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stealing all of my friends food !

  • čas přidán 3. 03. 2021
  • stealing all of my friends food
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  • Zoidenberg
    Zoidenberg Před rokem +167

    King Bach then proceeds to pull out a comically large spoon. The joke here is that King Bach can now have pretty much all the ice cream he wants, whilst still only having had one spoonful.

  • Dan jerin Terol
    Dan jerin Terol Před rokem +2

    So my 4year old daughter watched this over and over for about 20 whole minutes 😂

  • Asadur Rahman
    Asadur Rahman Před rokem

    Very funny bro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yin Shoma
    Yin Shoma Před rokem

    We all have that one friend 😂

    • Yin Shoma
      Yin Shoma Před rokem

      I am that friend 😭😂

  • yurt
    yurt Před rokem

    Zhong, that is not a spoon they are chopsticks 🥢 .

  • xd lilmanhaider
    xd lilmanhaider Před rokem +454

    Mom: Why dont you play with the neighbours kids?
    The neighbours kids: Drinking milkshake with a hose
    Edit: Ty all sm for the likes guys

  • Joseph Terrell
    Joseph Terrell Před rokem

    If your friend going to be like this and steal that much for your food every time you want to eat then don't be their friend anymore

  • Ash Bash
    Ash Bash Před rokem

    So Funny 😂😂😂😂😆🤣😂🤣😆 sorry I can't stop laughing 😂 so funny sorry it's to funny

  • QueenToyTv
    QueenToyTv Před rokem +1

    Always how my brothers be

  • Norlela Ibrahim
    Norlela Ibrahim Před rokem

    So funny 😂 😅 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • AceoffHearts
    AceoffHearts Před rokem +49

    “Only one sip” the size of the straw doesn’t up the intake of the drink

    • Yio Sayago
      Yio Sayago Před rokem

      @Penn Hoffert i8r ui3iñs

    • Rock Harshal
      Rock Harshal Před rokem

      @Creeper jack delham craft lll

    • GG G4MMER
      GG G4MMER Před rokem


    • Carolina Mejia
      Carolina Mejia Před rokem +1


    • DEM0N1CAL
      DEM0N1CAL Před rokem

      Incorrect remember when people would choke using a toilet paper roll as a straw

  • Azmir Ahmad
    Azmir Ahmad Před rokem +1

    this video reminds me when I want to eat my little brother food (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ... I bit it all 🤣🤣

  • IcoL
    IcoL Před 10 měsíci

    it's like my sister with me hahah

  • SM Investments Careers
    SM Investments Careers Před rokem +1

    This is funny 😂😂😂😂😂

    • sky15
      sky15 Před rokem

      Ya it is

  • Dulce Castano Alfaro
    Dulce Castano Alfaro Před rokem +2

    This is absolutely funny omg I'm 100% lmao on the floor rn it's so funny keep making this type of content because it's very funny and I like this video because it's super funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • RedRaptor 198
    RedRaptor 198 Před rokem +501

    “Only a spoonful!”
    **proceeds to copy a vine and uses chopsticks**

  • Michael Zavala
    Michael Zavala Před rokem

    Haha I like it LOL

  • Lushantha Gunawardhana
    Lushantha Gunawardhana Před rokem +12

    How is anyone gonna know whether he took 1 sip or even 2

  • Seona Das
    Seona Das Před rokem +8

    Sango: Only one spoonful
    Zhong: Takes out chopsticks

    • The Beast
      The Beast Před rokem +1

      I noticed:D

    • Tripsy
      Tripsy Před rokem

      @Champloo okay bro I don’t want any sas from an anime pfp

    • Champloo
      Champloo Před rokem

      @Tripsy who couldn’t notice except blind people? like wtf

    • Tripsy
      Tripsy Před rokem +2

      I thought no one else noticed

  • Yell038
    Yell038 Před rokem +5

    I want Sango’s noodles :((

  • Candice Mercado
    Candice Mercado Před rokem +3

    Don’t you just love taking your friends food 😂

  • Divona Mitchell
    Divona Mitchell Před rokem

    Is funny Lol😂

  • Artaholic Advaitha
    Artaholic Advaitha Před 2 měsíci +1

    Legend says that Santo is always angry

  • Chan Li Ying
    Chan Li Ying Před rokem

    Lol 🤣

  • 𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘰𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦

    How to be a terrible friend:

  • Jenna Hamilton
    Jenna Hamilton Před rokem +30

    “can i have some?!?”

