As I was lucky to get a ticket for the champions league final I needed to find a way of getting to Madrid! Flights were so expensive and with Tottenham also being in the final all the flights from London were ridiculously expensive too! In the end I thought Ill try and find the cheapest car I could find and I managed to find a Skoda Favourit for £40! Now lets see if I can get this car to Madrid to watch Liverpool fc win the Champions League final 2019!
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    martin sawh Před 5 hodinami

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  • Military Style Watch & Long Lost Gems

    Hero Ben

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    DaGamers. Před 5 dny +1

    Can't afford a plane ticket to madrid
    *wears 150£ air pods*

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  • Cameron Evans
    Cameron Evans Před 8 dny

    Hello @Simon Wilson I love your videos I am going through a touth time with family and outside the house right now and I am scared to leave my house I am only 17 and have massive problems I also have no friends and nobody to talk to my parents punch me a bit and life is so unfair and It would mean alot if you could shout me out in your videos my old friends watch them too so hopefully you can do that thank you?

    MY LEGEND Před 9 dny

    Can someone plz tell the song plzz 0:10

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    Ghaida H Před 10 dny

    Why o why the tv news just HAVE to exaggerate everything?!
    “Can't AFFORD to buy the tickets so he and his mates pitched in for a £40 car and got a heroes welcome”!!!!
    Just say he did and challenge and made it, that is IMPRESSIVE enough. No need to make up stories 😏

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  • Swaitek
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    1.woke up
    2.got rich
    3.bought a lambo
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    Being a United fan, I thought that was going to be hard watching that! Lol But once again you put out some top quality content! Keep up with the awesome vids, look forward for more to come! :)

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    Hi Simon

    Love the videos

    I have a challenge idea for you!
    Round the world in 80 day's skint ....

    1, You can start any ware in the world.
    2, You can use any help from subs only no stranger help.
    3. You must get at least 100 subs in every country you are in stay the night in.
    4. You have 3 life lines only! in no get out of situations.
    5. You must complete a full round the world in 80 day's
    6. You must provide evidence of the travel and experiences
    7. Full terms and conditions can be negotiated and these rules are not final.

    And with a challenge like this there has to be a wager fail or win if you fail at least you have more content win and i will give you 100,000 and i will count it into your hand upon your return. Can anything be achieved ???? let's find out!.


    • Chris B1
      Chris B1 Před 11 dny

      @DPN 5 My word is my bond....I will cont it into his hand in 50's.......Try me!

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  • jamiedempo22
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    Cstfsygwjwjetdgsunwmwjhhdgrejsimsjimdijp dij d
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