Top 10 Things To Remember Before Seeing Avengers: Endgame

  • čas přidán 12. 03. 2019
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    It's the movie 10 years in the making! We've all been waiting patiently for the follow-up to Infinity War, and it's finally here! What will happen to our favorite heroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther and Star Lord when this new movie is released?
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    List rank and entries:
    10. Half the Universe is Dead
    9. Thanos Has All Six Infinity Stones
    8. Doctor Strange Saw it All Coming
    7. Hulk and Banner are On the Outs
    6. Iron Man is Stranded
    5. Thor’s New Weapon
    4. Valkyrie’s Fate is Unknown
    3, 2 & 1. ?
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    If you are a fan of the MCU, then you HAVE to check out our Hardcore Trivia for MCU fans!

    • Eman Atta
      Eman Atta Před 5 dny

    • -Btw-my-name -is-carl-
      -Btw-my-name -is-carl- Před 7 dny

      Got 8/10!

      CORONADO 4LIFE Před 9 dny


    • Marcus Hamner
      Marcus Hamner Před 22 dny

      28 days and counting... #Endgame

    • Amnesia 68
      Amnesia 68 Před 23 dny

      +Eddy Madison 10-no one
      9-no one
      8-no one
      7-no one
      6-no one
      5-no one
      4-no one
      3-no one
      2-no one
      1-no one.
      chris evans as captain america is irreplasible like hugh jackman or ryan reyonlds or robert downey jr. chris evans will be the only true captain

  • Nemo -
    Nemo - Před dnem

    Captain Marvel is supposed to be the game changer it’s simple.

  • Stoopid
    Stoopid Před dnem

    I'll be disappointed if captain marvel kills thanos

  • Emilio Salazar
    Emilio Salazar Před dnem

    He forgot to remind everybody that Thanos is the bad guy and also that Tony Stark is Ironman.

  • Killmenow 56
    Killmenow 56 Před dnem

    Doctor strange would need to have the reality stone as well

  • Alex Svan
    Alex Svan Před dnem

    Ant Man should crawl into Thanos's ass and expand.
    That's it.

  • Christian Mark Nelson

    the gauntlet got rekt, so maybe he needs to find another way to use the stones

  • Mari Zhang
    Mari Zhang Před dnem

    Wanda foresaw Ironman in her vision...

  • Dani Chu
    Dani Chu Před dnem

    Remember that Spiderman DIDN`T FEEL SO GOOD at that time.

  • Bailey Lefevre
    Bailey Lefevre Před 2 dny

    The thing I dont understand is why didn’t doctor strange tell the other how they won that 1 out of 14 million

  • Mason Murphy
    Mason Murphy Před 2 dny

    Antman’s gonna go up Thanos’ butt and rip out his insides

  • Paul Yarbrough
    Paul Yarbrough Před 2 dny

    They gotta win the endgame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re fine out next week

  • Dabby Gal
    Dabby Gal Před 2 dny +1

    Well we know now Valkyrie is Alice because it an Instagram post where the alive characters are show alive and the dead characters are portrayed in grey

  • Sub Subash
    Sub Subash Před 2 dny

    I'm sure Loki will come back?????

  • liviu bardel
    liviu bardel Před 2 dny

    Thanos was so patetic weak ... i pity him .

  • Nenad Vuckovic
    Nenad Vuckovic Před 2 dny

    If a total number of all living creatures in the universe is an odd number, how a 50% devastation is actually done by Tanos? :-D

  • Yolande Fourie
    Yolande Fourie Před 2 dny

    I can’t wait

  • Steve Simon
    Steve Simon Před 2 dny

    Marvel Studios confirmed that Valkyrie was part of half that survived the executions at the beginning of Infinity War.

  • day6s enthusiast
    day6s enthusiast Před 2 dny

    "There's an Ant Man and a Spider Man?"
    idk why I laughed at this

  • Why does School exist
    Why does School exist Před 2 dny +1

    So if you watch Capt. Marvel the blue rock actually has another infinity stone in it. Just saying

    • 82jshea
      82jshea Před dnem

      You're welcome

    • Why does School exist
      Why does School exist Před 2 dny +1

      Ok, thank you

    • 82jshea
      82jshea Před 2 dny

      That blue cube is the tesseract and contains the space stone. Thanos already has it. Captain Marvel predates all the other movies except the first Captain America.

