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My Cheap Lamborghini Is FINISHED!!!
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  • okc 306
    okc 306 Před 26 vteřinami

    Best for what? The street? 1/4 mile? Track? Like.. . fuck off tavarish

  • okc 306
    okc 306 Před minutou

    Why does it have to be the best? You wont even come close. You dont have the 250k that are in a lot of supras... So yeah. Good luck

  • Jolyon Palmer
    Jolyon Palmer Před 6 minutami

    14:18 r8 project ?

  • Amad Edhah
    Amad Edhah Před 7 minutami


  • Sambhav Arora
    Sambhav Arora Před 7 minutami

    I think cinnamon seats would look nice on this supra.

  • Yousuf Khan
    Yousuf Khan Před 9 minutami

    Peanut butter interior and bronzish gold calipers. And please upload more often. It feels like ages since u last uploaded

  • Dennis Joseph
    Dennis Joseph Před 12 minutami

    21:42 is the r8 a project?

  • cina hashemi
    cina hashemi Před 12 minutami

    ultimate street supra that you'll never drive

  • Occro
    Occro Před 14 minutami

    Dont sell it

  • Kyle Ryan
    Kyle Ryan Před 17 minutami

    Poor guy out here with an iPhone 5

  • donbels
    donbels Před 18 minutami

    white body, everythingelse black :D

  • Fabian Ocolisan
    Fabian Ocolisan Před 19 minutami

    14:19 new project

    JAP KING Před 24 minutami

    Such an amazing built keep up bro!

  • donbels
    donbels Před 25 minutami

    the red seats must die. who have red seats?

  • Charles Samaha
    Charles Samaha Před 26 minutami

    I love the Kalahari interiors on the C7 vettes

  • wheeln 24/7
    wheeln 24/7 Před 28 minutami

    How old is that phone your using? Im not a apple user but looks like 6 or something that old.

  • Carlos
    Carlos Před 29 minutami

    Wait did he just say in the next video he wants to take it on the dyno we've been waiting almost two months for a new video I guess we will have to wait another two or three more months for an update not my favorite CHclipr no more

  • wheeln 24/7
    wheeln 24/7 Před 31 minutou

    That intercooler is tiny! Need to get a bigger one!

    G.VIJAY PRASAD Před 44 minutami

    Lamborghini came to the shop

  • Repair Update Repeat
    Repair Update Repeat Před 45 minutami

    But will he finish it?

  • grncoup
    grncoup Před 47 minutami

    get some "rapid remover" from amazon. follow the directions, works great!

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Před 49 minutami

    What exactly is a Tavarish?

  • Dakota Averill
    Dakota Averill Před 49 minutami

    I think you should go with an all black with either red or blue highlights interior.

  • Ahmad Hamayel
    Ahmad Hamayel Před 50 minutami

    Peanut butter interior and light blue calipers

  • angelo davis
    angelo davis Před 51 minutou

    Rose's are Red, Violets are Blue, Taverish can do a kickass supra build too.

  • Aronas king
    Aronas king Před 52 minutami

    peanut butter seats is reary ugly

  • Aronas king
    Aronas king Před 52 minutami

    red seats is awesome

  • Cesc Fabregas
    Cesc Fabregas Před 56 minutami

    i think tavarish has changed... first of all, he calls his lamborghini a million dollar show car. i dont know if he means it truly or just because it was a line from the movie... now he will build the best streetcar supra on all youtube. he even calls some other supras that were build by famous youtubers and said he will do it better.. BUT he will just use a mini budget like most of the time, and then he always calls someone else who does probably most of the work at least to the knowledge they need for their build. he did it for the supra and the race car and many other times.. tavarish whats going on here??

    HOT TOPIC VLOGS Před 56 minutami

    Usually a Tuned Port Injection is a 350 as I had an 89 Trans Am 350 Tuned Port Injection better known as T.P.I. so that could very well be a 350 and most track cars are 350 or better and the Pace cars are 305's

  • Rob Martin
    Rob Martin Před 57 minutami

    ugh... FINISH ONE fer crying out loud

  • Outlaw Nlmb
    Outlaw Nlmb Před 58 minutami


  • devianb
    devianb Před hodinou

    Peanut Butter seats, Gunmetal Metallic calipers.

  • Veronica Fleitas
    Veronica Fleitas Před hodinou

    Why was it buried in first place??

  • Grant Chambers
    Grant Chambers Před hodinou


  • Easy E-van
    Easy E-van Před hodinou

    Just try to get Paul walkers brother or vin diesel to sign it.

  • Coke 3824
    Coke 3824 Před hodinou

    Hey tavarish, wd-40 wats adhesive away not sure if it would work well on a strong adhesive like vinyl adhesive, but might be worth a shot? I need to learn patience as it seems you have already finished it by now but for future reference the fish oil in wd-40 eats adhesive away

  • DeathProthet
    DeathProthet Před hodinou

    Best build Supra on CHclip, big statement, can not wait to see it!!!!

