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This Is What Happens When You Don't Listen To Your Friends..

  • čas přidán 23. 02. 2021
  • why always listen to your friends
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  • DV
    DV Před rokem +2775

    “I need a drink. Let me get a bottle full of the beverage I need and put it in a random bowl then drink from there.” smart guy 👍

  • KingStar
    KingStar Před rokem

    I am the new viewer of yours and you are so funny 😀

  • Siti Norazizah hms
    Siti Norazizah hms Před rokem

    Hahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's what you get sango!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • adriixnette
    adriixnette Před 8 měsíci

    blame yourself for it, zhong warned you

  • Spider-Man Gaming
    Spider-Man Gaming Před 8 měsíci

    Man Sango’s plan backfired

  • 🦧monkey🦧
    🦧monkey🦧 Před rokem +3369

    “Don’t eat my Cheetos.” Puts the bowl in front of his face.

    • 🌸tila
      🌸tila Před rokem

      @Cadet_StaffSgt_Hakes if u want us to stop fighting stop replying back to make more drama

    • Cadet_StaffSgt_Hakes
      Cadet_StaffSgt_Hakes Před rokem

      @🌸tila no, just because I don't like attention doesn't mean I can't reply. You guys are being assholes, and I'm trying to get you to stop. If I were to stop talking, you guys would just say "oh, they stopped arguing. WE WON"
      Or some random shit like that that doesn't make any sense.
      I'm not doing this for attention, I'm literally just telling you guys that you have no right to tell someone if they can or can't talk based on their name.
      You guys just HAD to start something bigger by saying "you have gacha in your name 🤢🤢"
      Like- no shit. I'm just trying to teach you that what you were doing is wrong.

    • 🌸tila
      🌸tila Před rokem

      @Cadet_StaffSgt_Hakes if you dont like attention dont reply because it seems you want attention

    • taby w
      taby w Před rokem +1

      @Jonathan Sheats Also its “you’re” not “uR”

    • taby w
      taby w Před rokem +1

      @Jonathan Sheats “if ur gonna TALK”
      “learn how to SPELL”
      Not sure if thats how it works but ok.

    SB MOBILE Před rokem

    Hi uncle zhong love u from sri lanka

  • Mona Dake
    Mona Dake Před rokem

    I did girl that was hilarious

  • kingsman578 kings
    kingsman578 kings Před rokem +18

    Zhong: dont take my cheetos.
    Proceeds to put it right in front of Sango.

    PAIMAN Před rokem +1

    all your videos funny 😆

  • Laver Galarga
    Laver Galarga Před rokem +6318

    people like this are the reason the shampoo bottle says do not drink

  • Lhanz
    Lhanz Před 7 měsíci +3

    "Zhong But Why" is the legendary line ALWAYS at the end😂

  • Ayleen Fernandez
    Ayleen Fernandez Před rokem


  • Lycario
    Lycario Před rokem +37

    Zhong: hey sango don’t touch my food
    Proceeds to put it in front of him lol

  • NerdySule the Roblox God
    NerdySule the Roblox God Před 9 měsíci

    Why can’t he just use the bottle🤣

  • Gronkwild
    Gronkwild Před rokem +2730

    Their mother’s: oh wine doesn’t affect my baby
    25 years later:

    • Skylar ツ
      Skylar ツ Před rokem

      @Jacques Rosius so if kids drink wine they die.? Bruh

    • Omega Playz
      Omega Playz Před rokem

      Does any of you have a sense of humour and can handle a joke?!

    • EquineGabby
      EquineGabby Před rokem

      @Jacques Rosius r/wooosh

    • TheNamesSpencer
      TheNamesSpencer Před rokem

      @Jacques Rosius it was a fucking joke. Thanks for being a mood killerm

    • Usef Kirkuky
      Usef Kirkuky Před rokem


  • Ammiel Kish
    Ammiel Kish Před 11 měsíci +3

    Sango: Eating the "Naormal Flavored" Cheetos
    Also Sango: Its so HOT!!!

