The Sims 3 Is a Perfectly Balanced game with NO EXPLOITS - Excluding Mind Control Only Challenge

  • čas přidán 2. 06. 2019
  • The Sims 3 is a classical family management simulator game allowing you to manage almost all aspects of life. Naturally, the DLCs decided to get wacky and add in some fun nonhuman types to play as like vampires and genies. Genies, however, are broken. As you can guess having a mind controlling genie that can fly and is immortal might be a bad addition for game balance. So today we ask the question is the sims 3 a perfectly balanced game with no exploits excluding the mind control only challenge.
    What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
    Twitter: @thespiffingbrit
    Title: The Sims 3 Is a Perfectly Balanced game with NO EXPLOITS - Excluding Mind Control Only Challenge
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  • Monochromatic_monkey
    Monochromatic_monkey Před 2 měsíci +1936

    Today the sims 3 is exactly 10 years old

    • ZKP
      ZKP Před měsícem

      @norXmal Tf I don't remember that. I remember GTA IV required like 4 disc. But I only had one Sims 3 disc.

    • Art blender
      Art blender Před měsícem

      and yet I still play it over the sims 4...

    • Isaiah Poel
      Isaiah Poel Před 2 měsíci +1

      EA in infinite wisdom removed most everything fun including pools because reasons in the Sims 4.

    • Bradknightable
      Bradknightable Před 2 měsíci

      God I feel old

    • Kun Akos
      Kun Akos Před 2 měsíci +1

      And i still havent played it :/

  • CaluProduction
    CaluProduction Před 11 hodinami

    The fokin Ginger Djinn

  • Professor Sypher
    Professor Sypher Před 13 hodinami

    Over 5 minutes before mentioning tea? You're slipping, Spiff.

  • Tea Masta
    Tea Masta Před 22 hodinami

    I am still playing the Sims 3 in 2019. I actually bought it twice. Once physically but it made me go through the origin store which... No. So now I have it on steam and still play it.

  • Sebastian Engelmann
    Sebastian Engelmann Před 3 dny +1

    AHHHH finaly i can enjoy Sir Spiff's videos how they intended, i received my batch of Yorkshire Tea :D

  • Sofka Kwasiborska
    Sofka Kwasiborska Před 4 dny +1

    oh my god i just got an ad on coffee in spiff video. please do something with that

  • SeanDarling
    SeanDarling Před 4 dny

    So you tea is A+ to drink during the video, coffee is not, what about cocoa and marshmallows? What do you think about that?

  • AgapeForgotten
    AgapeForgotten Před 6 dny

    I wonder if Will Smoth is related to Xavier: Renegade Angel. Also I suggest not watching the cartoon.

  • howrylo herald
    howrylo herald Před 6 dny

    Will Smith genie.. I don't care for it in the be Aladdin

  • zMurda
    zMurda Před 7 dny

    7:13 if you wanna save some time :)

  • Async Life
    Async Life Před 8 dny

    This is so fucking lame.
    He is presenting exploits that other people found and not giving them any credit, like he found them...pff
    And then he is showing bunch of idiotic pictures that have spiffco logo all over them.
    What the fuck is this lame garbage ?
    Then is is putting meaningless parts of his recording in the video, what to extend the length ?
    What the fuck am I watching.

  • Fanny for Fun
    Fanny for Fun Před 10 dny +1

    Decided to download it... i love combining the supernatural and the show time expansion packs :p

  • Mathieu Gagnon
    Mathieu Gagnon Před 12 dny

    you made me drink my 1st cup of tea you filthy man !

  • bitterbal2gaming
    bitterbal2gaming Před 13 dny

    Make a planet.
    out of tea.
    and I promise I will not sail my fleet up the thames again

  • Ken Livingston
    Ken Livingston Před 16 dny

    Also, check out the Into the Future expansion for The Sims 3. As soon as you get to the future, the lot you start on is considered your home lot so you can take everything on it and sell it with the only consequences being that the stuff is gone. Lol

  • Ken Livingston
    Ken Livingston Před 16 dny

    Did you ever try to Ensorcel Death?

