Get Ready with Me (Pika Edition)

  • čas přidán 2. 05. 2019

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    GTA GAMEPLAY VIDZ Před 3 dny +1

    Ryan Reynolds looks like a complete psychopath to me. Hahaha is it true that he likes younger boys? That's what I heard anyway.

  • Menine
    Menine Před 6 dny

    Just saw the movie, IT WAS SO AMAZING!!

  • Kailee Garcia
    Kailee Garcia Před 7 dny

    Coming for Jenna Marbles’ beautuber status, I see

  • Nhat Ngo
    Nhat Ngo Před 8 dny

    Who's down for DP?

  • JR Sisk
    JR Sisk Před 9 dny

    All dislikes are team rocket

  • Dorito Chip Gamer
    Dorito Chip Gamer Před 10 dny +1

    He is one of my favorite actors based on personality in film and IRL.

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Před 14 dny


  • Alexander
    Alexander Před 16 dny +1

    hope u know that pikachu film is shit as u are

  • Tatyana Krylova
    Tatyana Krylova Před 17 dny

    The makeup beauty community better watch out !

  • the_true youtube_master
    the_true youtube_master Před 17 dny +1

    It kinda worked i am now a criminal on the run because i broked into a movie studio for the pen thing kinda random but ok

  • Cesar Castro
    Cesar Castro Před 18 dny

    is this a parody of JAMES CHARLES (yo)

  • brown bear
    brown bear Před 19 dny

    "Smash that like button "- smash bros initiative confirmed!!

  • Elias Mota
    Elias Mota Před 19 dny

    I wonder how some people reacted when they heard Ryan voice and realize he also played deadpool and I also wonder if there's gonna be another deadpool move and one upon a deadpool dose not count since it's a remake of deadpool 2 just pg 13 style

  • Jessica Abrajan
    Jessica Abrajan Před 19 dny

    This is like a Makeup tutorial that CHclip gurus do😂

  • 「 CrystalWolfe 」
    「 CrystalWolfe 」 Před 20 dny

    Lol,so simple. Yet...

  • Plam G0D//•//
    Plam G0D//•// Před 20 dny

    Why are u gae?

  • Charles Hooper
    Charles Hooper Před 20 dny +1

    I know this isn't related but I love deadpool because it's the best movie ever and it came out on my birthday

    KICK ASS Před 21 dnem

    Deadpool 3

  • Samuel Bravo
    Samuel Bravo Před 21 dnem

    Hey Ryan, have you've ever gotten a Hot toys Deadpool?

  • Luis D Jesus
    Luis D Jesus Před 21 dnem

    Please, you have killer a lot of people, why dont kill me, i hace paranoia, i feel that people dont Let me in peace. I have money, i can give you, please kill me.

  • Heathur uwu
    Heathur uwu Před 21 dnem

    Help me find my pops, last I heard he went to get some milk

  • Luis D Jesus
    Luis D Jesus Před 21 dnem

    But youre not going to do it. im crazy because of you, i dont know why my Facebook account was deleted but i know, that one day i Will make it.

  • Luis D Jesus
    Luis D Jesus Před 21 dnem

    Or a giant death pool, you were to kill the bad guys AND then you turn into giant.

  • Luis D Jesus
    Luis D Jesus Před 21 dnem

    Can you make giant man. The hero giant man... 😂😂😂 Like a fucking killer giant men that end hero.

  • Mercedes Cup rill
    Mercedes Cup rill Před 21 dnem +3

    Hey do you think Keanu Reeves should play wolverine/Logan.
    Like this comment

  • JAMES666 YT
    JAMES666 YT Před 21 dnem

    The movie was great! And it was a twist, (very twisty).

  • Cassidy Love
    Cassidy Love Před 21 dnem

    Real content

  • nikki
    nikki Před 22 dny

    wait they use Ryan's actual face?

