The OnePlus We Loved Is Dead

  • čas přidán 12. 06. 2019
  • Thoughts on the state of OnePlus and their phones including the OP7 Pro and regular non-pro OP7.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Před 4 dny +1735

    This new direction of OnePlus is a very different one. It's more expensive direction but it let's them make unique hardware and I like where they're going with it. Do you?

    • Prathmesh Deshmukh
      Prathmesh Deshmukh Před dnem

      In India the Onplus 7 starts at $480

    • Fennec
      Fennec Před dnem

      Really mad that One Plus isn't releasing the regular 7 here in NA. They may have lost what could've been a lifelong customer. I did talk to an agent though, and they said they *may* release the One Plus 7 in NA at a much later time, but he wasn't certain.

    • Mr. Doge
      Mr. Doge Před dnem

      I definitely understand this direction, but I don't like it. I loved Oneplus when I got the 3, but now Asus is the new Oneplus. Zenfone 6 is my next phone.

    • Stevo Z
      Stevo Z Před 2 dny +1

      Guys, the answer is obvious. OnePlus is Chinese, Huawei is Chinese, if OnePlus gets the Huawei attention from the US government, it will not be able to withstand the attack, Huawei is way stronger. North American market is not as attractive anymore because over the recent years it has showed that the American market is not a free market, it's a politically controlled market.

    • IG Academy
      IG Academy Před 2 dny

      its the gdp us clients can easily afford pro version since there are a lot of 1000$ stand sales in us

  • Meenakshi Venkatesh
    Meenakshi Venkatesh Před 7 hodinami

    Controversial Dave...

  • Prince
    Prince Před 8 hodinami +1

    Please maintain this aspect ratio.

  • Benjamin Burger
    Benjamin Burger Před 9 hodinami

    Dave, I need your advice, I can not decide what phone I want to buy. It is between the Oneplus 7 and the galaxy s10e. I can get the oneplus for 560 euros and the galaxy for 520 euro. Which phone do I buy? I like the software of the oneplus and the screen size, but the s10 is just more complete with the expendable memory, water resistance and wirelesscharging.

  • imdasupanoob
    imdasupanoob Před 10 hodinami

    You were the chosen one you were supposed to destroy apple not join them

  • DarshUK
    DarshUK Před 11 hodinami +1

    But... they ARE still budget. Premium smartphones are a thousand bucks

  • Kimi
    Kimi Před 12 hodinami +1

    This dude said Asia and India 😂😂

  • Jitendra Pandey
    Jitendra Pandey Před 12 hodinami

    North americans are rich. If they can pay 1000$ for iPhone then why 700 for onpelus. Or they just want to give money to Apple just because it's American company.

  • Brex
    Brex Před 13 hodinami

    So you're saying that the NA market is better for a company than the Indian or Chinese market, like really?

  • Byron Joel
    Byron Joel Před 13 hodinami

    Dave doesn't even breathe throughout this video😎

  • Uncle Toy玩具叔叔
    Uncle Toy玩具叔叔 Před 13 hodinami

    horrible title

  • 1080p official
    1080p official Před 13 hodinami

    exactly what i was thinking

  • Forsaken451st
    Forsaken451st Před 14 hodinami


  • Swastik Singh
    Swastik Singh Před 14 hodinami +1

    Oneplus has been always competing with the flagship phones at a cheaper price, since the price of the flagship phones had increased so has Oneplus's for obvious reasons.
    Dave is actually sad because oneplus had now become a threat to Apple.
    Also being honest who would buy the Oneplus 7 instead of Oneplus 7 pro.

    .... its not okay apple-fanboy to do these things being a influencing youtuber

  • Mike Herbosa
    Mike Herbosa Před 14 hodinami

    they did go on a different path.... oneplus is their flagship brand now, Vivo is the middle class, and realme for the budget... they are under BBK same owners as Oppo

  • Sooraj Al
    Sooraj Al Před 14 hodinami

    OnePlus love india🇮🇳

  • Gaming with Aks
    Gaming with Aks Před 15 hodinami

    When oneplus says "never settle" they address their prices

  • Suresh sunuwar Kimzung
    Suresh sunuwar Kimzung Před 15 hodinami

    Is Dell inspiron 15 5577 worth it? Please do Review in this...........

