Dead by Daylight | Mash it Up #5 - September 27th 2018

  • čas přidán 27. 09. 2018
  • Clips and Artworks from the Dead by Daylight Community!
    Thank you to all the broadcasters, players and artists in this video!
    0:08 AngryPug - Butcher Move
    0:37 Cahlaflour - Boo
    1:01 Hexy - Voice casting #1
    1:10 Dv_Odin
    1:34 Kellko - Boo !!!
    1:52 Kimdoe - The Wig
    2:36 Tiankami - The Rock!
    3:09 Tru3Ta1ent - Mind Game
    3:37 짬타수아 - Copycat
    3:56 Itsturboalex - Mind game again
    4:09 Rubyscythe - Last minute catch
    4:37 AdmiralBahroo - Boooo !!!!
    5:03 Ohmwreckey - Invisible Adam
    5:31 Teddy2142 - Crawling?
    7:17 Adeloo
    7:22 Angelic_Kupua
    7:27 Erinour
    7:32 Jenny
    7:37 Sina Hofmann
    7:42 凛
    7:47 AE
    7:52 Peachy-Fren
    7:57 Nei Zvestny
    Please submit your mash up clip suggestions to the forums.
    It can be either your own or your favorite broadcaster!
  • HryHry

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  • Heath Ledger’s Joker
    Heath Ledger’s Joker Před 3 měsíci

    What’s the song playing in the background at 1:35?

  • EhCloserLook
    EhCloserLook Před 4 měsíci

    That last clip was kind of a troll IMO. GREAT art at the end of the vid tho!!!

  • Narri L
    Narri L Před 6 měsíci

    What is the song Tiankami is listening to at 2:37?

  • AmazingSeb8
    AmazingSeb8 Před 6 měsíci +1

    Friend: "My crush is coming, don't do anything weird"
    Me: 3:43

  • Maria Z
    Maria Z Před rokem

    Ееееее Тиан❤

  • asbocxnt
    asbocxnt Před rokem


  • HSF-xxAmorieloXX-HSF
    HSF-xxAmorieloXX-HSF Před rokem

    I'll draw a picture and send it to you.

  • 김다빈
    김다빈 Před rokem


  • 퍄 퍄
    퍄 퍄 Před rokem +3

    1:51 우리 김도아조시...!

  • GRZMOT 0o
    GRZMOT 0o Před rokem


  • Nightmare Foxy Surviver 2.0

    PLEASE more Mash it ups pls pls pls and nice video

  • CommmanderthornCG Playz

    I play dead by daylight to

  • CommmanderthornCG Playz

    Can you guys add scream dlc

  • Şener Kul
    Şener Kul Před rokem

    nice funny scream character ^_^

  • Zigsaw Gaming
    Zigsaw Gaming Před rokem

    Breakdown : when vault a pallet u run very fast for 3 secs. This has cooldown of 40 secs ( affected by vigil)
    Sacred : when got hit by the killer break into speed of 130 % of ur normal speed for 3 secs ( has cooldown of 60 secs), ( affected by vigil), ( doesn't trigger when get to dying state )

  • Milky Ryan
    Milky Ryan Před rokem

    Put chucky plz that would be a dream come true

  • nima kvd
    nima kvd Před rokem

    dont ways your time to play dead by shits

  • nima kvd
    nima kvd Před rokem

    and this is bull sheett game for ever

  • nima kvd
    nima kvd Před rokem


  • nima kvd
    nima kvd Před rokem

    the creator and all of you dead by daylight team are son of bitchs and killers fuck you moms and get the swords in your asses

  • Bobby Kimball
    Bobby Kimball Před rokem

    when will you disable window loop already and when do ragequitting survivors finally get a punishment

  • eray7641
    eray7641 Před rokem


  • JaidenYT
    JaidenYT Před rokem

    Dead by daylight i have An Idea make a dead by daylight story mode you know and see the Killers growing up as they are now like a orgin story please

  • AJ AK
    AJ AK Před rokem


  • Brady Kuhn
    Brady Kuhn Před rokem

    This has nothing to do with the video but is there anything you can do to reduce camping in dbd? I can already tell many people will say “you’re just a spoiled survivor main”. Which I’m not. The times I do play survivor and get camped, I feel it ruins my game experience because there is nothing the survivors can do to stop it. There is no counter play. BT doesn’t help either because chances are the camper will tunnel anyway so please. Do something. Anything.

  • TheShowtime
    TheShowtime Před rokem

    Please devs don’t nerf decisive strike, it’s already hard to hit the skill check plus you only get one use.

