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Damn chica eats like this? | FNAF Security Breach

  • čas přidán 16. 01. 2022
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  • Razer The Red Lantern

    I love how everyone accepts that Freddy has become a father.

  • LeCarmeloth

    Freddy is just taking advantage of Roxy's eyes

  • Gaming_Bigfoot

    "on speaker again"

  • Nathan Sefrin

    The best part of this is that Gregory calls Freddy “dad”

  • Louie Machan

    I like how Chica is acknowledging that "Yeah Freddy and Gregory have a Father-and-son thing going on."

  • Mumberry19
    Mumberry19  +935

    I really love how the fandom has just made a version of SB where, instead of wanting to kill gregory, the animatronics are just wanting to inconvenience them

  • Vorco
    Vorco  +1

    I’m going to feel really sorry for MatPat when he finishes his theories on this game since it seems like the whole internet has now accepted Freddy as the father-figure when MatPat’s theory is clearly leaning on Freddy being Michael Afton and Gregory being the Crying Child. Which would make the two of them brothers instead. Though even as brothers they both can still have the same kind of relationship as an older brother is protective and caring to their younger siblings. It’s pretty close to a “father/son” sort of interaction.

  • GalaxyRat&Fnaf

    I love how in the beginning of fnaf it started of as Freddy being the child and now it's Freddy being a dad 😂

  • William Afton

    Leaving a Fazwatch on speaker, what a way to go. Although Chica should be more kind, he’s only a child after all. A stern talking to should suffice.

  • Fox4Dayz
    Fox4Dayz  +471

    Gregory just tryna get a good look at them ball joints. . .

  • Sky Ender
    Sky Ender  +113

    Can we accept the fact she didn't jump scare Gregory and instead grabbed his arm because of Freddy on his Faz-watch

  • Chase Little

    imagine her jumpscaring you like this in the game but only when she Hears freedy talking

  • Yessenia Huertas-Ramirez

    I like how they censored the b word but you can still hear it.

  • 4 BRO'S
    4 BRO'S  +335

    Gregory calls freddy dad

  • Skeleton Simon

    "Is there anyway you communicate besides talking so loudly"

  • YoYo Mydude

    Freddy: “Damn princess, do you eat like that on dates?!”

  • Hexis Diamonds

    Love how Fnaf went from scary possessed animatronics trying to kill you and stuff you in a suit to having an animatronic be a father-figure of sorts.

  • Exantho
    Exantho  +109

    are these fan voiceovers? if so, dang thats good

  • Kratos
    Kratos  +80

    This Father-son relationship is amazing 😂

  • AthXoxo
    AthXoxo  +138

    Gregory: "Dad, your voice"