  • Noobly McNoob
    Noobly McNoob Před 16 dny

    Sims 3 is better than Sims 4 gameplay wise... not so much in graphics and glitches tho

  • Art Ames
    Art Ames Před 17 dny

    How am I making a difference ?

  • Scott J
    Scott J Před 19 dny

    The Sims 3 launcher (not the game) likes to eat up resources. When I exit the game, the launcher stays running the background and happily keeps my CPU at 25% until I kill the process. It might just be a Steam port thing.

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker Před 19 dny


  • Lauren E
    Lauren E Před 20 dny

    Will smoth was the reason for Bright and live action Aladdin

  • roblox craziness
    roblox craziness Před 21 dnem

    In sims 4 theres also money exploits and need exploits so u cant get hungry

  • Michael Shemesh
    Michael Shemesh Před 22 dny

    did you put your own watermark on those stock photos....

  • Wessel Schaart
    Wessel Schaart Před 24 dny

    I love it when a game hasn't got an fps cap and floors your hardware even in the menu.

  • Diamondwarrior
    Diamondwarrior Před 25 dny

    Water is better than fucking tea

  • Diamondwarrior
    Diamondwarrior Před 25 dny

    Minecraft is older than sims 3

  • pugbacca thegreat
    pugbacca thegreat Před 25 dny

    Anyone know which dlc he is using

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Před 26 dny

    Welcome back to the *sims free*

  • KatastrophicNoodle
    KatastrophicNoodle Před 27 dny

    TS3 Was a mistake. Change my mind.

  • NPC #49616392
    NPC #49616392 Před 27 dny

    Shoulda named him "Will Spiff".

  • Fichcaksksks2
    Fichcaksksks2 Před 27 dny

    I tried to burn my baby to death in sims 3 some guy stole me baby

  • dragonchips
    dragonchips Před měsícem

    So, Kid Rock as the next genie confirmed?

  • kyo beek
    kyo beek Před měsícem

    How is this still monetized

  • Arcadius
    Arcadius Před měsícem

    Guys I made a new drink. Half tea half coffee, it's called yankees revenge

  • Shiro Yasha
    Shiro Yasha Před měsícem

    if you think about it... coffee is just tea but instead of leaves they use beans

  • HowlingCurve Tech & Gaming
    HowlingCurve Tech & Gaming Před měsícem

    Earl Grey is better :)

  • Shane Case
    Shane Case Před měsícem

    my gf is, and she does drink tea

  • Celine A.W.
    Celine A.W. Před měsícem

    " GTX1070 on fire." LOLOLOLOL

  • Andrew shz
    Andrew shz Před měsícem +1

    I'm sorry I drink coffee please forgive me I'm so so sorry..
    I hope the queen won't come after me oh no I'm scared...
    I'm sorry all of England. Britain.
    And everyone else as well I have sinned by drinking dirty bean water.

  • JcPlayz 591
    JcPlayz 591 Před měsícem

    The greatest thief

  • Kristina Slade
    Kristina Slade Před měsícem

    The sims 3 is better than the sims 4 I think

  • Succ a Ducc
    Succ a Ducc Před měsícem

    Make tea on your hot GTX

  • Felix Mounsey
    Felix Mounsey Před měsícem

    Oh my god dude, we get it, you like tea. What a wacky Brit you are. It is so funny.

    Sarcasm, if it wasn't clear.

  • Kly
    Kly Před měsícem

    Jesus christ how do i fucking block this shitty guy's content. Stupid algorithm.

