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Donkey Kong

  • čas přidán 6. 12. 2022

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  • WSteelix

    Dunkey really is the most consistent youtuber of his generation. I don't see anybody else honoring Donkey Kong December

  • Cobe Bass
    Cobe Bass  +434

    Looking at all those details, you wouldn’t think that Gameboy could have fit all that info into a game. That’s honestly impressive for that time period

  • MrArbaras

    I remember playing it on the GBC when I was 8 and taking forever to beat the intro levels thinking that it was just the same old game. When DK got back up and the next screen was completely different I nearly lost my underdeveloped pre-pubescent mind. I realized in that moment that nothing was real and everything society had taught me up to that point was all a lie.

  • gamefreaker321

    I’m a big fan of these video game histories. The twist of comedy you add makes it much more entertaining than other documentaries.

  • Beerforce
    Beerforce  +67

    When I first played the Gameboy game I really did think it was just a port of the arcade game, and thought I'd be playing the same few levels on repeat like in the NES version. Then, I was surprised to find out there was more. Oh so much more! And the little scenes in between worlds that were like a wordless tutorial for the new mechanics. Top tier Gameboy game!

  • dantheman650

    How are you so good at this? I'd happily watch a full documentary in this style (but I imagine it would be exhausting to make)

  • The Fat Piranha Plant

    I’m very happy that Dunkey is keeping the Donkey Kong December tradition up

  • Ned Flanders

    DK94 is absolutely amazing and it is criminal how overlooked it has been over de last 2 decades by the internet!

  • Light
    Light  +13

    Dunkey is one of the few who brings us together. He’s a real one ladies and gentlemen

  • younglinkms

    Yes! I'm so glad you spotlighted this game! An absolute gem. I sunk many hours into this game. The final boss was so epic too.

  • WIlliam Bater

    Watching how the mechanics of each character progressed over various installments is so awesome. Totally changed the way I look at the games.

  • Robrobrob

    That GBA donkey kong you showed was the first video game I ever owned. It blew my mind and set me up for disappointment because you weren't kidding, it was incredibly in-depth.

  • Aidswayz
    Aidswayz  +18

    Dunkey is such a great content creator that he didn’t even make a big deal or announcement about the return of Donkey Kong December. He just continues the tradition out of the kindness of his heart. Only something I can get from MonkeyManDunkey

  • Belal Ali

    I don't why, but I felt immense goosebumps towards the end of the video, as Funky's Fugue fades in and the anticipation in Dunky's voice.

  • Ace - Vi

    video game history with dunkey is a great change of pace

  • Douglas Hague

    This was one of my favorite gameboy games as a kid. always thought it was ridiculous how good it was. this and super mario land 2 punched far above there weight and still hold up today.

  • Usman Tariq

    Again Dunkey makes such a great content and listening to his narration of DK games is just so enjoyable to hear. Keep up the awesome work Dunkey.

  • John Brendan Mountjoy

    Thanks for uploading this in time for your bi-annual tradition of celebrating Funky Kong February, always my favorite part of the week.

  • Josh Briggs

    If Dunkey actually just releases these episodic instalments of a video essay that goes over the entire history of the donkey Kong franchise I will be extremely happy

  • KMAC
    KMAC  +1

    Actually one of my favorite Gameboy games as a kid. I got stuck on the airplane level so long, then, one day, I finally beat it! Such an achievement as a kid.