  • Prince Kumar
    Prince Kumar Před 16 hodinami

    I feel u r being butthurt ! There are many products and their policies which are not available in India

  • moonlite
    moonlite Před 17 hodinami

    dave, the 7 pro, the already invested a lot for the mechanic camera, if you on the market department, do you still wanna sell the 7 only? after they spend alot on 7 pro ?, im just sayin... maybe this is why....

  • Naveen Yadav
    Naveen Yadav Před 19 hodinami

    This video deserves one subscribe :).. yeah i agree that too one plus 7 should be available in other regions as well. One plus 7 is better deal compared to pro model

  • Dale Francis
    Dale Francis Před 20 hodinami

    Not a fan of the title lol, but good video nevertheless. No one would want to invest heavily in market that offers little return. But I would really love the 7T though, you know just to be up-to-date and all...

  • A. Vakarian
    A. Vakarian Před 21 hodinou

    Man I wanted you to explain why you praised the regular oneplus. You say that it's the more interesting but you don't say why

  • Sergio Ruiz
    Sergio Ruiz Před 21 hodinou

    the 1080 encoding is utter garbage... lots of macroblocks

  • Lucas Xie
    Lucas Xie Před 23 hodinami

    It might have something to do with the trade war.

  • Neelam Singh
    Neelam Singh Před dnem

    OnePlus 7 isn't 550$ in India . It sells at 32999₹ converting it to USD it becomes 470$.Yes cheaper than OnePlus 6.

  • Holair
    Holair Před dnem +3

    Oh no it's not dead. It's more than alive. Remember $1000+ flagships.

    • Hadrian Veska
      Hadrian Veska Před 15 hodinami

      Just wait like 4 months and most flagships are half price or lower

  • Zmaj Od Bosne
    Zmaj Od Bosne Před dnem

    I paid 750 $ for OnePlus 7 Pro 256GB but iPhone Xs max 256 Gb costs 1500$ here in Denmark. iPhone XR 256 costs 1000$
    So From my point of view OnePlus 7 Pro is dirty cheep compared to iPhones.
    However OnePlus 7 would be great choice for people who wants the phone with flat screen an not so bulky as OnePlus 7 Pro.

  • sagar khati
    sagar khati Před dnem

    1+7 or k20pro

  • Amir Farrokhi
    Amir Farrokhi Před dnem

    come on then.
    you're paying less than 700 bucks for a flagship
    they are doing well

    • Amir Farrokhi
      Amir Farrokhi Před 11 hodinami

      @Hadrian Veska the plus version is around 1000 bucks

    • Hadrian Veska
      Hadrian Veska Před 15 hodinami

      I paid $700 for my s10

  • Dhruvik Solanki
    Dhruvik Solanki Před dnem

    Google: hold my beer (after the tweet)

  • Sunil Swain
    Sunil Swain Před dnem

    I was inclined to buy one plus until 3t. Now they are just like any other brand. Just lesser versions of other flagships.

  • Serenity
    Serenity Před dnem

    Great example that there is no such thing as being loyal to your consumers. Only consumers become loyal and because of it, get taken advantage of. This is in general, not just 1+

  • PreE JitH
    PreE JitH Před dnem

    Watching on OnePlus 7 from India...with Love

  • Elias Lear
    Elias Lear Před dnem

    Is there even a too big of a difference between op 6t and op 7?

  • Look I am Watching you
    Look I am Watching you Před dnem +2

    We loved is dead??

  • KELLOGR 27
    KELLOGR 27 Před dnem +2

    OnePlus 7pro is still cheaper than flagship u can buy a S10e and XR for that price

  • E1i8
    E1i8 Před dnem

    Please review the regular non-pro OP7. Not only north america is watching you.

