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Jaclyn Hill plays the victim AGAIN...
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James Charles caught LYING again...
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Ace Family will be CANCELLED for THIS...!
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Danielle Cohn caught LYING again...
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Jeffree Star caught STEALING on twitter...?
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olivia jade is BACK... and worse.
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Alfie Deyes wants to BAN drama channels?
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Jeffree Star selling EXPIRED lipsticks...?
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Jaclyn Hill is back and WORSE than before.
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James Charles tries to SILENCE channels.
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Danielle Cohn in LEGAL trouble...?
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Jaclyn Hill is QUITTING as CEO...?
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Jaclyn Hill is a LIAR...
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Jaclyn Hill is selling EXPIRED lipsticks?!
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James Charles finally EXPOSED...
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Danielle Cohn is CANCELLED for this...
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Danielle Cohn is WORSE than we thought...
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is Shane Dawson MANIPULATING his fans?!
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5-Minute Crafts is the WORST!
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Did The Ace Family just END their CAREER?!
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Why everyone HATES Emma Chamberlain!
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KSI’s road to IRRELEVANCY?! (KSI vs Deji)
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Gabbie Hanna is a SCAMMER and a LIAR?
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spilling the tea sis
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"perfect" families
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  • Frosty Teacup
    Frosty Teacup Před 5 minutami

    I literally hate the fact that she dated Andrew Siwicki. He's such a nice and genuine person and literally deserves everything and I'm glad that's at least over now lol

  • Estefany
    Estefany Před 31 minutou

    off topic but, girllll l love your nails

  • Aripaca
    Aripaca Před hodinou

    If ItzKeisha and Angelika make a collaborative tea spill session its game over for all these problematic hoes

  • Steph
    Steph Před hodinou

    When i was 13 i was going about on my pogostick jesus christ

  • Emily Callahan
    Emily Callahan Před hodinou

    Gabbie Hanna: There's no proof I said it so you can't believe it Also Gabbie Hanna: I have no proof I didn't say it but I'm going to tell you I didn't say it so have to believe me

  • Emily Callahan
    Emily Callahan Před 2 hodinami

    I've been assuming that the next part/s of Shane's series would be including the Beauty Bay and hair situation and how people are reacting to the palette and series as a whole. Maybe that's why the next part/s are taking so long.

  • olivia urmum
    olivia urmum Před 2 hodinami

    Obviously everyone has struggles and shit they go through, but her friend has been r*ped and Gabbie 'snapped' bc she was being told she couldn't hangout with the r*pist or his friends? BRO WH- speechless.

  • may prx
    may prx Před 2 hodinami

    the red lip ✨

  • Tünde Zágoni Szabó
    Tünde Zágoni Szabó Před 3 hodinami

    Girl, I'm actually interested in you making videos about other topics, not related to youtube-celebs. You seem like a very smart lady and I'd be an enthusiastic viewer of you speaking about other things. You use your brain and words well but in these topics, I'm not the most interested, if you'd ask me.. :)

  • StephFoshee
    StephFoshee Před 3 hodinami

    It was supposed to be a nine part series, and Shane already said because they cut out the drama, it shortened the series.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Před 4 hodinami

    after this drama it was the last straw for me, she really is just presenting herself as a terrible person over and over and OVER again, i finally unsubbed

  • Sentity
    Sentity Před 4 hodinami

    I'm sorry, but that sweater ain't it.

  • grace
    grace Před 5 hodinami

    i hope u talk abt onision and chris hansen omg

  • AM Sakali
    AM Sakali Před 5 hodinami

    really love the jumper, it suits you💕

  • Lisa Zamudio
    Lisa Zamudio Před 5 hodinami

    The jumper looks bomb af girl keep it!

  • Jen Rogers
    Jen Rogers Před 6 hodinami

    Omg spill sesh does sound just like morgan!!!!! And she totally makes it look better for jeffree and shane in her latest video about the pallet! I'm shook!

