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  • If having live wire in shower isn’t bad enough, these water heaters make you do it! How bad is it?
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  • Habib Ullah Emon
    Habib Ullah Emon Před dnem

    Can you make a true wireless charger

  • justin thomas
    justin thomas Před dnem


  • oberstoftogen
    oberstoftogen Před dnem

    0:56 "Since you can buy these in Canada, you would assume that it's tested and safe."
    Only if it's approved by CSA, cUL(us) or cETLus. Almost certainly the unit you bought has no government oversight and is being sold illegally. For some reason Amazon seems to get a free pass for selling unlicensed products.

  • Alim Yu
    Alim Yu Před dnem


  • Rock All Around
    Rock All Around Před dnem

    Not sure how his home is still tough

  • Costa, H.T.
    Costa, H.T. Před dnem

    It's not our fault if your houses have a shit electrical system

  • Yahushua Jahweh
    Yahushua Jahweh Před dnem +1

    I got eletrocuted ones in Guatemala with one of these

  • Nelson Orozco
    Nelson Orozco Před dnem

    Can i have the oscilloscope please

  • Ken Ohara
    Ken Ohara Před 2 dny

    man you're hilarious 😂😂😂👏👏

  • Anthony Phillips
    Anthony Phillips Před 2 dny

    Tim Allen is back!!!! YEA!!!!!!!

  • Nightly 185
    Nightly 185 Před 2 dny

    YESSS 2600000TH SUB

  • Anderson DaMin
    Anderson DaMin Před 2 dny +1

    Brazil here. Now my honor is restored.

  • Zsolt Pinter
    Zsolt Pinter Před 2 dny


  • SpaceManMat
    SpaceManMat Před 2 dny

    Looks like you managed to get immunity to shocks.

  • Chitra Singha Roy
    Chitra Singha Roy Před 2 dny

    Make a IoT project

  • Tuff Kaya
    Tuff Kaya Před 2 dny


  • Andrés Oliveira
    Andrés Oliveira Před 2 dny

    Suisay wa ter sui zay

  • BiRDiE
    BiRDiE Před 2 dny +1

    *KUH-NOB* (5:49)

  • Nada Boni
    Nada Boni Před 2 dny +1


  • Saucy E
    Saucy E Před 2 dny

    “Or get cancer over time”

  • Yuwei Zhang
    Yuwei Zhang Před 2 dny

    Hes comparing the stove to shower

  • C HS
    C HS Před 2 dny

    How did I go from Doctor Phil to this.....

  • Mr Wonderful
    Mr Wonderful Před 2 dny

    I can’t believe I only just found this channel. Your actually super funny and smart

  • tob ffutsmodnar
    tob ffutsmodnar Před 2 dny

    Mate, buy some rubber.gloves.

  • TheEngineerIsIn
    TheEngineerIsIn Před 2 dny

    I wonder what will happen if the heating element fails and breaks open while you're in the shower...wanna give it a try? :)

  • Phobos The Kitsune
    Phobos The Kitsune Před 3 dny

    Never forget the spoon

  • Gospodin Jean
    Gospodin Jean Před 3 dny

    My grandpa (in Brazil) almost died because i installed one of these unproperly :D

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump Před 3 dny

    Speaking from experience these things can shock you
    However you're not gonna die hell it's not a strong enough jolt to even make you contort or even fall down
    It's really more of a minor inconvenience
    "Ow it shocked that kinda sucked"
    Was the worst experience I ever had

  • Před 3 dny

    Wellllllll.... aint that PWM basically?

    • Frizen Yeh
      Frizen Yeh Před 2 dny

      Not quite. PWM will keep the AC frequency. It mainly changes the wave shape

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga Před 3 dny

    How are you not dead

  • The Lonely Twinkie
    The Lonely Twinkie Před 3 dny +2

    “So I hate to say it but besides the *loose wires* and the fact that it *may set your house on fire* , it seems pretty safe”
    *i agree with your logic*

  • Prince Chawmin
    Prince Chawmin Před 3 dny

    LETS SEE THAT THIS GUY GETS WASHINGTONS ATTENTION. Hed make a great teacher. Education is your future... SEE THAT IT IS DONE.

  • Stormas3000
    Stormas3000 Před 3 dny

    That is something that someone would install on an old house and usually old houses are not ground protected.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Před 3 dny

    If anyone gets buzzed from taps and shower heads, get an electrician to check the Point of attachment links as. you may have a bad neutral link. The neutral is your return cable in a circuit and it is also earthed in your meter box. That earth usually goes to a spike in the ground and your water pipe, when the neutral is bad it will go to earth via your plumbing..