  • Govil Jagtap
    Govil Jagtap Před dnem

    It's ok one plus selling higher price in America .' as apple selling 2times costlier in Asia

  • Naim Murataj
    Naim Murataj Před dnem


  • Joshua Israel
    Joshua Israel Před dnem

    I had the first oneplus with CyanogenMod, it was a great phone, but if I'm going to spend $700 on a phone why would i just not get the S10+ for another $100, I feel they're making a mistake...

  • Mrigank Tiwari
    Mrigank Tiwari Před dnem

    I was thinking the same. The company that I have been an ardent fan of, no longer exists..
    They invest in marketing way too heavily, their phones are no longer in (or even near) the price bracket that they once targeted and their focus has shifted from being customer first to revenue first. I am not blaming them but yes, I am disappointed.

  • MY LEG
    MY LEG Před dnem +1

    What if you were to go to where the regular oneplus 7 was available, buy that, and than go back to america?

  • Alireza Nadry
    Alireza Nadry Před dnem

    It's sad that North America is so important!

  • joshua mora
    joshua mora Před dnem

    Kurzgesagt ‹3

  • Akshay Kumar T P
    Akshay Kumar T P Před dnem

    Oneplus is local

  • Nik Anak SangBapa
    Nik Anak SangBapa Před dnem

    this worries me

  • iban1228
    iban1228 Před dnem

    kurzgesagt videos look amazing on OLEDS

  • moh amad
    moh amad Před dnem

    I don't know whether you are being too soft on OP or I'm being too hard on them, but I can't tell the difference between OP7 and OP6T. other than placing this year Soc instead of last year. I can't see what the OP engineers did to the OP7 in order to recommend that.
    and since we are talking about if phones were sold in US, K20Pro can easily kill OP7 as it is way better in every aspect including the price. Xiaomi allows custom roms if people hate MIUI. I think OP7 has no excuse to exist other than maybe some leftover parts ordered for 6T and needed to be used and sold somehow.

  • up s
    up s Před dnem

    oneplus 7 has no way to compete against redmi k20pro

  • Fred Lime
    Fred Lime Před dnem

    Xiaomi > OnePlus

  • Khumbolawo Mussa
    Khumbolawo Mussa Před dnem

    Video sucks. Clickbait title. I came here to see OnePlus hate

  • Shubham Chakraborty
    Shubham Chakraborty Před dnem

    This is just pointless, I want my 5 mins back.
    Just put a tweet out asking them to release op7 in America.

  • Shreya Goenka
    Shreya Goenka Před dnem +1

    Xiomi takes the wheel

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Před dnem

    americanfags BTFO xd

  • Claudia Bailey
    Claudia Bailey Před dnem

    Why would the one plus 7 need to be available in the USA & Canada as you not long got the 6t from a marketing point of view for them it just wouldn't make sense

  • Prathmesh Deshmukh
    Prathmesh Deshmukh Před dnem +1

    In india the oneplus 7 starts at $480

  • what dafuq
    what dafuq Před dnem +15

    OnePlus: Never Settle
    Me: K... Switching to Redmi K20 bye.

  • Rohan P
    Rohan P Před dnem

    Watching this on the regular OnePlus 7, fantastic phone.

  • Cheng Kiang Ng
    Cheng Kiang Ng Před dnem

    The non-plus is not available in Singapore either.

  • Joseph Kamfwa
    Joseph Kamfwa Před dnem

    shut up

  • Kodax
    Kodax Před dnem +1

    Oh yeah its not like the One Plus 7 Pro is the best phone on the market right now, and pretty cheap compared to other flagships.....

  • N1C0
    N1C0 Před dnem

    basicly this video does not really matter to your avg. asian or west european viewer?

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith Před dnem

    Clickybait title much.

  • Tha Real
    Tha Real Před dnem

    The oneplus 7 costs exact The same as oneplus 6t

  • Sportysport
    Sportysport Před dnem

    Bold but smart move on behalf of OnePlus. They only offer the top of the line in America because they know we pay more for phones even when were broke. Not to mention that T-Mobile will finance the phone for you at around $15 per month, that ain't shit man and you get basically a flagship phone for way less that the other guys. Even if I had the choice I would still get the Pro variant because that's what I want.

