Dead By Daylight

  • čas přidán 13. 09. 2018
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  • TheShowtime
    TheShowtime Před 11 měsíci

    Please devs don’t nerf decisive strike, it’s already hard to hit the skill check and you only get one use.

  • rayaian alfraih
    rayaian alfraih Před 11 měsíci

    Your DBD server is still being crap you guys need to step your guys game up we always sit in a lobby searching for a game for 20-45 minis really getting annoying just to find a game

  • Appel Melk
    Appel Melk Před rokem

    Community manager... You mean Ugly Ass SJW Manager being too stupid to be even called a manager so just actually a better name is Ugly Ass SJW. Peace out

  • Nathaniel Calderon
    Nathaniel Calderon Před rokem

    The video doesn’t work for me

  • Frank West
    Frank West Před rokem

    I think we did a pretty good job so far

  • vbfnffc xcvxcbv
    vbfnffc xcvxcbv Před rokem

    use lag switch and hacked save since 2016.
    You can buy eac but you cant buy brain

  • Eeasy GamerTV
    Eeasy GamerTV Před rokem

    Is farming a ban discard?

    • Eeasy GamerTV
      Eeasy GamerTV Před rokem

      I only farm in Double bloodpoint weekend or if I'm leveling up a new killer and I have streamers

  • Don 500
    Don 500 Před rokem

    I just say with the new predator movie coming out I think y’all should add the new ultimate predator. Once again just saying

  • Gamerstan
    Gamerstan Před rokem

    Why are you always feel awkward

  • Kathleen Wylie
    Kathleen Wylie Před rokem

    Uh hello, hi hey sorry that I was late to the party everyone.I just got disconnected and what not, you know, with the family but I can see little has changed since last time I have seen those five tall I marks. Also if you are listening to this behavior, chose Roman, plz

  • NeoUmbrela
    NeoUmbrela Před rokem

    Dudes you should punish campers with something 😶

  • Mike Mac
    Mike Mac Před rokem

    How can the ban Discord chat? Or other 3rd party communication chat? There's no way they can find that. So when they get complaints about survivors/killers being unbalanced. That's probably a big part of the problem. PEOPLE USE 3RD PARTY CHAT. Balance this by letting people talk in-game.

  • Herzlos
    Herzlos Před rokem

    46:35 :
    Consoles Optimization? I hear that since the console release. And you have not done anything yet!

  • DarkWolf52
    DarkWolf52 Před rokem

    Also I think the grudge would be a good addition to but just putting ideas out there love your game keep up the good work

  • DarkWolf52
    DarkWolf52 Před rokem +1

    If yall can I love to see slender man as a killer I think he be a great addition to the game if not that's fine I'm just putting it out there since Sony ruined his reputation with that movie you guys put a lot of love into the killers and survivors you guys would do him right just like you did with Freddy Michael and the pig

  • David Torregrosa
    David Torregrosa Před rokem

    fix lame killers (campers and focusers) cuz they are fucking the game, each time less players and worst players....

  • Yukix
    Yukix Před rokem

    For me the new update never showed up ( I’m on computer)

  • Eeasy GamerTV
    Eeasy GamerTV Před rokem

    How exactly is lagswitching a temp ban? That can't be right.

  • CosFlow Effect
    CosFlow Effect Před rokem

    Asking for clarification. Disconnections = Cutting internet connection, turning off system or PC.
    Does "Leave Match" qualify as a disconnection, because survivors still get their bloodpoints?

  • Jake Estheim
    Jake Estheim Před rokem

    Instead of flashlights. Add weapons to instead.

    • Portie
      Portie Před rokem

      Youre joking right?

  • Juan Franco
    Juan Franco Před rokem

    Get 4 kills, swf is salty and reports you, u get banned.
    "Temporaly bans cannot be appealed"
    Pretty y good job, so far

  • CreativeUsernameEh
    CreativeUsernameEh Před rokem

    I think DBD would benefit from disallowing post-game communication between the survivor and killers. Keep a disconnect in place to prevent toxicity but also maintain that sense that the killer is the 'other' and can't be reasoned or argued with. Only after sending a friend request and have it accepted could you message someone.

