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Resident Evil Village but I've been a bad bad boy

  • čas přidán 13. 05. 2021
  • HryHry

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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man Před rokem +9804

    Ethan's hands regenerate faster than Majin Buu

  • Almas Baibolov
    Almas Baibolov Před rokem +4113

    Miro: *Having fun in waterpool*
    Kirin: *Vietnam flashbacks*

  • 白Shiro
    白Shiro Před rokem +1105

    Lady D: *Turns into final form*
    Zanny: 'Still hot'
    Capcom: *'Thats not supposed to happen'*

    • Adrien Lastname
      Adrien Lastname Před rokem +9

      He pulled a Markiplier

    • { QuantumBlauthor }
      { QuantumBlauthor } Před rokem +15

      Hot take: this all started with people personifying the Companion Cube and has spiraled hellishly out of control ever since

  • James Camber
    James Camber Před rokem +2023

    Lady Dimitrescu: "Now now girls, i first must inform mother Miranda..."
    Zanny: "A fivesome!?"

    • blip blop
      blip blop Před 10 měsíci +3

      @strawberrymilk nah, mia is annoying

    • Steel Bear
      Steel Bear Před 10 měsíci

      A sixsome, actually

    • strawberrymilk
      strawberrymilk Před rokem +5

      Than his wife joins in

    • D Street
      D Street Před rokem +13

      When i played this game myself it was kinda weird to hear since my name is Ethan.

    • XD Smile
      XD Smile Před rokem +29

      Oh but wait theres more!!!

  • The Friendly Irishman
    The Friendly Irishman Před rokem +2075

    7:01 Zanny: She's just standing there seductive- *menacingly*

    • The Friendly Irishman
      The Friendly Irishman Před rokem +2

      @HighGroundF Man removed his comment because he couldn't accept the simple truth.

    • HighGroundF
      HighGroundF Před rokem +2

      @Yuri stan, You Don’t Say!

    • Funny Crab
      Funny Crab Před rokem +8

      @Wick Vreden van Thanks, Captain Obvious

    • The Friendly Irishman
      The Friendly Irishman Před rokem +12

      @Wick Vreden van No shit, Sherlock

    • XD Smile
      XD Smile Před rokem +16

      Almost gave it away

  • No brain
    No brain Před rokem +1842

    Lady D and her daughters: telling zanny they are going to kill him
    Zanny: don’t threaten me with a good time

    • Le_Meme_Man
      Le_Meme_Man Před 8 měsíci

      @XD Smile yo dudes, the empire's pretty chill, maybe you could like join it or something

    • XD Smile
      XD Smile Před rokem +1

      Join the darkside

    • EtherealRonin
      EtherealRonin Před rokem +6

      Lady D... never calling her that. nope.

    • ShadowReaper2006
      ShadowReaper2006 Před rokem +6

      I wonder if they noticed how big one if his pockets was.

    • Mostly Harmless
      Mostly Harmless Před rokem +14

      No worries, Lady D car crashed anyway

  • Julian J Pantoja
    Julian J Pantoja Před rokem +788

    "Now i'll never lose my virginity"
    "I should go back to saving my daughter"

    • thatonedude
      thatonedude Před 9 měsíci

      @strawberrymilk fbi open up

    • Zink Hero of Youtube
      Zink Hero of Youtube Před 10 měsíci

      @strawberrymilk NO!!!

    • strawberrymilk
      strawberrymilk Před rokem +1

      @Veell Seamus even better

    • Veell Seamus
      Veell Seamus Před rokem +9

      I would make a "sweet home alabama" joke, but ethens daughter is an infent.

    • DK
      DK Před rokem +5

      Could be adopted

  • DanteEightSix
    DanteEightSix Před rokem +758

    *Get's fingers bitten off*
    *Wedding ring still on*
    Ethan: "Dammit, I can't catch a break."

  • Happy Tobus
    Happy Tobus Před rokem +181

    *”How would it even work? She’s gonna crush my pelvis.”*
    Zanny’s asking the real questions that we need answers to.

  • LEBL
    LEBL Před rokem +294

    Can we all just appreciate the fact that we've been watching both kiryn and miro grow throughout zanny's videos?