    • Binh Phan
      Binh Phan Před 11 měsíci +2

      No it could be cheddar and jalapeño but those are the least spiciest chips I know

  • Fake subnoovobobovofof
    Fake subnoovobobovofof Před rokem +21

    And i love how sango thought the toilet cleaner cup thing was a normal cup 😂

  • TJ Mcloyd
    TJ Mcloyd Před 2 měsíci

    “Sango steals zhong’s cheetos he lives to regret it”

  • Melody Ongjoco
    Melody Ongjoco Před rokem +11

    I watched this three times and then i'm still laughing 😂🤣 said not to drink

  • LwithaT
    LwithaT Před rokem +2164

    “Why don’t you help the neighbor’s kid with his talent show skit?”
    His talent show skit:

    • Lilian
      Lilian Před rokem +1

      @曇り空 Same

    • Socially cringe Channel
      Socially cringe Channel Před rokem

      Spicy and disgusting 🤢 oh I got a throw up 🤮

    • block man go
      block man go Před rokem +2

      @曇り空 me too

    • usman turnbull
      usman turnbull Před rokem +1

      @曇り空 ikr at this point hes catching up to morgz's level of cringe

    • Auni
      Auni Před rokem

      @曇り空 yeahh

  • Thị Thùy Trần
    Thị Thùy Trần Před 9 měsíci +1

    Sango: *uses the toilet cleaner as a cup*
    Zhong: have you seen my toilet cleaner?
    Sango: No...
    Zhong: oh is right here
    Sango: ZHONG! BUT WHY!?!?!?!?

  • Marina Herrera
    Marina Herrera Před rokem

    I like your vids I watch them every day

  • Rozza Martínez de Carmona rozza

    Did anyone else see the cheetos fall out of sangos mouth and back into the bowl?
    Quick question did Zhong still eat the cheetos ?

  • jasmine matthews
    jasmine matthews Před rokem

    He should’ve drunk from the bottle

  • Tedles Media
    Tedles Media Před rokem +3942

    Staged: yes
    Funny: no
    Cringe: definitely

    • Meme Frasha
      Meme Frasha Před 8 měsíci

      @Raphaniel YT هضم البروتينات كل

    • cat
      cat Před 8 měsíci

      Everyone knows its fake but its not cringe its a content

    • Giang Nguyen
      Giang Nguyen Před 8 měsíci


    • Hector Chasing
      Hector Chasing Před 8 měsíci

      Ese es un problema de seguridad y que la

    • Moon gi💜
      Moon gi💜 Před rokem

      @Damn Daniel closed bc of a pandemic

  • Julianne Conducto
    Julianne Conducto Před rokem

    Thats what he get eating his cheeto hahhahahaha

  • Safia
    Safia Před rokem

    This what you get if you didnt do that that would not happen but i adamp very funny thooo

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson Před rokem

    I saw these type of videos before they are funny

  • GearUps
    GearUps Před rokem +3

    Man in hat: hold my Cheetos I gotta go to the toilet.
    Me: uhhhhhh.. I’m sure everyone wanted to hear that.

  • FlameBlood
    FlameBlood Před rokem +2017

    "Dont touch my cheetos"
    Title: I told him not to drink it
    I guess I speak a different kind of English

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy Před rokem +5

    I died laughing with my brother I where just about to die laughing hahaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Football 27
    Football 27 Před 4 měsíci

    Sango finally used his real voice

  • Idk
    Idk Před 9 měsíci +2

    Sango: Always MAD
    SANGO: ALWAYS happy To TAKE 🥝

  • YoutubeCity • 13 years ago

    Sango: *screams in pain*
    Zhong: *goes back
    Zhong: Nah his fine

  • Cannon Ball
    Cannon Ball Před rokem +1467

    I need to break this down because I don’t understand,
    1- guy says “don’t eat my Cheetos”
    2- other guy eat the Cheetos
    3- other guy yells that it’s too spicy even though it’s JALAPEÑO Cheetos (I fixed it so now you can stop)
    4- puts coke in a cup instead of drinking straight from the bottle (I will give this one a pass because I wouldn’t do it either)
    5-there’s a toilet cleaner holder there for some reason

    • ancinity
      ancinity Před rokem

      those are jalapeno cheetos but ok 😃👺

    • The Okami Project
      The Okami Project Před rokem

      Toilet bowl cleaner was either new or cleaned

    • like_hell589
      like_hell589 Před rokem

      fr and he put the cheetos right infront of him

    • Liv e
      Liv e Před rokem

      You are searching for meaning in meaningless piece of crap, so yeah I don't understand

    • YnGGuNs117
      YnGGuNs117 Před rokem

      If u can find me a guy who is sane and eats cheetos like that then ill believe its real

  • EJOB Craft Edits
    EJOB Craft Edits Před 10 měsíci

    Lmao 😂😂

  • 「⸼ɢɪsᴇʟʟᴇ⸼ 」⸙

    I Would Just Drink Straight Out Of The Bottle.

  • marcos antonio
    marcos antonio Před rokem

    kkkkk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nadiah Jamaludin
    Nadiah Jamaludin Před 11 měsíci +1

    you can just drink it from the bottle theres no need to find something to pour it into

  • Benton S
    Benton S Před rokem +643

    I don’t understand why the guy was able to eat the Cheetos with his fists like an animal, yet didn’t just drink the coke from the bottle. Like wtf did he think it was bad etiquette or some shit?

