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  • prest1ge
    prest1ge Před 19 dny

    6:08 pretty good job

  • Djhddh Ffbdd
    Djhddh Ffbdd Před 3 měsíci

    44:46 I’m glad devs acknowledge things like this I’m happy😭😭

  • 桂木桂馬
    桂木桂馬 Před 7 měsíci


  • brandonTheGamer
    brandonTheGamer Před rokem +1

    Can you put back in legacy outfits

  • trentigalaxy
    trentigalaxy Před rokem

    new killer idea: *CHOP TOP* aka Leatherface's brother from Texas Chainsaw 2! and use the cavern map that Leatherface's family lives in!!!

    • trentigalaxy
      trentigalaxy Před rokem


    • trentigalaxy
      trentigalaxy Před rokem

      please! give Leatherface his lipstick mask with his wig and black gloves!!!

  • Ericplazgames 445
    Ericplazgames 445 Před rokem


  • Shnaggy Bxndz
    Shnaggy Bxndz Před rokem

    Um I think we did a pretty bad job so far ur game sucksssss

    XxxSUPERBEASTxxX Před rokem

    He reminds me of my Principle..

  • F_moss 14
    F_moss 14 Před rokem

    You should make slender man a killer

  • GotzThemHoppz
    GotzThemHoppz Před rokem

    Can u guys plz plz plz add game chat to ps4

  • Rhys Walker
    Rhys Walker Před rokem +1

    They need to make a new killer like scream and have Mindy as the survivor

  • cute c:
    cute c: Před rokem

    Wolf event coins are bugged! And terror radius

  • WolfyGirl SnowFighter
    WolfyGirl SnowFighter Před rokem

    how about the campers? really need to do something about that please

  • Iker
    Iker Před rokem

    A question the splinters of killers they are for all or just for some?

  • DioSebek1010
    DioSebek1010 Před rokem

    can I complete a objective of the winter event despite it being finished?

  • Classy Mexican
    Classy Mexican Před rokem

    So with this new emblem update how do you double pip for survivor.

  • Classy Mexican
    Classy Mexican Před rokem

    Please bring back some pallets playing stealthy is boring.:(

    • Classy Mexican
      Classy Mexican Před rokem

      Seth_Raven so then what’s the point of the game then not for fun

    • Seth_Raven
      Seth_Raven Před rokem

      It actually adds to the original element of the game, instead of just hunting the killer and bullying them.

  • sen doorer
    sen doorer Před rokem

    Pretty good job so far !!! 😹😹😹

  • Ramen 87
    Ramen 87 Před rokem

    Hello, yesterday was Valentine's day, so I thinked you can add a new killer named Harry Warden from a 80' film named My Bloody Valentine's. It's a Idea. Thanks you if you read this.

  • XxArturs xX
    XxArturs xX Před rokem


  • SolidThicc
    SolidThicc Před rokem +1

    You guys need to add a killer who is representative of the entity like mouth of sauron in LoR and/or team killer from TF2 sfm

  • Jasia Martinez
    Jasia Martinez Před rokem

    U should put twisty the clown from America horror stories in dead by daylight plz

  • tobi acosta
    tobi acosta Před rokem

    Jipperscreepers would be perfect with the crows!!

  • Fortnite Funny/Awesome Clips

    Survivors where you at!

  • mami bejaia
    mami bejaia Před rokem

    hi dead by daylight i want just say this game is verry cool and ona day i go to google and i finde somme killers is friendly . the kid .the housemaid . the funral it is a futur killers ? this is my qouestion thanks

  • lost7 broker
    lost7 broker Před rokem

    first person survivor

  • stepper Houser
    stepper Houser Před rokem

    I would like pennywise the clown dbd

  • Jasiaellia22
    Jasiaellia22 Před rokem

    You should do twisty the clown in America horror stories as a new killer

  • Mon Cheri
    Mon Cheri Před rokem

    Bring in Jeepers Creepers or Predator & Arnold!!

  • Alejandro Silva
    Alejandro Silva Před rokem

    I was thinking of how they should add chucky but at the same time how would it work??

    • Alejandro Silva
      Alejandro Silva Před rokem

      Seth_Raven bro that sounds good 🔥

    • Seth_Raven
      Seth_Raven Před rokem +1

      About the height of the pig's crouching stance, crawl under pallets, Drag people instead of carrying them, Knife as a weapon, Possessing other dolls across the map maybe?

