The ALL-AMAZON BASICS Gaming Battlestation!

  • čas přidán 14. 12. 2018
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Komentáře • 5 958

  • Aiden Young
    Aiden Young Před 11 hodinami

    Linus i hate you, SOCKS AND SANDALS NOOOO

  • Nick Monts
    Nick Monts Před 12 hodinami +1

    He was recording this in a kitchen 😂

  • William Pimentel-Tonche
    William Pimentel-Tonche Před 15 hodinami

    4:17 Bruh
    Like my Rocketfish would have if I didn't replace it with a 750 G2 and thrown it in the dumpster.

  • Kamehtime
    Kamehtime Před 15 hodinami

    Linus is so hard on every product hahaha

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 Před 16 hodinami

    "high end pieces like samsung ssd" lol!

  • TechLover
    TechLover Před 19 hodinami

    amazon *basics*

  • 10 IQ
    10 IQ Před 21 hodinou

    What a does

  • CityDukeLP Tutorialsandmore

    actually theres a keyboard that cost about 30 dollars with cherrymx switches i think its called cherrymx board 3.0 but u have 2 search abit in order 2 get it:D

  • Alexis Chavez
    Alexis Chavez Před dnem

    Let's talk about the hole in your sock linus...

  • BactaC4T
    BactaC4T Před dnem

    is amazon basics a meme now?

  • hike gamer
    hike gamer Před dnem

    Use code CALEBC149951720

  • RpmGaming Csgo
    RpmGaming Csgo Před dnem

    what happened with his game at 10:12 ???????????

  • NekoOkto
    NekoOkto Před dnem +1

    Chinese (Outemu) browns are better than Cherry browns tho... They are slightly more tactile and have a higher pitch, but quieter bottom out noise. They're WAY more satisfying.
    (I've used both a good amount)

  • GLoRy Viperr
    GLoRy Viperr Před dnem +1

    This nigga thick as fuck homeboy 4:35

  • Awesome123456784
    Awesome123456784 Před dnem

    how did this channel become tech tips to im rich boi 384 gb of ram

  • SansThePunnyGuy
    SansThePunnyGuy Před dnem

    This wasnt all amazon basics you fuckers the monitor was asus

  • Tiberias
    Tiberias Před dnem

    wHeN uR sOuNdBaR iS 69 dOlLaRs


  • Sunny Wu
    Sunny Wu Před dnem

    Couldn't get Amazon to sponsor the video? :D

  • Alexander St. Cyr-Paul

    Why so cringe... sandals and socks... really?

  • Ritchie Rich
    Ritchie Rich Před dnem

    wtf 0:20

  • ImNotSpecial
    ImNotSpecial Před dnem

    Tbh the mic isn’t half bad. If I upgrade my pc setup I might pick it up.

  • Yonis Abdi
    Yonis Abdi Před dnem

    Oh yeah

  • william penatac
    william penatac Před 2 dny

    Hahaha Linus went basic of the basics with those socks in the sandals.
    WHATTTT AREEEE THOSEEEEE hahaha this channel is amazing!

  • Laciatx
    Laciatx Před 2 dny

    Look at this 14:28 he have hole in the sock . WTH bruh

  • SwankyRaptor
    SwankyRaptor Před 2 dny

    B-b-but i have a 24 inch... 😢

  • im2sxc4yall
    im2sxc4yall Před 2 dny

    The sad thing is that I *would* actually use that Amazon computer. It runs CSGO pretty well decently.

    SKEEZY Před 2 dny

    3:14 linus spits from mocking the 7 dollar power cord

  • Iready 1825
    Iready 1825 Před 2 dny

    I didn't think the mic sounded a whole lot different than the probably really expensive one used the rest of the video

    ALPHY Před 2 dny

    This is what I needed

  • Mark Ham
    Mark Ham Před 2 dny

    Of course you couldn't get on the internet? You didn't have your AOL CD!