    • Cody And Friends]
      Cody And Friends] Před rokem

      Cuz he’s not really black like me BARK

    • kat blue
      kat blue Před rokem

      @Fierce Chris Griffin Gaming IF ITS A SKIT ITS GOT TO MAKE SENSE TO BE FUNNY

    • CR_Charly
      CR_Charly Před rokem

      Dude one rule in my house DONT DRINCK FRUM BOTOLE ! yeah....

    • Drago The Gamer789
      Drago The Gamer789 Před rokem

      I dont understand why your just going to be here to complain about a skit

    • Jay Vwj
      Jay Vwj Před rokem +2

      @Fierce Chris Griffin Gaming at least make the skit funny or some shit like literally the comments are funnier than this

  • Catherine Kelly
    Catherine Kelly Před rokem

    Omg I don't know but it is funny 😂

  • Bill Urbano
    Bill Urbano Před rokem

    Too funny sango I can't believe you felt why would you drink that and I don't think it's I don't think it's a a toilet plunger laughing laughing laughing laughing

  • Alex Cabrera
    Alex Cabrera Před 11 měsíci +10

    Zhong: sango have you seen the toilet paper
    Me and my brother: HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Marina Herrera
    Marina Herrera Před rokem +7

    Y’all are funny because y’all are super funny😂

  • gloria
    gloria Před rokem +451

    Staged: yes
    Scripted: yes
    Funny: no
    Cringe: yes

    • Perdana mahardhika
      Perdana mahardhika Před rokem

      @Chips. true

    • Perdana mahardhika
      Perdana mahardhika Před rokem +1

      @edwardyeeto lmao

    • Anneka corbett
      Anneka corbett Před rokem +1

      Agreement: yes

    • gloria
      gloria Před rokem +1

      @spoonmoneyking 😆

    • Chips.
      Chips. Před rokem +1

      Cringe? Dude you know what is more cringe? Laughing over generation z humor, generation z humor is blinded by complete garbage humor and can't see a funnier humor

  • farm saetern
    farm saetern Před 11 měsíci

    You can drink it from the bottle too

    DEKUUUUUU Před rokem +15

    Zhong :- Please don't eat my Cheetos
    Also Zhong :- puts Cheetos in front of sango

    • Salha Sulaiman
      Salha Sulaiman Před rokem

      الحمدلله ولا حول ولا قوه الا بالله العلي العظيم سبحان الله العظيم سبحان الله وبحمده الله اكبر

    • Nihat Unal
      Nihat Unal Před rokem

      @Sky friends light mm

    • Sky friends light
      Sky friends light Před rokem +2

      I also noticed that😂😂

  • WG RIDER MotoVlog
    WG RIDER MotoVlog Před rokem +4

    He got you haha😂

  • 4TheBois
    4TheBois Před rokem +20

    Zhong: don’t touch my Cheetos
    Also zhong: *puts the Cheetos right in front of Sango*

  • Muhammad Aasim
    Muhammad Aasim Před rokem +1435

    Guy telling other guy not to eat his Cheetos: puts Cheetos in front of him
    Me: 👁👄👁

    • Moi olen Suomalainen
      Moi olen Suomalainen Před rokem


    • thespiritmonkey
      thespiritmonkey Před rokem

      Dude, you just posted a meme somehow even though CHclip doesn't allow picture comment.

    • •anna banna•
      •anna banna• Před rokem

      @Marinho it does make sense *Genius*

    • That Canadian Girl
      That Canadian Girl Před rokem

      Ya like I would do the same thing like!!!🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

    • Marinho
      Marinho Před rokem +1

      That doesn't even make sense, you just wanted to use 👁️👄👁️

  • Rennie Cameron
    Rennie Cameron Před rokem +2

    Happy birthday my dear friend Ha ha I have been so good to you 🤣

  • Veonique Lunique pierre
    Veonique Lunique pierre Před rokem +4

    He ate it tried to drink soda and then... zong prank him by accident that has got to be the legendary prank that was by accident

  • LowkeyxSunny
    LowkeyxSunny Před rokem +13

    He could just drink out of the bottle 😂

  • Chance Peterson
    Chance Peterson Před rokem +3

    Bruh I would have taken my Cheetos to the bathroom so he couldn’t eat them

  • Madeline Ducks
    Madeline Ducks Před rokem +838

    “Ah yes, let me quickly drink out of this dog bowl”
    “Wait? It’s a toilet brush holder??”

