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Fivio Foreign & Lil Tjay "Beat The Odds" All The Way To The Hip Hop Awards | Hip Hop Awards '22

  • čas přidán 3. 10. 2022

Komentáře • 428

  • Kickin It Wit Nique & Neisha

    I believe we all just happy to see Tjay still here

  • Vee Major

    I love how Tjay is still always smiling . The situation didn’t break him at all.

  • Moodyy
    Moodyy  +9

    the sample is lit on the fivio track, also happy tjay pulled trough man <3

  • Tierra Sanea

    The fact that this young man is still here and able to perform on that stage... That's a blessing. I loved this whole performance.💯😌✨🙏

  • Ulises Gonzalez

    Fivio and Tjay finally performing at the bet awards 🥺🥹

  • tayfrm704
    tayfrm704  +521

    I’m glad fivio getting the respect he deserves in I’m happy tjay healthy

  • Roxanne Mapache

    Happy to see TJay standing tall. We can’t lose anymore of our people 😢

  • againistallodds1

    I'll forever watch fivio perform and imagine Pop and Tdott being there

  • tommy blaze

    As a New Yorker every time I see fivio perform BIG Drip it gives me chills YUURRR!!!

  • honeyroasted911

    Lil tjay bout to make me cry. I’m happy he still doing what he love and not letting anyone stop him.

  • Taahir Petersen

    When he said, "Woo walk" I felt that🔥😩

  • Zariyah Nicole

    I’ve never heard of Lil TJay until he got hurt, but I was grinning from ear to ear just seeing he was up and able to perform like nothing ever happened. This was a blessing to see, and he was just as happy to be seen! 🙂

  • Tavon ThaTruth

    I hope TJay realize how blessed he is to be alive because he came close to being mentioned in that tribute song from Joey Badass. Those 7 shots ain't take his life🙏

  • Chantel
    Chantel  +46

    This is an emotional performance. this a 🖕 to the ones who tried to kill him but didn't succeed 💯

  • Bobbie Wayne

    I’m so proud of both of them !!!!!

  • Kenneth Francis

    3 years ago after 13 going on 30 I never would have thought Fivio would've been performing at BET at his level of success 💫💫💫

  • Farhaan 1805

    Tjay and fivio killed it the king of New York is back glad Tjay back and better with 2 performances since being back 🐐😈😈

  • Keke Phillips

    Lil Tjay is my lil sweetheart!! I’m so happy he’s still here to bless us with his music & talent!! Love for him always…🙏🏽💖💪🏽💯

  • Aaliyah Johnson

    You can see the pain in Tjay’s eyes as well as feel the pain I’m glad he is here

  • UnapologeticSage💋

    And they said he wouldn’t be able to walk again, I’m so happy he recovered so damn fast it made me so happy seeing him run up on the stage