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My friends and I making Black Ops Cold War funny

  • čas přidán 7. 12. 2020
  • HryHry

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  • Trin Diesel
    Trin Diesel Před 2 lety +9794

    This title would be more accurate if you were actually funny.

    • DreadWolf759
      DreadWolf759 Před 2 měsíci


    • Lightning Burn324
      Lightning Burn324 Před 2 měsíci

      I wonder hey Zanny can you video on Black Ops 1?

    • Uni
      Uni Před 4 měsíci

      @Mr Diggity lol it wasn't a hate comment it was a factttt

    • Luke_Simpson
      Luke_Simpson Před 5 měsíci

      Imagine getting pinned to get hated on

    • Hg Gs
      Hg Gs Před 7 měsíci +1


  • David M.W.
    David M.W. Před 2 lety +2545

    *Teacher:* How do you know so much about the Geneva Convention and US intervention?
    *Me:* _Gesturing to Zanny's COD playlist_

    • GAME INN 4500
      GAME INN 4500 Před rokem +3

      Well Done!!! 👍😎

    • Noah Bochsler
      Noah Bochsler Před 2 lety +4

      the geneva suggestion*

    • Xollistrea
      Xollistrea Před 2 lety +44

      The Geneva Suggestion

    • Gamfluent
      Gamfluent Před 2 lety +63

      Ah yes a perfect way of learning about war crimes is watching someoen break them all

    OBLIVIANGAMER 231 Před rokem +1559

    Zanny: *mentions world at war*
    Every grenade in a 10 mile radius: Allow us to introduce ourselves

    • Master Splinter
      Master Splinter Před rokem +11

      * hello darkness my old friend*
      world at war: let me cure your depression.
      Zanny : how?
      waw" 100 mile radius ganade every corner.
      Zanny: WT@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    • Dum524
      Dum524 Před rokem +22

      **ptsd bubble detonates**

  • Cole Braddon
    Cole Braddon Před rokem +1787

    I can't believe zanny is a percy jackson fan. He is a man of culture.

  • Darth Zayexeet
    Darth Zayexeet Před rokem +424

    Narrator: „You took the trail on the left“
    Zanny: *Immediately turns and goes right*

  • halfmettle alchemist
    halfmettle alchemist Před rokem +57

    "In other news, Activision is under investigation from Homeland Security"
    Well this joke aged like milk lmao

    • lordawsome
      lordawsome Před 3 měsíci +2

      More like a fine wine

  • Yumemi Yumemite
    Yumemi Yumemite Před 2 lety +3555

    Where is Tobey Maguire!? Is he safe, is he alright?

    • Aasrey v gopal
      Aasrey v gopal Před měsícem

      Nah fam, Nobody is safe when tobey is in the lobby

    • Gray Wolf
      Gray Wolf Před 2 měsíci

      @Patrick Thurston A small price to pay for salvation

    • PervyThePurgeTrooper
      PervyThePurgeTrooper Před 5 měsíci

      @zanny Bully Maguire must be fed his daily dose of memes or else he'll send the wheel after you again 😱

    • DarthVader
      DarthVader Před 7 měsíci

      He is alright

    • Alien Yees
      Alien Yees Před rokem +1

      @zanny i actually love the thumbnail while the toby ones are great variety is also great and equally as funny if not funnier

  • The Devs
    The Devs Před rokem +564

    “Do nyet do it, Mazon.”

    • JockeyField
      JockeyField Před 8 měsíci +4


    • jr muthan
      jr muthan Před 10 měsíci


    • Zergling
      Zergling Před rokem +1

      Think Mason, think.

    • Lego Jango Fett
      Lego Jango Fett Před rokem +22


    • Genericamerican
      Genericamerican Před rokem +28


  • Rhoda Marquez
    Rhoda Marquez Před rokem +185

    "Imma try a Russian accent."
    *Does Borat's voice*

    • Gary 108
      Gary 108 Před 11 měsíci +1

      Very Niiiiiiice

  • typical person
    typical person Před rokem +769

    **"female operator deleted"**
    everyone: w h a t

    • Danial Yousaf
      Danial Yousaf Před rokem +4

      @ay lmao lol. I am a gamer after all.