  • Sugar cat
    Sugar cat Před rokem +38

    He didn’t have to spit in the bowl and why can’t he just drink the soda normally? XD

    • Weak
      Weak Před rokem

      It’s fake anyway

    • Talal Empos
      Talal Empos Před rokem

      @Sugar cat jast seyin

    • Sugar cat
      Sugar cat Před rokem

      @Talal Empos Yeah but there’s no cops around

    • Talal Empos
      Talal Empos Před rokem

      @Arif onyek Arif ru u cri

    • Arif onyek Arif
      Arif onyek Arif Před rokem

      @Talal Empos 😢😢😢

  • Lucas
    Lucas Před rokem

    Why didn't he just drink the coke from the bottle?

  • LeoMessiFan10
    LeoMessiFan10 Před rokem +9

    Question why didn’t sango just drink out of the bottle.

    • Trevor
      Trevor Před rokem

      Because of covid 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Gbill Chen
    Gbill Chen Před 5 měsíci +1

    The thing is that he said that too loud and he could've not drink coke from the plunger thing because he could just drink it from the bottle

  • Mew-Raptor
    Mew-Raptor Před rokem +80

    Ah yes, a random toilet cleaner just sitting on a dining table instead of it being a in a bathroom
    (Edit) thanks for 80 likes

    • liam aldcroft
      liam aldcroft Před rokem

      Why did he put the coke in a thing that clearly isn’t a cup , I don’t get thirsty , when I could clearly drink it out of the bottle , instead I put it in a cup that doesn’t look like a cup , and I haven’t seen , then scream when it’s my fault

    • Strxbxrrymilkk
      Strxbxrrymilkk Před rokem

      fr tho-

    • gloomy—forest
      gloomy—forest Před rokem +2


    • Zulu AD
      Zulu AD Před rokem +2


  • Erin Sapia
    Erin Sapia Před rokem

    Haha so funny lol

  • ملك التونة موني 😌

    😂😂😂😂 he had worst luck in the all of life

    • Yanis Joud
      Yanis Joud Před 11 měsíci


  • amanda kinder
    amanda kinder Před rokem +3

    That's so me 😂😂😂

  • Rosa Gillie
    Rosa Gillie Před rokem

    Plot twist he wasn't mad because he drink the toilet cleaner bowl he was mad because the dude took it

  • N0tion
    N0tion Před rokem +68

    Those aren’t spicy Cheetos but even if they were, soda makes spice worse. Besides, who puts a toilet-brush bowl on their kitchen table? And who tf in their right mind would pour soda into a suspicious container when they can just drink from the bottle?

    • king kr
      king kr Před rokem +1

      @Monkules lol

    • Monkules
      Monkules Před rokem +1

      We got Sherlock Holmes in the building everyone

  • keya
    keya Před rokem +3

    The way he smirked was so creepy

  • Kbscarzz.Entertainment
    Kbscarzz.Entertainment Před rokem +3

    He got him good

  • savoeunyan
    savoeunyan Před rokem +18

    moral of the story: You cant finesse a finesser

  • C S
    C S Před rokem +4

    "Don't take my Cheetos"
    *proceeds to put it in front of him*

  • kiwi v
    kiwi v Před rokem +367

    Anyone else wondering why he didn't drink the coke out of the bottel

  • Peppermint
    Peppermint Před 10 měsíci +1

    How do you go to the bathroom in 15 seconds 😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Noah Munoz
    Noah Munoz Před rokem

    Coca-Cola makes spicy stuff worse

  • احمد الطويرقي

    OmG THATS WHAT HE GETS!!!!!!😕😂

  • Logan347ui
    Logan347ui Před 11 měsíci

    I told him not to drink it more like I told him not to eat it lol 😆

  • AI_123
    AI_123 Před rokem +407

    Universal truth: He could actually drink from the bottle

    • Khadiza didi Diatta
      Khadiza didi Diatta Před rokem


    • haha haha
      haha haha Před rokem

      Waterfall also soda makes heat heater

    • Hannah
      Hannah Před rokem

      Yes true,.

