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  • JM CC23
    JM CC23 Před 5 měsíci

    I hope he gets quality minutes. This guy is a insanely athletic for a 7’0

  • Fortnite Plaz
    Fortnite Plaz Před 6 měsíci

    Patty is the best!!!!'!!!

  • Bryce Flack
    Bryce Flack Před rokem

    The GOAT behind Lebron

  • INA Basketball 2
    INA Basketball 2 Před rokem

    nice highlights bro

  • Namon Taylor
    Namon Taylor Před rokem

    Underrated in my opinion, matter fact he should be traded to orlando. Could he start?

    • james nelson
      james nelson Před 6 měsíci

      we the north cham pions will have Cham Payne

    • Logan Merrill
      Logan Merrill Před rokem

      Michael Tukes Grant isn’t even on the team anymore lol

    • Michael Tukes
      Michael Tukes Před rokem

      @Logan Merrill As a Bulls fan as well, I think he gets too much criticism because Paxson said he was the point guard of the future, which he is not. However, he is so much better than Jerian Grant. That dude didn't have any court awareness. Let's give Payne a chance this year because he is a capable backup and better than other options in the past. He needs to run every time he gets the ball to ignite that second unit. Go Bulls!!!

    • Namon Taylor
      Namon Taylor Před rokem

      Bro I’m Cameron Payne I’m not that bad

    • Logan Merrill
      Logan Merrill Před rokem

      Bungee yes ask bulls fans

  • MJ Yap
    MJ Yap Před rokem

    Best post up player

  • Ross JP
    Ross JP Před rokem

    Reminds me of Derrick Favors.

  • Aaron Farias
    Aaron Farias Před rokem

    Can you do a field goal highlight of lamarcus aldridge this season haven’t seen one uploaded all season if you could thx!!

  • Red & White
    Red & White Před rokem

    Welcome Bobby to Olympiacos!

  • DeMar Aldridge
    DeMar Aldridge Před 2 lety

    Fuxk u GSW.

  • Riley Leaver-Anag
    Riley Leaver-Anag Před 2 lety

    god he is so underrated I know I might be saying that coz I'm Australian but geez he's good

  • Hanan Zhang
    Hanan Zhang Před 2 lety

    Thanks for uploading this! Glad to see I'm not the only one excited about this kid.

  • Curlz Animation
    Curlz Animation Před 2 lety

    He and David West did great

  • TheCharlesJackson
    TheCharlesJackson Před 2 lety

    The man!

  • The Claw Network
    The Claw Network Před 2 lety

    Fantastic video! Your channel deserves more views and subscribers.

    • Bucketilation
      Bucketilation Před 2 lety

      Thank you so much! Your kind words and support mean a lot to me!

  • Misfit DaeDae
    Misfit DaeDae Před 2 lety

    its K.O for a DC threeeee! lol

  • The Claw Network
    The Claw Network Před 2 lety

    Excellent! I love this channel, thanks for the fast uploads!

  • The Claw Network
    The Claw Network Před 2 lety

    Nice video! Can you do Kelly Oubre Jr (Wizards), Nick Young (Lakers), and Diamond Stone (Clippers). Diamond Stone should be easy, I think he only made like ten shots. Thanks

  • The Claw Network
    The Claw Network Před 2 lety

    Awesome video!

  • 박재준
    박재준 Před 2 lety

    thank you for you

  • Inacrist Ngayngay
    Inacrist Ngayngay Před 2 lety

    his so talented when playing big teams like spurs and cavs

  • Convisis
    Convisis Před 2 lety

    I would say the scouting report should probably read something like 'for the love of God do not leave him open'.

  • The Claw Network
    The Claw Network Před 2 lety

    These are awesome videos! Can you please do Jeremy Lin from Brooklyn and Kelly Oubre Jr. from Washington?

    • Bucketilation
      Bucketilation Před 2 lety

      Thanks! I can definitely try to do those after I finish up Patty Mills!

  • Bucketilation
    Bucketilation Před 2 lety

    I forgot to add my watermark to this video. If you are going to use any of this video to post something, please credit me. Thanks.

  • Convisis
    Convisis Před 2 lety

    Super sick, Patty's game has come along way, hopefully he keeps working on his handles and PnR playmaking.