    • ay lmao
      ay lmao Před rokem +3

      @Danial Yousaf 14:07

    • Oriondawn
      Oriondawn Před rokem +12

      @Danial Yousaf That would've been so good.

    • Danial Yousaf
      Danial Yousaf Před rokem +49

      It's such a dumb thing lol. A better alternative would've been "dropped the bitch".

    • Matheus3511
      Matheus3511 Před rokem +18

      Its tango.

  • Just a random polar bear with internet access

    Imagine playing Anakins Betrayal with you killing Your “former team”.

  • Griff Rodney
    Griff Rodney Před 2 lety +5141

    Zanny: *Mentions World at War*
    *That one grenade that didn't make it into the world at war video* : It's my time to shine!

  • Smokey
    Smokey Před rokem +105

    I love how zany yells “STEALTH” as he announced the ambush

  • Lupe
    Lupe Před 2 lety +372


    • sharkwithnotoes1
      sharkwithnotoes1 Před 11 měsíci +1


    • Ooz
      Ooz Před rokem +5


    • Matthew E
      Matthew E Před rokem +1

      Time stamp?

      THEBF NOOB Před rokem +6

      Mason! Vote for trump mason! Vote for fucking trump!

    • andres felipe
      andres felipe Před rokem +11

      @Tyler Henry it's too based

  • Stay Home Hub
    Stay Home Hub Před 9 měsíci +35

    Zanny “I serve the Soviet Union”
    This didn’t age well

  • SniperPlaysVr
    SniperPlaysVr Před rokem +289

    Zanny “They brought Ak47’s to a bow fight”

  • biological boi
    biological boi Před rokem +57

    Now THESE are youtubers I can actually enjoy watching and you earn a subscription.

  • Arkanova
    Arkanova Před rokem +117

    Zanny: "All i see is a Rolling Stones concert"
    Absolute gold

  • Sanil Vidhani
    Sanil Vidhani Před rokem +183

    “Nuclear pokeball”
    -zanny 2020

    • typical person
      typical person Před rokem +2

      theoretically a nuclear pokeball, or a nuclear ball could very much be possible, we just haven't seen it yet

  • nhlwillie77
    nhlwillie77 Před rokem +37

    “Women are always wrong” Most gamer thing I’ve ever heard said

  • GigaChad
    GigaChad Před 2 lety +1162

    Zanny,”The commies are back making pokeballs.”

    • Kanye East
      Kanye East Před 2 lety +2

      I will never forget all I see is a rolling Stones concert

    • The one and only Detraebean
      The one and only Detraebean Před 2 lety +3

      Genuine question. Can a pokeball actually house a nuke like it can house giant pokemon?

    • Melissa Harway
      Melissa Harway Před 2 lety +2

      The Soviet union has catched them all due to the people having to give theirs to the state

    • Matt
      Matt Před 2 lety +3

      @andrew miller the nukes we need to denote them from stalingrad not lengraid comrad

    • Legna
      Legna Před 2 lety +13

      Holy shit. The most terrifying weapon

  • Axe the Viking
    Axe the Viking Před rokem +29

    "My father..."
    "That's not Reznov."
    Smh Zanny doesn't know his Black Ops lore

  • Snowflake
    Snowflake Před rokem +53

    Zanny:I beat world at war on hardened. World at war: hears name and spawns grenade

  • Kami tachi
    Kami tachi Před rokem +367

    I was confused about the Mini Ladd quote for a second there, then I remembered.

  • ZegPath81
    ZegPath81 Před rokem +37

    “I’m sorry. I take the Geneva Convention VERY seriously”
    He takes it so seriously he didn’t say Geneva Suggestion.

