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Elemental | Teaser Trailer

  • čas přidán 16. 11. 2022

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  • David Emanuel Rosini

    This is a perfect example of how you do a teaser trailer. You’re not getting a synopsis or plot of the the entire movie, but it perfectly gives you a setting and a vibe. That’s a teaser!!!

  • Scarlet Croc

    Probably not the first to point it out, but it is interesting how Ember is the only fire person on the train. We see plenty of earth, water and air people but no other fire people. Also love how the different elements interact with each other and just act in general. Air people can “stand” on the ceiling, a water person can make grass grow on earth people by sneezing, and so forth. Definitely looks to be a very interesting movie and even if it’s not great the world itself looks super imaginative

  • Samouha Bedira

    Please let this be as good as I want it to be

  • Batman
    Batman  +1


  • Sarahcorn
    Sarahcorn  +773

    This sounds like a very fun idea! I already really like elemental stuff but the detail in this the fire proof clothes for ember the water guys sneeze actually being useful for the earth guy the air/cloud people having roof seats because they can fly all of this has so much detail from simply a teaser. I think this movie is the kind of thing we’re even if it’s bad (not saying the movie or idea is bad I think and hope it will be very good) you can’t help but praise the effects!

  • Violet Purcell

    This is probably obvious but I like the detail that she has no reflection through the window going through the tunnel as she is just a bright light giving no shadow whatsoever.

  • Tundra Runner

    I like that Ember's actually careful not to bump into anyone. It's a nice change of pace from the usual clumsy character.

  • Hazel
    Hazel  +2

    Perfect, a trailer that doesn’t spoil the plot & gives us just enough to leave us wanting more. I’m so excited to watch this!

  • Artlins Artuls

    I love how they made some special zones for each element, for earth they made a kind of garden spaces, for water there are like pools and for air they can flip and stand/sit in the ceiling.

  • Illustration Princess

    I used to think

  • rose chan
    rose chan  +519

    I love the subtly of the different looks she get from some passengers. She is the only fire elemental in the train and some passengers don’t notice her but others do. Those who do notice her don’t smile but either frown or give a wary glance. The only one who does smile at her is a child who reaches out at her before being pulled backwards by their guardian, indicating that the child doesn’t know any better that she could technically hurt him and the parent believes she’s dangerous. Really interesting subtly details.

  • Hannahirvine09

    I love the ending of the trailer when ember and wade meet I it’s just so heartwarming to me ❤🔥💧

  • E-Washer
    E-Washer  +10

    I can’t help but notice the emphasis on the interaction between characters; everything one character does ends up benefiting another in some way. The only negative reaction is when Wade tries to help Ember, and slightly hurts her. Ember is also the only fire person in the train, and is seen moving carefully to avoid others. Perhaps that’s what the movie will focus on, Ember living in a world where it feels like everything she does either gets her hurt or hurts someone else.

    AMJH 4LAH  +42

    Wow. The animation...it's just getting better and better and better 😱

  • Mary-Jane Green

    Wow this looks like its gonna be a hit!! Pixar has been a little hit and miss for me lately so Im excited for this :)

  • HeartfiliaXSerena72

    I just hope it doesn't run into any controversies like Lightyear and Strange World. It has so much potential to actually be a great movie.

  • Christian Fowler

    I love how this trailer doesn't just try to appeal to children, and genuinely as an adult makes me excited and intrigued to watch.

  • Człowiek Animator

    This is going to be epic! I can't wait to see this movie!! 🔥💧🥔💨

  • Star Fyre

    I love how this teaser doesnt really show a problem, but it shows a vibe and an introduction of the world and the behavior of the characters.

  • Ben M.
    Ben M.  +32

    Fingers crossed Disney can redeem themselves with this one. 🤞