  • Cronic.Gamez 1
    Cronic.Gamez 1 Před 23 dny

    Hes a fucking living meme.. 😂😂

  • Tia Aquilina
    Tia Aquilina Před 23 dny +1

    I love ryan Reynolds

  • Ratih Ningrum
    Ratih Ningrum Před 23 dny

    I thought it would be a make up tutorial 😆🤣🤣🤣🤣 definetely watch it hundreds times! 😍🙌🏼😝

  • Endgame has my heart in 3000 pieces


  • BloGieWhich
    BloGieWhich Před 23 dny +3

    *Instructions unclear. Ended up as CGI Deadpool*

  • 김정현
    김정현 Před 24 dny

    우와! 피카츄의 라이언 레이놀즈! 라이언 레이놀즈의 피카츄!😄💕

  • Hulianna JACE
    Hulianna JACE Před 25 dny

    i love how extra the subtitles are

  • the beast314
    the beast314 Před 25 dny

    Hey ryan have you watched the latest episode of pokemon talk? Its on youtube!

  • Zoe Bartie
    Zoe Bartie Před 25 dny

    Hi deadpool

  • Jag Dewit
    Jag Dewit Před 25 dny

    The better version of james charles

  • Muki Zéti
    Muki Zéti Před 25 dny


  • cy park
    cy park Před 26 dny

    You just made me watch you dot yourself

  • Dominick exotic doggo
    Dominick exotic doggo Před 26 dny

    Oh cool

  • Isa Mitsuku
    Isa Mitsuku Před 26 dny

    *Everyone in the beauty community is quaking*

  • Karen M.
    Karen M. Před 26 dny

    Is Pikachu movie rated R? You know, for Reynolds😉 I only watch his R rated Deadpool movies.

  • tacticscope
    tacticscope Před 26 dny +1

    You sound like pikachu from the detective pikachu movie lol

  • kei
    kei Před 26 dny

    and they say the beauty community is toxic

  • skyzen_ trox
    skyzen_ trox Před 27 dny


  • Arika Karin
    Arika Karin Před 27 dny +1

    So.. Detective Pikachu is DP so is DeadPool.. Hmmm I see a pattern here

  • Onesoul
    Onesoul Před 28 dny

    Jamer charles who?

  • Toasted Pancake
    Toasted Pancake Před 29 dny

    Loved the movie dude! You did a great job voicing pikachu! Really added a lot of character to him and made the movie funny and entertaining to watch!

  • Mira Cole
    Mira Cole Před 29 dny

    I think I've found a male version of Anna Kendrick

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol Před 29 dny +1

    He sounds so gay in this and I wish he was

  • Scott _ Wolf
    Scott _ Wolf Před 29 dny

    Nmms wey como dejaste ir a la Scarlett Johansson que pendejo >:v

  • Pika
    Pika Před 29 dny


  • asifloserface
    asifloserface Před 29 dny

    Wait, they actually used his facial structure for pikachu????????????????????

  • DutyPyro
    DutyPyro Před 29 dny +1

    Instructions unclear , Dick Caught in a blender

  • Jun G Schiffer
    Jun G Schiffer Před měsícem

    I've watched the movie the other day. It's good

  • Kid Cool
    Kid Cool Před měsícem

    Show u change from green lantern,to deadpool, commercials,and now a pokemon

  • Kurnia Hidayah
    Kurnia Hidayah Před měsícem

    Heyyy . Deadpool .

  • James The pikachu lover
    James The pikachu lover Před měsícem


  • WA luigi
    WA luigi Před měsícem +5

    Now that James Charles is gone, this is a great replacement.

  • Софья Акишева
    Софья Акишева Před měsícem


  • andr0110 andr0110
    andr0110 andr0110 Před měsícem

    Does anyone know when dead pool 3 is coming out?