  • Luis Melendez
    Luis Melendez Před rokem

    nerf hex ruin pls

  • dbd player
    dbd player Před rokem

    se sont des quebecois chuis sure

  • Benjo
    Benjo Před rokem

    bypass in-game ban with eac bypass :D

  • Simon Trujillo
    Simon Trujillo Před rokem

    Patricia is way better then "not-shit"

  • Simon Trujillo
    Simon Trujillo Před rokem

    I hate listening to "not queen" she sounds like dead rat sliding out dead Dwight's asshole

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes Před rokem

    I really think it's the spirit D.L.C I hope it is ,I am a loyal customer of dead by daylight thanks.

  • 醉生夢死
    醉生夢死 Před rokem +1

    wait,she said bilibili

  • Ymit1234
    Ymit1234 Před rokem

    can't you guys make an intro god damn it

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F Před rokem

    Thanks for keeping the community informed with the updates!
    Like the Filthy Casual shirt by the way.

  • Raoh Sama
    Raoh Sama Před rokem

    So who’s won a game of survivor lol

  • Flaggermusen
    Flaggermusen Před rokem

    Is anyone using custom crosshair layout when they are playing as the Huntress? Wonder if EAC is good enough to detect it... /sarcasm.

  • ShinyLightMoon
    ShinyLightMoon Před rokem

    Tho some DC's happens cus of the bad network

  • green retrogaming
    green retrogaming Před rokem

    we need Charles Lee Ray as a Killer !

  • RealLifeAndStuff
    RealLifeAndStuff Před rokem

    Obviously hey don’t know how to edit a video and we rely on them for decent updates. Lmao this game gets worse and worse.

    • Chewy Candy
      Chewy Candy Před rokem

      RealLifeAndStuff they are a relatively new company with DBD launching in 2016 so literally close to two years time.
      I’m not trying to throw shade either but the main building is located in a third world country.

  • HeavenlyClassic TheMightyHC

    Hope u guys make 2x blood while week for those of us who work .....

  • HeavenlyClassic TheMightyHC

    Oh just saw the discarded reports. Ok I'm not worried anymore. Thank u . I love teabagging to make killer angry and thus keep attention on me.

  • HeavenlyClassic TheMightyHC

    Y is there even a report player option . Pretty ridiculous seeing as how many players complain about everything just because u kill them. Survivors and killers cry too much about the dumbest things ,like serena in her tennis loss recently .

  • HeavenlyClassic TheMightyHC

    Maybe make a whole week for those of us who work on weekends? ):

  • HeavenlyClassic TheMightyHC

    I work those days tho :/ sigh

  • Andrews Spradley
    Andrews Spradley Před rokem

    Hope that you see this comment will consoles like Xbox one and pc be able to play together please say yes I am the only Xbox out of all pc friends and we want to play together

  • tubaharris
    tubaharris Před rokem

    Is discord or any other gaming chat service count as 3rd party software?

  • Inside
    Inside Před rokem +3

    30min of waiting before going live? You think you're rockstar or something? Fatstar would be more appropriate

  • Fedegames711
    Fedegames711 Před rokem

    Bueno esto es raro ya que estoy hablando en español en un canal americano pero bue..
    Desde mi punto de vista en el tema del banneo,hay un punto que hay algo que es toxico y el otro punto que es ser divertido ya que la implimentacion del banneo con razones del teabagg o campeo van a reducir la comunidad divertida del juego.Ya que lo que mas da risa en el juego son las personas que buscan fastidiar al asesino de la forma mas rara.
    Ya haciendo bodyblock o linternasos ultra chetos.Como puede ser que los asesinos hagan lo posible para no recibir el golpe decisivo o otra cosa...
    Yo creo que los banneos duraderos o permanentes ya sean por tebaggear hacer bodyblock o campear,tunnelear evitar DS entre otras le va a quitar su lado divertido a un juego grandioso.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Před rokem

    since the video wasn't edited yet....when it is, feel free to edit out audio and replace with the sounds of an escape hatch open

  • Mark West
    Mark West Před rokem

    What if a killer just has bad WiFi for a game or two? Would the system count that as lag switching?

