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Fat Joe Explains Why Rappers Are Endangered Following PNB Rock's Fatal Shooting - Hell of A Week

  • čas přidán 15. 09. 2022
  • From Hip Hop police to chain snatchers, being a rapper is one hell of an occupation. Fat Joe speaks on the dangers artists face in today’s society and the relationship between Black and brown communities.
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Komentáře • 1,5K

  • @gw3485.
    @gw3485. Před rokem +496

    Audience gets an F. Laughing when it isn't a laughing matter, talking out of turn, chatter and mumbling. Fat Joe is giving the gospel

    • @Sirko7
      @Sirko7 Před rokem +61

      "I'm not against him robbing him but why you gotta kill him?" is what they were laughing at. They laughed because it's probably the dumbest thing they ever heard.

    • @gw3485.
      @gw3485. Před rokem +11

      @@Sirko7 You need to go out more

    • @changeoffocus1074
      @changeoffocus1074 Před rokem +8

      This dude charla laughed too!! He’s a Bozo!!!

    • @jpickz
      @jpickz Před rokem +6

      @@Sirko7 I get what you’re saying but I think he’s basically saying what do you expect walking around a dangerous area with a house round your neck. You’re asking to get robbed. But yeah was pretty dumb how he put it

  • @fitzbertmurray7611
    @fitzbertmurray7611 Před rokem +175

    Love how he address the audience.."this not a laughing matter yall"

    • @apocalypsepow
      @apocalypsepow Před rokem +5

      Rob him not kill him that's why 🤣🤣

    • @dumisatonyjohnson8145
      @dumisatonyjohnson8145 Před rokem +4

      Why are these people laughing 😢

    • @apocalypsepow
      @apocalypsepow Před rokem +4

      @@dumisatonyjohnson8145 cause he said to rob him , not kill him. 🤣🤣

    • @bcon2608
      @bcon2608 Před rokem +5

      Maybe he should stop glorifying being a gangster considering he’s about 54 years old. Lol. I find it pathetic that this guy is the same caricature as he was in the 90s. The issue is people like Fat Joe who act like his music has no impact on gang culture.

  • @TheLovely990
    @TheLovely990 Před rokem +147

    Real talk Joe. Jealousy, and Envy is sad. May he rest in peace.

    • @pyratepodcast3905
      @pyratepodcast3905 Před rokem +8

      😂 Joes 1st album is called “Jealous Ones Envy”. #facts

    • @madianlopez2221
      @madianlopez2221 Před rokem +3

      Empire Records "Home of The Dead Rappers". King Von/Young Dolph/XXXtenacion/Drakeo/Mo3 Who's Next?chclip.net/video/DYfMJiwHnDU/video.html

    • @calsarchandler6851
      @calsarchandler6851 Před rokem

      @@madianlopez2221 Whoa, I didn’t even know that they were all on Empire. Sheesh! 😔

  • @relltalk4549
    @relltalk4549 Před rokem +622

    How about DO NOT ROBB ME EITHER! Tf! We ain’t your targets or enemy’s. Life is very hard for Black People YES. BUT we gotta do way better There is a way to turn your life around. No excuses anymore. Do better. This ain’t it. Never was

    • @editname9576
      @editname9576 Před rokem +10

      Sometimes people are very unwavering let me give an example what am I to do if I have no job no real skills no source of income and can't get a job because yall won't hire me? Serious question

    • @relltalk4549
      @relltalk4549 Před rokem +60

      @@editname9576 bro. I’m a black man. I get what and where your coming froM. BUT BRO. JOB TRAINING. Jobs do and will train you. McDonald’s hires anyone. See that mindset and ideology leads to. If I can’t then I won’t so I’m gonna go get someone else’s. We make these excuses for ourselves as well. (Not you). But GET YA BLACK ASS UP. AND MAKE IT WORK. WE ARE RESILIENT PEOPLE. NONE OF US TODAY WENT THROUGH SLAVERY ,LYNCHING, JIM CROW THERE IS NO EXCUSE. sorry but not sorry.

    • @relltalk4549
      @relltalk4549 Před rokem +28

      @@editname9576 and I’m gonna still like your comment because I get and hear you. But we’ve been on that mindset way to long. Oh there’s help out there. You have to want it. You have to want a good life. No more of those weak excuses. We are Black Men. That means soo much. Bigger than you and I. No more I can’t. Just Do It. Anything is possible. Believe that

    • @etf42
      @etf42 Před rokem +8

      exactly. i thought i was the only one who questioned that

  • @erictalbert4633
    @erictalbert4633 Před rokem +1

    That’s the thing about getting older, hopefully you become wiser and speak facts like this man. All generations need to follow these lessons. I only wish all those deceased rappers were allowed to grow old and pass on these blessings.

