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  • ​Brilliant food tricks that will surprise you!
    There is no doubt that all of us go online or through social media to find the best recipes for us to cook. Whether these are for dinner, lunch or breakfast. What draws us to most recipes isn't the ingredients themselves but the appearance of the food and how appetizing it looks in the pictures. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some eye-opening commercial manipulations that will both anger and amaze you. We show you some tricky ways that restaurants use in order to drive more customers in with their delicious looking food. In addition to those, we show you some amazing cooking tips that you'll find extremely useful. We show you how to remove the color from strawberries as well as a delicious vegan recipe on how to make caviar.
    Have you ever wondered why cakes look so tall and well-put-together in pictures but in reality, they look completely different? Well, the secret is a few layers on cardboard boxes. You see, because the cream contained in the cake is so light, it gets pressed by the sponge cake on top. So, commercial and marketing companies found the perfect way to manipulate it by adding pieces of cardboard in between the cake layers where the cake should be. After that, they conceal the cardboard with shaving cream and they create beautiful looking non-cakes.
    It would take ages for most fast food restaurants to create a burger that completely represents the one shown in the commercial because the burger they put together to photograph is far from reality. They first toast the bun, and then they try to slowly add the cooked burger on top of the bun, they warm up a barbeque needle to toast the top of the burger and show that it was grilled. The add two slices of cheese and lettuce to make it look thick, and then to keep them all in place they add toothpicks. They then add the tomatoes on top and finally the top bun barely touching the tomatoes to make it look like it's filled with ingredients!
    If you've ever wondered why all fast food fries come all crumbled up in the paper box while the ones in commercials look so pretty standing all up facing upwards - then the answer is a piece of sponge. In order to make the fries look appetizing. They take a sponge and add toothpicks all over it. Then they pierce the fried by putting them on top of the sponge and then they transfer it into the takeaway container.
    Watch our whole video to discover how ice-cream is really made and many more food hacks we have for you! Stay tuned towards the end of the video where we show you how you can use many food products outside of your kitchen.
    0:11 - Food commercial tricks
    0:14 - How a cake is made
    0:46 - How to burger perfect looks like
    1:31 - The perfectly positioned fries
    2:26 - Shaving cream on cakes
    2:35 - How ice cream is really made
    3:49 - Soda tricks
    4:26 - Appetizing lemon water
    5:06 - Delicious black ice-cream
    6:30 - Vegan caviar
    7:35 - Ketchup hack
    8:31 - Different use for sprite
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    Can you guess the secret of this trick? 8:05 😉
    Smart tips for perfect skin > chclip.net/video/HfEIhGUMIu8/video.html

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    Never in my life have I known there was shit like instant mashed potatoes and self tanning spray.
    Also! 8:13 you're telling me that if I keep doing this on one bar of chocolate then I can magically be able to infinitely get chocolate pieces? *Seems sketchy, not gonna lie.*

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    Amazing food items and ideas

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    Your IQ:
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    FOX PARIDISE Před 20 dny


    FOX PARIDISE Před 20 dny

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