  • Mick 25
    Mick 25 Před hodinou

    Nardo grey with dark gray seats and carpet

  • Dillon Fenner
    Dillon Fenner Před hodinou

    Lmao where’d he find that Iphone 5 for the ad

  • Doublevanoz
    Doublevanoz Před hodinou

    Horrible techno.. 😬

  • Night Elf
    Night Elf Před hodinou

    Calipers: acid green. Seats: anthracite leather with acid green stitching and an acid green embroidered 'Supra' logo. Steering wheel: carbon fibre and anthracite leather with acid green stitching and centre badge the 'Tavarish' cartoon logo that you use in your intro. Dashboard and door cards: anthracite leather with acid green stitching and carbon fibre inserts.

  • Doublevanoz
    Doublevanoz Před hodinou

    I really need to send a few bucks and help Freddy. What a cool guy🤘🏽

  • FrankW1029
    FrankW1029 Před hodinou

    only cheap vinyl wrap uses the contact adhesive like that around the edges. i know because i did it before...lol

  • Hamza
    Hamza Před hodinou

    Confetti recaro seats. Keep it 90's accurate

  • Rami Avital
    Rami Avital Před hodinou

    Red and white is amazing, keep it

  • Severe Zafari
    Severe Zafari Před hodinou

    I love this so much. Because I want to buy a non turbo supra SZR and do the exact same thing. Because turbo prices are lol

  • D S
    D S Před hodinou

    Hey let me buy this car for cheaper than you bought it so I can post about it being the cheapest supra cmon dude

  • Dohosan Vreeland
    Dohosan Vreeland Před hodinou

    Those seats are hidious

  • Hamza
    Hamza Před hodinou

    Can I have your supra????

  • Juan Villegas
    Juan Villegas Před hodinou

    Lol when he shows his phone you can see that he had just downloaded the app. I love your content Tavarish, This is not a hate comment.

  • S3V3N13TT3R5
    S3V3N13TT3R5 Před hodinou

    1uz swap a 2020 supra

  • julio sanviti
    julio sanviti Před hodinou

    when its done tavarish should do race against his two lambos in the supra

  • Bagdadsky_Hornik
    Bagdadsky_Hornik Před hodinou

    get rid of red seats, make it simple - white and black. And those calipers... leave it red. Break calipers are ment to be red

  • Koen Jonker
    Koen Jonker Před hodinou

    Damn that ecu..

  • drake6143
    drake6143 Před hodinou

    There is no way, zero, that Tavarish does a better job than Trevor. None.

  • shoominati23
    shoominati23 Před hodinou

    If you want the best on youtube, then why aren't you already taking off all of the fasteners and sending them away for zinc coating?

  • BadBoyMorales
    BadBoyMorales Před hodinou

    Noooo wtf penut butter guts on a supra noooooooo. Put sone black tein seats. Or green takata seats

  • Sagar Prasad
    Sagar Prasad Před hodinou

    You Suckkk Day By Day You Are More And More Boring Honestly

  • Carlos Marin
    Carlos Marin Před hodinou

    Cant wait for part two in a couple of months

  • Robbie H
    Robbie H Před hodinou

    Are you going to take the turbo Lamborghini to Mondi's CHcliprs track day?

  • Stephen Bachman
    Stephen Bachman Před hodinou

    Paint the brake calipers White or gun metal grey.

  • Ben V106
    Ben V106 Před hodinou

    Saying your build will be better then trevor (motionauto) is a big lie, you're going to pay to have something close to as nice, he built it from ground up, you'll just make it look pretty

  • Alex Carrasco
    Alex Carrasco Před hodinou

    How about a brushed aluminum or gold for the break calipers or a wine red

  • Ralph Gonzalez
    Ralph Gonzalez Před hodinou

    Your should build a turbo Honda 😂😂

  • John Litchfield
    John Litchfield Před hodinou

    Hello T.. I was browsing around and fell on your video - Back in 2004 I bought an SL55 Amg in Los Angeles and I gave it to Brabus I asked them to go all the way out and build me a KV8 (it cost me over $100K to do it, over and above what I paid for my new SL!) -The car was featured in many race magazines and also TV advert for a tire company - it was used by Brabus at all the top show as their show car - The car at that time was an animal and nothing could stay with me when they wanted to race me you name it they raced me - Just a little history I'm 72 years old and cut my teeth on a Jag 1957 120XK driving hell for leather down dark country road in the UK ( Mad Brit) wet and dark (did a little time on the track - but never had the money to do it seriously) I actually came to US by importing cars here in 1976 ! - ANYWAY, the point of this note is when I had my 2004 KV8 driving it fast through hard corners & slow bends I hated how it would skip or jump at high speeds sometime (scary) I had the suspension lowered kit on and 19/20 offset wheel and low profile tires but it still didnt cut it for me .. I always wanted to fit the sway bars and do what you have shown on your video but they where not available at that time .... Later I heard the 2007 SL550 changed the suspension set up !! not sure if that's true and if it does it do the job !! .. So you say it took you four days to do this installation - Well, me for one, wanna say thanks for sharing this info - I truly appreciate what you have accomplished and sharing it with us all - Many thank

    xTGN BEAST Před hodinou

    I think you should do the "Peanut Butter" because that would look dope and i have never seen it before.