  • Rosauro Andaya30
    Rosauro Andaya30 Před 2 dny

    Is Deadpool In EndGame?

  • LuigiBoss12
    LuigiBoss12 Před 2 dny

    captain america dies confgirmed

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith Před 3 dny

    You don't need to know Tony is stranded. It's in the trailer but obviously it will also be in the film

  • Stampie Boeee
    Stampie Boeee Před 3 dny

    I really hope Goku shows up

  • Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed

    The next time we see nick fury he will be saying ucker

  • xcjaxx
    xcjaxx Před 3 dny +4

    This video was pointless. You cannot forget those ten important points from the last film. I thought it was going to re-cap 10 important points from iron man 1 up to captain marvel

  • salty sugs
    salty sugs Před 3 dny

    captain marvel has been gone because she's been out and about the whole universe tryna fix it.

  • Lj Monti
    Lj Monti Před 3 dny

    i was hoping that thor sister will join the war against thanos😁😁😁

  • Star Sidd
    Star Sidd Před 3 dny

    Groot also will come in Endgame look Thor's Axe he left his arm 😉

  • Bert439
    Bert439 Před 3 dny

    Mary Sue's save the day

  • MR. Anime
    MR. Anime Před 3 dny +37

    what if antman enter thanos's mouth and get big so that he will explode

    • Hannah Lydford
      Hannah Lydford Před dnem

      no his ass

    • Victor Figueroa
      Victor Figueroa Před dnem +1

      That is actually a meme at this point

    • sakhawat ali
      sakhawat ali Před 2 dny +6

      there is a fanmade sequence where Antman does just that.....except he went in from the butt and not from Thanos's mouth

    • MR. Anime
      MR. Anime Před 3 dny +1

      +Sam Fragoso it is easy to defeat thanos

    • Sam Fragoso
      Sam Fragoso Před 3 dny +2

      Dang I never thought about that

  • Biswa Ranjan Sahu
    Biswa Ranjan Sahu Před 3 dny +1

    Was the ant man scene there in infinity war

  • Max Berger
    Max Berger Před 3 dny

    End Credit sequence of Ant-Man and The Wasp is so stupid. I just can't accept that they are casually doing this experiment on a San Francisco rooftop, one day after New York's been attacked by aliens resulting in Iron Man and Spiderman missing, on top of the fact that a very public wide-scale invasion of Wakanda would be occurring hours before, and during this casual experiment.

  • Yoni Malka
    Yoni Malka Před 3 dny

    Great video mate!

  • gregory michael
    gregory michael Před 3 dny

    6. Iron man is stranded
    They showed in the trailer man!
    (;Endgame trailer )

  • Thanos theUndying
    Thanos theUndying Před 4 dny

    Just wasting 10 minutes of my life

  • jojaboi77
    jojaboi77 Před 4 dny

    Hulk n Banner aren't on the outs, Hulk's scared

  • LAO gaming
    LAO gaming Před 4 dny

    Urrrrr thanos wasn’t that unstoppable with all the stones, Thor almost killed him before he teleported away

  • Deminah Lovato
    Deminah Lovato Před 4 dny

    fact number 1: captain America is a captain

  • Freddy Perez Neris
    Freddy Perez Neris Před 4 dny

    Battles in New York and Sokovia where emergencies but Carol wouldn´t find out unless Fury made contact.

  • Leon V
    Leon V Před 4 dny

    You forgot the one and most important thing; Spoiler alert, the little critter who ends up saving the day is a blue hedgehog that happens to have not six but seven magic stones that make him way more powerful than this guy.

  • Marina T
    Marina T Před 4 dny


  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan Před 4 dny

    Heres another one you guys need to know Thor didnt aim for the head

  • alex sy
    alex sy Před 4 dny

    Welp, he doesn't have my stone so.....

