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I Made 100 Minecraft Players Simulate Civilization…

  • čas přidán 24. 06. 2022
  • HryHry

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    GUCCI PUCCI Před 6 měsíci +1130

    “Charlie dropped his seed on civilisation”
    Sounds a bit like *deep inhale*

    • Acolyte06
      Acolyte06 Před 14 dny +1

      @LuigiBoi42 Well done

    • LuigiBoi42
      LuigiBoi42 Před 14 dny +2

      @Acolyte06 Midas?

    • LuigiBoi42
      LuigiBoi42 Před 14 dny


    • Acolyte06
      Acolyte06 Před 2 měsíci +2

      Name a Greek king that wasn't related to Zeus. I'll wait

    • MojRzeszg
      MojRzeszg Před 3 měsíci +2

      I can also see some Christian God analogy.

  • Imperial
    Imperial Před 7 měsíci +1845

    "Even worse than hackers, the French" absolutely legendary

    • Jacko
      Jacko Před 27 minutami

      W pfp

    • JohnLikesKetchup
      JohnLikesKetchup Před 2 měsíci

      @Louna Tollet oui. Salut

    • Louna Tollet
      Louna Tollet Před 2 měsíci +1

      @JohnLikesKetchup tu est pizza je suis hôtel mes aussi je suis 《Pizza quart fromage sans fromage 》!!!!

    • JohnLikesKetchup
      JohnLikesKetchup Před 2 měsíci +1

      @Louna Tollet oui!!! tu es un hotel. Je suis un pizza! Vous parlons CHclip

    • Louna Tollet
      Louna Tollet Před 2 měsíci +1

      @JohnLikesKetchup oui oui et tu parle pain au chocolat

  • H5601
    H5601 Před 7 měsíci +2383

    “…and France. Because we need a clear enemy.”
    Henry would be proud.

    • The Author
      The Author Před 3 měsíci +2

      Henry XIII would be proud. He just ran out of money

    • Ethan Prince
      Ethan Prince Před 4 měsíci +1

      @Sara Arfinn lol

    • Sara Arfinn
      Sara Arfinn Před 4 měsíci +2

      @Ethan Prince Henry ll sorry lol

    • Ethan Prince
      Ethan Prince Před 4 měsíci +1

      @Sara Arfinn eight Henry’s. Henry I, Henry II, Henry III, Henry IV, you get the picture. The context is implied.

    • Sara Arfinn
      Sara Arfinn Před 4 měsíci +3

      @Ethan Prince what? there were 8 hundred year wars? im talking the war during 1159-1259 what other hundred year wars were there

  • TarotVylan
    TarotVylan Před 5 měsíci +149

    7:40 I love the idea of Deities casually casting calamities and disasters on eachother as a form of argument

    • norm
      norm Před 6 dny +2

      Basically just Greek mythology

    • Diabolus ab Infernum
      Diabolus ab Infernum Před měsícem +4

      Does that mean armageddon is just a very heated flame war between the gods?

  • Nakimé
    Nakimé Před 6 měsíci +178

    As a French, i'm proud of my country winning once again.

  • Carlo26
    Carlo26 Před 7 měsíci +131

    0:00-0:54 Introduction
    0:55-1:19 Let Them Burn
    1:20-1:39 They Could Be Outsmarted
    1:40-2:06 A Leader Among Us
    2:07-2:28 Hon Hon Hon
    2:29-4:09 Immigration
    4:10-5:49 Writing The Bible
    5:50-6:41 In The Nether
    6:42-7:41 Fixing A Famine
    7:42-8:26 Charlie Messed Up
    8:27-8:44 Intermission
    8:45-9:53 Taking Down The Wall
    9:54-13:04 Feedback Station
    13:05-14:08 Checking In On The French And The Snow Team
    14:09-14:53 Dropping The Wall
    14:54-17:55 The Great War (Not Real, but with the French)