  • @andreaturner9259
    @andreaturner9259 Před rokem +43

    What's so sad is you should be able to go where you wanna go and wear what you wanna wear without being robbed or killed...work for what you want period

    • @richard823
      @richard823 Před rokem

      He into the scarficed game himself

    • @bundydachosen1
      @bundydachosen1 Před rokem +1

      No u should not !!! And that’s y’all problem ! Would u say a antelope should be able to walk through an African jungle without being eaten by lions and tigers? No because u know what lions and tigers do when they see antelopes ! There is no difference if a millionaire walks through a poverty ridden neighborhood waving his $200k chain around ! He just shouldn’t die for his chain

  • @stanleyfleurissaint1837
    @stanleyfleurissaint1837 Před rokem +322

    People co-signing hot garbage. How about co-signing living right. No robbing, no killing, learn to be an asset to your community. Joe get your standard up for the Black and Brown man.

    • @beasaroseco5840
      @beasaroseco5840 Před rokem +12


    • @thealchemist333
      @thealchemist333 Před rokem +17

      Thank you! I can't believe people agree with this garbage

    • @geminiseason6901
      @geminiseason6901 Před rokem +14

      Didn't he admit he used to do those things, mean he stopped doing it? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @Meca1986
      @Meca1986 Před rokem +15

      Because we don't live in a perfect world, thats why.

  • @willjamesjr
    @willjamesjr Před rokem +66

    Most of what Joe said was needed and on point. But if you don't understand why the audience laughed at his ridiculous statement that he's ok with you robbing someone, then you're buggin.
    Fat Joe is a legend and he clearly a loving human being who loves the community and the culture. But the man ain't God. The brother is allowed to say something misguided and for the audience to respond accordingly.
    As amazing as his intentions are, that statement demonstrates that he still has further to mature and evolve in his thinking (as we all do).
    Robbing someone else is EVIL! Period.
    It doesn't matter if you don't murder the person. It still would have been just as traumatizing for PNB, his girl and his kids.
    Also.. how do you think robberies are so successful? Mfs don't just walk up and say,"sir, give me your money please". They do it with guns and weapons so off the rip, it's a crime that puts everyone involved in danger.
    I know it sounds like a beautiful idea. But this fantasy world some of y'all live in where a thief can stick you up and both the victim & the thief can live hood happily ever after is a cartoon. It's not real life.

    • @DJChrisOTM
      @DJChrisOTM Před rokem +3

      Real talk 💯

    • @stanleyfleurissaint1837
      @stanleyfleurissaint1837 Před rokem +1

      This. People are mad confused out here. Like why is robbing being condoned?(head scratcher)

    • @freshwhiteking1230
      @freshwhiteking1230 Před rokem +10

      Nah you are the one getting it all confused here he is saying robbing should have been the end game there was no need killing him you can actually put a brother to sleep without ending is life I get what Joe is saying

    • @Jerrya2849
      @Jerrya2849 Před rokem +3

      @@freshwhiteking1230 You can't control the end game. There are a ton of ways this could have ended differently on either side.

  • @blacca537
    @blacca537 Před rokem +91

    4:26 - FINALLY, a very well-known public figure putting the message out there about the division that has been sown. Keep that conversation going, keep letting folks know.

    • @thealchemist333
      @thealchemist333 Před rokem +5

      Who doesn't know about the division???? Why is he encouraging robbing??

    • @AmiltonLBaptista
      @AmiltonLBaptista Před rokem +1


    • @wex9210
      @wex9210 Před rokem +4

      Only 2 people clap...because we ain't the same.

    • @blacca537
      @blacca537 Před rokem +1

      It seems clear, to me, that you don't quite get what I'm talking about, but before I jump to conclusions, do you mind telling me if you're actually asking those as questions or are they rhetorical and you're just looking to transfer some combative energy..?

  • @iamdynez
    @iamdynez Před rokem +57

    Rob them??? No just leave people alone and mind your business…half of what he said was good and then the other was just ignorant…this mentality within this community is just disgusting…as if there isn’t enough opposition before us 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • @welessonakadubbs1544
    @welessonakadubbs1544 Před rokem +13

    THIS IS CRAZY, I didn't even know this type of thought and conversation was happening. IT MAKES SENSE.

  • @cocot9414
    @cocot9414 Před rokem +14

    Social media isn't the problem, jealousy, envy and the need for attention is. Some people have such a small existence that they want to be known as the guy that robbed or killed a rapper. They brag it and infuse into their identity. It's disgusting.

