Dead by Daylight | Livestream #78 - How he sees the world

  • čas přidán 16. 11. 2017
  • November 16th 2017 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Stefan Horvath, Gabrielle Murphy (not_Queen), Sarah Robinson, Thomas De Rego
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  • HryHry

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  • Herrix
    Herrix Před rokem

    Hello fat queen

  • Fist Fight Anims.
    Fist Fight Anims. Před rokem

    Add a new variant, ultimate rare, only one thing of ultimate rare (add on and perk) and the survivor item be a *WEAPON!!!*

  • Fist Fight Anims.
    Fist Fight Anims. Před rokem

    Use that bonus music track that sounds like a battle theme

  • Ram Ranch
    Ram Ranch Před rokem

    we need more bucket

  • Myles Mylo
    Myles Mylo Před rokem

    Happy about how the bloodweb will work now :) was pretty ridiculous paying 8000 for a brown item lol

  • Prze mek
    Prze mek Před rokem

    Help me guys i got reset my lvl items and skills

  • Mien Harti
    Mien Harti Před rokem

    Can you make a update ?

  • Tryhard IQ
    Tryhard IQ Před rokem

    I don't get it there though because I saved my game when I went to rank 16 and next day I go on the game and my rank got reset and no it wasn't the season reset either

  • invisibleNinja
    invisibleNinja Před rokem

    save file error 20 lvls away from legacy

  • invisibleNinja
    invisibleNinja Před rokem

    and i want my bloodpoints

  • invisibleNinja
    invisibleNinja Před rokem

    Lost all of my lvl
    20 lvl off legacy 1
    Pls can i have me bloopoints or lvls

  • Saturnz Barz
    Saturnz Barz Před rokem +1


  • Saturnz Barz
    Saturnz Barz Před rokem


  • FlakeDumper 445
    FlakeDumper 445 Před rokem

    Can someone tell me how to report bugs

    I lost my very rare flashlight with odd bulb and extra battery because the killer quit the game
    Edit:btw I'm on ps4

  • Krzysiek Urban
    Krzysiek Urban Před rokem

    When Spark of madness spotlight?

  • dog vs chainsaw 89
    dog vs chainsaw 89 Před rokem

    U nerf horror most icons killer god u NERF FREDDY.poor freddy getting treated like crap

  • simon Liljeholm
    simon Liljeholm Před rokem

    When will you guys fix the game so it does not take 30 sek then BOOM 3 generators is done. ? And WHY THE HELL did you guys nerf freddy? Ha was not op. The Doctor is OP !!!

  • Kaotic
    Kaotic Před rokem

    They should really add 2017 pennywise or old pennywise

  • kyokyo katana
    kyokyo katana Před rokem


    RIZExASSASSIN Před rokem +1

    Please add game chat where if your close to some one u can hear them clear and the farther away they are the less we can hear them. LIKE IF YOU AGREE!

    RIZExASSASSIN Před rokem +1

    Heres some ideas for new killers Add jeepers kreepers, IT the clown, SCREAM, Alien vs predator one of the 2, slenderman, jeff the killer, jigsaw and chucky the doll, seems like an awesome idea like if u agree.

    RIZExASSASSIN Před rokem +1

    They should make a mode with 2 killers and 6-8 survivor's, 7-9 gens and a big map and if there is a hatch the last two people can escape plz make this happen on consoles. Like if you agree

  • I Surrender
    I Surrender Před rokem

    I like Daed by daylinght

  • Sepni Phänie
    Sepni Phänie Před rokem

    Not Queen is so cute i like her xD

  • Flyzz Vx
    Flyzz Vx Před rokem

    Fix myers pls he is op

  • Blytz
    Blytz Před rokem

    can i have all DLC's and prestige 3 on claudette morel pls ? I have a channel with 152 subs! My channel name is luca surcelea. Is in romanian leanguage

