 2010, its a brand new thing, twitter invented it" im crying

  • Red Menace 0
    Red Menace 0 Před hodinou

    Content creators should just boycott CHclip. Unlist all the video. Start posting new content on social media like Twitter. If someone wants to watch an old video, make a twitter poll to see who wants what first. Eventually CHclip will be stuck with annoying brands, and dumb kid rhyme channels. Maybe they'll change their mind.

  • Rappy Lives Matter
    Rappy Lives Matter Před hodinou


  • Vaishnavi Chandran
    Vaishnavi Chandran Před hodinou

    Where's my boy chodey??

  • THEDAX Edits
    THEDAX Edits Před hodinou

    good video

  • Ron Dgasz
    Ron Dgasz Před hodinou

    The light color and auto adjust in this is pretty annoying. Next time just show some internet pictures while I fap to your voice.

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus Před hodinou


  • drama trama
    drama trama Před hodinou

    HI. Imaplaystation. Lol

  • Zaphael
    Zaphael Před hodinou

    These fat religious moms are still protesting gays in 2019?

  • flameshana9
    flameshana9 Před hodinou

    *Pornhub, please make a non-adult site and we'll all go over to you. You're the only real competitor thus far.*

  • NatehawkTV
    NatehawkTV Před hodinou

    it's to do with ad's children channel or targeted ad's are no more

  • Robert Junior
    Robert Junior Před hodinou

    *Channel gets taken down*

  • Boots Sheck
    Boots Sheck Před hodinou

    Wtf happened to your hair, Charlie?

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves Před hodinou

    There will be program that'll recreate your voice and face which will cause mayhem... Im calling it now..

  • Koshi
    Koshi Před hodinou

    What a legend. Keep it up!

  • pittkendoka
    pittkendoka Před hodinou

    Iblame the cops. They know what the war on drugs is all about and they ruin people lives everyday regardless.

  • klickish
    klickish Před hodinou

    Moistcritikal: "uploads everyday multiple times" CHclip: *yOu DoNt UpLoAd EnOuGh*

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves Před hodinou

    Tatiana must've been putting you'r face on small man so she doesn't have such a tall guy

  • Crazy Steve
    Crazy Steve Před hodinou

    It wasn't that bad tbh

  • Yourname942
    Yourname942 Před hodinou

    The only thing I can think of is that the old verification does not work on their new system

  • Suck A Sock
    Suck A Sock Před hodinou

    Everyone needs to spam the twitch chat with this so he watches it again

  • Wu Ji Mentor Majong Te Om

    I feel with you 🥵 (😁) Ate just 1 Pepperoni from fresh own Garden. Almost killed my mouth. 😅

  • wdpk12
    wdpk12 Před hodinou

    the entire representation of rambo is wrong here, you saw more real and strong emotions in previous rambos he was stoic but he let it out nicely and had a good relationship to acting towards the character but with time it has become terrible look at his crying scene in first blood that was amazing he does have a dysfunction wich limits so many muscles in his face so it's hard to act for him aswell he can't express things in the way you normally would, i hope any of this made sense :P