  • @_Tree
    @_Tree Před rokem +365

    Fat Joe just checked the whole audience?!?!? Thanks for being honest big bro

    • @bigfendii77
      @bigfendii77 Před rokem +20

      Lmao that shit was funny he sounded like a Principal

    • @williamallen3891
      @williamallen3891 Před rokem +7

      True but he shouldn't advocate anybody being robbed either
      I'm sure he wouldn't want his family to be robbed PERIOD
      Also it seemed the rappers being killed are doing drill music bringing that dark energy to themselves
      I could be wrong but that's my opinion

    • @bigfendii77
      @bigfendii77 Před rokem +3

      @@williamallen3891 nah they would’ve robbed Kirk Franklin if they had the chance it don’t matter the music

    • @williamallen3891
      @williamallen3891 Před rokem

      @@bigfendii77 I hear you Polo but it seems to be more prevent among rap artists

    • @bigfendii77
      @bigfendii77 Před rokem +2

      @@williamallen3891 is Pnb even a rapper ?

  • @andydrew3320
    @andydrew3320 Před 8 měsíci

    He gives off that cool uncle vibe. Loves to be goofy and have fun but when it’s time to get serious you listen and absorb what he’s saying because you fully respect him.

  • @watchdog_productions4675

    We need more people pushing that narrative. Great job Flo

  • @hobb125
    @hobb125 Před rokem +52

    Fat Joe, you have to tell them the truth. Rappers have to move different than any other artist in different genres. Check in is real. Swallow that pride and check in accordingly.

    • @Chuck26814
      @Chuck26814 Před rokem +1

      What is check in?

    • @OrangeJungle
      @OrangeJungle Před rokem

      that’s the problem tho

    • @Ahijah
      @Ahijah Před rokem +8

      Does jack Harlow have to check in ? Logic? Etc or is only black rapper's that got to do so called check in to be lined up and backdoored 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • @hobb125
      @hobb125 Před rokem

      @@Ahijah Don't know if they have to check in. Unfortunately, it's a problem with no solution. The check in is to protect the artist. Snoop told Nas to check in with him when he comes to the city. That way no one messes with him.

    • @jahbless1
      @jahbless1 Před rokem

      ​@@Ahijah exactly

  • @c-meezy765
    @c-meezy765 Před rokem +87

    What Joe is saying is more so a first step. You can't expect someone in the streets to go legit overnight. But learning to rob without killing begins that mindset shift towards change.

    • @iamBlackTech95
      @iamBlackTech95 Před rokem +6

      You must have never been a stick up kids… it’s nothing to brag about if you was though. The stick up kid was never the shooter in the streets. What that guy did that killed PNB was out of pure hate and envy. He couldn’t get the jewelry so he put holes in his chest in a restaurant. Robbers most of the time don’t kill.

    • @buschg7106
      @buschg7106 Před rokem +1

      Very much correct

    • @thepresidentofhiphop3698
      @thepresidentofhiphop3698 Před rokem +5

      if you didnt think you'd get shot, noone would get robbed, cause they wouldn't give up their goods. The whole point is the threat of being harmed or killed.

  • @anthonyhuerta8780
    @anthonyhuerta8780 Před rokem +53

    The young generation growing up HOPELESS is the most DANGEROUS.

    • @asparagusonly
      @asparagusonly Před rokem +1

      How are you hopeless in a 1st world superpower country?

    • @anthonyhuerta8780
      @anthonyhuerta8780 Před rokem +1

      @@asparagusonly you would have to ASK them. From what I witnessed they have no COPING SKILLS. Plus AMERICA has a huge problem with ppl identifying themselves as VICTIMS.

    • @marionhill7134
      @marionhill7134 Před rokem +1

      I don’t know how they’re hopeless with all these solutions out here

  • @Makeupbylinaslays
    @Makeupbylinaslays Před rokem +73

    Fat Joe speaking straight facts! Let's unite! we are all brothers and sisters.

    • @jayc5756
      @jayc5756 Před rokem +2


    • @tamirsharif314
      @tamirsharif314 Před rokem

      Lina Herriquez What do you mean we are all brothers & sisters? do you mean Black people & Hispanics are all brothers & sisters ? or do you mean all people are brothers & sisters ? either way i disagree, when have Caucasians & other darker people shown that they are for Black people & want to unite with us? never, when have Hispanics shown that they are for Black people & want to unite with us? never.
      As the master teacher John Henry Clarke said Black people we are alone in our sorrows we have no friends but ourselves.