  • ProStyle
    ProStyle Před 3 dny

    4:37 i knew that was going to happen! Sorry for bad english if i wrote something wrong.

  • الكتريك ميكس

    Nice video

  • sheik mufeed
    sheik mufeed Před 3 dny +2

    Upload more videos... because i have watched all of them 😂

  • Mostafa Mohammadifard
    Mostafa Mohammadifard Před 3 dny

  • Josip Pukšec
    Josip Pukšec Před 3 dny

  • koila maoh
    koila maoh Před 3 dny

    , can you make a temporary plasma rifle?

  • Link Knight
    Link Knight Před 3 dny

    Did you realize in some the ground wire ATTACHES TO NOTHING nowhere near the water? Big cl!ve had it in his video on this thing.

  • sleaf6
    sleaf6 Před 3 dny

    Yeah I used one of these in Haiti
    And I almost died from a parasite

  • Flognop
    Flognop Před 3 dny +1

    I remember at a cub scouts kids camp here near South Carolina called pinehill or something the showers knobs would shock you like crazy. Now I know why.

  • Neha Agarwal
    Neha Agarwal Před 3 dny +1 can you check this out and tell that it is real or fake

  • Javier Da Rosa
    Javier Da Rosa Před 3 dny +6

    After using that shower alive, I felt like I was playing russian roulette and smearing barf with my hands.

  • Aaron Ortega
    Aaron Ortega Před 3 dny

    Can I be a patron even tho I'm 13

  • TheBloodMango
    TheBloodMango Před 3 dny +6

    I like calculators, and I want that calculator!

    It’s a joke y’all chill

  • Cristobal Merino
    Cristobal Merino Před 3 dny +1

    When do you upload? I need a new video :c ~ cries in low frequency

    • Hbadger1
      Hbadger1 Před 2 dny

      how the fuck do you cry in low freq XD

  • TheCatGaming
    TheCatGaming Před 3 dny

    i suggest how to make a capacitor smoke grenade

  • Amaury Balestrin
    Amaury Balestrin Před 3 dny

    If you have any doubt about our Brazilian "electrical installations", please search "gato energia" on google

  • CupofJoe
    CupofJoe Před 4 dny +1

    How the fuck is this guy still alive after all the times he has almost died

  • Neoximi
    Neoximi Před 4 dny

    gimmie away scope

  • David Espinosa
    David Espinosa Před 4 dny

    South American authorities don't give a rat's ass for the well-being of their people.
    But then, it's also matter that people here always pic the "moronest" for any Important charge, so there you go (and sometimes CIA puts them in charge, fuck 'em).
    Saludos desde Ecuador 🇪🇨😭.

  • Flykope
    Flykope Před 4 dny

    Hell yeah, electricity and water

  • Evan Heidingsfelder
    Evan Heidingsfelder Před 4 dny

    4:34 funny

  • Finn
    Finn Před 4 dny

    I'm kinde sad he didn't get shocked

  • Ahmad Shahril
    Ahmad Shahril Před 4 dny

    Hello, Death. We meet again.

  • Tigercat X
    Tigercat X Před 4 dny +8

    7:58 The spoon is offered by CircuitSpecialists

  • iJames
    iJames Před 4 dny

    i was expecting the CFI to pop

  • iJames
    iJames Před 4 dny

    i guess it’s oka in some country’s, survival of the fittest

  • iJames
    iJames Před 4 dny

    i love this😂😂

  • Ferdinand Magallanes II

    Do the Baghdad battery pleaseee 😁

  • Tony Galloway
    Tony Galloway Před 4 dny

    ELECTROBOOM I need some help. How do I brake something electrical without them knowing. I cant get it wet, I cant take it apart, I cant microwave it and I cant bang it without them knowing... any ideas? There can't be any evidence 🤔

  • XFuture
    XFuture Před 4 dny

    Mans vacuum sounds like a screaming woman 5:07

  • lucky ram
    lucky ram Před 4 dny

    Hi, this is Naveen from INDIA
    please judge this video that it is real or

  • Yosef Peretz
    Yosef Peretz Před 4 dny

    same issue when the failure is in boiler up on your roof , isnt it ?

  • Erol Demirbaş
    Erol Demirbaş Před 4 dny

    wheres the new videooo??

  • Lord Farqaaud
    Lord Farqaaud Před 4 dny +1

    You need to be careful man just seen where u got electrocuted holding sparklers very dangerous

  • Deniz Efe Toraman
    Deniz Efe Toraman Před 4 dny

    da metah mi mine!!! muhahahahahahahaha! jk...