    • Maria Moreira
      Maria Moreira Před rokem

      @Rosiane Martins Rocha jska se doido é doido mesmo Paulo é mesmo

    • Eduardo Fonseca
      Eduardo Fonseca Před rokem

      Você é muito louca que que é isso tá me perguntando pode falar pode falar querida ou não pode falar aí pode falar um vídeo

  • Cris Fernando
    Cris Fernando Před rokem


  • iWasMercy GT
    iWasMercy GT Před rokem

    After watching a lot of his videos i have feeling that its was all fake becuase they acting was so obvious

  • Marian Savin
    Marian Savin Před rokem

    So funny screaming 🤣🤣😱😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tomasz Suchon
    Tomasz Suchon Před rokem +22

    I would just drink straight out of bottle

  • AbitIconic
    AbitIconic Před rokem +307

    I can’t tell what’s more funny, is it that he just wasted some coke or is it that this is so fake 🧐

    • Kagyra
      Kagyra Před rokem

      @That one guy pranks are supposed to be real

    • Katomic Comics
      Katomic Comics Před rokem

      The funniest part about it is that it’s not funny at all

    • Widodo Agus Pratama
      Widodo Agus Pratama Před rokem

      @Arsonist 🙂

    • damm bender is great
      damm bender is great Před rokem

      @Tnf_tone ok salt could technically be bad for you so should we waste all salt

    • Arsonist
      Arsonist Před rokem

      @That one guy TickTock or Tiktok?

  • _dead.insidee👾🙃
    _dead.insidee👾🙃 Před rokem +23

    Sango inside is like: why.. Do I have to act..

  • sp4z
    sp4z Před rokem +32

    Zhong: don’t eat my Cheetos. Puts it in front of him

    • luiz antonio
      luiz antonio Před rokem

      @Esterlina Patagan zQ1npijkippkj00ik

  • Batol Mraken
    Batol Mraken Před rokem

    Is funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Khodani Madima
    Khodani Madima Před rokem +4

    He deserves it

  • Joshua Randomness
    Joshua Randomness Před rokem +16

    Dont touch me cheetos
    Title: I told him not to drink it
    Him: my goals are beyond your understanding

  • Jeyvie BlaF
    Jeyvie BlaF Před rokem

    Sango is so funny

  • country
    country Před rokem

    The fact that that is the normal cheeto instead of flaminh

  • james ng
    james ng Před rokem +12

    I think Zhong didn't go to toilet, and i think Zhong saw Sango eat his snack

  • Tails
    Tails Před rokem +2

    Lol 😂😂

  • Mikasi Glare
    Mikasi Glare Před rokem +273

    Who tf would think that's a cup? His acting was bad but man stupidity got the best of him too...

    • Mr crazy crocs
      Mr crazy crocs Před rokem +1

      @SMOOTHIE it's so obviously fake because *why would a toilet cleaner be on a table*

    • yousuck
      yousuck Před rokem +1

      @SMOOTHIE don't talk if you don't have anything smart to say

    • Meep Beep
      Meep Beep Před rokem +2

      @SMOOTHIE no shit I know it's a skit😂😂😂😂

    • Kaleb Warrick
      Kaleb Warrick Před rokem +2

      @SMOOTHIE yeah but at least have it make some sense

      SMOOTHIE Před rokem +3

      Bruh it's a SKIT, are we sure about who's losing brain cells on the daily here???? 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Sneha Kulkarni
    Sneha Kulkarni Před rokem +4

    Can we talk about how he had to drink cooooke in gaaaaaalalas

  • Tattletale _
    Tattletale _ Před rokem +3

    Every time Sango is in the video he says BUT WHY. Even if it’s his own fault

  • Rysz.
    Rysz. Před rokem +10

    Not to drink it or not to eat it 😂

  • Theofanis Paraskevaidis

    These are my neighbor kids in a nutshell

  • Kristal 2.0
    Kristal 2.0 Před rokem +98

    Acting: *0*
    Also, are we not gonna mention that he ate regular Cheetos, and said “AAAAH SO HOT!!!”? They didn’t even try to hide the fact it was regular Cheetos-

    • Roblox Explosive dance Acd
      Roblox Explosive dance Acd Před rokem +3

      It’s the jalapeño one and those still taste like the regular with tangy but yeah who would believe this

    • Mr. Dynamics
      Mr. Dynamics Před rokem +1

      @o_o basically

    • Mr. Dynamics
      Mr. Dynamics Před rokem +1

      @o_ohot Cheeto puffs are fucking red

  • HyperSpeed
    HyperSpeed Před rokem



    Him dropping the cheetos out of his mouth 😆😅

    • Memo Sy
      Memo Sy Před rokem


    • omneya yhiea mohamed
      omneya yhiea mohamed Před rokem

      شفقثةزثيةظيةثديمفا٣مرقنزقبظثوث برصوثبصاتثر

  • [ZTO] BUSSID bar bar
    [ZTO] BUSSID bar bar Před rokem +44

    Good job Zhong almost hit 3M subscriber
    And don't forget to dye your hair at 4M subs

  • Katarzyna Wójcik
    Katarzyna Wójcik Před rokem +1

    😹, i love ur tiktoks