  • Wright
    Wright Před dnem

    One plus one (opo)

  • dorothy tai
    dorothy tai Před dnem

    comment with oneplus 7 from china..

  • Arko Chakraborty
    Arko Chakraborty Před dnem

    Selling in North America you win? Why? There people buy premium phones in collaboration with service providers like Verizon at&t etc. so the real phone quality doesn’t matter. It’s brand which matters. In indian and Chinese market it’s not much of that scene. In reality the competition is much fierce and fair in this market, very healthy customer base, very technically aware and whichever phone wins this market really wins in every term.

  • Marco Rodriguez
    Marco Rodriguez Před dnem

    I liked it

  • Akhilesh Thapa
    Akhilesh Thapa Před dnem


  • Aravind S Kumar
    Aravind S Kumar Před dnem

    If we look into the products that one plus has released over the years.We can sort that one plus starting one plus 3 they making different products to raise the margin of the cost.
    one plus 3 $399
    one plus 3T $439
    one plus 5 $579
    one plus 5T $579
    one plus avengers edition $586
    one plus 6 $529
    one plus 6T $549
    one plus mclaren edition $699
    one plus 7 $543
    One plus 7 pro $758
    Each year the launch a product with base margin price then in next quarter they launch another phone with higher margin price with 2 or 3 extra features that we could get from other competing smart phone manufactures. This year One plus launched 2 phones at a time in Asia whereas One phone in North America. In upcoming Days we could see Oneplus 7 5G model with higher price and One plus 7T with much higher price.May be One plus 7T will have In display camera and full body to body display.

  • Is partisan zeal?
    Is partisan zeal? Před dnem

    One plus is dead as Huawei anyways

  • Michael Bob
    Michael Bob Před dnem

    At 1+7 price, you will choose k20 instead.

  • Drobo Stoko
    Drobo Stoko Před dnem

    Both trash phones, op7 was what supposed to ve op6T

  • Rajneel Anuraj
    Rajneel Anuraj Před dnem

    Why is everything always centered around America? The reason why OnePlus is selling a cheaper variant in those countries or regions is because Americans, compared to those countries have a higher per capita income and would be able to afford the OnePlus 7 pro. Even if OnePlus did make it available in America, it would sell a few thousand pieces more compared to the millions more in China and India.

  • Kalyankumar Ramaseshan

    So that's an recommendation for OnePlus 7 phone to buy outside of USA & Canada .. I have OnePlus 7 and it is absolutely wonderful except for the poor camera quality compared only to Pixel/iPhone X phones.

  • Ananth Ananth
    Ananth Ananth Před dnem

    Bro 1+7 5g support opposition settings

  • Karthikeyan M
    Karthikeyan M Před dnem

    Please do a review of One Plus 7, a viewer from India

  • PvtMace
    PvtMace Před dnem

    Can you make a review of the New XPS 15 when it is released. Please and thankyou!

    • JG14 Gerhard_Bar
      JG14 Gerhard_Bar Před dnem

      same shit. there you go you're welcome...Dell hasnt change ANYTHING besides the webcam placement and the standard spec bump. wait till 2020 Q2 if you're expecting anything more interesting to come from them chassis wise m8. the XPS is still going to be a thermal nightmare due to the components and inadequate cooling

      why i say this? i own both the 9550 and the 9570 XD only benefit for now is the price drops compared to what you'll be getting for the device for now.

  • Poornima Kammath
    Poornima Kammath Před dnem

    Alienware m15 r2 review plz

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole Před dnem

    Oneplus knows their market quite well. There's a reason why companies like One Plus, Xiomi, oppo (and sub brands like Poco, realme etc) choose to focus on marketting their phones very well in countries China and India. Those are the countries where they know value for money phones sell well. Those are the counties where people actually want the best bang for the buck smartphone.
    I'm sorry but majority of the people in USA will go for overpriced iPhones (and even galaxy flagships) regardless of the value for money alternatives from Chinese companies.
    The smartphone market share in USA very well proves this.
    'Why the One Plus 7 isn't being sold in North America' would be a better video title
    But yea you got more people to click on the video because it's clickbaity so oh well..

