Trying Dollar Tree Makeup For The First Time

  • čas přidán 5. 05. 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm going on another adventure to try and find great, affordable makeup! After my testing TJ MAXX makeup video, I've gotten so many requests to try Dollar Tree makeup so here we are! I haven't been to a Dollar Tree in years so I didn't know what to expect! The Yelp reviews were scary but does the makeup work??? Watch and find out the REAL truth...
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  • Animals Are Our Angels
    Animals Are Our Angels Před 20 hodinami

    Still love “Your 100 year Old” beautiful Grandmother’s Video on how to apply makeup!! That was Epic! Also, loved the dog! Life was so simple back then!!!!

  • Victoria rose Caceres
    Victoria rose Caceres Před 20 hodinami +1

    Rosegold. Have you tried rose gold rose gold blush your best which one do you like or try? And rose gold lipstick gold eyeshadow.

  • Victoria rose Caceres
    Victoria rose Caceres Před 20 hodinami +1

    I like the nude eyeshadow palette are you selling my eyes my cheeks and my lips. Be thank you for sharing your video.

  • Z_Thrillix -_-
    Z_Thrillix -_- Před 21 hodinou

    Jeffrey star:it’s broken let’s get on that’s good.
    Also Jeffrey: chucks the non broken one in the cart and it breaks 🤣😂

  • Lidia Osorio
    Lidia Osorio Před 21 hodinou

    That milk is the milk they use in Mexico

  • Kaleigh Price
    Kaleigh Price Před 22 hodinami

    I followed you and morphe brushes on Instagram and I subscribe to your channel and turned on the post notifications. Love you Jerffree 💕

  • Chloe Jaru
    Chloe Jaru Před 22 hodinami

    I love the filler tree lip gloss it’s my fave

  • Dianah Angle
    Dianah Angle Před dnem +1

    Am anew follower but kind of confused is Jeff aman or awoman

  • VickVix 129
    VickVix 129 Před dnem

    our dollar tree is tiny and the ground is covered with products

  • Katie Brazil
    Katie Brazil Před dnem

    Did he pick a winner yet?? Omg I’m sooo fricken excited ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️💕💕💕💕💕

  • Tori c
    Tori c Před dnem

    I love you u are the best fuk whatever everyone else says😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Abigail Tang
    Abigail Tang Před dnem

    In China milk isn't put in the fridge so yeah

  • Keyla Diaz
    Keyla Diaz Před dnem

    The tapping on the poll hahahahah Work!

  • Project VoluptuousPH

    You look glamorous in all makeup! 😍

  • Rosedy Detayson
    Rosedy Detayson Před dnem

    Jeffree and Nathan sitting sweet in the beginning of the video is 😍😍😍

  • Audrie Haverfield
    Audrie Haverfield Před dnem

    Tell me how pores can look like a dump truck😂😂

  • Iries Santiago
    Iries Santiago Před dnem

    Tbh...whether dollar tree makeup be good or bad that eye shadow look brings out your eye color Gorgeously!!!

  • Jenn Ojeda jjang jjang man boong boong

    Jeffree: **puts eyeshadow sponge applicators**
    *Cristine has entered the chat*

  • Jeanette Pfeiffer
    Jeanette Pfeiffer Před dnem

    So true all of the other people are messing around there's only one person in a lane doing their job

  • Před dnem

    Love when he says "im not mad at it" lol

  • Amber Sims
    Amber Sims Před dnem

    Also i'm living for your tattoos so much

  • Amber Sims
    Amber Sims Před dnem

    I love you Jeffree!

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith Před dnem

    What i learned today: it’s not my make up. I just suck at doing make up

  • Creativitea
    Creativitea Před dnem

    Aw did he just put away that trolley what a sweetie

  • Leonardo Artist
    Leonardo Artist Před dnem

    First time seeing or even knowing about this guy...pretty cool BUT, how does someone so fashionable have a boyfriend who wears camouflage clothes-or camouflage anything? Other than soldiers or hunters, NO HUMANS or even animals should wear that shit. IT IS NOT FLATTERING IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. It's not even meant to be worn outside of the combat zone. I may not be on JS's level in the fashion world, but I can assure you no one I associate wears that crap. And conversely, I don't associate with those who do. JS, hire me to dress your friends. IG:LEONARDOTHEFABULOUS

  • Kimbella Bella
    Kimbella Bella Před dnem

    30:59 Ready for work ready to SUCK! LMAO 😂 😂

  • Josie Danese
    Josie Danese Před dnem

    The la colors face primer is for real like a GAME CHANGER! I use it everyday and I buy at least 5 of them every time I see them in store because they always sell out!! I adore the cool pink shade, as well as the peach shade he tried in this video!!

  • Momoe Alfa
    Momoe Alfa Před dnem

    Jefree: this eyeshadow is already broken...
    Let's get a non broken one, thank you.
    *Throw it into the trolley*

  • Keki Sepeda
    Keki Sepeda Před dnem

    Ur so fun and funnnny

  • MGstudios*
    MGstudios* Před dnem +1

    8:29 zach you wanna try one 😂

  • Caroline Crowe
    Caroline Crowe Před dnem

    Love the video but what's the clip of the music I kinda like it sny ideas on who it is anyone???

  • Kylee Claire
    Kylee Claire Před dnem

    I love for wet n wild

    Not anymore lmao

  • DeAnn Coffman
    DeAnn Coffman Před dnem

    Jeffree Stars slang words tickle me , like On Wet and Wild , I’m not made at them . So funny

  • Shannon Morisse
    Shannon Morisse Před dnem

    That isn't "milk" milk, it is a special milk that can be stored at room temperature. It is good to put back for emergencies.