  • a random squidward
    a random squidward Před 2 lety +1411

    "guess who's back" intro hasn't happened in a long time

  • Leon Zhang
    Leon Zhang Před rokem +78

    The US has 15 million COVID cases.
    Zanny: USA! We are numba one.

    • Womper
      Womper Před rokem

      Get subbed to Leon 😳

    • Long Yu
      Long Yu Před rokem

      Robbie Rotten intensifies

  • SideStep
    SideStep Před rokem +9

    "Times up kid"
    Zanny: "The clock never even started"
    That was dope as hell

  • SlightKnight
    SlightKnight Před 2 lety +218

    My name being Mason and you guys yelling "Mason VOTE FOR TRUMP"
    Maybe I am a republican

    • OxygenWaste
      OxygenWaste Před rokem +3

      @Kattalyst Ah yes right wing people can't tolerate humor of stereotypes of their party because humor is limited to the left wing. As somebody party of the right wing, I think his jokes are hilarious so I don't know what you're talking about

    • B Luis
      B Luis Před rokem +2

      @Kattalyst what’s wrong with being right wing?

    • Kellie Drouin
      Kellie Drouin Před rokem +2


    • ShadowReaper2006
      ShadowReaper2006 Před rokem +3

      @Kattalyst, I can assure you that I am a right wing nut job.

    • Kattalyst
      Kattalyst Před rokem +4

      @ShadowReaper2006 I'm getting concerned that the people here are actually right wing

  • Dxvourer
    Dxvourer Před rokem +26

    "MASON VOTE FOR TRUMP" I lost it when he said that I could not stop laughing like literally I laughed like goofy from mickey mouse

  • Hollow
    Hollow Před rokem +5

    “Glad to see you still care”
    “I don’t”
    Wow that was both hilarious and badass

  • Eobard
    Eobard Před 2 lety +9

    0:49 whoever did this, i laughed and choke one my food, this kind of laugh was needed thanks

  • loogan
    loogan Před rokem +15

    Zanny: see’s a grenade
    World at war flashbacks intensifies

  • liam
    liam Před 2 lety +9

    The mission where you go into you’re “memory” took me an hour because I kept disobeying Adler. It sucked.

  • Asternshelf24
    Asternshelf24 Před 2 lety +717

    Zanny: *Mentions World at War Difficulty*
    Treyarch: "So you have chosen death"

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson Před rokem +84

    Jesus walks into a motel room and sets 3 nails on the counter and says, "could you put me up for the night?"

  • ij137
    ij137 Před 2 lety

    I'm having a depressing day. Thanks for the content Zanny, you make quarantines and lockdowns a little more bearable.

  • Walter Olavarria
    Walter Olavarria Před 9 měsíci +1

    The amount of joy in this man’s laughter

  • Ford Runolfsdottir
    Ford Runolfsdottir Před rokem +9

    "Women are always wrong."

  • Ren4issance -
    Ren4issance - Před 2 lety +1770

    “I take the Geneva convention very seriously... I wonder if I can get a collateral on this.” ~ Idk Sun Tzu probably

  • Destroying Legends
    Destroying Legends Před rokem +7

    Zanny: “250 PING?!”
    Me, and a lot of others: “First time?”

  • Kendira Collie
    Kendira Collie Před rokem

    Zanny and Kirin moments remind me of me and my dogs...he's right too. When they act cute to get their way my will completely shatter 🤣

  • LEO the commando
    LEO the commando Před rokem +2

    Adler: so you took the well-travelled trail on your left, not the-
    Zanny: nope, changed my mind, fuck you Adler 3:41

  • LRC
    LRC Před 2 lety +22

    "i wonder if i can get a collateral with this"
    *shoots 2 civilians*

  • Olorin Magus
    Olorin Magus Před 2 lety +473

    I’m actually impressed they actually put in an evil ending

    • Olorin Magus
      Olorin Magus Před 11 měsíci

      @Noriaki Kakyoin there you go

    • Noriaki Kakyoin
      Noriaki Kakyoin Před 11 měsíci +1

      America bad now may I have my likes

    • Olorin Magus
      Olorin Magus Před rokem +1

      @V.T capitalist dog. Everyone who’s done any reading could tell you that pigs are communist 😏😏😏

    • V.T
      V.T Před rokem +1

      It was the good ending . You capital Pig !