  • Debabrata Patra
    Debabrata Patra Před dnem

    This is how we feel when people in India gets iPhone at a higher price than US. One plus is love and will be loved. The iPhone is dead to us.

  • Marcus Xe
    Marcus Xe Před dnem

    These companies who don't innovate and keep undercutting prices of samsung and apple will one day be a victim of their own past. OEMs want money at the end of the day. Thank you Dave, you're the only smart youtuber who can see past this! :)

  • Rahstyles Dotcom
    Rahstyles Dotcom Před dnem

    I like the new shift that oneplus is doing.. They are catering more towards the american market now... We have the mentality well atleast i do... I dont mind spend several hundred bucks to get more bells and whistles ... I dont want trash.. To me its waste of money to settle for a basic model when you can pay a little more for the top spec.. Im telling you right now.. not alot of people will buy the cheaper 7.. I mean I looked at all the models.. The only reason i switched from s10plus.. is cause of the 12gb ram and the all screen.. which the 7 doesnt have...

  • Kurt Christian Ocampo

    i viewed videos in this channel from about 2 years ago. and now it has grown to 2 mil subs. a living proof that professionalism demands success. good luck dave! :)

  • The present INDIAN
    The present INDIAN Před dnem

    In America every one is Rich 😂💀
    So you deserve OnePlus 7 pro
    And not the OnePlus 7 it doesn't mark up to your standards man 😂💀😂💀😂😉😜😜
    I am a OnePlus 7 user
    Please let me know your thoughts & pease out

  • Mayur D
    Mayur D Před dnem +1

    Well your content and video title doesn't match at all!! I mean Why the hell OP is dead just bcoz it's not available in ur region? Really? I will keep it straight forward. Apple is selling phones in US. And here in India there price are 30-40% extra than there in US. Then too we don't say that Apple is Dead Or something. It's simple JUST DON'T BUY IT

  • Siddhant Baranwal
    Siddhant Baranwal Před dnem

    I am from India and think OnePlus knows how to make better software than any android skin maker out there even google

  • SiMaYaAk Ch
    SiMaYaAk Ch Před dnem

    This is the best review without any marketing gimmick and not getting overly smitten by the product.

  • AlKindi 49exe
    AlKindi 49exe Před dnem

  • AJD
    AJD Před dnem

    Asia AND India?
    Mind blown!

  • Anne Summers
    Anne Summers Před dnem


  • 4D_X
    4D_X Před dnem +2

    669 *for a phone* is nothing
    free shipping and 0 tax is amazing
    They also give u a case and a screen protector
    The OnePlus I know is still amazing
    (Wrote with a 7 Pro)

  • Shizzy Wizzy
    Shizzy Wizzy Před dnem

    OnePlus has lost it's way, for now Xiaomi is the only one consistently making TRUE flagship killers with low profit margins.

  • Free IS-BE
    Free IS-BE Před dnem

    OP8 800$
    OP9 900$
    OP10 999$ 😀
    "The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you... the people." 😂

  • ken juan
    ken juan Před dnem

    You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain...One plus is no longer focused on just providing value to customers not they are more focused on increasing their profit margins!

  • ryan zirnheld
    ryan zirnheld Před dnem

    When the OnePlus 1 came out for $299 the current iPhone cost $450... OnePlus hasn't changed it is still undercutting the same market

  • ijazzy2011
    ijazzy2011 Před 2 dny

    Pointless Video. Move on

  • worrell lewis
    worrell lewis Před 2 dny

    OnePlus made a name for themselves by listening to the consumer. But every year they seem to be making more and more unpopular descisions. Getting rid of the headphone jack, notch, popup cameras. They've slowly moved into the Apple mindset where they want to determine to the consumer what's best. I own a OP6 and I love it. But honestly I don't know if the next phone I get will be a OP.