  • Lilly edits
    Lilly edits Před rokem +4

    Zhong!! But why??😂😂😂😂

  • elvia almendarez
    elvia almendarez Před rokem +1


  • yumi lok
    yumi lok Před rokem


  • 🦋Keilahni’s Roblox🌟

    I was laughing so hard

  • Spagetthi
    Spagetthi Před rokem +29

    Does he really think having a bigger straw makes him drink more
    Edit: for everyone telling me how it is possible, I have come to figure that out

    • Piano Man
      Piano Man Před rokem

      He might drown, and it'd take effort but yes

    • joan requiron
      joan requiron Před rokem


    • A stack of Boomer
      A stack of Boomer Před rokem

      it could work if he was able to creata siphon

    • Spagetthi
      Spagetthi Před rokem +1

      @Que Pasa I suppose so, now that I think of it

    • Que Pasa
      Que Pasa Před rokem

      I mean if he was able to suck the drink in through that pipe then yeah, it would

  • Pp Top
    Pp Top Před rokem +1


  • Cassie Guyton
    Cassie Guyton Před rokem +1

    I mean he did what you said u say one spoonful and he got a spoonful then u said one sip and got one sip🤣🤣😂

  • Khalid Essa
    Khalid Essa Před rokem +5


  • Aliessia Walters
    Aliessia Walters Před 4 měsíci +1

    What the hell does he have in those noodles for him to be making that sound 😂

  • Monkey T
    Monkey T Před rokem +8

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 I will try this with my friends

  • rich
    rich Před rokem

    Why does he always had to take his own food? Like bruh

  • معتصم خوجة
    معتصم خوجة Před rokem


  • Darren Enciso
    Darren Enciso Před rokem +12

    Nice 👍👍👍 I can't stop watching it zhong it's so funny

  • Aracely Fernandez
    Aracely Fernandez Před rokem

    You are a genius!😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Josh krass
    Josh krass Před rokem +33

    I miss Santo Zhong doesn't live with him anymore : (

    • GoatMC
      GoatMC Před rokem

      @Casually Obsessed if so just take L in this useless debate

    • Casually Obsessed
      Casually Obsessed Před rokem

      @GoatMC just stop defending him jesus christ.

    • GoatMC
      GoatMC Před rokem

      @Casually Obsessed yes I admit zhong actually acts like a 4 years old but because of that, that doesn't mean we cannot enjoy his content
      Yes there is an adult who watches cartoon in their free time but still that's alright because as I said different people have a different interest
      Yeah you can call us crazy for watching zhong go on because we're don't have the right mind to watch it right
      Plus yes he do stole someone's joke

    • Casually Obsessed
      Casually Obsessed Před rokem

      @GoatMC because Zhong is an absolute idiot. He steals jokes and acts like a 4 year old having a seizure. His entire youtube channel makes everyone that watches it stupider by proxy. Its actual trash. And as for adults who watch cartoons, no adult is gonna watch a children's cartoon unless it either meant something to them as a kid or if the cartoon was something that any age could watch and still enjoy. This is content no one in their right mind can enjoy. He litterally just stole a joke from someone else who wasnt at all funny either and somehow made it worse.

    • GoatMC
      GoatMC Před rokem

      @Casually Obsessed probably some of us will think wow this is good just ignore them
      But for me I watch zhong's tiktok for fun just to get a laugh when watching them
      It doesn't matter if we are child or an idiot
      There is an adult but he or she loves watching cartoon
      So what's wrong with us enjoying zhong's tiktok

  • Jefferson Palencia
    Jefferson Palencia Před rokem +2

    R we just gonna ignore that fold in the straw? We all for sure know that milktea aint goin nowhere.

  • Grassy boy
    Grassy boy Před rokem +4

    Your videos are so funny I hope u get 12m

  • Jaydn Smith
    Jaydn Smith Před rokem

    One spoon I agree with him😂😂😂

  • D e a t h  G a m i n g
    D e a t h G a m i n g Před rokem +2

    Zhong is very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sirpanikalot
    sirpanikalot Před rokem +3

    Petition to rename this ''how to lose all your friends in record time''

  • Chanta Dukuly
    Chanta Dukuly Před 10 měsíci

    Him: only one sip! Zhong: pulls out garden hose

  • Hephzibah Welbeck( 💖)

    Tooo funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Jadao Charles
    Jadao Charles Před rokem

    Lol 😂😂🤣

  • Jason Karlo E. Gonzales


  • yxng cds
    yxng cds Před rokem +33

    The tube one literally changes nothing

    • Priyanka Bharti
      Priyanka Bharti Před rokem

      It changes a bit cuz after a sip, the giant pipe would have a bit of that drink still left

    • Troy Jerron Bautista
      Troy Jerron Bautista Před rokem

      He could have just sip it more faster to make the drink ran out but just taking one sip.

    • Jam60
      Jam60 Před rokem +1

      I swear it would have made it even harder to drink and get away with since the other guy could easily stop him

  • Glass Joe
    Glass Joe Před rokem

    Bro just take one looooooong sip

  • sathit thavonsalee
    sathit thavonsalee Před rokem

    when you guys are gonna stop pranking each other? 😒

  • Brigida Garcia
    Brigida Garcia Před rokem +2

    That's why I don't let my brother eat my stuff

  • Binky-ChoyceYT👑🐍
    Binky-ChoyceYT👑🐍 Před rokem +2

    Just like Dankscole bro 😂😂😂

  • Omkar Datt
    Omkar Datt Před rokem +12

    Ah yes peak “COMEDY”

  • AmNotSilvxr
    AmNotSilvxr Před rokem +17

    if I were Sango I would just say “go away”