  • Raya Sauvé
    Raya Sauvé Před 6 hodinami

    I sure am glad I *didn't* google the Danielle Cohn challenge as suggested. I'm not tryna end up on no FBI watch list tyvm lol

  • Alex Ray
    Alex Ray Před 6 hodinami

    I’ve recently found you and I can’t stop watching your vids. Love them, keep it up 😌

  • E Saffer
    E Saffer Před 6 hodinami

    Don’t fucks with the romper,

  • mckeinzee walker
    mckeinzee walker Před 7 hodinami

    Girl what mascara do you use!!!!!!

  • Moon Girl
    Moon Girl Před 8 hodinami

    As if there's no way to find out how old Danielle is

  • Zoinks
    Zoinks Před 8 hodinami

    That 15 year old is basically Einstein

  • Diane Magnolia
    Diane Magnolia Před 8 hodinami

    Oooooof Gabbie Hanna reminds me of every middle school and high school bully that just loves to stir the pot for attention

  • Gabriella Piras
    Gabriella Piras Před 8 hodinami

    I'm new here, you're so gorgeous ❤️ definitely remind me of Evan Rachel Wood

  • Lily Maria
    Lily Maria Před 8 hodinami

    Saw u like a proper elitist tweet today didn’t know u were a Tory 😪😪😪😪😪💔💔💔

  • Grego Gio
    Grego Gio Před 9 hodinami

    Oh my god😂 Why is she asking screenshots for everything 😂😂 She's not even denying it, or correct it. She's asking for a frickin screenshots. Lmao

  • lilith greta
    lilith greta Před 9 hodinami

    your sweater is so cute omg where is it from?

  • Smol memelord
    Smol memelord Před 9 hodinami

    I enjoy Gabbie's music *but* that's it. I'm still going to listen to them and illegaly download them without paying anything. I ain't sorry for that sis.

  • Fatima Khan
    Fatima Khan Před 9 hodinami

    She even used _alleged,_ sis you have a clone.

  • mck g
    mck g Před 10 hodinami

    "i don't watch those videos because its bad for my mental health" that video is not a from a drama channel gabbie. that video is from your ex best friend, who you hurt over and over and over. the LEAST you could do is sit down and watch it and stop using your mental illnesses as an excuse for your shitty behavior.

  • Georgina Abi-hanna
    Georgina Abi-hanna Před 10 hodinami

    Your talking about what?

  • hknojaems
    hknojaems Před 11 hodinami

    angelika’s makeup is as hot as the tea she spills omgggg

  • Nashetania
    Nashetania Před 11 hodinami

    Can someone explain how a 15 got gabbie’s number 💀

  • maya k
    maya k Před 11 hodinami

    no one can play a victim quite like pisces, i didnt even have to google gabbie hanna to realise she was one

  • Nashetania
    Nashetania Před 11 hodinami

    Angelika are you beeping out some words? There are points in the video where you’re saying something and i couldn’t hear what you said almost as if it was beeped out. Like I have no idea what gabbie said to Jason about trisha because it beeped out

  • upsidedown2451
    upsidedown2451 Před 11 hodinami

    Now I feel weird that I save my brother and friends with the full name..😳

  • Flaming Keys
    Flaming Keys Před 11 hodinami

    Funny enough my mum has been saved as ‘birth giver’ for like three years now lol

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty Před 12 hodinami

    also gabbie saying "i'm such a nice person" all the time reminds me A LOT of onision's "i'm the most honest youtuber" and we all know how things are going for him right now👀

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty Před 12 hodinami

    I'm kinda tired of how Shane uploads at this point... hear me out. I understand that he struggles with some things and i believe he has his reasons/demons and i can both relate AND symphatize. It's also like she said, the way he uploads feels more home-like rather than a strict schedule, but at the same time when i'm invested in something i'd want it to be released kinda at the same time and not have those two week long breaks without knowing when it's gonna be uploaded next. It's not that big of a problem, it's just a little annoying especially because he does that a lot🤕 excuses, postponing or this whole circus that took place with the jake paul series and then him complaining about views or people that complain about series. Just.. when you hype something up so much either stick to a some sort of schedule or state clearly that there's gonna be a break, cause else it really looks like a huge ad for the makeup and then you don't care🤕 once again it's not that big of a deal it's just a little annoying

