The OnePlus We Loved Is Dead

  • čas přidán 12. 06. 2019
  • Thoughts on the state of OnePlus and their phones including the OP7 Pro and regular non-pro OP7.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Před 2 měsíci +2170

    This new direction of OnePlus is a very different one. It's more expensive direction but it let's them make unique hardware and I like where they're going with it. Do you?

    • J
      J Před 13 dny

      I dont participate often but here is my perspective. NA folks are usually tied to ecosystem Apple or Carrier and OP is going to have hard time in playing the game. Also a lot of premium phones in NA are usually leased or carrier free upgrades or more like DPP/trade in credits and OP is just trying to play that game.
      Atleast for me it never makes sense on spending $700 on OP when I can get a new Pixel 3 for 599 or like I got my Pixel 2 for $450 like an year back. People who seek value like me look for avenues are the one who consider OP as well. And getting OP 7 for ~ $650 may not work, as there would be lack of warranty claims and more importantly extended warranty or credit card offers I can double down on.

      Good luck OP!

    • Victa Nguyen
      Victa Nguyen Před měsícem

      I would of been loyal if they kept the low prices and flagship killer. Not expensive flagshit 🗑

    • Robert
      Robert Před měsícem

      Fortunately in UK we have the option to buy the OP7 besides the OP7Pro 😁. However prices are higher than the OnePlus we used to remember.
      We do have to mention that is is what happened to the Nexus series as well, long time ago.

    • Aristide Torchia
      Aristide Torchia Před měsícem

      You do realize that the OP 7 is still a relatively cheap flagship device, unlike the 7 pro? Bullshit video

  • Karthik Ranganathan
    Karthik Ranganathan Před 6 hodinami

    They don't have to sell it North America to be successful lol. They are hugely successful already just by selling in India and China, that's where the buyers are. So, no, stop thinking too highly about North America.

  • Newen hualpa
    Newen hualpa Před 12 hodinami

    Pelotudo, el oneplus 7 no pro se puede comprar en todo el puto mundo por ebay o amazon, etc

  • Hirak Mahanta
    Hirak Mahanta Před dnem

    Selling one plus products in India .... they are already winning..

  • FafA mnzm
    FafA mnzm Před dnem

    I've been thinking, how come we have 90 hz amoled display on oneplus phone but not on any amoled screen laptop and just 60 hz?!

  • JKOtv
    JKOtv Před dnem

    What you said in this video is very true but the amount of money people were used to pay for a good smartphone also changed. A few years back it was completely out of this world that somebody would pay more than 1000€ on a Smartphone and here iPhone XS we are. I remember back then when I bought my first smartphone it was around 2011/12 I paid 250€ for it and my mother did not let me take it to p.e classes because it was considered super expensive. Now I am lucky to get a decent processor in my phone for less than 400€

  • emperor
    emperor Před 2 dny

    jalta hai majnu😂

  • Nithin Ravi
    Nithin Ravi Před 2 dny

    Which is that game ??

  • cool
    cool Před 4 dny

    Watching this on k20 pro.
    Just 380$
    same spec as oneplus 7
    With no stereo speakers and UFS 3.0
    Seriously k20 pro is more VFM than onleplus 7.
    Same AMOLED display with no notch
    Popup camera although bit slow.
    Camera is way better than oneplus 7
    Battery champion.
    Oneplus only wins in software updates.
    Since I don't rely on xiaomi for software and only use custom ROMs..k20 pro is bang for the buck .
    What's not you get 256gb storage with 8gb ram for under 420$.

  • Peezy
    Peezy Před 6 dny

    Everyone knows the one plus 7 pro is the king right now. Sorry guys that's just how it is. Catch up

  • mc lotha
    mc lotha Před 9 dny

    Americans..... Americans... Americans... Americans........ Really? Centre of the earth?

  • Zwe Htet Nai Nai
    Zwe Htet Nai Nai Před 12 dny

    When will you make OnePlus 7 review?