    • Chewy Candy
      Chewy Candy Před rokem +1

      Lag switching is pretty easy to identify. Plus the people looking over reports would then go through data files -system notes - to finalize the procession in which the report was feasible or not. So I’d imagine they’d already thought of this.

  • Raijinbu
    Raijinbu Před rokem


  • RustyTheGreat
    RustyTheGreat Před rokem

    Stream sniping won't be banned yet you cant work together? Now I'm confused that's a huge contradiction... just lol. Not looking good from the twitch community devs.

  • mmultrafan
    mmultrafan Před rokem

    Community is source of inspiration?! Nea as killer confirmed!?

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Před rokem

    I’m excited for the new dlc and patch, the killer and survivor have great perks, and the wraith buffs are spectacular! I’m a little annoyed that we have to delay pc, but I guess anything to keep console players happy and quiet

  • Auz Ell
    Auz Ell Před rokem

    Lagswitching is a hack. Why the fuck is that not a permanent ban?!

  • Ry6n Cl6rk
    Ry6n Cl6rk Před rokem

    No cote= no view

  • Ty Hagen
    Ty Hagen Před rokem

    There should be a streamer mode option to decrease the likeliness of streamsniping

    • Portie
      Portie Před rokem

      Isnt there an option on Twitch do enable delay streams?

  • Dying Waffle
    Dying Waffle Před rokem

    This Q&A was literally reused questions that theyve received in previous Q&As -_-

    • Dying Waffle
      Dying Waffle Před rokem

      Chewy Candy i understand that. Facts remains they've done these questions before and have answered them the exact same way they did previously. Like. If youre going to say "its just not our priority" again why even bother answering the question. Move on to a question you havent been asked.

    • Chewy Candy
      Chewy Candy Před rokem

      Dying Waffle then these questions must be popular and in high demand for information regarding them. I know a majority of my friends and their friends want to know when a new game mode will come out because the main game becomes pretty stale the more you play.
      Think about it psychologically the more things that keep you busy and make you happy, the better the experience and most of those questions were regarding the mechanics of the game.

  • A ChaoticPrince
    A ChaoticPrince Před rokem

    If anyone wants to target a specific person, just use a red mori kill at least two people. It will be hard to use getting mori'd along with their team as evidence for a ban.

  • DS 61
    DS 61 Před rokem +3

    "Temporary bans cannot be appealed"
    Even though they are "temporary bans" they are still bans nonetheless and not being able to defend oneself with how toxic this game's community is is a VERY flawed move in my eyes. And based on how many hate messages I get, I'd be banned within the first week simply due to poor sportsmanship.

    • CaptainTenTen
      CaptainTenTen Před rokem

      If you on PS4 set your messages to friends only

  • ChairForceOne
    ChairForceOne Před rokem

    I have never and will never agree with disconnection bans. There are a multitude of reasons I will disconnect. For example:
    Your shitty game dumps less than 5 survivors into a match
    Your shitty game dumps only me, and the killer into the match
    Those are some GOOD reasons to disconnect. I am not interested in playing a handicapped match.
    However, even if it is not a handicapped match, even if we start the way everything is meant to start and I dc because of lag, or just because the killer was tunneling me I AM CONCEDING THE MATCH! They win, I lose. I get no points, the killer gets bonus points for my dc. If you ban people who disconnect you are effectively going to kill this game. ANY PvP game that bans people who disconnect will head straight into the trash

  • Tntank1127
    Tntank1127 Před rokem

    Is it bad I pallet loop? Meh course not

  • Ilgaz Çakar
    Ilgaz Çakar Před rokem

    Why bodyblocking is not a reason of ban? It is exactly that using the game mechanics to gain an advantage. It is a problem for both sides. Killers can bodyblock the entrance of the basement or can get survivors stuck on the corners. Survivors are always bodyblock hooks. I think it is an unconvinient game mechanic that should be prevented somehow.

    • Ilgaz Çakar
      Ilgaz Çakar Před rokem

      When a survivor standing right under the hook, nonway you can use that hook. If you hit that survivor, there are two more survivors to bodyblock you. It is an inconvenient game mechanic.

    • Medusa Saurus
      Medusa Saurus Před rokem +1

      They went over this. If it's a game stopping body block, as in trapping in corners- it is bannable. A killer can get around a survivor body block.