  • Abnormal Reality
    Abnormal Reality Před 12 hodinami

    Shane Dawson did put out a snap chat a week ago or so where he said that originally it was 9 parts but when he re-edited it to be shorter. The final episode comes out today

  • RosyPlays
    RosyPlays Před 13 hodinami

    more people should be like jenna marbles.

  • invisibleninjandy
    invisibleninjandy Před 14 hodinami

    well, i guess Gabbie Hanna truly is a monster after all, amirite mates?

  • Thalassa C
    Thalassa C Před 14 hodinami

    Mica is everywhere :( this issue needs to be more prevalent

  • Hattie Bradshaw
    Hattie Bradshaw Před 14 hodinami

    Shane announced that the finale will be up tonight (22nd)

  • OMGegee
    OMGegee Před 14 hodinami

    Shane actually went on Instagram live a while back and explained that it was supposed to be 9 eps, then explained why it ended up not being that way.

  • thesmileycat 12
    thesmileycat 12 Před 15 hodinami

    Soo tired of her drama but im here for my fav commentary youtuber

  • Chesy Ches
    Chesy Ches Před 15 hodinami

    Zheani zheani zheani sparkles and die antwoord shit!!!!!!!!! Tea for alll

  • Clisare
    Clisare Před 15 hodinami

    Few things: - Shane has been saying there's one more episode for two weeks. He posted about struggling with it and then decided on only one more. It comes out today. - I don't think Jeffree said he never said it was 9 parts, he said he never agreed that with Shane. Which I thought was an odd, passive aggressive comment and wondered was there something behind it. - Gabbie Hanna and Trish weren't friends, as far as I know? Trish keeps saying 'I don't know this girl' etc. So therefore she couldn't go to her. Imagine going to someone you didn't know and asking them if they had herpes? Trish has, verbatim, said "I've had them all" when talking about STDs so I don't blame Gabbie for believing it. - defamation requires significant negative damage to a reputation (ie believable) so trish has no case due to her already negative reputation and Gabbie Hanna's lack of credibility. Thank you for the timestamp! I watched the whole video but sometimes I don't have time, so the timestamp is awesome. 🙌🏻 The faded out words are very unenjoyable to watch. They're better than bleeps, but can you test not doing that and see if you can still get monetised? Because it's a pretty poor listening experience, especially when listening in the car etc. Lastly, there are way too many ads on this video. I'm getting a double ad every two minutes. It makes you very hard to watch. Worse than TV! 😔

  • eugenia *
    eugenia * Před 15 hodinami

    return the top sis

  • Vanessa s
    Vanessa s Před 15 hodinami

    Why do you need 6 ads in a 21-minute video? It’s really annoying.

  • Kurstee
    Kurstee Před 15 hodinami

    When you censor words, can you put the text up because I struggled to guess some of the censored words thx good video tho x

  • Kyra Proulx
    Kyra Proulx Před 16 hodinami

    a drama channel???? talking about ableism???? i’m shocked (also not surprised that james charles liked it, he’s been ableist in the past before🙄)

  • sunrocks
    sunrocks Před 16 hodinami

    This is how many times Angelika said “SPILL THE TEA SIS” or just “TEA” | | | | | | ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  • Maja
    Maja Před 16 hodinami

    Regarding the Shane and Jeffree series, Shane has been saying on his insta story several times that he's still editing. And the finale is coming today I believe

  • Sofia Petit
    Sofia Petit Před 17 hodinami

    Gabbie makes me so mad

  • itspochacco
    itspochacco Před 17 hodinami

    Honestly with all this stuff coming up I finally stopped following gabbie. She just seems super manipulative and I can’t support that. I never knew about the drama she’s been involved with until recently also I just can’t support someone who supported a rapist.