    • bob þe rock
      bob þe rock Před 16 dny +1

      17:40 - 17:55 The betrayal of Gods

    • laicaaamaeee
      laicaaamaeee Před měsícem +1

      dude made a chapters

    • joni
      joni Před 6 měsíci +1

      thank you for your hard work!!! o7

    • PissMan69
      PissMan69 Před 6 měsíci +2

      you made an entire history book

  • NeruTehSmall
    NeruTehSmall Před 7 měsíci +286

    "Survival of the fittest, ladies and gents..." A-class. Gotta say, it's amazing to watch your comedy evolve and adapt. Your timing is getting great.

    • TarotVylan
      TarotVylan Před 5 měsíci +1

      Lol, I scrolled to your comment RIGHT as this moment came up
      Tommy is actually getting a lot funnier and more mature

  • Spartan Subset
    Spartan Subset Před měsícem +23

    I have never been more proud of being french

  • jon Doe
    jon Doe Před 7 měsíci +3283

    I find it funny how the British man called the France his enemy, gotta love how everything circles back

    • Coded Studios
      Coded Studios Před 11 dny

      I think it funny. You call tommy a man

    • Freddie Neesam
      Freddie Neesam Před měsícem

      British vs France is natural occurrence it happens every 2000 years

    • Sara Arfinn
      Sara Arfinn Před 6 měsíci +2

      YES LMAO

    • Feetussy
      Feetussy Před 6 měsíci +1

      @ronza 3 currently struggling to find out who tf asked

    • Loretta Jones
      Loretta Jones Před 6 měsíci +1

      @Makosa good

  • Chai Hill
    Chai Hill Před 3 měsíci +14

    14:11 “The French may kill us, But they will never know Heaven.”
    That’s some dang beautiful poetry right there.

  • Grainedrain6414
    Grainedrain6414 Před měsícem +10

    I am french and it s totally accurate 😂❤❤🇫🇷

  • TeaZThunder
    TeaZThunder Před měsícem

    As a french guy, I felt pretty offended by some of the jokes, but I guess since france won it's fine.

  • Isaac W
    Isaac W Před 6 měsíci +32

    The truly funny part is that this is how most of French history has gone lol

  • Neo Tupal
    Neo Tupal Před 6 měsíci +15

    I just Love how the french people try to rescue their leader even though he isnt even kidnapped

  • Sky Shack
    Sky Shack Před 6 měsíci +24

    Tommy, as someone with a graphic design degree, I can tell you prismarine is more green than blue; as it's a shade of teal, not a shade of turquoise.

  • Abbie T
    Abbie T Před 7 měsíci +39

    hope you're doing well, tommy. i've been bingewatching your vids to try and get the news off my mind
    it's been working. thank you so much :D

  • Jay💗
    Jay💗 Před 2 měsíci +2

    Tommyinit you’re rocking my fucking family😭😭😭my mum laughed while she was stalking me

  • Simply Ashton
    Simply Ashton Před 7 měsíci +4856

    "There's one thing the world needs- RELIGION!"
    *smiles in Meat Canyon"

    • John does stuff
      John does stuff Před 2 měsíci

      @AOXGAM3R infinite amongus energy

    • AOXGAM3R
      AOXGAM3R Před 7 měsíci

      arigato gyro...

    • PugThug
      PugThug Před 7 měsíci

      @Oquin yes I can have my own opinion.

    • Oquin
      Oquin Před 7 měsíci +1

      @PugThug the person you are watching is also verified!

    • Oquin
      Oquin Před 7 měsíci +1

      @PugThug ur watching tommyinnit rn bro u cant call this man cringey

  • TotallyNotRedX
    TotallyNotRedX  Před 6 měsíci +4

    the way you always are able to keep ur head up during vids even in hard times is awesome you got a great future infront of you tommy keep the positivity Bud!