  • Modest Pelican
    Modest Pelican Před rokem +5929

    Hey Zan this was a very enjoyable video, many funny moments and good memories

  • Bingus the great
    Bingus the great Před rokem +216

    This guys laugh is a work of art

  • Gael
    Gael Před rokem +161

    "It's not my fault. Why are you even weak to bullets"
    Something about this made me smile

  • Witch Bitch
    Witch Bitch Před rokem +244

    Gets Hand chopped
    Zan: *Dies of laughter*

    • Apeman
      Apeman Před rokem +2

      Of course, Ethan needed a hand with that.

  • Game Lover
    Game Lover Před rokem +95

    "Ethan, set your hand on fire. We'll use it as a torch." I love it.

  • Matthijs
    Matthijs Před rokem +1844

    Have I already seen an entire playthrough?
    Am I still gonna watch Zanny's one?
    "Also yes"

  • Chunkys Workshop
    Chunkys Workshop Před rokem +200

    “Death by Snoo snoo” killed me

  • Lucas Hitchcock
    Lucas Hitchcock Před rokem +38

    Zanny making jokes about the hands without realizing that it’s a plot point is actually way funnier than it should be.

  • nNotkainoa
    nNotkainoa Před měsícem

    “Huh I wonder what’s zanny’s doing”
    Me after watching this: 🤨📸🤨📸

  • The Friendly Irishman
    The Friendly Irishman Před rokem +32

    5:13 Zanny: "Nice try game, I saw clips of that on twitter. I knew it was coming." *not even 3 seconds later*
    Zanny: *Manly scream*
    Also Zanny: "The music is most of it, it's not even the jumpscares." *Proceed's to get jumpscared*
    Talk about perfect timing, am I right?

  • Pasted Knight
    Pasted Knight Před rokem +2322

    Zanny: Attempts to kill the baby
    Guy: Steals baby
    Zanny: NO NOT MY KID

    • Luis F
      Luis F Před rokem

      He needs it stop the lag

    • HowSealy
      HowSealy Před rokem +1


    • BrainbutBrain
      BrainbutBrain Před rokem

      @HowSealy Not any more : (

    • Joe Man Dude
      Joe Man Dude Před rokem

      Don't you hate it when people steal your food right after killing your main course dish?

    • Emperor Arkoos
      Emperor Arkoos Před rokem

      He wanted to cook it

  • Sloppy_Punisher
    Sloppy_Punisher Před rokem +48

    "I need an adult. Someone containe me!" Had me laughin hard my dog got scared

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Před rokem +31

    1:22 "in this village, only evil resides"
    zanny, the man who created his father.

  • Simon-peter Williamson
    Simon-peter Williamson Před rokem +87

    After seeing him just pop his hand back on I'm convinced Ethan is a lego

    • Liz Flessert
      Liz Flessert Před rokem

      @BallsDeep69 Ohhhhhhhh, thanks for explaining.

    • BallsDeep69
      BallsDeep69 Před rokem +1

      @Liz Flessert It’s a reference to SAO Abridged, every time someone points out my username I respond like the character in the show

    • Liz Flessert
      Liz Flessert Před rokem

      @BallsDeep69 I meant your username, in a good way, sorry.

    • BallsDeep69
      BallsDeep69 Před rokem +1

      @Liz Flessert my name is Klein

    • Liz Flessert
      Liz Flessert Před rokem

      @BallsDeep69 It was a joke, also your name is cursed.

  • dokeshiXjazz
    dokeshiXjazz Před rokem +35

    Miro: having the time of his life
    Kirin: *PERISH*

  • viet nguyen
    viet nguyen Před rokem +627

    Ethan hands when blocking "It's a simple spell but quite unbreakable"

  • Arunabh
    Arunabh Před rokem +10

    "Shes gonna crush my pelvis"
    Those who didnt get it...tune in to nickelodeon!

  • MechaLife
    MechaLife Před rokem +28

    "Why are you weak to bullets?" Zanny asking the real questions.