  • Valerie JoAnne
    Valerie JoAnne Před 17 hodinami

    He literally said I am The first and only one to ever do this...And he isn't at all. I still thinks it's a good idea though.

  • Yesenia Perez
    Yesenia Perez Před 17 hodinami

    where has shane acknowledgement the hair in the palletes? i’ve only ever seen him tweet about the broken ones.

  • Lydia
    Lydia Před 18 hodinami

    Gabbie Hanna: “that’s bad for mental health.” Also Gabbie Hanna: “if you take prescriptions you’re PSYCHOTIC”

  • kaileigh
    kaileigh Před 18 hodinami

    “you know what’s toxic and bad for mental health? you” hahahahahah i can’t even deal 😆😂😍

  • marissa faith
    marissa faith Před 18 hodinami

    Trisha and Gabbie were never friends lol, they met 1 or 2 times

  • Estrella Juana Dimas
    Estrella Juana Dimas Před 18 hodinami

    Si , i love the comment " shes not a youtuber "

  • Estrella Juana Dimas
    Estrella Juana Dimas Před 18 hodinami

    Maybe jacly dont even know about the child mining micca ???

  • Estrella Juana Dimas
    Estrella Juana Dimas Před 18 hodinami

    It means billie dont give a fuck about her fans, she couldn't even lookat it let alone look for the note ,i bet the jacket was trash assoon as she got it.

  • llama girl01
    llama girl01 Před 18 hodinami

    My top 3 I hate are Onision Jacklyn hill And rice gum

  • Nick Werstler
    Nick Werstler Před 19 hodinami

    The jumper looks fitting on you. I think it is safe to take the tag off. lol

  • Ina Sugay
    Ina Sugay Před 19 hodinami

    9:12 Hmm I wouldn't mind you being my mom and saying this when I get anything less than 90% on smthng lmao

  • Zoe Tranter
    Zoe Tranter Před 19 hodinami

    I want that 15 year old as a counselor

  • melina williams
    melina williams Před 19 hodinami

    The series was shit

  • Namrata Trikha
    Namrata Trikha Před 20 hodinami

    Okay but what I really want to know is what eyeshadow palette did you use?

  • BobbittTheHobbit
    BobbittTheHobbit Před 20 hodinami

    It's the people who constantly shove their "perfect life" in our faces that are the worst people.

  • Robin
    Robin Před 20 hodinami

    And the saga continues...

  • ash
    ash Před 20 hodinami

    That sweater with your hair in a bun and some earrings would be a LEWK

  • Michelle Van Ness
    Michelle Van Ness Před 20 hodinami

    "CONSPIRACY" Theory- I'm thinking it could be the finale for the beauty part of it? Idk maybe the next two will be about drama?

  • Rachel Owls
    Rachel Owls Před 21 hodinou

    I'm watching this video pretending I know all the eyeshadow looks Angelika's talking about lmao

  • Katie Gidcomb
    Katie Gidcomb Před 21 hodinou

    Looking at those screenshots and seeing all this really gave me flashbacks to like 2 years ago. I had this friend who was so manipulative and just an awful person and they would say the same things that Gabbie is saying now, like they were always the victim and couldn’t understand why people were upset with them and seeing stuff like this just makes me so angry and disgusted. I hope Jessi has found good people to be around cause she deserves so much more than this bullshit.

  • Erin S.
    Erin S. Před 21 hodinou

    referring to a s***** assault as "r*** drama" and using the statement "his friends didn't r*** you. he did" as a justification for why it doesn't matter if you associate with that person is one of the most incredibly awful things you could say to a s***** assault victim, especially to a former friend

  • Chez La Mez
    Chez La Mez Před 21 hodinou

    I wish people would get over these episodes that Shane is uploading, I mean grow up, dry your eyes😅.. it's CHclip videos, you watch for free, it's free content.. he doesn't owe anyone sh*t lol.. I'm not even a fan of Shane or Jeffree but come on everyone needs to put their big girl pants on.