  • Trenton
    Trenton Před hodinou

    The best thing you could ever do is give it t tops hah only but you gotta increase structural rigidity instead

  • Nik Falcon
    Nik Falcon Před hodinou

    22:36 R8 IN PROXIMITY

  • Koen Jonker
    Koen Jonker Před hodinou

    Finally some building and no videos about paint lol.

  • Zachary Hassan
    Zachary Hassan Před hodinou

    I actually dig the red seats

  • Jared Lazaron
    Jared Lazaron Před hodinou

    So I've got my C4 Corvette, and my 91 S10 pickup, they both have the TPI L98 350 engines, if yours is a 305, it would be the LB9 engine. Replace your fuel pressure regulator. On the fuel rail towards the passenger side on the rear fuel crossover.

  • I am Brian
    I am Brian Před hodinou

    Is there a GTR in your future?!??

  • cesar.
    cesar. Před hodinou

    Trevor's from motion auto is gonna be hard to beat but good luck anyway!

  • Zameel Nichu
    Zameel Nichu Před hodinou

    Grey paint

  • raghav iyer
    raghav iyer Před hodinou

    21:42 r8 in the back freddy what you up to my G

  • Bart Smykla
    Bart Smykla Před hodinou

    Who else thought about new Lamborghini when he started talking about hurricane?

  • uilsonRJ
    uilsonRJ Před hodinou

    Is that a TT in the back..

  • Brendan Koester
    Brendan Koester Před hodinou

    Other CHcliprs have Supra’s that are over 1000hp so I doubt you can do it

  • Yash Baggonauth
    Yash Baggonauth Před 2 hodinami

    Do the brake calipers an Acid green

  • zeemanjr
    zeemanjr Před 2 hodinami

    If you shaved your head to a mowhawk you would sorta look like Mr T's long lost son LOL I pity the fool! LOL

  • Igor Solovyanchik
    Igor Solovyanchik Před 2 hodinami

    Try a magic eraser for tough clean areas

  • midwest farmer
    midwest farmer Před 2 hodinami

    Anyone else find it very ironic Freddy was wearing a "Knowledge is Power" shirt when he destroyed a $800 ecu to make a mount for his new one?

  • Dan Lott
    Dan Lott Před 2 hodinami

    Make your brakes match the new seats & trim for boss level matching as seen at SEMA.

  • Ivo Momchilov
    Ivo Momchilov Před 2 hodinami


  • MiPhone Repair LLC
    MiPhone Repair LLC Před 2 hodinami

    This dude been working out 😂

  • fucyou doe
    fucyou doe Před 2 hodinami

    we have had a few of the factory race camaros and ive never heard one called a 1le

  • New Ahmed
    New Ahmed Před 2 hodinami

    Tell us about the R8 in the background...

  • Igor Solovyanchik
    Igor Solovyanchik Před 2 hodinami

    You lusted after the supra 🤣

  • Love Sengar
    Love Sengar Před 2 hodinami

    There is an r8 in the background

  • Aneury Rodriguez
    Aneury Rodriguez Před 2 hodinami

    Ayee 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  • Christopher Bristol
    Christopher Bristol Před 2 hodinami

    God, that looks like my car lol, long term project like that to me are more fun since you can get closer to exactly how you want them. Lovin' the content freddy, keep it up.

  • GreenLightning Civic
    GreenLightning Civic Před 2 hodinami

    I didn't think you were the type of person to think you are better than other people. Did you see the car Trevor started with? and the end result?

  • Random Internet User
    Random Internet User Před 2 hodinami

    Cheapest supra blah blah blah... 900$ ecu and T just cuts it up.

  • Zachary Welvaert
    Zachary Welvaert Před 2 hodinami

    Jared's shirt is very fitting for the occasion

  • TheSippincoffee
    TheSippincoffee Před 2 hodinami

    Needs a gated shifter lol

  • ramon hoffmann
    ramon hoffmann Před 2 hodinami

    I noticed in the background is that a grey Audi R8 by the white Lamborghini that's on the lift?

  • fatb0i 10
    fatb0i 10 Před 2 hodinami

    14:19 is he going to swap the r8 and huracan

  • tubeyourself
    tubeyourself Před 2 hodinami

    bad fuel pressure because issue with key ignition interlock interface. New key + electronic lock cleaner fixes this.

  • Daniel Nunez
    Daniel Nunez Před 2 hodinami

    Hit up that Bavarian car with some German Silver for some proper standout

  • gLITCH'd Photography
    gLITCH'd Photography Před 2 hodinami

    Came here for the butt hurt supra kids complaining about the ECU (Was Not Disappointed)