  • Lineah H
    Lineah H Před 4 měsíci +1

    Us French people are powerful can't deny it, anyway love watching this type of videos always hilarious

  • Seek
    Seek Před měsícem

    Let's be honest when Tommyinnit uploads, we all laugh half to death

  • Lxmon Boba
    Lxmon Boba Před 7 měsíci +4

    Well, everyone I know techno passed but it's really disrespectful to remind and ask people who were close to him and cared about him (or literally even the closest fans) about technos death.. and tommy does know about technos death, just please give the family and the dsmp members time, they'll make a video about him if they wanted to on the right time. And I know you all must be upset about his death but, technoblade never dies.. he was an amazing person and would hate to see us sad

  • Beary
    Beary Před 7 měsíci +3201

    Petition: Tommy grows a beard again and donates it to charity!

    • crapp
      crapp Před 7 měsíci


      COCOBEAR Před 7 měsíci

      *signs immediately*

    • Rabia Koç
      Rabia Koç Před 7 měsíci

      @bez they are not human. But you can report them if you want. I was just about to as well.

    • Sunalier
      Sunalier Před 7 měsíci

      Hey could you guys check out my newest video and let me know how I could be more like Tommy? :)

    • bez
      bez Před 7 měsíci +1

      @Soundwrath II stop

  • Agnes Everdeen
    Agnes Everdeen Před 7 měsíci +6

    That was great tommy! keep it up king, your videos always make my day better! thank you for your work

  • ĶįňğŢŇȚ
    ĶįňğŢŇȚ Před 7 měsíci +7

    Rip techno he will be remembered and we must carry on his legacy

  • Zekromium
    Zekromium Před 3 měsíci

    I love the background progression of the Nether people. First they were left in hell, secretly given an exit by Charlie. Then when they were seen again they all had full Netherite, prepared for the war. Then, during the war, they were wearing Gold Boots, seemingly to ward off the Piglins of the Nether.

  • Xander Guihan
    Xander Guihan Před 6 měsíci +3

    “…and France because their needs to be a clear enemy” had me crying

  • DrepressoEspresso
    DrepressoEspresso Před 7 měsíci +7666

    The desert, the snow, and France for an obvious enemy. That's genius lmao

  • BIS Draconyx
    BIS Draconyx Před 2 měsíci +2

    “I don’t feel guilt, I’m god”😂

  • Sanstitr
    Sanstitr Před 5 měsíci +1

    As a french myself, this video is hilarious.

  • s.drxke
    s.drxke Před 6 měsíci

    I need to actually watch Tommy’s vids/streams instead of missing bangers like this

  • ItsUrBoiLuke
    ItsUrBoiLuke Před 6 měsíci +4

    0:29 is the funniest thing this man has ever said imo

  • typical
    typical Před 7 měsíci +4886

    Tommy is the type of person to ask “Is anyone gonna eat that 100 player simulation?” and then not wait for an answer

    • AHawai’ian
      AHawai’ian Před 6 měsíci

      We still doing the Tommy is the type of person thing.I thought that was may 2021???

    • Krobs
      Krobs Před 6 měsíci

      ur not funny.

    • Noob!
      Noob! Před 6 měsíci

      @ТесhnobIаdе Рig 🅥 WHAT THE FUCK

    • Dr. Infernous
      Dr. Infernous Před 6 měsíci

      @Caleb look who's talking about being annoying

    • typical
      typical Před 7 měsíci

      @TheOrangeHeadedFella i have two bitches dude

  • Elijah Wilson
    Elijah Wilson Před 11 dny

    Charlie and Tommy being chaos trickster gods fits way too well!

  • KEI2611
    KEI2611 Před 6 měsíci

    “Turns out, gods can be outsmarted” sounds like one of those quotes that you think comes from classic literature but in reality comes from say a video game (looking at you, “I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me”)

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Před 6 měsíci

    Hey Tommy, I’m sure you know (or have been knowing) about Techno. I wanna say keep doing what your doing. Your work is absolutely amazing!