  • Riley Killen
    Riley Killen Před rokem

    I just wanted to see if anything has been done to suspend this person: chclip.net/channel/UCili1AFSFIIaBpZzrV_D2mg

  • Xxdark1221xX
    Xxdark1221xX Před rokem

    Can u guys make a plat form for mac please look it's not always gonna be windows so can u guys please make it for mac???
    Really appreciated love you guys keep up the work

    • Xxdark1221xX
      Xxdark1221xX Před rokem

      Symebo Symebo ahh okay thank u for telling me thoo

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      no they said multiple times

  • CornOnTheCob
    CornOnTheCob Před rokem

    I would love a buff for Freddy.

  • Arek Kaloyan
    Arek Kaloyan Před rokem

    You guys should totally put scream in the game

  • Explosive
    Explosive Před rokem

    Pretty good job so far

  • XxArturs xX
    XxArturs xX Před rokem

    Can you add bill to ps4 plz

  • lava Lui
    lava Lui Před rokem

    They should add ghost face from scream everyone has a phone and it rings then thats person arus reveled for 7 secs

  • Static
    Static Před rokem

    Finally they're rewarding stealth! I hope they implement bloodpoints for stealth as well

  • berserkerzilla 808
    berserkerzilla 808 Před rokem

    Hey you should make pennywise 2017 for your next dlc many people will love it.

  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername Před rokem

    I made a petiton to get Ghostface added to dead by daylight. Sign it if you want.

  • Fortnite Funny/Awesome Clips

    I saw the trapper mask on your website and i think i know what i’m going to be for halloween.

  • Julio o
    Julio o Před rokem

    Eating bloodpoints = 'consuming' (/ being 'consumed') by 'working' to earn & later consume them again.
    ( personal impression )

  • Various Storms
    Various Storms Před rokem

    I'm thinking about getting this game on ps4 the only thing holding me back is how many players play the game if someone could tell me the daily players that would be great.

  • CynicalGhost
    CynicalGhost Před rokem +1

    So like... Is huntress a furry?...

    • Mr. Foster
      Mr. Foster Před rokem

      CynicalGhosties no, she just wears a mask that her mother made for her.

  • Aaron Fryer
    Aaron Fryer Před rokem +1

    Would love for you to add a xenomorph, would spice the game up a bit and would add something different and would be scary as fuck, putting a face hugger on a downed enemy and could instantly put someone into crawling phase with second jaw after being grabbed, would be sick

    • Mr. Foster
      Mr. Foster Před rokem

      Aaron Fryer the entity cannot take aliens, so there will be no xenomorph added to the game.

    • Seth_Raven
      Seth_Raven Před rokem

      Ripley as a survivor.
      Yea it would be interesting.

  • Ashlockheart
    Ashlockheart Před rokem

    Why are there Tutorials on how to cheat your game? chclip.net/video/k3ufYQF6sUs/video.html

  • Death The Kid
    Death The Kid Před rokem


  • Popomonke Koi
    Popomonke Koi Před rokem

    Does anyone know how I can email the dbd team? There is a bug on ps4 that when your internet crashes you lose rank. Even if you're not in game.

  • Vitor
    Vitor Před rokem

    Triple Bloodpoints please!!!

  • Nedwutt
    Nedwutt Před rokem

    They should add a new killer that isn't Licensed!

  • shiro shima
    shiro shima Před rokem

    pretty good job so far guys

  • Matei Bobes
    Matei Bobes Před rokem

    Why not add Jack The Ripper?

    • Seth_Raven
      Seth_Raven Před rokem

      Not exactly tied to anything, They could make a killer based on him though.

  • Sarah O.
    Sarah O. Před rokem

    Uh, also towards the end of your video (44:00) I'm pretty sure the triangles weren't blood points, but instead were your iridescent shards...

  • Sarah O.
    Sarah O. Před rokem

    It'd also be a really awesome idea to add an option for a one time use item(s) to throw something at the killer to briefly stop them like with the flashlight and pallets. It could be humorous objects like a beer bottle, a bar of soap, etc.

  • Sarah O.
    Sarah O. Před rokem

    An idea would be another gesture function like a hands up to signal stopping, or "wait". Could be used for multiple things.

  • yettered13
    yettered13 Před rokem

    14:20 the talk about the new killer for valentines day

  • Isentous Familiy
    Isentous Familiy Před rokem

    Hag needs a buff

  • FirstClass
    FirstClass Před rokem

    Where are you getting these stats from? Your community is filled with people who want fucking change. Haven't you learned what it feels like to be trolled when you went up against those asians? You clearly are ignoring the things that need to be fixed. We don't need a new rank system. Rot in hell you piece of shit...you and your gay fucking tattoos.

  • Josephine Reece
    Josephine Reece Před rokem

    Here is a new killer hellraizor

  • ZMDeadly
    ZMDeadly Před rokem

    Buff freddy