  • M Jearl Vinot
    M Jearl Vinot Před 2 dny

    I remember whe Amazon Basics meant good product at a good price that actually worked. Hmmmm

  • Rehoboth Farm
    Rehoboth Farm Před 2 dny

    Linus does another Amazon ad.

  • Chris Hone
    Chris Hone Před 2 dny

    What is the link to the microphone

    INFINITE GAMER Před 2 dny

    The mic not that bad

  • Ebelel
    Ebelel Před 2 dny

    08:46 - Linusception

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye Před 2 dny

    the only half shitty thing in this video is the chair

  • Luis List
    Luis List Před 3 dny

    The biggest crime is that linus wore sandals with socks

  • OutdoorsIQ
    OutdoorsIQ Před 3 dny

    “...and it becomes a kinky mess” - no comments about this, really?!

  • Arseniy Demidchik
    Arseniy Demidchik Před 3 dny

    Laptop by lg, interesting 🤔

  • Burn2themall
    Burn2themall Před 3 dny

    i have to ask whats the total price for the whole build with the comp included

  • MineCraft Pro
    MineCraft Pro Před 3 dny

    Wtf is Linus doing with those Jesus Sandler’s

  • Moxie Moosers
    Moxie Moosers Před 3 dny

    honestly the setup is godly

  • TheLegendary_link
    TheLegendary_link Před 3 dny

    you forgot the basic pc and monitor

  • •Brennan Got Game•

    The pc is a stick like tf

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez Před 3 dny

    Can I buy all that stuff from you for $1.32? For the pc and amazon stuff Max I would go is three fifty

  • Giorgi Kikuashvili
    Giorgi Kikuashvili Před 3 dny

    Hey Linus why won't you toss that gpu over to me?
    I'mma solder some ports on it and see if magic happens!

  • AxianBxy
    AxianBxy Před 3 dny

    *Casually puts laptop open on side*

  • Finn Chaplin Hughes
    Finn Chaplin Hughes Před 3 dny

    What are those slides

    CPIXELS Před 3 dny

    Total Price?

  • 임진영
    임진영 Před 4 dny

    이놈 말 많네!

  • The Swoss
    The Swoss Před 4 dny

    Stop they're in order

  • Andrew
    Andrew Před 4 dny

    Love the acting

  • Dermot Moriarty
    Dermot Moriarty Před 4 dny

    I mean, this is just one big ad.

  • Antonia Calia-Bogan
    Antonia Calia-Bogan Před 4 dny

    I like the rocket league part
    Can i play rocket league with u linus?

  • BlondeGamer77
    BlondeGamer77 Před 4 dny


  • BlondeGamer77
    BlondeGamer77 Před 4 dny


  • Random Berrones
    Random Berrones Před 4 dny

    why is linus using the dulies this isn't CS:source

  • April Last-Name
    April Last-Name Před 4 dny

    Stop it Linus those are in order!

  • Super Kooper
    Super Kooper Před 4 dny

    AmazonBasics, the basics bitch

  • Drew Rodgers
    Drew Rodgers Před 4 dny

    “When you try to throw it down & it just ends up being a nasty mess.”

  • Trent Chipman
    Trent Chipman Před 4 dny

    I'd still rock this set up haha

  • Andreas Söderberg
    Andreas Söderberg Před 4 dny

    This is so awesome! you guys are the best! :D

  • Left4Cake
    Left4Cake Před 5 dny

    I have had a breadded cable get caught on my facial hair...

  • Stephen Ullom
    Stephen Ullom Před 5 dny


  • Giovanni Wille
    Giovanni Wille Před 5 dny

    Why do 9:05 gives me goosebumps?

  • _Mtthew_
    _Mtthew_ Před 5 dny +1

    12:15 I have that or something similar, honestly great for like 5£.

  • C.J. Malson
    C.J. Malson Před 5 dny

    But do you have the AmazonBasics Nintendo Switch case?

  • C.J. Malson
    C.J. Malson Před 5 dny

    4:55 I have that same chair at work. Lol

  • The Doge
    The Doge Před 5 dny

    man those fucking sandals hahahahaaa

  • TinchoX
    TinchoX Před 5 dny

    Not bad!