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Před 13 dny

    Bro its doesnt matter if they sell in north america, it not alway that if america doesnt include in the liat it doesnt work or make profit😑😑

    5 SECOND CRAFTS Před 13 dny


  • Nazizus Salehin
    Nazizus Salehin Před 13 dny

    I am from Bangladesh, Asia. I also bought an OnePlus 7 recently. And it really feels good to use this phone. This phone serves a great within the budget of this phone...

  • Alfredo Mendez
    Alfredo Mendez Před 14 dny

    I got the oneplus 7 Red Edition 8GB 256 storage for $460 brand new! XD and you can find them on Amazon for about 480 to 550$ same 8gb and same storage!

  • ankit saxena
    ankit saxena Před 14 dny

    no headphone jack = no buy

  • El Pinguino
    El Pinguino Před 15 dny

    I'm in the United States, and I got a red OnePlus 7 international version from Amazon under $500, it's definitely available, you just have to know what it is

  • Mel Alcantara
    Mel Alcantara Před 17 dny

    good thing one plus 7 is available in the Philippines in digital walker shops.

  • Yue
    Yue Před 18 dny

    long winded video with no content. absolute state of dave2d

  • Bao Ng
    Bao Ng Před 19 dny

    click bait

  • awink mistav
    awink mistav Před 28 dny

    hi Dave , I am from 🇮🇳 and after looking at the current situation of OnePlus policy's laid out it makes me think abit conservatively about it's product. First off the pricing in India is really steep for the OP7pro & at least from the data it shows most consumers are eyeing the OP7 6/128 at close to 32999 INR.(the model not avail in N.A )
    my doubt in this company is still prevelent and I refuse to go with it's policy's. Infact I'am extremely happy with my qHD G6 since oct 2017 till date.
    I see Honor's Latest Kirin 980 plonked into the View20 as a fantastic value proposition
    (INR 26000) under cutting prices of the OP7 and also the newly launched K20 pro version which single handedly dismantle bulk nos that OnePlus was set to achieve by this half yearly sales figures. I need to get your thought's on which is best possible upgrade between the choice of devices that I just mentioned for closer to 550 usd value proposition ❓👀
    warmth n regards

  • Putochingarkabron A
    Putochingarkabron A Před 28 dny

    Americans complain too much and they are often biased, so let them just get whatever OnePlus has got the best.

  • Victa Nguyen
    Victa Nguyen Před měsícem

    Yeah its a flagshit

  • Siva Joseph
    Siva Joseph Před měsícem

    How much is SAR levels in oneplus 7

  • Siva Joseph
    Siva Joseph Před měsícem

    How much is SAR levels in oneplus 7

  • Gaurav Gaurav
    Gaurav Gaurav Před měsícem

    Hahah.. Sad for North America.. This vedio is just for North America people.. Nothing to do with phone specifications and quality.

    EDWYN K JOY Před měsícem

    U right

  • Hardik Pandit
    Hardik Pandit Před měsícem

    Review it Dave!!

  • Ranodeep Seth
    Ranodeep Seth Před měsícem

    lowkey clickbait

  • Denis vk13
    Denis vk13 Před měsícem

    Not everything rotates around north america

  • Pranshu Gupta
    Pranshu Gupta Před měsícem

    I am watching this video ON oneplus 7🤣✌️ , from INDIA baby

  • Jamie boyne
    Jamie boyne Před měsícem

    In Ireland it's exclusive to one carrier but we get the 7 and the 7 pro

  • Roberto Zozaya
    Roberto Zozaya Před měsícem

    Regarding prices, while OP 1 was cheaper than 7 Pro, prices overall were a lot cheaper than now. How much was an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S?