  • Mathew
    Mathew Před měsícem

    no living being can watch these vids with out a nice cup of thee

  • Miguel Quintero
    Miguel Quintero Před měsícem

    That's Axl Rose lol

  • Wraith ridr
    Wraith ridr Před měsícem

    I've actually been to the fountain of youth park it's pretty underwhelming the "fountain" is actually a spout coming out of rock dripping water into what appeared to be a well. you had to buy the cups for $6.00 and these were the size of the cups you'd see in an office building next to the water dispenser. the bottles of water which were the size of the slightly bigger than normal Zephyrhills water with the weird cap were like $30.00 it was outrageous I love your vids and your yorkshire tea pls make more reanu keeves videos

  • matt shannon
    matt shannon Před měsícem

    why does that sim look like t-pain?

  • Kari Ookami
    Kari Ookami Před měsícem

    personally i think sims 3 is better then sims 4

  • Powerful King
    Powerful King Před měsícem +1

    The boston tea party was a attempt at making the ocean tea

  • Billy-wayne Jeffcoat
    Billy-wayne Jeffcoat Před měsícem

    I want to play Sims 3 but ea being the crooks that they are are still trying to sell so the dlc for 20$ a pop its like over 200$ for the complete game

  • Orion
    Orion Před měsícem

    Genderbend shrek characters

  • RFil
    RFil Před měsícem

    While watching that vid my pc get warmer that SUN

  • emily power
    emily power Před měsícem

    Hey what if my name is Maeve, I am an american and im drinking soda?

  • emily power
    emily power Před měsícem

    Thank you for sims 3 spiff!

  • C S Hayes
    C S Hayes Před měsícem

    insane genius evil ambitious car enthusiast
    you just invented

  • Art blender
    Art blender Před měsícem

    Love that I know people who are legit that hairy when the sims categorizes that as being a fucking wearwolf.

  • Chris L
    Chris L Před měsícem

    Sirdigbyofsmeg.....LMFAO. Who are we now LISTER? WHAT THE SMEG RIMMER!!!! Just FOR THAT ALONE and how EPIC it was, and just for YOU The spiffing Brit of course, I'm going to go and make myself a hot cup of Earl Grey Tea to sip on while I watch this video.

  • Suicidejokerz T R A S H
    Suicidejokerz T R A S H Před měsícem


  • Chris Pinder
    Chris Pinder Před měsícem

    Great video, but HOW DARK?! I could barely see some parts.

  • kamille
    kamille Před měsícem

    tetley is better

  • Fongsturion
    Fongsturion Před měsícem

    You can just make Sim a kleptomaniac... but it isn't as fun.

  • Mister Amico
    Mister Amico Před měsícem

    The feeling when you aren't a drink racist & you drink both coffee & tea

  • Red Wolfletic
    Red Wolfletic Před měsícem

    the guy in the stock photo in 2:02 looks like FilthyFrank

  • Alexander Veil
    Alexander Veil Před měsícem

    Yes Will Smith, not like I know someone named that

  • Michael Warden
    Michael Warden Před měsícem

    The Spiffing Brit has convinced me. My first box of Yorkshire Gold tea is on it's way.

  • Sun bro SOLAIRE
    Sun bro SOLAIRE Před měsícem

    I buy it in xbox and i said wtf why this game is soo complex then i never touch it again i think this is not for me but I did not said this about fffff Skyrim or dark souls

  • Henry Monroy
    Henry Monroy Před měsícem

    Serial killer genie! Lovely!

  • Sexyspringy
    Sexyspringy Před měsícem

    More like

  • Typical Assassin
    Typical Assassin Před měsícem

    I just watched this and spiff decided to make will Smith a genie. HE IS GENIE IN ALADIN, SPIFF SAW THE FURURE

  • Gabe Duval
    Gabe Duval Před měsícem

    Sims Free...

  • jetset flare
    jetset flare Před měsícem +1

    How could you use "even worse" when talking about drinks other than tea that means your saying tea is bad x.x

  • PetarTV
    PetarTV Před měsícem

    mark ass brownie

  • Nicster777
    Nicster777 Před měsícem

    Hold up, Spiff Co is a stock photo company?

  • Troy Carter
    Troy Carter Před měsícem

    this made me i want to play the sims so badly i stoped watcing this video