  • GovernmentIsSuperfluous
    GovernmentIsSuperfluous Před 5 dny +4

    Decimation means to destroy 9/10ths.. Not 50%.... English people!!!!

    • David Airth
      David Airth Před 2 dny

      Sorry, 'decimation' meant the removal (i.e. killing) of 1 in 10, not 9, originally from a Roman cohort (and by their comrades), after defeat or disobedience; as Voltaire might say "pour encourager les autres". Latin, chums!

  • Aqib Banday
    Aqib Banday Před 5 dny

    Thanks to Thanos global warning is under control.

  • iiRoblix
    iiRoblix Před 5 dny

    Did yall see groot pick up thors weapon

  • windblade from caminus
    windblade from caminus Před 5 dny +4

    Beware Thanos, SHE'S coming to end your mistakes.

  • GondaFortnite 786
    GondaFortnite 786 Před 5 dny +1

    Sadly valkryie died of ligma due to an overdose of alcahol

  • Its_Just_Hayden76
    Its_Just_Hayden76 Před 5 dny

    1:53 you mean endgame?

  • Technical Vigyaan
    Technical Vigyaan Před 5 dny

    Ant Man thanos ki gand mein gusega

  • Miko's Hobby
    Miko's Hobby Před 5 dny

    More of like a "Spoiler" to me than to need to remember.

  • Casey Vandervelde
    Casey Vandervelde Před 5 dny

    At the end of the movie thanos does not have the gonglit

  • Erik H
    Erik H Před 5 dny

    Bring back Yondu 😥

    MOBILE GAMER Před 6 dny +1

    And FYI Valkyrie is alive. It was shown because of the new posters "AVENGE THE FALLEN". And Pepper Potts is alive. So what we know is Pepper and Valkyrie will be in Avengers : Endgame. And in my country, Avengers : Endgame is coming out on 26 April. And i will get those tickets WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!! R.I.P Stan Lee

  • Shanay Dawg
    Shanay Dawg Před 6 dny +1

    How come Fury's pager showed Captain Marvel's red and blue suit when at the time she would have had the Blue and aqua green one?( Insert X-Files theme/Illuminati song

  • Krish Kamath | ISWKi
    Krish Kamath | ISWKi Před 6 dny

    Do u think we’re stupid

  • malayali bro
    malayali bro Před 6 dny


  • John Morris
    John Morris Před 6 dny +24

    It's not Captain Marvel's fault that Fury didn't page her until the Decimation.

  • TRiKx
    TRiKx Před 6 dny

    I bet they end up getting the gauntlet use the time soon to turn back time before the decimation and kill him before he can kill half the universe

  • JJR11854
    JJR11854 Před 6 dny

    What about Adam Warlock...? His cocoon was seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, he has defeated Thanos more than once & he resided in the Soul Stone for years and came back..!? 🤔

  • dg dh
    dg dh Před 6 dny

    cant wait

  • Aze Cadavona
    Aze Cadavona Před 6 dny

    Remember when Doctor Strange said "It's the only way?". He also said that out of the million probabilities, there's only one chance winning. What if he really saw it, and the only way that will lead to their victory was to give the time stone to Thanos?

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV Před 7 dny

    Star Wars Ep. 9 December

  • metalsabatico
    metalsabatico Před 7 dny

    So pretty much just watch Infinity War.

  • james Last
    james Last Před 7 dny

    "thanos has all of the stones" NOONE EVER FORGOT THAT

  • Khristian James
    Khristian James Před 7 dny

    I just wanna know if all those other superheroes died

  • Aniket Ingale
    Aniket Ingale Před 7 dny

    This facts every one knows properly if u want to make video any stupid things u will make

  • Super Zamas
    Super Zamas Před 7 dny

    I don’t understand how captain marvel is now the strongest avenger, I mean
    In the comics, she is still weaker than Thor

  • mile club
    mile club Před 7 dny

    Number 1: Thor has strombreaker

  • Dustin McNab
    Dustin McNab Před 7 dny

    Ugh, why can't they make a recap video about things from past movies with spoiling stuff from Endgame?