  • Nishant Wadhwa
    Nishant Wadhwa Před měsícem

    This is how some of the big companies treated India in the past. They released the product late and at unreasonable prices compared to other markets(Apple, Google). We Indians were initially like WTF but it was a perfect opportunity for OnePlus to grow its share. They too are becoming unreasonably expensive now but Xiaomi are on their tail with Poco F1 and K20.

  • Natan Facchin
    Natan Facchin Před měsícem +1

    Yes, although I have the regular 7 and it's a great phone. It seems like a better buy than the pro. Glad that they're selling it here in Europe. Too bad that's not in North America. :(
    Edit: if I was in the US I'd either import one or just get the pro :(

  • Aniadayahu X
    Aniadayahu X Před měsícem

    you title is misleading

  • John I
    John I Před měsícem +1

    Bought 6t from amazon...loved it til I realized no warranty so returned..bought 7 from eBay with 2 yr square trade it..didn’t like 7 pro too big too expensive..replacing my pixel 2 after screen fried in sun

  • Kusariyaro
    Kusariyaro Před měsícem

    "Penetrate America"
    Sounds sexual....

  • Cockpit Scenes
    Cockpit Scenes Před měsícem

    I don't get it. How does selling both phones in the US market hurt OnePlus. It just means the TOTAL number of phones sold would be much higher. So that's a bad thing?

  • Asami Kato
    Asami Kato Před měsícem

    Its a bit off-topic, but I'm gonna say it anyway.
    I _hate_ modern flagship devices. They're too big, too expensive, and too feature-packed for me. I mean, the OnePlus 7 Pro nearly has a *seven inch screen* which is bloody ridiculous for people like me who have small hands. Utter madness.
    I always regarded OnePlus as a flagship killer until recently, when I saw the OP6. They became the flagship. And I hate it.
    I use a BlackBerry Classic (3.5" 720x720 display, with a QWERTY keyboard) which is comparable to the width of an iPhone 6s, my former phone. The absolute limit for me is 5.5 inches, which I can't really hold properly. I'd prefer a phone with the width of a 6s, not something insane like the 7 Pro or the iPhone X series. Hopefully I can stay away from the phablet trend that is becoming the norm now. Sorry, big tech, I'll stick with my BlackBerry.

  • Hyptup
    Hyptup Před měsícem

    fuck OnePlus, 7 damn variations and no damn wireless charging.

  • Vishal Iohar
    Vishal Iohar Před měsícem

    ..i am planning to purchase new mobile phone which one is best 1+7 vs k20 pro

  • Moni singh
    Moni singh Před měsícem

    You always make sense

  • Jatin Agarwal
    Jatin Agarwal Před měsícem

    Watching on my OnePlus 7

  • Jatin Agarwal
    Jatin Agarwal Před měsícem

    OnePlus 7 in India is cheaper than OnePlus 6T (at the time of launch). What more does someone want? There is a reason this brand is doing well in India.

  • mustafa alattar
    mustafa alattar Před měsícem

    But I really dont get why you would recommend the normal One plus 7 over the pro, when even the pro is priced relatively cheap compared to other flagships.

  • aditya patra
    aditya patra Před měsícem

    When Americans realize sometimes their country doesn't matter

  • Fadumo M
    Fadumo M Před měsícem

    As a longtime OnePlus user I didn't even know that there was a Oneplus 7 available. That's sucks so much.

    • Deepak Bisht
      Deepak Bisht Před měsícem

      Yes there is a OP7 and the best past is here in India the launching price of OP7 is less than OP 6T.

  • KaranPwnsAll
    KaranPwnsAll Před měsícem


  • Sunriser
    Sunriser Před měsícem

    One plus should have just kept a smaller amount of regular 7 stock in the US for the people who specifically wanted that phone instead of the pro

  • Avinash Shekhar
    Avinash Shekhar Před měsícem

    Mate, truth is people of west can easily afford pro instead of the regular one. The company is wise in making decision.
    Come back here in India we have so much competition that even apple and pixel had to drop launch price just after 2-3 months.