    • @europaalchemist546
      @europaalchemist546 Před rokem +1

      @@tamirsharif314 you need to educate yourself because that's the saddest thing I ever read. Y'all are your own worst enemies. Everyone gives you a chance no one is going after you. You are killing everyone and each other and hate each other. Learn that we are all human not races

  • @DaneReidVoiceOver
    @DaneReidVoiceOver Před rokem +2

    It's not just jealousy. It's opportunity. Everybody wants to be on top and they do that by bringing down the people who are already there. They don't realize that they will ultimately lose

  • @sagexx306
    @sagexx306 Před rokem +2

    The fact that they laughing and joking during the knowledge this brother is blessing them with says everything you need to know about the current state of our community and this new generation coming up. I made my money and left the hood and never looked back.....I advise all my brothers who have found success to do the SAME. That staying to help pull up shit is a loss cause and will get you killed.
    *I'm from the south side of Chicago

  • @envizionstudioz2469
    @envizionstudioz2469 Před rokem +3

    Much Respect to Joe Crack for the wise words n perspective. I agree 1000% with the brother. Thank you Charlamagne for another dope interview

  • @truthistruth4186
    @truthistruth4186 Před rokem +4

    It's sad that a 52 year old man that lives in a mansion, rich, famous, kids are set for life couldn't just say robbing is bad. Don't do it. This man is 52 years old but wants to hold onto that list bit of "respect" from the hood. Being a gangsta is more important than giving the message. Thus shit is disgusting

    • @rollsroyce2627
      @rollsroyce2627 Před rokem

      What's understood doesn't need to be explained...but if that's all you got out of all that he said, I dont know what else to tell you....Peace

    • @truthistruth4186
      @truthistruth4186 Před rokem +1

      @@rollsroyce2627 yeah speaking in sayings. Good for you. Please don't say anymore you clown

  • @buffetboyseb7301
    @buffetboyseb7301 Před rokem +109

    I love Joe but his message was so convoluted w fact and nonsense. Rappers have created to some degree the culture and have 100% glorified it. Rappers are an endangered species? As if actions don’t lead to consequences.

  • @efoniemedlock368
    @efoniemedlock368 Před rokem +9

    I agree with Joe, but people shouldn't be robbing people either. Even if you used to rob people that don't mean it's right. But Joe was being positive and he was right about everything he was saying, just not that part.

    • @lucha0075db
      @lucha0075db Před rokem +2

      Look, people are going to rob regardless. That damage will be done, the thing is to try and minimize the whole scenario.

  • @Paul_425
    @Paul_425 Před rokem +4

    Facts, it's advisable to part ways from the hood if positive life changes happen. It's about energy and how rappers attract them. In order to be successful in that craft you have focus on what's ahead instead of figuring out what to bring forth from the past.

  • @everyonelovesagoodstory
    @everyonelovesagoodstory Před rokem +1

    Unbelievable. I can’t believe he would think it was ok to say that.

  • @gabkan7653
    @gabkan7653 Před rokem +19

    Love the message from Fat Joe. Side note his fit is fire and his Terror Squad chain is dancing.

    • @madianlopez2221
      @madianlopez2221 Před rokem

      Empire Records "Home of The Dead Rappers". King Von/Young Dolph/XXXtenacion/Drakeo/Mo3 Who's Next?chclip.net/video/DYfMJiwHnDU/video.html

  • @mayasheartdesiire
    @mayasheartdesiire Před rokem +24

    Finally somebody with some sense talking…..Joe stated all facts💯💯 crazy how mfs in the audience was laughing smh RIL PnB Rock 🙏🏾 prayer up for his gf, family and friends!

    • @jahbless1
      @jahbless1 Před rokem +5

      saying he's ok with robbing isn't sense. he sounds stupid to the intelligent person.

    • @mayasheartdesiire
      @mayasheartdesiire Před rokem +2

      @@jahbless1 i think you misinterpret what he said. But ok

    • @rzn2258
      @rzn2258 Před rokem

      @@mayasheartdesiire How the fu#k does someone misinterpret EXACTLY what he just said ???
      Girl.. you need to stop taking life advice from celebrities.

    • @gabe2829
      @gabe2829 Před rokem

      @@mayasheartdesiire how?

  • @jessicabailey7357
    @jessicabailey7357 Před rokem +63

    Fat Joe is preachin!!!! 🙌🏾

  • @koffiged
    @koffiged Před rokem +67

    Fat Joe was on point by checking the public...

  • @ibexy
    @ibexy Před rokem +2

    Its not only a hip-hop thing. Success comes pre-packaged with haters. Be smart and get yourself secure. Dont assume everyone is happy with your success no matter how much love you show to the hood. Its common sense.