  • Lana The Satan
    Lana The Satan Před 22 hodinami

    Sjoe us ur real hair Colour

  • Rosie Jimenez
    Rosie Jimenez Před 22 hodinami

    Alx James (one of Gabbie’s ex best guy friend) also came forth and shared his side of the story and was more mature about it than Gabbie would ever

  • Sparrow Lynn
    Sparrow Lynn Před 22 hodinami

    I know cancel culture is #cancelled but can we PLEASE make an exception here

  • Hunter S
    Hunter S Před 22 hodinami

    Bro your hair is wild, the lighting makes it like change color when you move

  • Lyssa
    Lyssa Před 22 hodinami


  • Lucy Corcoran
    Lucy Corcoran Před 23 hodinami

    Really liked angelika, then went thru her twitter and realised she’s basically got tory views hehe x sis bye tea hehe x

  • Nina K
    Nina K Před 23 hodinami

    Sis YOU NEED to keep that jumper it’s really beautiful on you

  • Rachel Larson
    Rachel Larson Před 23 hodinami

    Danielle Cohn: a child inappropriately acting like an adult Gabbie Hanna: an adult inappropriately acting like a child

  • JackieViolet
    JackieViolet Před 23 hodinami

    Is it just me,because it looks as though Jacklyn has gained some weight,doesn't mean it's a bad thing,I just noticed it!

  • AJ
    AJ Před 23 hodinami

    If I saw that Tiffany Ad one more time during this vid stg

  • Destiny Joseph
    Destiny Joseph Před 23 hodinami

    There’s a tik tok of Danielle Cohn and her boyfriend and they are laying in bed or whatever, and the caption is like “this is me and my boyfriend in the middle of the night super delusional because we’re tired” or whatever and I’m just like.... HUUHHH

  • Rae Morg
    Rae Morg Před dnem

    At this point, no online apology is genuine. It's all about damage control. Forget about how angry people are at you. They aren't the ones you have wronged. Go to the actual person you have wronged to apologize WITHOUT MAKING IT PUBLIC. If you have offended a large number of people through your actions, then that is different, but I cringe when youtubers apologize to everyone when the issue is with their 'friend'.

  • Beagslie76
    Beagslie76 Před dnem

    Jesus Tapdancing Christ, either say FUCK or don't, don't fucking say fuck and then edit it out! I'm only here for the Gabbie thing, but you editing out ALL of the "bad words" is fucking annoying. I haven't even made it to the Gabbie shit and I am gonna side with her cuz FUCK YOU. Peace And Love

  • bewareibiteandkiss
    bewareibiteandkiss Před dnem


  • Yami Civetta
    Yami Civetta Před dnem

    As someone who was a victim of sexual assault, Gabbie calling it “R*pe drama” is absolutely disgusting.

  • Luxilune
    Luxilune Před dnem

    I know almost all of those influencers by face omg. Is that Kians ex gf and is that Sparkles!?

  • Luxilune
    Luxilune Před dnem

    I heard O2L and was taken so far back

  • SpX Zendorex
    SpX Zendorex Před dnem

    Wth tati has lost alot to! Go look 😂

  • Yami Civetta
    Yami Civetta Před dnem

    Ok can I just say that it fucking IRKS me to the bone that some CHcliprs and celebrities say this shit to defend their shitty behavior and this has to be said. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING AND WONDERFUL LIFE DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL PERSONALITY.

  • Luxilune
    Luxilune Před dnem

    Every gift the president gets is thrown away bc it can be dangerous - is a possibility her security/management got rid of it

  • Marie Pauline
    Marie Pauline Před dnem

    I'm sorry but I can't concentrate on anything you're saying.. Can't stop staring because you're so ridiculously pretty 😭😭

  • Jálna Jani
    Jálna Jani Před dnem

    You look absolutely fabulous/classy in that jumper.