  • AttackMonkeyz
    AttackMonkeyz Před měsícem +1

    I still have my OnePlus one, got it as a hand me down from my bro. Was and still is a beast!

  • Gianttechit
    Gianttechit Před měsícem

    dave i love u man but your wrong one plus is the undertaker of devices

  • Alchemist-A
    Alchemist-A Před měsícem

    This feels truncated, incomplete. I expected you to compare the two models in terms of specs & price.

  • David G
    David G Před měsícem

    Dave Lee, Do you think in the future of smartphones brands will be dominated mainly by Chinese companies, as you pointed it out, Oneplus became fifth.?

  • Ali Hosseinian
    Ali Hosseinian Před měsícem

    Hi Dave, thanks for the vid. If I purchase the international version of the OP 7 (the regular one), would it still be functioning in Canada?

  • Azad SIDDIK
    Azad SIDDIK Před měsícem

    Won't buy OnePlus phone anymore

  • Arib Anwar
    Arib Anwar Před měsícem +1

    The OP we loved had a HEADPHONE-JACK

  • ZephyrDavid
    ZephyrDavid Před měsícem

    Why only just EU, Asia or India?
    Because the minimal wage in EU countries like Hungary is around ~ €500/month., or even worst!
    This may an affordable in this area not the a One Plus 7 Pro that high price! This way too much. North America can afford this thinks like Apple product etc.

    R P SINGH Před měsícem +1

    Watching this video on ONE PLUS 7 🤣🤣

  • Jevin Purnell
    Jevin Purnell Před měsícem +1

    The views

  • Marko Barko
    Marko Barko Před měsícem

    In EU, we have freedom oj choice.

  • Shrikant Radhanpura
    Shrikant Radhanpura Před měsícem

    Dave my friend, that came from the heart! The biggest reason can be because that category works a lot in India especially! There's Samsung A series out there Vivo,Oppo,Realme etc! The opportunity for One plus is bigger in South Asian markets due to value it provides in that range! Tier-2 people buy phones ranging $400-600! Probably saturation might be the fear,but i do think Pixel's 3A lineup will give a battle down here in India

  • vinodana herath
    vinodana herath Před měsícem

    which version of regular oneplus 7 would be better if you want to use in north america GM 1900, GM 1901, GM 1903 or GM 1905 ?

  • Sahil Ohlan
    Sahil Ohlan Před 2 měsíci

    They did same to usa what apple has been doing to India for years.Tit fot tat don't complain

  • Siddharth Raj
    Siddharth Raj Před 2 měsíci

    India is in asia

  • zwe htet nai nai
    zwe htet nai nai Před 2 měsíci

    Please make the full review for oneplus 7 .🙏

  • Tubby Custard
    Tubby Custard Před 2 měsíci

    It really is a shame that they didn't sell the one plus 7 in America, I would've bought that soo fast

  • Poe Tae Toe
    Poe Tae Toe Před 2 měsíci +1

    "Asia, India"

    weak geography right there mate

  • 0 Video with 100 subscribers
    0 Video with 100 subscribers Před 2 měsíci

    My mind : Samsung Galaxy S10+
    My wallet : OP7

  • Observant Indian
    Observant Indian Před 2 měsíci

    If only Oneplus does 3 things:
    1) 3.5 mm jack.
    2) 2 years adp must include 1 time battery replacement.
    3) Stop chasing Ssmsung its already better.

  • Moda Facka
    Moda Facka Před 2 měsíci

    it's like oneplus banned itself from OU to Ubers

  • mvrck
    mvrck Před 2 měsíci

    hi dave, how about redmi k20 pro?

  • Tomi Yau
    Tomi Yau Před 2 měsíci

    Smart move not to sell the bulk to America tbh, You never know if Trump administration turns around and signs off another executive order for companies not to buy Chinese Products. Spreading your market through 3 regions is better. "Dont put your eggs in one basket" as the saying goes