    • @NorthPhilly-zr7xc
      @NorthPhilly-zr7xc Před rokem

      I only see people im hip hop doing this you don't see any other music doing this

  • @kickdatgospel
    @kickdatgospel Před rokem +5

    Why? Because we cannot admit we are haters and we need to be heart checked and know that if we work hard and grind, we can be successful. Some people live without unfulfilled dreams but hate because others are pursing and succeeding in theirs, we got to clean that cancer called hate out of us because this cycle is a hamster wheel that we all need to get off of. Like Joe said, ITS THE PEOPLE POWER. But if we cant get out of our own way we wont ever see it come true.

  • @jamiecumbee4108
    @jamiecumbee4108 Před rokem +2

    Shit hits me hard. Why all the killing! I mean it's ridiculous. I've seen someone got shot in front of me and they had nothing to do with the fight that was going on. Bullets got no name.

  • @rayjross4776
    @rayjross4776 Před rokem +1

    One love to Joe Crack #salute. On the flip side, in regards to PNB it isn't always automatic jealousy...it could be a number of things from ramifications from old drama, it could've been just a cold blooded hit . We don't know what that individual had running in his own head, I bad that that guy had to lose his life. We gotta stop killing one another, and we gotta stay in our own lanes and definitely out of beefs especially others beef. I'm just speaking hypothetically. 1 man 1 brain Peace ✌🏻

  • @changemymind8692
    @changemymind8692 Před rokem +29

    Joe, if you're gonna be positive then be positive all the way. You want one foot in the money making "good world" and the other foot in the "grimey street sh-t world." WTF is "I don't mind people robbing?" Nah bro, robbing is a disgrace to our people and many have been seriously hurt or killed by being robbed. You sound like an adolescent who has a little maturity.

    • @stanleyfleurissaint1837
      @stanleyfleurissaint1837 Před rokem +1


    • @christopherceelohiggs3400
      @christopherceelohiggs3400 Před rokem +1

      Sslute to Joe on this and speaking facts. He been doing the same shit when younger and he trying to tell people that you can change your life. Killing each other is the worst thing we do to ine another. Its sicking. We gotta stop it.

    • @changemymind8692
      @changemymind8692 Před rokem +3

      @@christopherceelohiggs3400 I feel you but his message needs to evolve with maturity. Saying that it’s ok to rob somebody but just don’t kill sounds dumb af. The man ain’t a youngster either. Joe gotta be 50+ and still sounding half immature.

    • @mattclayborne6985
      @mattclayborne6985 Před rokem +2

      Point taken but I believe he was trying to not come off as a hypocrite since he himself in the past had robbed people. I agree with you 💯 percent but look at it from this perspective, robbing has been around since the beginning of time in varying degrees (aka Bret Favre stealing from the poorest state in America. And it’s about to get way worse when the recession hits full board! We can change the direction though if we all get on the same page and embrace integrity, morals and human decency.

    • @bcon2608
      @bcon2608 Před rokem

      He’s literally the problem. Grown men like him that glorify being a gangster.

  • @jamierking5810
    @jamierking5810 Před rokem +12

    And we wonder why other races and cops don't value our lives because we constantly show them that we don't value each other's life

    • @arnhay
      @arnhay Před rokem +3

      How about we were treated like that from when the ships anchored. We were treated as no value for centuries and that’s how we value ourselves. So they are seeing their ancestors work (results). Not an excuse just saying.
      For example, have a baby and for the next 18 years smoke, curse, have sex around and physically abuse that kid. Then at 18 send him out in the world….

      @WTFBUTWHY Před rokem +2

      @@arnhay Then maybe he should say, it doesn't help.

    • @arnhay
      @arnhay Před rokem

      @@WTFBUTWHY It’s tough. We need to do better as a race (black) but we’ve started under the gutter and my Dad who’s 73 wasn’t born equal.

    • @NEEKZ81
      @NEEKZ81 Před rokem

      @@arnhay 💯💯💯…they’re not ready for that convo tho

  • @dennislind122
    @dennislind122 Před rokem +1

    Joe said what needed to be said. We are all one (Blacks and Latinos). When we come together we all win in this life. 1Love🖤✊🏽

  • @mc-spit8336
    @mc-spit8336 Před rokem +5

    I gotta say something about this. When he said let's not kill eachother I was with it. As soon as he said Rob him instead he lost me 😅😆

  • @rastagideon8236
    @rastagideon8236 Před rokem

    Salute Fat Joe, Living Legend.

  • @katricejohnson6164
    @katricejohnson6164 Před rokem

    Fat joe is absolutely right, it’s jealousy. It’s sad to see what’s going on.

  • @OneKind671
    @OneKind671 Před rokem +4

    I come from an island where majority of the people fight it out and shake hands afterwards because it’s not worth losing your life or taking someone’s life. People are afraid of ass beatings.