  • Nyx
    Nyx Před rokem +5

    7:20 would have scared the shit out of me. I was under the impression that she couldn't follow you there. When I played this game that location was kinda like my "safe spot". I was so wrong apparently :D

  • NormalPersonYT
    NormalPersonYT Před měsícem

    “For real though I dident play the previous games”
    “We’re al gonna die😀”

  • Regulus Vizsla
    Regulus Vizsla Před rokem +2337

    Zanny saying "I'm Asian. Let's not have high expectations" is an immense jab at what little self-esteem I've left

    • Fnkyboi
      Fnkyboi Před rokem +1

      @Gabriel Blas yeah

    • Legalise Gene Editing And Ectogenesis!
      Legalise Gene Editing And Ectogenesis! Před rokem

      @Nilanjan Naskar ugh. CHclip won't allow me to post link to other site, just go on google and type in "international 🅿️enℹs size" you'll find it.

    • Crossy right?
      Crossy right? Před rokem +1

      @Nilanjan Naskar lets not talk about that

    • Nilanjan Naskar
      Nilanjan Naskar Před rokem +2

      @Legalise Gene Editing And Ectogenesis! who the fuck did the study and fuckin how???

    • HowSealy
      HowSealy Před rokem

      @juan camilo martinez hurtado but your name is Juan...

  • Anich1456
    Anich1456 Před rokem +18

    I just like how his voiceovers sound so casual in a horror game, then just suddenly starts screeching like a damn siren XDD

  • Stulto
    Stulto Před rokem +15

    Zanny: *gets stabbed in the chest*
    Also Zanny: *”May I sniff?”*

  • Little King
    Little King Před rokem +11

    2:50 got me dying on the floor.

  • I suck
    I suck Před rokem +41

    Zanny: It's just a baby. Why does it look like that?
    Me: *sweats in blob baby monster*

    • Marika Litras
      Marika Litras Před rokem +1

      Me too I wanna see him play that bit

  • yes
    yes Před rokem +1529

    If he's taking these weak jumpscares that heavily, Zanny will literally die at the doll house.

    • Emperor Arkoos
      Emperor Arkoos Před rokem +1

      @J0ust Brightblade for u maybe not for others

    • Eugene
      Eugene Před rokem

      I can't wait

    • J0ust Brightblade
      J0ust Brightblade Před rokem +8

      Problem with that is the game strips your inventory, so you know there's no danger, so all tension is lost. And that fetus was unintentional comedy.

    • Chill inc
      Chill inc Před rokem +16

      i mean the doll house isnt that bad. only bad thing is the baby part

    • Grizx Tyler
      Grizx Tyler Před rokem +39

      I completely forgot about the doll house, do you think the video is gonna be titled Resident evil village where I just scream

  • Dolorian o
    Dolorian o Před rokem +5

    Zanny calling his gf: ''Hey, do you have victorian era clothes''
    Gf: ''Not this shit again...''

  • Shikitomi shimorinkto
    Shikitomi shimorinkto Před rokem +30

    *Horror, nightmare, blood and guts every where*
    *zanny: there she is! He he he*

  • RedHussar
    RedHussar Před rokem +17

    3:03 Snipers finding a good spot be like:

  • VindictiveGrind
    VindictiveGrind Před rokem +3

    I like how Ethan can glue his severed hand back on like it’s leech therapy (but without the leech) but he can’t get his missing fingers back

  • Dnicer3
    Dnicer3 Před rokem +2487

    Zanny you know you only came here to scream in horror and awe of the 9ft 500lbs large vampire woman.

    • MooresCode
      MooresCode Před rokem

      @Juan naw dude benevientos part is the best imo

    • Peremious
      Peremious Před rokem

      I should have realized that they were vampires... They like blood, they live in a castle.

    • Juan
      Juan Před rokem +1

      Let’s be honest besides fans of the RE series the 9 foot tall woman is the only reason they bought the game

    • Wither
      Wither Před rokem +1

      its what everyone plays the game fore.....