    • Robert Stewart
      Robert Stewart Před 2 lety

      @Leon Russell I think the point was to evacuate first

  • Zeo
    Zeo Před 2 lety +2

    Gentlemen! Kirin commercial break begins at 10:02

  • Vulomviir _
    Vulomviir _ Před 2 lety

    Always having a good time watching Zanny play game

  • UnimpressedGojira
    UnimpressedGojira Před 2 lety

    Yo....that twist in plot was actually pretty cool!
    That's awesome they're really taking more hints at branching the story more, just like in BO2.
    However, they were very on the nose about it, so of course the story would end immediately after successfully betraying the CIA and your fireteam.
    All in all tho, that was cool to see, zanny! Still funny as ever too!
    Happy Holidays to you and to everyone!
    *Long live the Soviet Union!*
    ...wait what?

  • Richard Reiben
    Richard Reiben Před rokem +1

    zanny: says world at war
    every hand gernade in existence: "allow us to introduce ourselves"

  • Manley
    Manley Před 2 lety +5471

    Hello father zanny you don’t know who I am but you used my meme once at the end of a video and thank you that made my entire week

  • Xavier Johnson
    Xavier Johnson Před 2 lety

    The videos you make with your friends are some of the best things in this world 😂

  • Elian Tonietti
    Elian Tonietti Před rokem

    Zanny laughing while murdering his old team at Cold Blood was pretty intense

  • Susan Hart
    Susan Hart Před rokem +1

    "the path split near a ruin"
    starts going left
    "so you took the well travelled trail on your left..."
    starts going right

  • Nico 33
    Nico 33 Před 8 měsíci +4

    This didn’t age pretty well

    • epicpuppyman
      epicpuppyman Před 3 měsíci

      But the USSR doesnt exist anymore

  • Logan Sullivan
    Logan Sullivan Před 2 lety +768

    "You can really feel the exaggerated swagger of a guy who's got a job to do.."

    • Banana Banana
      Banana Banana Před rokem

      @Aarav A one more

    • Aarav A
      Aarav A Před rokem

      @HighGroundF he's close to 690 now ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

    • Logan Sullivan
      Logan Sullivan Před 2 lety +3

      @Alfayed Malik no it's not. Cause we've got a job to do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Alfayed Malik
      Alfayed Malik Před 2 lety +1

      This is gonna die out quick...

    • WeePhillup
      WeePhillup Před 2 lety +1

      Bell, we’ve got a job to do

  • Womper
    Womper Před rokem

    That moment when you realize zanny has good content outside of star wars games

  • Ghost
    Ghost Před 2 lety +1

    Trying to beat the first modern warfare on veteran was like trying to fight a lion with both your arms chopped off espically on that one mission where you had to get to the chopper on a time limit for me at least

  • masedog gaming
    masedog gaming Před rokem

    I love zany he just freaking makes everything funny

  • John free Punk
    John free Punk Před rokem

    Whenever I see zanny post a call of duty video.
    I cannot wait for him to start singing,
    “Please allow me to introduce myself”

  • The Man-DeLorean
    The Man-DeLorean Před 2 lety +1451

    Zanny: talks about Percy Jackson
    Me: Ah I see you’re a man of culture as well

    • Act 2 was stronger
      Act 2 was stronger Před 5 měsíci

      You mean Peter Johnson?

    • Tanmay Mishra
      Tanmay Mishra Před 10 měsíci

      @Dovahking Agreed. Mentioning them is nothing short of Heresy.

    • Peanut Butterman
      Peanut Butterman Před rokem +2

      @Dovahking ya what movies……I don’t know who wrote that

    • Dovahking
      Dovahking Před rokem +2

      @Khánh Bảo Đoàn Percy is short for Perseus, which is what his mother named him.