  • Happy.
    Happy. Před rokem +2

    Me and zhong's bowl are the same lol

  • ‌Excompert
    ‌Excompert Před rokem

    Why is this video over 246k dislikes bruh
    It was good video

  • eizz ryein
    eizz ryein Před rokem +5

    Is that Maggie curry from Malaysia? 🤤

  • charlie
    charlie Před rokem +22

    I like how he just eats from a plastic container 🤣🤣

  • Rosa Flores
    Rosa Flores Před rokem +4

    he said co myn!!!! 😂😂😂

  • super sonic speed /  456


    OLLIE HUGHES Před rokem +1


  • guide gaming
    guide gaming Před rokem +17

    Zhong:can i have spoonfull?
    Also Zhong:use chopsticks

  • Violet Arabe
    Violet Arabe Před rokem +6


  • Gulnar Ismetzade
    Gulnar Ismetzade Před 11 měsíci


  • TAİM
    TAİM Před rokem


    XAVIER JOHN ABAD Před rokem +6

    Hey can I have some noodles
    Only a spoonful
    Zhong who has chopsticks yet refused to finish to bowl since he holds chopsticks: => kneel

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Před rokem +3

    The pipe was bent so it actually didn’t feed any drink through at all 😂🤦‍♂️

  • 74v3
    74v3 Před rokem +10

    wait how does having a bigger straw help u drink more

  • Z3EM Vlogs ز3يم
    Z3EM Vlogs ز3يم Před rokem


  • maxogaming
    maxogaming Před 7 měsíci

    Haha he always asks for his food

  • omega sunocutes
    omega sunocutes Před rokem

    If my friend asked me some of my food I would just give it to them

  • Haley Williams
    Haley Williams Před rokem

    So funny man

  • •Lïzz Playz•
    •Lïzz Playz• Před rokem +3

    Lol now I can get my bff's food😂

  • Pim
    Pim Před rokem +6

    "Only one spoonful"
    Me: *pulls out a comically large spoon*

    • Adri
      Adri Před rokem

      “Only one spoonful”
      You: pulls out a comically large spoon
      Me: shoots you in the head

  • GamingIzCool
    GamingIzCool Před rokem +8

    Zhong is the type of guy that wants to eliminate humanity for ice cream when he was a kid

  • God's Favourite
    God's Favourite Před rokem +2

    i love this one ngl

  • Sea Logic
    Sea Logic Před rokem

    They took the King Bach joke and somehow made it stupider

  • Mr Shush
    Mr Shush Před rokem +480

    "Congrats to the people who cringed in this video
    Edit:this is probobly the most likes i have ever gotten

  • Spring 22
    Spring 22 Před rokem

    My sister does that all the time and I slap her as hard as I can. take advice from me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Juan Villavicencio
    Juan Villavicencio Před 9 měsíci

    POV When your parents Ask for some of your snacks

  • Nandkumar Kate
    Nandkumar Kate Před rokem +2

    Zhong this very funny

  • Pravin K
    Pravin K Před rokem +32

    The first one is a real thing that happens with everyone...

  • Takauto Kimura
    Takauto Kimura Před rokem +3

    Honestly I wouldn’t want a share of the ramen when someone is already slurping and chewing on it already.

  • TAWL
    TAWL Před rokem

    Don’t take all of the food only take a sip or a little bit not all of it most most people don’t actually do that except only you do it

  • Arianna Cooper
    Arianna Cooper Před 9 měsíci +9

    Me “can I have some food mum” that is what I am like when I eat some pasta

  • Ralph Lawrence DeGuzman
    Ralph Lawrence DeGuzman Před rokem +1

    Thats not spoon thats chopstick😆

    • Edson Bispo
      Edson Bispo Před rokem

      UOL esporte
      🤗🐶 atrapalhando7+$:

  • FutureHam
    FutureHam Před 6 měsíci +1

    Sango: One Spoonfull
    Zhong: *uses chopsticks
    Someone in the world we totally don't know: I tHiNk ItS cHoPsTiCkS FuLl

  • Hanz Zolo
    Hanz Zolo Před rokem +8

    "Only 1 spoonful"
    Using stick

  • Edwinguzman4444
    Edwinguzman4444 Před rokem +5

    That noodle look so good right now

  • Wild Studios
    Wild Studios Před rokem +7

    This is exactly why I don’t share a lot with my friends

  • rissa goldin
    rissa goldin Před rokem +7

    not gonna lie that is kinda smart😇

  • jaylyn.unknown
    jaylyn.unknown Před rokem +2

    Bro noddles look raw!😅

  • Tng Jeremy
    Tng Jeremy Před rokem +7

    Size of straw doesnt affect how much he sips lmao

  • ["CARSOFIA"]
    ["CARSOFIA"] Před rokem +1


  • james
    james Před 6 měsíci

    Pretty sure that the dudes using chop sticks & not a spoon 😂🤣 guys were high as fk when they made this 😂

  • Christine Savchuk
    Christine Savchuk Před 5 měsíci

    Your videos are so funny I always like them


    Sango why don't you stop him what's he doing Sango tell zhong to dye his hair pink OK don't forget it OK?