  • Seishin
    Seishin Před 7 měsíci +1

    Can we appreciate Tommy for a minute. Like he’s 18 and was/is in school. Imagine how hard it is in school and overall normal life. Like it must be so hard to live a normal life in school being treated like a celebrity,having almost everyone want to become his friends. Like I’m sure he has wanted to be a normal highschool student once. And dealing with the loss of techno. Bro his life must be really ruff. So THANKS TOMMY

  • dashyy
    dashyy Před 7 měsíci +2

    As soon as the video started, I realized that civilization in the title was differently spelled than in the video.

  • emma
    emma Před 6 měsíci

    this is like watching two new parents try to discipline their children

  • 💚JayTG💚
    💚JayTG💚 Před 7 měsíci

    Tommy, please keep yourself safe and healthy during this times

  • Calliedéjeuner
    Calliedéjeuner Před 6 měsíci

    As someone who speaks french I would just like to say that THE FRENCH WILL ALWAYS WIN HAHAHAHAHA

  • Cosmoblender
    Cosmoblender Před 7 měsíci +512

    Charlie being a god semi-consistently in videos is surprisingly in-character

    • Kolokal 746
      Kolokal 746 Před 7 měsíci +1

      Another SCU lore added to the list

    • Fadime Kararmışgil
      Fadime Kararmışgil Před 7 měsíci


    •  ㅤ
       Před 7 měsíci

      chclip.net/video/PIoqTQIIEMo/video.html bruh these bots are annoying, fr.😒😒

  • MightyKondrai
    MightyKondrai Před 6 měsíci +1

    those France jokes were actually fucking hilarious loved it.

  • Gustavo Araújo
    Gustavo Araújo Před 7 měsíci

    05:23 I just lost everything here
    Also, RIP Techno, we will always remember your legacy

  • Ignacious
    Ignacious Před 6 měsíci

    The second wall collapsing was actually sort of cool and crazy and also made me almost lose my mind laughing

  • rackov13
    rackov13 Před 7 měsíci

    i find it funny how charlie is takin the piss out of france when america wouldn’t have gained it’s independence if not for the french 😂😂

  • ish
    ish Před 7 měsíci +12029

    Your country might have tanks and nukes, but France has the greatest weapon of all-being underestimated.

  • lightning prince
    lightning prince Před 6 měsíci

    If this was made into a longer series than it would be more successful and impactful than game of thrones.

  • BlueDash_03
    BlueDash_03 Před 6 měsíci +1

    I find it funny that civilization was misspelt many times throughout this video.

  • CanItTookan
    CanItTookan Před 7 měsíci +1

    I hope your doing all right Tommy.

  • FunnyApple
    FunnyApple Před 4 dny

    -big tom

  • a N()ob Y0u ARe
    a N()ob Y0u ARe Před 7 měsíci +1073

    I have no idea how Tommy and Charlie manage to make it hilarious every single time

    • Pustak
      Pustak Před 7 měsíci

      @ThecuteSylveon 02 you're cringe *dabs*

    • tvzu
      tvzu Před 7 měsíci

      hi, I put a lot of time into my videos and I'd appreciate it if y'all took a look :)

    • ThecuteSylveon 02
      ThecuteSylveon 02 Před 7 měsíci

      @a N()ob Y0u ARe because he used to be funny

    • a N()ob Y0u ARe
      a N()ob Y0u ARe Před 7 měsíci +2

      @ThecuteSylveon 02 then why tf are you watching it

    • Jbug44
      Jbug44 Před 7 měsíci

      Because they are amazing XD

  • Dhiren Sidhwani
    Dhiren Sidhwani Před 7 měsíci

    Techno absolutely dunking on Tommy Even when he is dead....What A legend....