  • Belgian Star
    Belgian Star Před 5 dny

    I'm surprised Origin PC still pays them for sponsorship after they roasted them in the prefab-series

  • Youuu Boiii
    Youuu Boiii Před 5 dny

    What better Ethernet cable would you buy?

  • Tiarov / Alex
    Tiarov / Alex Před 5 dny

    It sucks. The end.

  • Exotic
    Exotic Před 5 dny

    I got a notification saying sorry the usb amazon basics headset is out of stock

  • justas buksnys
    justas buksnys Před 5 dny

    I have 27 inches monitor

  • Kumquat
    Kumquat Před 6 dny

    did he say stand/???

  • Torelethain
    Torelethain Před 6 dny

    This video gets a basic thumbs up.

  • Max Skinner
    Max Skinner Před 6 dny

    Kinky mess you say mmmmmmmm

  • joetca
    joetca Před 6 dny

    I've used the amazon basics keyboard for half a year, not the gaming 1 though. It seemed perfectly fine to me.

  • Black Hornet
    Black Hornet Před 6 dny

    this is so awesome lol

  • Gorskorr, Hellscream's Downfall

    Mouse has onboard memory so you can take your CSGO hacks to pro lan

  • Jwaffled
    Jwaffled Před 6 dny

    Pfft. Amateurs. I use a full “Great Value” brand gaming setup.

  • Weaver Games
    Weaver Games Před 6 dny

    That mic was pretty decent for the price

  • PiousMoltar
    PiousMoltar Před 6 dny

    "But who has a 24?" I have a 24! Biggest monitor I've ever had even. When I was a kid we didn't have TVs this big.

  • Twankies
    Twankies Před 6 dny

    Couldn’t find the microphone

  • LegoStudios
    LegoStudios Před 6 dny +1

    Better than my set up tbh 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Goldenhordemilo
    Goldenhordemilo Před 6 dny

    my keyboard was designed for windows nt win98 hewlett packard with good keys and a media buttons a volume control and a standby button payed $3 nz

  • Goldenhordemilo
    Goldenhordemilo Před 6 dny

    try 32 80cm
    1920x1080 @62 Hz or 1920x1200 thanks to custom resolution utility if i had the 4k 60hz i would overclock the refresh rate for sure

  • TheUltimateWaifu
    TheUltimateWaifu Před 6 dny

    LUL I have that exact chair for my set up.

  • John Lentner
    John Lentner Před 6 dny

    I'm sitting in that amazon chair watching this video, the cushioning breaks down fairly quickly, used for a year straight every day though before it got to bad.

  • kairon156
    kairon156 Před 6 dny

    Out of context Linus quote. "It's just a kinky mess"
    At least for my keyboard my braided cable is less likely to get snagged. Though I am worried about it chaifing along the edge of my desk.

  • Jones Vinod
    Jones Vinod Před 7 dny

    Love how much money Linus spends but still wear worn out jeans... 14:30 or is it just a design wtf...

  • Jose Zendejas
    Jose Zendejas Před 7 dny

    Amazon Basic Bitch. For all your basic bitch needs.

  • pdubowner
    pdubowner Před 7 dny

    Linus is so annoying.

  • Intense Gaming
    Intense Gaming Před 7 dny

    I think you forgot the mic in the description.

  • icecreampaintjob
    icecreampaintjob Před 7 dny

    Sup with the socks n flips

  • Trevor Hall
    Trevor Hall Před 7 dny

    i like the monitor arm because my monitor is fine but the stand is dying

  • Gus Flemm
    Gus Flemm Před 7 dny

    I think xbox controllers are just loud in general.

  • [RFG] Zeketo
    [RFG] Zeketo Před 7 dny


  • Lazer-Tech
    Lazer-Tech Před 7 dny

    Linus Pulls out a CD. I say 'Where am I going to put this?' It's not a USB so I'm screwed (=