  • @samonachiles2777
    @samonachiles2777 Před rokem +15

    I love how he corrected the audience for laughing. He speaking the truth and someone found that funny?

    • @jahbless1
      @jahbless1 Před rokem +3

      he said he's ok with ppl being robbed. he lost his credibility and that's funny

  • @TheTaybug22
    @TheTaybug22 Před rokem +1

    Joe is speaking the truth from experience

  • @Latinomicz
    @Latinomicz Před rokem +113

    He had some points but I don't like that he condone robbing people, lol. Rob them without killing them makes it better? How about just don't rob them, lol. Those people have families to feed as well with whatever little money they make a day. Point being, you can't really rob a place without a gun because the store owner might have one, so it always will lead to a dangerous situation where someone can be killed. So if we circle back to the root, nobody would have to die if nobody was robbing up a place, period.

    • @comedianpottymouth
      @comedianpottymouth Před rokem +9

      J prince said a Wolfe gonna eat

    • @sonnychiba3529
      @sonnychiba3529 Před rokem +10

      Yeah, How about just don't rob them either...

    • @fredricthegreat6548
      @fredricthegreat6548 Před rokem +33

      He understands being hungry. I don't think he's saying robbing is the right way to go. I think he is saying the violence behind it is senseless.

    • @editname9576
      @editname9576 Před rokem +1

      @@fredricthegreat6548 yes

  • @jayc5756
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    Joe speaking All Facts! 💯

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    Joe speaking straight facts 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯💯

  • @4FUNFAX
    @4FUNFAX Před rokem +6

    Not every criminal is a gangster, and not every gangster does criminal shit. Environment aside my generation lacks character 🤷‍♂️😪

  • @ferrahamby7930
    @ferrahamby7930 Před rokem +4

    Tell’em Joe… Sad Facts but real talk. Respect for the whole truth✊🏽He kept it 1000

  • @intodaysepisode...
    @intodaysepisode... Před rokem

    Joe is showing WISDOM because of his life experiences!

  • @chillekojhurst2169
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  • @almarosaguzman1600
    @almarosaguzman1600 Před rokem +20

    How about not rob or kill them and just stay in your lane? People hustle to get to the top....why do people rob them of that?!

  • @YungRichSteve
    @YungRichSteve Před rokem +8

    Great Interview fat joe speaking facts

  • @None267
    @None267 Před rokem +2

    “Let me tell you about blacks and Latinos, there is no difference between blacks and Latinos” , 5 out of 50 audience members clap, this shit is hilarious, finally we’re coming to a place where we are realizing there IS a different between the two cultures ❤

  • @normreye7430
    @normreye7430 Před rokem +10

    All this is true but you have to move with caution when you’re in the hood and especially when you’re not in your own hood. We know what it’s supposed to be but it isn’t that way.

  • @kainsamuel2316
    @kainsamuel2316 Před rokem

    My blood is within all colours, creed, TRIBES, and nations.... FAT JOE SPEAKING FACTS....... 🔥 🔥 🔥.

  • @accordingtodrew7302
    @accordingtodrew7302 Před rokem +18

    I think the reason why joe is okay with the robbing part is because like he said he used to do it. So I feel like he’s trying not to throw stones in a glass house. He understands why people rob but the killing really is unnecessary. In a perfect world nobody would rob someone else but this isn’t a perfect world

      @XXXRIPROACH Před rokem +1

      Get a damm job

    • @nonymous590
      @nonymous590 Před rokem +1

      An intelligent person would say something like: although I've done wrong in the past, I'm wise enough to know that it wasn't okay THEN and it's not okay NOW. But to sit your ass up there and say ROBBERY IS OK is utter stupidity.

  • @highlightsrus3755
    @highlightsrus3755 Před rokem

    Rip PNB! Amazing talent! That TS chain hittin🔥 Good interview!

  • @TRUTHBETOLDallegedly
    @TRUTHBETOLDallegedly Před rokem


  • @blacca537
    @blacca537 Před rokem +23

    "and they say it's the white man I should fear, but it's my own kind doing all the killing here" - Tupac
    Yet another senseless crime & loss perpetrated by our own.
    Someone let me know when & where the march & protest for this brotha will be..?

    • @geminiseason6901
      @geminiseason6901 Před rokem

      The white man who never resorts to violence? 🤔

    • @blacca537
      @blacca537 Před rokem

      Why do I always get the mindless simpletons under my posts... 🙄

    • @geminiseason6901
      @geminiseason6901 Před rokem

      @@blacca537 Because critical thinking is hard.