    • **
      ** Před rokem +1

      got to give Zanny a hand for this one. pffff

  • dark_mind
    dark_mind Před rokem +3

    2:00 glad they actually have an explanation for how fuckin sturdy he is ! it's refreshing that a game acknowledges that the mc is invincible unlike 99% of other games

  • Sachi Y
    Sachi Y Před rokem +5

    the best part was how zanny was practically howling over ethans severed hand LMAO

  • 🍜Soupy Filth🍜
    🍜Soupy Filth🍜 Před rokem +3

    This guy is fucking hilarious---
    "in this village only evil resides, *BAHHHHHHH* "
    "I am but a humble merchant" " *nah your heart desease* "
    "Where do they have rose?!" " *fuck rose let's go home* "
    "Your tonight's main dish~" " *well tonight's main dish is aroused* "
    " *gets jumpscared* " " *SCREEEEEEEEE* "
    " *lady throws vanity* " " *God I wish that was me* "
    " *sees lady* " " *SCREEEEEEEEEEE* "

  • Bayequation1444 21
    Bayequation1444 21 Před rokem +15

    Ethan: loses both both hands "t'is but a scratch"
    He gets stabbed and jabbed multiple times "Flesh wound"

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades Před rokem +1415

    Three seconds in and Zanny has already tried to put Rose in a toilet

    • Ralco Gaming
      Ralco Gaming Před rokem +2

      His internet was being shit he had no choice

    • Nonpain
      Nonpain Před rokem +6

      @Epic your parents should have thought that too :D

    • Pufferfish90
      Pufferfish90 Před rokem

      Yo wassup vape cat

    • Epic
      Epic Před rokem +4

      i would too kids are a waste

    • Ace of Spades
      Ace of Spades Před rokem +3

      @Banana Banana yup

  • aj_ wlyms
    aj_ wlyms Před rokem +5

    I love how people are like “HOW CAN HE JUST REATTACHED HIS HAND LIKE THAT” like people forgot the fact his hand was STAPLED BACK TO HIS ARM

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez Před rokem +16

    Ethan: *gets hand cut off*
    Zanny: "I found that funny asf"

  • Tegan DiBenedetto
    Tegan DiBenedetto Před rokem +8

    his laugh is more contagious than COVID lmao

  • Grulple
    Grulple Před rokem +5

    2:19 when Zanny started feeling scared to stand up from his desk, I felt that ✊🥺

  • Joe Marshmallow
    Joe Marshmallow Před rokem +2229

    Daughters: *Intense laughing*
    Zanny: *Intense laughing*
    Daughters: 😅
    Zanny *More Intense laughing*
    Daughters: 😐
    Zanny: *Even more intense laughing*
    Daughters: 😦

    • 7.62×51mm gaming
      7.62×51mm gaming Před rokem +10

      save your wife and daughter:❌
      enjoy dying to 4 thicc vampire:✅

    • EVA-001
      EVA-001 Před rokem +37

      @Lowkey Arki Instead of doing the ceremony, Lady D just files a sexual harassment report on you

    • Joe Marshmallow
      Joe Marshmallow Před rokem +4

      @Dragoș Toma why thank you 😅

    • Dragoș Toma
      Dragoș Toma Před rokem +5

      Best comment lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    • neitherlink
      neitherlink Před rokem +81

      @Lowkey Arki imagine when they chain you up instead of crying you go “Al-right! Death by Snu Snu, let’s go!”

  • SimpBreathing5thForm
    SimpBreathing5thForm Před rokem +6

    The part that Zanny said your a heart disease to the merchant killed me man 😂😂😂

  • Jayceon Sanchez
    Jayceon Sanchez Před rokem +6

    “Alright where’s the oven” Had me laughing for the whole video lol

  • azzaoui anas
    azzaoui anas Před rokem +5

    8:49 that scream 😳

  • RetroPhoenix
    RetroPhoenix Před rokem +13

    Zanny's little hehehehehehe whenever either the daughters or Dimitrescu appear is hilarious

  • KaiYLX
    KaiYLX Před rokem +768

    They really should have an ending with Ethan deciding to be left hanging

    • Yoga Andriansyah
      Yoga Andriansyah Před rokem +1

      @Michael Fuchs I Mean when he escape he doesn't live longer tho😳

    • RU AL
      RU AL Před rokem +1

      I consider that canon

    • Michael Fuchs
      Michael Fuchs Před rokem +9

      @Krok Oh, yeah my Bad. I meant Far Cry 4 where Padan tells you to wait. Thx

    • Krok
      Krok Před rokem +21

      @Michael Fuchs You mean Far Cry? I haven’t played fallout so idk

    • Michael Fuchs
      Michael Fuchs Před rokem +24

      Like in Fallout 4 but here you live happily as their pet for the rest of your life, which isnt very long

  • Liam Liam
    Liam Liam Před rokem +1

    I love how Zanny really embodied the horror genre

  • Shadow
    Shadow Před rokem +9

    Zanny: It’s actually kinda cute
    Also Zanny: Weres the oven

  • Volcanic
    Volcanic Před rokem +8

    “Someone give me a hand”
    I fucking lost it and I wasn’t even a minute in.