    • Dovahking
      Dovahking Před rokem +3

      @Peanut Butterman what movies, they don't exist, right? *wink wink * WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THOSE MOVIES, THEY ARE A DISGRACE TO THE PERCY JACKSON NAME.

  • The GamerSerpent
    The GamerSerpent Před rokem +1

    Damn I’d kill to play with you and group, you guys are funny af. Also what’s your recording set up.

  • KoopKiris
    KoopKiris Před rokem

    Screaming "STEALTH" as you fire a rocket directly into an enemy is gold

  • Angel Kitteh
    Angel Kitteh Před rokem

    Ah pity he didn't go into the underground tunnels during the memory recall mission or show the new zombie semi open world coop. Would love to see the reactions to these.

  • Private_Ryan1
    Private_Ryan1 Před rokem +1

    I actually loved Cold War
    its campaign was so good

  • Kana Cop
    Kana Cop Před 2 lety +765

    FBI: "Zanny, what are you doing?"
    Zanny: "Just playing some COD cold war."
    FBI: "You are playing on the American side, right?"
    Zanny: "Of course!"
    FBI: "Good. Bye."
    Zanny: "Bye."

    • A-10 Warthog
      A-10 Warthog Před rokem

      @Ludimeel Sorbo ha ha ha... Hauer 77 go booom......ch.......booom.....ch.......booom....ch (don't even talk to me aboput the gallo sa12 or I will garrote you with your headset's wire, even if it's wireless I'll find a way)

    • Isaiah Lee
      Isaiah Lee Před rokem +2

      @Alexander Godfrey Kleinhans "June 6, 1995..."

    • Khupkholun Kipgen
      Khupkholun Kipgen Před rokem +1

      Boom!*SovietAnthem plays* (nuke)

    • Ferdi the Tank
      Ferdi the Tank Před 2 lety +10

      Execute order 66

    • YuKi Plays
      YuKi Plays Před 2 lety +6

      FBI: okay thats it

  • Renátó Simon
    Renátó Simon Před rokem

    4:39 the greatest russian accent I ever heard in my life
    Zanny u always made my day

  • Sammy Jepsen
    Sammy Jepsen Před 2 lety

    Between you and me, you are hilarious! Keep up the good work. Don't listen to the haters.

  • DestinyNinja123
    DestinyNinja123 Před 2 lety

    Mentioning WaW difficulty in any fps game will always guarantee a grenade thrown at you.

  • Tom Heyes
    Tom Heyes Před rokem

    first time i’ve seen someone having fun while playing multiplayer

  • Darth Predator Hunter
    Darth Predator Hunter Před rokem

    You just made my day man, keep on the good work

  • Grahf Wright
    Grahf Wright Před rokem

    I just found your videos..They have enriched my life..Loved the iron sights quote 🤣 Keep killing it killer 😎

  • Connor
    Connor Před rokem +1

    The mini lad quote had me on the ropes 😂

  • Giga Chad
    Giga Chad Před 8 měsíci

    Once upon a time, woods would say "you cant kill me." And now he says nothing, because you can kill him

  • James Martin
    James Martin Před 2 lety +534

    “Mason, abolish women’s rights!”
    -Viktor Reznov, Vorkuta 1963

  • AmIsDum
    AmIsDum Před rokem +1

    “Is that a spy plane?” That was more Australian than British mate

  • Timothy Gagen
    Timothy Gagen Před rokem

    OMG that one mission on BO1 on veteran where you infiltrate the Soviet Missile facility was infuriating. I'm glad someone else shared this pain.

  • Travisman123
    Travisman123 Před 2 lety +5

    I can't get over how good his woods impression was

  • Lukyan
    Lukyan Před rokem +8

    Those movies really did suck, the book series was amazing though. Still my personal favorite to this day.