    • @blacca537
      @blacca537 Před rokem

      🤣 ... I was not expecting that response. That was a good laugh and I believe you're right on the money to that point. Very sad, if you think about it.

  • @silverback1073
    @silverback1073 Před rokem +5

    That’s exactly what I said, why aren’t these OG’s protecting our culture. If you the man in the hood and the underworld. We tearing down what took 50 years to build. I remember when they wouldn’t have a Hip-Hop artist on the bill. Let alone have a Hip-Hop concert in a stadium. It keep going like this the only time you will be able to see a artist is on IG or some kind of streaming concert with no crowd. They’ll start shooting concerts like music videos. I remember that was the only time you seen a artist unless you went to a concert was a video.

    • @MrAmhara
      @MrAmhara Před rokem

      Rap was never meant to fix anything. Rap is basically " Jive talking" or nonsense. LOL

  • @AndreEazyAKAMurph
    @AndreEazyAKAMurph Před rokem

    Joe was spitting facts

  • @centralave8331
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    Damn joe u are telling the truth Joe 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • @TheRealGamin
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    Hell yeah Fat Joe. We shouldn't kill each other period. The realest guest he'll ever have.

  • @ashmarie1881
    @ashmarie1881 Před rokem

    Not him saying being a rapper is the hardest job out there 😑 its as hard as Yu make it, be aware of the things do AND SAY 🙏 Don't speak 🗣️ or bring that energy into your life 🙏❤️

  • @screwedupvisionary
    @screwedupvisionary Před rokem +1

    It really bothers me how we find the truth to be funny in these moments that should shape the outcome of our lives. Social Media has killed our sense of what reality should be Vs what it is right now.. get me off this planet man. Heaven open its gates & burn the earth like kDOt said it’s no more… 🕊🙏🏾 rip all the real ones & god bless all y’all.

  • @cadillac8927
    @cadillac8927 Před rokem +3

    The most important thing I don't agree with that fat Joe said is that he's okay with people robbing people but don't kill him he's supposed to be a positive person giving positive messages why would you encourage someone to Rob but not kill how about don't rob anyone don't kill anyone even if you rob someone and don't kill them is still going to be very traumatic on their mind it might mess up a person for the rest of their life being afraid to come outside or go different places so I think that Joe should not have said he doesn't have a problem with someone robbing somebody because that is a big problem and he said that more than once on his interviews

  • @morrisjordan2nd466
    @morrisjordan2nd466 Před rokem +1

    Real talk 💯

  • @shankarubacsmith9867
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    😂😂😂 this interview was funny as hell and a waste people in the studio laughing fat Joe talking about just rob em! !😂😂😂

  • @nwilt7114
    @nwilt7114 Před rokem

    I think when he says, "rob them, not kill them," he is talking about robbing culture in some places. I went to Baltimore around 6 years ago and people told me never to carry more than $20 on you, and if someone is trying to rob you, just give them it, and it almost always doesn't get violent. They just want the money. A lot of the people I knew didn't seem to bothered by it and accepted, "that's just how it is here," but they were pissed when thieves would smash windows of their parked cars (auto glass business makin $$$ in the hood) looking for things. Not sure if things have changed at all.

  • @jennatolls904
    @jennatolls904 Před rokem

    “legit security. not your man to hold the hammer”
    couldn’t have said it any better.

  • @anivalwilliams7526
    @anivalwilliams7526 Před rokem

    What Joe said about rob him don't kill him went over so many heads it's almost impossible to tell a wolf that's hungry not to eat that's going to happen regardless but when you rob someone you have the decision not to kill and that's all he is saying take what you need to take but leave these people with their lives...if you think that you can convince a robber to do both than you haven't come from where we come from

  • @raymontgomery7764
    @raymontgomery7764 Před rokem +22

    Man Joe was saying something. Didn't know he was that kind of brother.

  • @h0llyw00dhoward7
    @h0llyw00dhoward7 Před rokem +1

    Don’t take his life take his dignity. A fate worse than death. How about not robbing them either and saluting the guy that accomplished goals. I salute you on not being a hypocrite about his past but that was honesty talking. Other than that I agree with everything he said.

  • @coreymasoy7034
    @coreymasoy7034 Před rokem

    Great episode and message.

  • @divalarue
    @divalarue Před rokem +4

    Exactly! Enslaved mentality cause our Black/Brown people to kill each other over gems that are ours in Africa. Teach the adults in the hood self love by having free education up to undergrad. Provide free daycare while attending school. Rappers need to become councilman, mayors, senators, or president. Tupac said before he died in his last interview in Vibe magazine for rappers to get into politics and change laws.