  • Michael
    Michael Před rokem

    I got 2 killer ideas ok the first is , The Summoner her story is :(idk a name) was a lovely animal doctor she loves pets over her live she want offering her live for the animals and than qas comming a man with a dog what needs help she sees bits and scratches on the dog hes bleeding she looks to the man and see the blood from the dog an his hands and teeth and she has healing the dog by her was it so that she can speak with her heart to animals and feels how they are feeling . Than is comming the same from before man with a sword he says : I kill all the animal here. She was fighting with feelings and power from pets she was so fast how a jaguar by hunt so strong how a tiger she was so wild and kill the man she shout so loud that she summons a big demon and it takes her to a world where lives the demons and speak: Your the queen from us please be it . She cannot do other and says yes and that wake her killer insticts up. Her weapon to kill is a clauw from a demon on her hand when she hit suvivors a demon drinks that blood . Her power is summoning demon theyre catch survivors or she ride on theyre and can fly . The 2 idea is The Curse her story :(idk a name ) she was everytime outside has now friends her friends are ghost she makes every summoning when she is summon a ghost she wears a cloth on her head that their dont see her face she has most of the time killed people with her cloth because the ghost give her the assignment to kill and bring a Victim and she do that to continue her live . Her weapon was and is a dagger she had one dagger for one Victim she was summon a ghost she must kill all of her time and she have a power from the ghost its make her to curse she learned everytime more curses and she knows three curses good the one is to take over the soul also her soul controlls the souls that she had she can take them if she is close enough the second curse is she is summon a ghost that is fast a can do one hit when your complete the hit your back by the place that where you summon the ghost the 3. curse makes you do a portal when cut the ground you are by one survivor but your must recover from this but by recover theire hear a loud whisper and your invisible by all curses the survivors here loud whispers before you doing a curse your must active the curse modus where you can decide what your want do . like if yout find that are good ideas dislike if your find that bad ideas

    • Michael
      Michael Před rokem

      Im so happy if a killer from there is to play

    • Michael
      Michael Před rokem

      Sry when there mistakes in the text

  • ZderKi_CZ
    ZderKi_CZ Před rokem

    Devs, you are broking the game much more when trying to fix it... ._.

  • I Surrender
    I Surrender Před rokem

    ผมอยากให้มีในโทรศัพท์อะ ทำได้ไหม แปลไทยออกไหม

  • Katzengott
    Katzengott Před rokem +1

    Weird bugs going on on Xbox One. Had two very strange games yesterday...
    In the first i ended up with another survivor against the killer. At least, i thought... the two other survivors were unvisible, there were not displayed in the upper corner. It looks very funny, to unhook a unvisible mate. :D
    In the other round we had a doctor and no visual skillchecks AT ALL! So with Madness III, it was impossible to do anything.
    At least, these bugs seem to be very rare.

  • Hades Newcool
    Hades Newcool Před rokem

    Good update

  • Tyson Springchief
    Tyson Springchief Před rokem

    Whats there email

  • Austin Hart
    Austin Hart Před rokem

    What is QoL??

  • evin perez
    evin perez Před rokem

    Who else agrees that a krampus killer would be awesome

  • Music of Emma
    Music of Emma Před rokem

    In 2017 this crap game still has so many bugs what survivors use to take advantage. You only come up with new DLCs then suddenly nerfing its killer but in 2017 you still can't fix basic bugs in the game like survivors stucking or disappearing into the walls when they are put into dying state. Fuck this game really how can be still there in a multiplayer game in 2017 so many gltches??? WTF are you doing in the office?
    Today I got so many gltich users in the game I finally uninstalled this pieace of shit from my PC. I can't believe you don't care anithing else but selling more DLCs and promising shit content instead of polishing the gameplay, reworking the maps and purging these basic map and animation bugs!!! It is fucking 2017 why would we play it when there are so many multi games with better gameplay where we don't need to deal with glitch users who take advantage of these bugs?

  • bappo
    bappo Před rokem

    Will Jason ever come out in dead by daylight

  • I Do Random Stuff Oof
    I Do Random Stuff Oof Před rokem

    And chapter called the black button

  • I Do Random Stuff Oof
    I Do Random Stuff Oof Před rokem

    I have a new killer and survivor the other mother from coraline and adult version of coraline and the power would be for other mother I know it sounds dumb am working on it is a "button for a eye" as the other mother throws it at the survivor it will make the survivor with the vision of a killer and make it harder to see the killer...