  • Sak O' Balls
    Sak O' Balls Před rokem

    Can someone tell me who are the fog whisperers

  • Tony Wizdard
    Tony Wizdard Před rokem

    It's fucking pebble time

    JACKPAMTER MCD Před rokem

    Introduce scream to december!!!

  • Анна •
    Анна • Před rokem

    Blyat ebat suka!!!)

  • Heath Ledger’s Joker

    At 1:21 Dwight’s death stare.

  • ShOckeD RaDiOo
    ShOckeD RaDiOo Před rokem

    I just though of my own killer and its just opinions so
    First off the engineer’s item is his own personal toolbox that can be used to tremendously damage generators,it has 350 charges with 40 beings taken away each generator.Every time you use your toolbox on a generator you will receive one slow skill check however the success zone is as big as the great skill check.
    When the process is finished it will take away at least 50-60% of the generator process away and cant be sabotaged twice.
    His 3 personal perks
    1:Heavy Lifter-Every hit with your weapon cool down is reduced moderately and 20% chance of a decisive strike not having effect
    2:Weak Spot-When you damage generators it has more effect in setting back process.
    3:You Become Obsessed with one survivor.When you lunge attack on your obsession,you will be able to lunge again for 1sec timer before your chance is gone.This can only be done once.
    I haven’t made the engineers back story so that is up to you guys to do so,let me know whats to OP or to weak.What should the name of perks be changed to,should anything be nerfed or buffed.Thanks and let me know what you think!

  • Constantino零
    Constantino零 Před rokem

    OHM FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kerem Polat
    Kerem Polat Před rokem

    Please kates america customizasion PLSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    C0SMIC F1RE Před rokem

    Pls give us servers for each country and the ability to choose your server, that would be much appreciated thanks :)

  • Necromant
    Necromant Před rokem

    Where is Genuine993?

  • magnolia
    magnolia Před rokem +1

    that last myers was dumb as a rock

  • MashedPopatos
    MashedPopatos Před rokem

    where are the glitch highlights huh?

    • vaiman7777
      vaiman7777 Před rokem

      Basically it was a weak spirit promo video.

  • Ve nom
    Ve nom Před rokem +1

    Itsturboalex sound like ninja the fortnite god

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake Před rokem

    I loved the fan art!

  • 박박하
    박박하 Před rokem

    KIMDOE is too early to us

  • Pogi
    Pogi Před rokem

    Off topic question. I was playing a game against a wraith and i heard his bell activation even though i was not even near him. Is it a bug or some sort of add on?

  • caarley
    caarley Před rokem


  • R. T.
    R. T. Před rokem

    5:03 OHMNATION!!!!!

  • The YD
    The YD Před rokem

    Pleas we Need Leatherface with new Skins. TCM from 2012 this outfit

  • Raw Game Clips
    Raw Game Clips Před rokem

    Do Art the clown for your next DLC PLEASE!!!!!!! If you don’t know who he is watch Terrifier....

  • The Rated Rockstar™ Official Channel

    Does anybody know who the next killer might be because I was hoping it was someone off a movie like Candyman? :) What you think?

  • Jessica Romualdo
    Jessica Romualdo Před rokem

    You should put the num as hunter and and I dont know about the survivor and put that in a test for people and see if that like that or not

  • Cristopher Hernandez
    Cristopher Hernandez Před rokem

    Fix the way how killers can hit you through the damn palette

  • ace.g
    ace.g Před rokem

    I'm waiting for OHM...and he is there..

  • なかむらちよ
    なかむらちよ Před rokem

    Wraith and Spirit would be so cute together :). They could hunt survivor's together forever in love Aww hehe.

  • XRAY 10
    XRAY 10 Před rokem

    Put pennywise in the game devs 😂😂😂

  • Black Hack xz
    Black Hack xz Před rokem

    We finally do good job so far 🤣

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Před rokem

    Report system is broken

  • BToTheA
    BToTheA Před rokem

    Why include that clip of the crawling escape? It's so boring and unoroginal.

  • Alysia Scott
    Alysia Scott Před rokem

    The copy cat girl was hilarious

  • Mary Mayfield
    Mary Mayfield Před rokem

    I love this game but it has so many things wrong. No new outfits for the PIG. Players camping and not playing .game ending after 5 min of play.

  • Thenewchildren 69
    Thenewchildren 69 Před rokem


  • jeholley 06
    jeholley 06 Před rokem

    Some guys just reported me because he thought I was speed hacking just because he lost against Myers,pfft ha

  • CrayteN
    CrayteN Před rokem

    2:35 ТианКами!!!!