  • cody nagy
    cody nagy Před 2 lety +504

    Were is Perseus?
    Zanny: Dantoowine, they're on dantoowine.
    *Alderaan gets nuked*

    • Noriaki Kakyoin
      Noriaki Kakyoin Před 11 měsíci

      @CaveGhost Dantooine was in the first movie though

    • CaveGhost
      CaveGhost Před rokem

      @Bone he meant dantooine.
      it might not sound familiar because its a starwars legends planet.

    • Bone
      Bone Před rokem

      Do you mean Tatooine?

    • CaveGhost
      CaveGhost Před 2 lety +5


  • bjboss 111
    bjboss 111 Před 10 měsíci +1

    *complains about ping below 300*
    "Allow me to introduce myself"

  • Thomas Walker
    Thomas Walker Před rokem

    I remember the first time my brother and I went against bots in black ops on veteran difficulty, it did not go well..... Until we hid in corners with only one entrance while shooting Stakeouts.

  • agent 0126
    agent 0126 Před 11 měsíci +1

    "In other news, Activision is under investigation"
    Well, that did not age well lol.

  • Commanderclown8
    Commanderclown8 Před rokem

    Everyone who chose the betrayal ending for their first playthrough is probably on a watch list now.

  • Ronan Mccabe
    Ronan Mccabe Před 2 lety +149

    The way he throws grenades while making a sun Zsu quote is full of the exaggerated swagger of the Zan man

  • Anas CODM
    Anas CODM Před 2 lety

    That woods impression was 10/10.

  • Julius
    Julius Před rokem

    Zanny: Aww Kirin you not allowed to be up here. No dont give me that sad eyes.
    Also Zanny 2secs later: Is happy because he did 3 flawless homicides

  • 3ofSpades
    3ofSpades Před 11 měsíci

    “In other words, Activision is under investigation from homeland security.” This is more accurate than ever, holy fuck.

  • mochammad aditya Ramadhan

    Sounds fun to play with your friends, unfortunately i have no one to play with :)

  • Zuko Jin
    Zuko Jin Před 2 lety +336

    Game: choose to save Park or Lazar
    Zanny: saves none and leaves while laughing at them
    Ending was only natural

  • Bruh
    Bruh Před rokem

    Dang that Woods impression is actually.........pretty good

  • Killer Orca
    Killer Orca Před rokem

    I still cant tell if hes actually meh at the game or playing poorly for laughs and hes actually fairly good.
    Or if the campaign actually just scales up massively in difficulty later on...could be either.

  • GR4PPL3R
    GR4PPL3R Před rokem

    kirin commercial breaks always make me happy :D

  • Raven
    Raven Před rokem +3

    When zanny finds out he can wallbang he’s gonna be mad

  • Sink
    Sink Před 2 lety +349

    Zanny: “ I take the Geneva convention very seriously”
    Also Zanny: “ LeTs SeE iF I cAn GeT a CoLlAtErAl On tHeSe CiViLIanS”

    • Isaiah Towers
      Isaiah Towers Před rokem +1

      Or that he literally calls for nuclear war lmao

  • Man Of Semantics
    Man Of Semantics Před 8 měsíci

    Am I the only one that re-watches this video for the masterpiece that is the voice acting?

  • Little kiri boi 2
    Little kiri boi 2 Před rokem +1

    Zany going left
    Adler: you took a well traveled on your left
    Zany: well now I’m not gonna do it* proceeds to turn around and go right*

  • Calamity Caliber
    Calamity Caliber Před rokem

    Zanny: I take the Geneva convention very seriously!
    2 seconds later:
    Zanny: I wonder if I can get a collateral.

  • T. V.
    T. V. Před rokem +1

    "I take the Geneva Convention very seriously"
    **Proceeds to load magazine**

  • Luis Santiago
    Luis Santiago Před rokem +2

    That scream he does at 2:42 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr HighRin
    Mr HighRin Před 2 lety

    Should stream so we can see you come up with these "jokes" on the spot