  • Sad Cat
    Sad Cat Před 4 dny

    New video kejekekejegdhagdb

  • MrRvdbeek
    MrRvdbeek Před 4 dny

    🚿 of doom. Is it a hot shower?
    I see you drink the water is it warm? I thank you for the great work and I did have a great time watching this video. You are making a horror film too get in the shower wit your feet on the ground pipe. I feel nothing😂

    CIRCUITIX Před 4 dny

    *super video*
    *Notice* :Hii guy's support my Elecronic's Channel watch and join

  • Zuhair Alawad
    Zuhair Alawad Před 4 dny

    Hi ElectroBOOM 👋👋
    I know there is no a free energy device, but can you explain this device how its work??

  • TheHueisOver™
    TheHueisOver™ Před 4 dny

    I've been using these showers since i was a kid, (brazilian of course) and i've been shocked a lot of times, mostly when turning it off.

  • GerardoIx
    GerardoIx Před 4 dny +2

    Dude, I F#@%ing love your sense of humor =)

  • Ram
    Ram Před 4 dny

    Would plugging it into a GFCI outlet help ?

  • Lamster66
    Lamster66 Před 4 dny

    I'd love to see a video from you about how SMPS work and why cheap ones are so bad!

  • Deamon1333
    Deamon1333 Před 4 dny

    I think this shower is charge your battery!

  • Kick0your0ass
    Kick0your0ass Před 5 dny

    Hi mehdi, i think you would like to see this
    physics girl shrinking dimes with electricity

  • darknessblade
    darknessblade Před 5 dny

    A idiot's guide to stove repair use bare wires to measure voltage when probing

  • circuitBoard98 Javascript

    0:18 heh heh, shocked

  • ata shojaee
    ata shojaee Před 5 dny +1

    I have seen a device called josephson junction that can apparently creat current without any electromotive is seemingly constituted of two super conductors and a link between them.
    Wtf man? You can't move anything without energy.
    I suppose it can be a good subject for your next video

  • Songbird
    Songbird Před 5 dny

    I used to have a shower that every time it turned on for more than ~5 mins the breaker popped

  • ZY Johnson
    ZY Johnson Před 5 dny +1


  • ZY Johnson
    ZY Johnson Před 5 dny +1


  • Shreyas Devesh
    Shreyas Devesh Před 5 dny

    can i get an oscilloscope

  • bart hopman
    bart hopman Před 5 dny

    Hello kind sir and comment section, I have a question. The king of random once made a video about how he turned a microwave transformer into an ARC furnace that could melt various metals, I think he also used it as a stick welder. I have an electrode welder (I don't know if that's the same thing as a stick welder) and the carbon rods he used. Could I use my welder to melt metals like Grant did? Of course without destroying my welder. I don't know a whole lot about electricity but I learn from your videos every day. You have a great channel and I hope you will gain more and more subscribers.
    Sorry for my bad English
    Greetings from The Netherlands

  • Bahhou Hicham
    Bahhou Hicham Před 5 dny

    Thanks for putin your life in denger to entertaining us

  • Herobrine YT
    Herobrine YT Před 5 dny

    He is still alive,what a miracle

  • Ali Haider
    Ali Haider Před 5 dny +1

    نزللنه فديو جديد بداعت الخميني 😂

  • Adrian King
    Adrian King Před 5 dny +1

    I prefer suicide over watching the rest of this video.

  • Team Dank Memes
    Team Dank Memes Před 5 dny

    bro, you are almost there! 3M subs. what should Mehdi do? let's find ideas guys. mine is an electric chair.

  • Daniel Hetrick
    Daniel Hetrick Před 5 dny

    Here is a little circuit sim to use for purposes:

  • speedy boy
    speedy boy Před 5 dny

    is there anyone watching this for science or all of you guys are watching it for comedy

  • pipee 13
    pipee 13 Před 5 dny +1

    Like si venís del cosito del visto

  • Nexalian Gamer
    Nexalian Gamer Před 5 dny +3

    He hasn't uploaded in 2 weeks.I'm worried...

  • Mohamed Gamer
    Mohamed Gamer Před 5 dny

    انت عربي صح ؟

  • Varagoth
    Varagoth Před 6 dny

    I LOVE the little effects while he is talking about the new measurement thing

  • VcPirate HE
    VcPirate HE Před 6 dny

    I fucking love this guy, so funny. 😂

  • Dark Hero
    Dark Hero Před 6 dny

    Brazil ❤️