  • Conor Fogarty
    Conor Fogarty Před rokem

    Don't make bloodlust a perk for god sake. It's literally the only thing that allows killers to fight pallet looping. A bad looper can be caught quickly but one that can loop well will still be good. Imo pallet looping is well balanced and doesn't need change.

  • Lex Mortis
    Lex Mortis Před rokem

    How can a Killer be to deadly? 36:30

  • pootis bird
    pootis bird Před rokem

    They sould add slenderman in the game and the ability could be a friday the 13th game morph

  • banananija12345
    banananija12345 Před rokem

    i dont play the game anymore cause im so bad and then Freddy made me ever more worse :p but i still come for the announcement

  • DarkWatcher
    DarkWatcher Před rokem

    I agree that bloodlust should be somewhat nerfed but to do so you need to remove a lot of pallets from the map because the only counter to pallet looping at this point is bloodlust, so you'll have to fix them both somehow

  • MR. Garrison
    MR. Garrison Před rokem

    Camper killers are a huge problem I lost a lot of good stuff with my survivors

  • Vysiper
    Vysiper Před rokem

    Dead by daylight can you nerf Freddy Krueger pls when ever I want play he to fast when he puts you in the dream world even I use meg Thomas but he too fast pls make him slow pls he is to fast.

    • Vysiper
      Vysiper Před rokem

      Nero O'Connor am not lying he is to fast in the game I just want them to make him a tiny slow not that slow.

    • Nero O'Connor
      Nero O'Connor Před rokem

      Reaper_Pro_Gaming it takes seven seconds to pull you into the dream state. Either you’re not paying attention or you’re lying. He also has add-ons that lower the time. But it takes seven seconds for him to pull you in. He’s already damn near unusable any more nerfs and he will be worse than the Wraith! Ooh let me guess you have trouble with the Wraith as well? Have you ever considered maybe you’re just a bad survivor?

  • Dead Reaper
    Dead Reaper Před rokem

    Hey i have an idea what if theres a way where theres 2 killers and 8 survivors and they have to see who gets more kills and if they tie the killer have to fight

  • P4ulo
    P4ulo Před rokem

    Please Fix Windows and palets ! It's not normal to us which killers can hit us -_- .... Pretty good job so far ? I don't think so sry ...

  • Vli3nvt3
    Vli3nvt3 Před rokem

    Pretty good job so far

  • Trive fries
    Trive fries Před rokem

    What about Head case for Consoles?

  • isabelle
    isabelle Před rokem

    50:31 That's my art! Thank you for featuring it :D

  • otaku AyMaNe
    otaku AyMaNe Před rokem

    we want arabic langue in dead by daylight :(

  • cheshire cat
    cheshire cat Před rokem

    We need a tool to stop people from being able to crawl through the gate,& only the people who are crawling like blood warden, but for crawlers

  • Sam Nichols
    Sam Nichols Před rokem

    hey devs, I recently popped a bloody party streamers, and I didn't get my bonus blood points endgame, nothing stopped me from getting them, it was just a weird bug that you should look into

  • Aj playz
    Aj playz Před rokem

    Hey I'm just wondering when is Bill coming out on PS4?

  • Im Your Big fan
    Im Your Big fan Před rokem

    you guys need too fix the pallet bugs becuse i was in a match in 10 mins becuse all ut one survivor was in the pallter and the killer cant hit us and things so that bug need to fix

  • janet hou
    janet hou Před rokem

    Excuse me, may I download your videos for my English project?

  • Jesus De Nazaret
    Jesus De Nazaret Před rokem

    Y el dlc charity case para xbox one? Porque solo lo sacan en pc y no en xbox?

  • Joyful Leader
    Joyful Leader Před rokem

    This game is more fair than Friday the 13th, agree?

  • Lo_Playz
    Lo_Playz Před rokem +2


  • peeling onions
    peeling onions Před rokem

    Have you guys thought about releasing Dead By Daylight on the Nintendo Switch? That’s something I would buy.