  • Madison 07
    Madison 07 Před dnem

    Jefree doesn’t have a vagina and a period right

  • Julia Corro
    Julia Corro Před 2 dny

    1:00 plastic straws! Anna oop skssk save the turtles 🐢 (don’t comment mean stuff if you hate it i was a dare)

  • Katie Barton
    Katie Barton Před 2 dny +2

    U should try Walmart makeup

  • Sandy Breezes
    Sandy Breezes Před 2 dny

    Jeffrey your so kind to your fans! Love watching you!😘💗

  • mina delfin tv
    mina delfin tv Před 2 dny

    İ wanned that rainbow lippstick a lotttt

  • Pilarous
    Pilarous Před 2 dny

    Whether you like him or not, it can’t be said that Jeffree doesn’t appreciate every single one of his fans.
    Queen for a Reason! 👑 ❤️

  • Tina Meeks Hiller
    Tina Meeks Hiller Před 2 dny

    Love Jeffrey's eyes at the end. Like the makeup looked nice but those EYES were poppin!

  • 10k subs With no videos challenge

    Awesome video! Love y’allllllll

  • Sue B
    Sue B Před 2 dny +1

    Doesn't Jeffree wear earrings?

  • Sue B
    Sue B Před 2 dny

    He should have told Jeffree its a Stripper Pole! LOL

  • Cheryl Adamson
    Cheryl Adamson Před 2 dny

    They have that milk that u dont have to put in the fridge at family dollar I saw it with my own eyes

  • J.B Nira
    J.B Nira Před 2 dny

    plz stop make vedios & share

  • Miriam Carla Balan
    Miriam Carla Balan Před 2 dny

    how did I just notice the milk thing lol?
    the first yelp review related to it is not that deep...
    fact, milk is not always supposed to be refrigerated, the ones on the shelf are as fine as the ones from the fridge. You are supposed to refrigerate milk only if you buy it from a fridge or if you open it after you bring it home, anyway... lol this was a long comment about milk but yeah. My dad who worked in the food industry told me this :))))

  • Crazy Teen Vlogs
    Crazy Teen Vlogs Před 2 dny +1

    Now...somebody tell me what the ovulation prediction does here?

    • Vasti Flores
      Vasti Flores Před 2 dny

      Predicts when you'll be ovulating so you know when to fuck to get pregnant.

  • Crazy Teen Vlogs
    Crazy Teen Vlogs Před 2 dny +1

    What if Louis Vuitton had its own make up line😂😂😂

  • Keziah Vasco Olin
    Keziah Vasco Olin Před 2 dny

    Jeffree is such a mood. By the way small CHclipr from 🇵🇭🇪🇸 Subscribe! Will appreciate it ❤️
    PS: my birthday is on November I hope this can make my year better. Like, Comment & Subscribe

  • Sarah Potts
    Sarah Potts Před 2 dny

    Good luck! Don't get pinkeye!

  • Samantha Love
    Samantha Love Před 2 dny

    Worst Rated Tattoo Shop In My City! Houston Tx 🤘🏻🤘🏻😂😂

  • It's Kenzie
    It's Kenzie Před 2 dny

    Jefree: Pulls out eyeshadow palette
    Me: Sis that is literally the eyeshadow I use on a daily

  • Hurricane Harvey
    Hurricane Harvey Před 2 dny +2

    I love that he includes all of his fan encounters. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shaskö Wölf
    Shaskö Wölf Před 2 dny

    28:03 yeets eyeliner

  • Kaua Lopez
    Kaua Lopez Před 2 dny +19

    Anyone here after watching the dollar general makeup haul?

  • StarRuby888
    StarRuby888 Před 2 dny

    I'm pretty sure you could afford to go to disney...

  • fried chicken
    fried chicken Před 2 dny

    24:10 Jr High?

  • Teresa Cantu
    Teresa Cantu Před 2 dny

    Omg I have never watched your videos until the other night and omg I have to beat myself up cause your amazing and I love your videos looking so forward to watch new videos and watch all your old videos

  • Gabriela Santos
    Gabriela Santos Před 2 dny

    Hi Jeffree how are ya!Is me Gabriela Santos back on your channel!

    The real tea about you reviewing any retail store brands begins when researching through your computer about ratings and people previously using the product and commenting on whether or not they like it. You do this to be ahead of yourself and have an idea about what is going to happen if what they say is true or false. Previously, the retail stores reviewed by you was TJ Max and Dollar Tree, where surprisingly you liked better the products in the cheapest place (Dollar Tree) rather than a store where the brands are well known. Thanks to your honesty I don’t always have to worry about spending a ton of money on what products should I use. Now, focusing on September 15th of 2019 in the day you decided to review Dollar General brand’s makeup line called “Believe” and the existing Give Away! First of all your reviewed the comments on the place (one single star by the way), secondly you also decided to go with Nate to experience the ACTION! (where he says not to recommend buying product from this place) After your nap, let’s dive in and seeing you play; started off with the primer which it was not that tacky but it didn’t wowed you, foundation half applied with a beauty sponge and the other half with the brushes you really liked the thickness of it, then the concealer didn’t make the lighter effect, when it came to the setting powder it was not your shade, then it came the single and the blush kit where you loved. After applying the pallet shades it was okay but it was a simple to go look. The thing that got you shook was the eyeliner and the mascara was not that intense; liquid lipstick is cute but not your favorite. NOW FOR YOUR JEFFREE STAR APPROVAL IS: Believe Beauty; FOUNDATION, EYELINER, BLUSH SINGLE AND KIT!!!! And that is why I consider you the best influencer in the makeup community because is always the truth and Nothing but the truth!

    -Sincerely, Gabriela Santos