  • harold bobotis
    harold bobotis Před 7 dny +3

    The only one that has seen Endgame thus far is Robert Downey, Jr. & playing it on loop @ his house on Easter Sunday.

  • Athe1st Mant1s
    Athe1st Mant1s Před 7 dny

    WhY DonT AnT MAn eXpAnD ThANoS AsS?

  • One in a billion
    One in a billion Před 7 dny

    Oh, I thought no one died

  • R. Carter
    R. Carter Před 7 dny +2

    "Officialy dubbed the decimation"... that's 10% so... kill one in every ten of (a group of soldiers or others) as a punishment for the whole group

  • Xx_Rayyan_xX
    Xx_Rayyan_xX Před 7 dny

    I thought thanos only had 1 stone😁😁😁

  • C&E movies&gaming
    C&E movies&gaming Před 7 dny

    who else thinks thanos should just snap the beat to a song

  • Alipsa Farm
    Alipsa Farm Před 7 dny

    I'm sure ravengers come to the aid for iron man or the zandar.

  • Carlos Andro Apostol
    Carlos Andro Apostol Před 8 dny

    This was all kind of obvious

  • Emily R Lambert
    Emily R Lambert Před 8 dny

    I thought the title said top ten things to remember before you sleep and I do

  • my world infinity
    my world infinity Před 8 dny

    What about Adam warlock you mofos???😭😭

  • AlejoConejo2209
    AlejoConejo2209 Před 8 dny +2

    1:27 Fact 9.5: Cap likes BANANAS.

  • Farid Pasha
    Farid Pasha Před 8 dny

    perfectly UNNECESSARY

  • Rems Left Foot
    Rems Left Foot Před 8 dny

    Wonder women was badly casted like who thought she was a good fit for the role like jesus christ.

  • Speed _
    Speed _ Před 8 dny +1

    Have you even seen the trailers?

  • antonio zhang
    antonio zhang Před 8 dny

    I take it plants are not living things as they did not disappear at all

  • Guess Who?
    Guess Who? Před 8 dny

    They say that Time Travel maybe the key to defeat Thanos in the next Avengers movie. But don't forget, Thanos has the Time Stone.

  • prashant sharma
    prashant sharma Před 8 dny +3

    0:28 Half the universe is dead, "you should've gone for the head"
    rhymes perfectly

  • A Potato
    A Potato Před 8 dny

    Really, mispronouncing Valkyrie?

  • Jalen Forty
    Jalen Forty Před 8 dny

    Anyone notice Thor says Nivadellir?? 5:05

  • Not Me
    Not Me Před 8 dny

    Why do I feel like Deadpool gonna finish thanos

  • Mr Vampire
    Mr Vampire Před 8 dny

    Thanos will be defeated by an right hand gauntlet made with Stark/Asgard technology worn by captain Marvel who charges it up with her power of feminism.

  • Michael Huzinec
    Michael Huzinec Před 8 dny

    how does thanos have all six infinty stones he cant even use them IT GOT DESTROYED WHEN HE SNAPPED HIS FINGERS

  • Paul & Wendy Archer
    Paul & Wendy Archer Před 9 dny

    If Thor was weilding Groot’s arm, shouldn’t that have turned to dust as well after the snap, seeing as it was a part of him?

  • hrishikesh Reddy
    hrishikesh Reddy Před 9 dny +1

    How endgame could be stopped:-
    1.Star lord should've not awoken thanos
    2.thor should've aimed for the head

    If I'm right please like here.

  • Miko Butterfly
    Miko Butterfly Před 9 dny

    1:26 bananas

    CORONADO 4LIFE Před 9 dny

    Half of the universe is gone but the other half is alive. We need them !!!!!!!!!!

  • Rickety Cricket
    Rickety Cricket Před 9 dny

    I hate the way you mispronounced Valkyrie

  • Amelia Lewin
    Amelia Lewin Před 9 dny +4

    There’s been a huge knot in my chest and it will not unravel in till I see Endgame

  • Supreme Goku
    Supreme Goku Před 9 dny

    But didn’t he broke the gauntlet