  • AbhayZ PokeGon
    AbhayZ PokeGon Před měsícem +1

    I am a simple man
    I see Ryan Reynolds
    I clicked

  • Gamer Nostálgico
    Gamer Nostálgico Před měsícem

    Fuck...I don´t have a stencil :(

  • C.J mc blocks
    C.J mc blocks Před měsícem

    I went to wach detective pickachu on my birthday last sunday

  • G E N E R A L I E N
    G E N E R A L I E N Před měsícem

    It would Be very funny of ryen reynolds make lets plays

  • TylerPlays107
    TylerPlays107 Před měsícem

    Hey deadpool

  • Arie Rahmat Ramdhani
    Arie Rahmat Ramdhani Před měsícem

    Waiting pikachu reference in deadpool 3

  • 정유희
    정유희 Před měsícem

    Nailed it lmfao

  • Rob 40
    Rob 40 Před měsícem


  • Crazy Grayson87
    Crazy Grayson87 Před měsícem

    Pika means a girls private in a different language

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Před měsícem

    Ryan Reynolds is so awesome that my love turns into hate frequently

  • Cici Chavez
    Cici Chavez Před měsícem


  • Battle Frame Studios
    Battle Frame Studios Před měsícem

    Instructions unclear, accidentally became a digimon.

  • TGVortex Official
    TGVortex Official Před měsícem

    I watched this movie today, and my brother and I really enjoyed it! Great performance R. R.!

  • AxelGaqu
    AxelGaqu Před měsícem

    0:47 Smash Brothers Initiative

  • Nat The Squiddo
    Nat The Squiddo Před měsícem

    The Movie was Awesome! Such good Graphics, I recommend it To everybody here!

  • Drivermontana
    Drivermontana Před měsícem

    if thats how they do the animations these days i think thats why i dont like it, its looks shit

  • Rhythm Chauhan
    Rhythm Chauhan Před měsícem +2

    This guy is like the real shit
    Real life Deadpool
    No one can top that

  • IcyNinja32
    IcyNinja32 Před měsícem

    This frickin looks like a make up tutorial

  • Mayel Salapantan
    Mayel Salapantan Před měsícem

    I thought Ryan Reynolds says hi sister

  • Oscar OV
    Oscar OV Před měsícem +1

    Next Deadpool movie is going to put shit on A Pikachu card or something.

  • Justin Chung
    Justin Chung Před měsícem

    Pika Pika -

  • Eva Eva
    Eva Eva Před měsícem

    Thanks, now it is my everyday makeup look

  • Opticat
    Opticat Před měsícem

    this is the fastest minute of my life

  • Max Elsoro
    Max Elsoro Před měsícem

    That is awesome

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey Před měsícem +1

    I love the movie, Ryan!!! It was a fantastic story and the visuals were amazing!!! :) Hoping for more movies to come

  • Light Moe
    Light Moe Před měsícem

    Where is deadpool

  • Caro Castillo
    Caro Castillo Před měsícem

    So cuuuuuute

  • Emily Alex
    Emily Alex Před měsícem

    This song just made me think of umbrella academy 😂

  • matvalmon 1
    matvalmon 1 Před měsícem +1

    No hablo inglés pero igualmente es entretenido

  • Andreea Anastasiu
    Andreea Anastasiu Před měsícem

    Does anybody know the song?

  • luxusmode111
    luxusmode111 Před měsícem

    The most unproblematic beauty guru ever.

  • Cesy Traveler
    Cesy Traveler Před měsícem

    why is he soooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Marcos Agundez
    Marcos Agundez Před měsícem

    I can’t hear his voice without seeing Pikachu

  • Erizo Conciso
    Erizo Conciso Před měsícem

    I've already watched the movie and it sucks... It sucks that only last 2 hours. Why can we get more fun with you dude? Congratulations, the movie made my year until now.

  • Mia Phillips
    Mia Phillips Před měsícem

    Why is he so good at CHclip?

  • Amissaddai Hurtado
    Amissaddai Hurtado Před měsícem

    Este video me hace dudar de la sexualidad de Ryan Reynolds

  • Oli
    Oli Před měsícem

    Stop stealing livelihoods from hard working CHcliprs.

  • Oli
    Oli Před měsícem

    Stop stealing livelihoods from hard working CHcliprs.