  • Karl Jeffers
    Karl Jeffers Před rokem +1

    Zanny’s reaction at 3:00 is just so good.

  • Jackson Booth
    Jackson Booth Před rokem +729

    Lady Dimitrescu: *Exists*
    Zanny to his girlfriend: I have found a new apprentice. One far taller and more powerful.

    • A fellow crusader
      A fellow crusader Před rokem +1

      @Jackson Booth no I’m just confused that you managed to remember that line in turn it to something funny

    • Jackson Booth
      Jackson Booth Před rokem

      @A fellow crusader sorry, I was just trying to be funny. If I made you confused or upset, I apologize.

    • A fellow crusader
      A fellow crusader Před rokem +1

      W h y

    • ShadowReaper2006
      ShadowReaper2006 Před rokem +13

      His new apprentice is kind of a bully though. She turned into Wolverine and shanked him. Also, speaking of Star Wars, he should play Battlefront II again like once a month (not all the time).

  • Scratch5591
    Scratch5591 Před rokem

    Just recently subscribed, now I wish I had found you sooner. Damn good content and non stop hilarious moments! Love it man!

  • M3m3r420
    M3m3r420 Před rokem +3

    Miro: Having fun in the pool
    Kirin: I just want the commercial break to be all mine again

  • Max Binder
    Max Binder Před rokem +1

    Zanny I love your content but your dog breaks are so amazing and cute every time I instantly smile whenever I see them

  • Dizzy the wiz
    Dizzy the wiz Před rokem +1

    3 hours of content, put into a 9 minute video. The Zan clan needs to see more of the chosen one

  • Who_be_Dis
    Who_be_Dis Před rokem +1091

    Ethan has more hand injuries than all the Skywalkers combined.

    • Finley Simmons
      Finley Simmons Před měsícem

      @A royal duck *laughs in Tusken Raider*

    • Dashiec
      Dashiec Před 6 měsíci

      Still not as many hand injuries as Zanny had by the end of the Dimitrescu scenes

    • Sowi Wiodły
      Sowi Wiodły Před rokem +3

      That's because Skywalkers don't even have hands

    • Saad Alpha
      Saad Alpha Před rokem +2

      Don't you mean to say Vegeta

    • Ramil Sunga
      Ramil Sunga Před rokem +15

      @A royal duck
      Marvel: I used the stones to destroy the stones
      Star Wars: I used the chosen one to destroy the chosen one

  • Andrei Pascu
    Andrei Pascu Před rokem

    1:35 I like how on every sad death moment, zanny just laughs it off

  • Guardian-HeroSevron
    Guardian-HeroSevron Před 2 dny

    What a shame we don't get to see more of these cuz seeing your reaction to the other 4 boss fights would've been great 😂

  • Pitter Meister
    Pitter Meister Před rokem +1

    Yes,that was fun! I love how you enjoy to play! I should do the same and not allways be angry with myself because I do stupid things in the game....

  • Makeda
    Makeda Před rokem +1

    Your laugh when Elena fell was just beautiful~

  • Hystari
    Hystari Před rokem

    Zanny would make a Great dad in a horror experience I’m sure.

  • W.
    W. Před rokem

    this guy never failed to make me grin or laugh in every sentence he said

  • Little fox
    Little fox Před rokem +1

    If you're wondering why he can loose limbs and walk away just fine. It's because Ethan has been dead and a zombie of sorts since resident evil 1.
    Just a fun fact you might like to know.

  • Anime_Boy
    Anime_Boy Před rokem +6

    Ethan: gets his hand chopped off
    Also Ethan: puts it back on like a LEGO piece

  • Cosmic Pepe
    Cosmic Pepe Před rokem +312

    He said “I’m Asian, let’s not have high expectations”. I’m dead 💀😂🤣

  • Kevin
    Kevin Před rokem


  • Nemesis Ranger
    Nemesis Ranger Před rokem

    I love how zanny was lowkey saying everything I kept thinking when I played this game.