    • @divalarue
      @divalarue Před rokem

      @@michaelfloyd3651 Higher taxes for income 100k and up.

    • @divalarue
      @divalarue Před rokem

      @@michaelfloyd3651 Enlighten me. Is that a bad thing?

  • @askellamatik45
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    Yo I have to admit we need a better future than rap music.. smh it's our biggest trap we speak these things into existence..

  • @craigmitchell8734
    @craigmitchell8734 Před rokem

    There is no solution with us just talking!! It’s a broken record every time!! Take action

  • @willjohn4286
    @willjohn4286 Před rokem +25

    The Streets Don’t Love You .. Never Have Never Will .. If you wanna help the hood out do that shit from a distance

    • @davesod7998
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    • @Lyrikalskate
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    • @hybrid1339
      @hybrid1339 Před rokem +1

      Seems like that's the true and honest way to go, because if you got bread, it's a chance robbery or murder will come from being in the hood..for the most part anyways

    • @neglyricallab
      @neglyricallab Před rokem +1


  • @Shadytribe97
    @Shadytribe97 Před rokem

    I interpret what Joe meant as you can’t stop these disgusting animals from robbing people but you can discourage them from also taking a persons life along with their jewellery. They always teach you to give over what is asked for in a robbery because your life is more important. Even given Joe’s history I don’t think he advocates robbing people but given only 2 choices, I know what I’d rather do.

  • @leiwilliamson4098
    @leiwilliamson4098 Před rokem

    God I love Joe❤️ all facts!!!!!

  • @hollywoodcheremonkey
    @hollywoodcheremonkey Před rokem +2

    If you become successful, you’re in a new socio economic group. You pay different taxes. So you move to where your new group lives. It’s the American Dream isn’t it? Now, you have to learn to let your past go. Move on and make new friends. That’s the part that’s missing here. Why are you being successful but still living/hanging out in the hood? Be brave. Enter a new chapter in your life. That’s what these successful rappers need to do.

  • @caseemsexton2415
    @caseemsexton2415 Před rokem +16

    I'm starting to realize that in every difficulty in life killing relationships ect if we just follow gods laws we would be way more happy and have peace

  • @terrencealexander6811

    Fat Joe is a BX legend! Dropping gemz!

  • @celina7115
    @celina7115 Před rokem +4

    He is so right 🙌🏾🙌🏾. But the audience needs to shout up and stop shouting out

  • @mauricejohnson6127
    @mauricejohnson6127 Před rokem +2

    Fat joe gave my flashbacks of my teacher telling me and my friends to stop laughing when I was in 10th grade

  • @phakzonthebeat
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    Facts, Joe 💯

  • @Flygreensox
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    Real rap👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • @bobbydynamite
    @bobbydynamite Před rokem

    I get what he means. Thieves exist, so better to tell thieves not to kill. The problem is that killers exist. So let's stop stealing, killing, and destroying. Instead of shaming snitches, shame criminals.

  • @ice-cold1936
    @ice-cold1936 Před rokem

    Facts on facts 💯

  • @mixherbs1
    @mixherbs1 Před rokem +12

    Did I hear that right. He said it's ok to rob but not to kill. Let me correct what I heard. Lol - Let's say it is not ok to rob or kill.

  • @mouksb2000
    @mouksb2000 Před rokem +1

    He had me until he endorsed robbery...! But I get the larger point n enjoy hearing him speak. Great OG n great narrator n story teller n has done ALOT for his community .

    • @lowkeyloki8832
      @lowkeyloki8832 Před rokem

      I think he was looking at the way things are. Ideally I think he wants people to stop robbing too but that’s not the way things are so if people are going to rob, they shouldn’t kill. Don’t think he’s condoning robbing but it’s clearer has a lesser impact of the two.

  • @jaybajrami8086
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    U the man phat Joe u right 100 💯 bro true life real talk

  • @taremafia2150
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    He was under the same record label as XXXtentacion, King Von and many artists who died young. The record Label must be behind this so that they can claim the life insurance of this artists and profit from it.

  • @365TrustNo1
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    It’s not about being jealous it’s all about money. If you have someone doing bad and they see someone with $500k worth of jewelry and there light about to get cut off or about to be evicted you gotta make something shake.

  • @tausiabraham2071
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    Fat Joe keepin it real

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    Real talk 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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    One time for Fat Joe. 💪🏾

  • @thetruth1140
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    Sometimes people gotta put their little pride aside. FNB Rock was talking real shit and foul to a lot of OPs that take his words very seriously. When you ask people to "pull up" and shit don't be surprised when they do.

  • @mayraone2323
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    @fatjoe great message & BX all day & good way to speak about this . RIP PNB