  • Wattson
    Wattson Před rokem +1

    8:04 Kiren looks so dead inside LMAO 😂

  • StarkSpider24
    StarkSpider24 Před rokem

    Just wanted to thank you Zanny.. I love how in spite of your best efforts you couldn’t keep a straight face for the gag at 0:52 😆🤣👏

  • Shard__Matrix
    Shard__Matrix Před rokem +559

    Aight where’s the oven? I pms with laughter within 45 secs. Zanny you are a legend

    • Cybermat47
      Cybermat47 Před rokem

      You had premenstrual syndrome from laughter?

    • whiskers
      whiskers Před rokem

      Put a dam cork in it

    • Zeegoku
      Zeegoku Před rokem +1


    • williepChamp
      williepChamp Před rokem +1

      Always has been

    • Opana!
      Opana! Před rokem

      Then you must piss your self everyday

  • MD_BU-88
    MD_BU-88 Před rokem

    Wasn't going to play this game but now I feel like I've played it 4 times. Thanks zanny

  • Menderino (Jade Rabbit)
    Menderino (Jade Rabbit) Před rokem +1

    Lmao those hysterical laughs when the hand gets chopped of and when you retrieve it

  • Jake Ruwe
    Jake Ruwe Před rokem

    I love that everyone who has played this game comments so consistently about Ethan’s hands being invincible

  • MelonMan
    MelonMan Před rokem

    Zanny laughing about how he lost his hand is just amazing

  • Jaylen Suarez
    Jaylen Suarez Před rokem +283

    "I'm Asian so let's not have high expectations"
    That had me rolling

  • Ricardo RC
    Ricardo RC Před rokem

    At the commercial break I went "Awww Mirooo" and then laughed at Kirin's face 😂😂
    Zanny, you have the cutest dogs

  • Otimo
    Otimo Před rokem

    Love how the stuff he poured all over his hand healed the clothes too lol

  • Christian H
    Christian H Před rokem

    6:01 Don't know why, but I also completely lost it laughing at those exact same consecutive moments.

  • big piki
    big piki Před rokem

    Love your videos so much, you make me laugh every time

  • 8Smoker8
    8Smoker8 Před 8 měsíci

    Love your references man, you're truly a man of culture. As well.

    TINKANT Před rokem +5

    Can't wait for that execution to be in For Honor

  • Father Pucci
    Father Pucci Před rokem

    I'd love to see a full play through

  • Spiffykanger
    Spiffykanger Před rokem

    the outro is just so wholesome It makes me smile and sometimes even shed a tear :')

  • Hadi Basil
    Hadi Basil Před rokem +626

    "That sign won't stop me, I can't read."
    Suddenly this all makes sense

    • Hadi Basil
      Hadi Basil Před rokem +11

      @mide The missions, the nightmares... They're all over. Rest in peace fives.

    • mide
      mide Před rokem +6

      All the nightmares

  • Carlson Dannis
    Carlson Dannis Před rokem

    These puppy breaks are what protects us from our fear, may they live on forever

  • Ian Garrabrant
    Ian Garrabrant Před rokem +1

    Me when I don’t see Kirin for the first part of the Miro break:
    Where is Kirin? Is he safe? Is he alright?
    Me 5 seconds later: oh thank colony he’s safe

  • Ren4issance -
    Ren4issance - Před rokem +1

    RE8 Devs: **try to create a legitimately threatening 9”4’ dominatrix villain**
    The entire internet: yes death by snu-snu please.
    RE8 Devs: **Turn said dominatrix into a terrifying mutant dragon halfway through the story**
    The entire internet: ehh. I’d still smash.

  • Bonefetcher Brimley
    Bonefetcher Brimley Před rokem

    8:47 Not gunna lie, I was expecting Ethan to do a rad knife twirl before plunging that rad goth dagger into lady Domitru's flesh.

    AFAQUE AHMED Před rokem +1

    Even a lycan can't take Ethan's wedding ring from him .

  • Mr. Scramble
    Mr. Scramble Před rokem

    Never seen someone turn a horror game into something so funny