  • Libby
    Libby Před 6 měsíci

    The fact that Tommy didn’t think to have a way to tell the difference between the teams….how bud

  • E Lewis
    E Lewis Před 6 měsíci

    Conclusion: We are all immensely lucky Tommy is not God.

  • Faruk Arın Özçelik
    Faruk Arın Özçelik Před 4 měsíci +3

    17:13 That really turned up like WW2 but with a twist.

  • Bhavya Angrish
    Bhavya Angrish Před 7 měsíci +2578

    After hearing techno's news
    Tommy may be the only one who can make my mood a bit lighter

  • The Neon Cactus
    The Neon Cactus Před 7 měsíci

    It would be cool if there was a sequel with Floppyh as the king of France, they could fight some other biomes and stuff
    and this time they could all get a dyed piece of leather armor that indicates what team they're on

    MAXWELL & CAS Před 6 měsíci

    Tommy still grieving, gg techno, gg indeed.

  • MindlessElf
    MindlessElf Před 7 měsíci +8

    To everyone spamming about Techno’s death and telling him to make videos about it, Tommy already knows. You’re being really unnecessary and annoying.

    • MindlessElf
      MindlessElf Před 7 měsíci +2

      @🎉 Ashryn da Shadow 🎉 Exactly !

    • 🎉 Ashryn da Shadow 🎉
      🎉 Ashryn da Shadow 🎉 Před 7 měsíci +3

      Thank you! Tommy doesn't need more reminders of what happened! He's already morning

  • Sophia Newton
    Sophia Newton Před 7 měsíci +1

    Idk if you'll ever read this, Tommy, but I just got out of the hospital and one of the first things I did was watch some of your videos. You mean so much to me and never fail to make me smile

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Před 7 měsíci +893

    "And France, because we need a clear enemy" -Tom Simons, 2022

  • Skylar Foxy
    Skylar Foxy Před 7 měsíci

    The entire video was just Tommy and Charlie hating on France lmao

  • Minemaster 23
    Minemaster 23 Před 7 měsíci +3

    Tommy, I hope we can agree on one thing:
    If technobla-I mean, if Alex’s videos get taken down…you and dah bois come to the U.S. and we STORM CHclip headquarters.

  • WilburTomuraUkr
    WilburTomuraUkr Před 6 měsíci

    I love all the French slander and jokes about France in this video.

  • Sea Forest
    Sea Forest Před 6 měsíci

    Bro imagine seeing those two hover in the air fighting with nerf swords or something that would be hilarious.

  • jordan Butler
    jordan Butler Před 7 měsíci +1062

    This was hilarious. The knocks at the French and them being the best was the best part. Also, the lack of team acknowledgment was funny.

    • Ben 🅥
      Ben 🅥 Před 7 měsíci

      @ScobzSonic 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

    • ScobzSonic
      ScobzSonic Před 7 měsíci

      @Ben 🅥 bot bruhh

    • Ben 🅥
      Ben 🅥 Před 7 měsíci

      chclip.net/video/ify9QytWeWs/video.html It's finally here 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🐇

    • Ben 🅥
      Ben 🅥 Před 7 měsíci

      @Liya Club i'm supposed to say that in every youtube comment :(

    • tvzu
      tvzu Před 7 měsíci

      hi, I put a lot of time into my videos and I'd appreciate it if y'all took a look :)

  • EEzy MGTL
    EEzy MGTL Před 6 měsíci

    This video was so chaotic it almost gave me a migraine 😂😂

  • I’m Cherry
    I’m Cherry Před 7 měsíci +1

    You know, tommy reminds me of myself so I didn’t find him annoying, just cool

  • Jacob Cox
    Jacob Cox Před 6 měsíci +4

    What is that playful yet deranged sounding music at 9:06? I need to know!

  • brianna naguit
    brianna naguit Před 6 měsíci

    Tommy has the best captions for his videos I swear

  • bella Almassoud
    bella Almassoud Před 7 měsíci

    I'm so sorry for techno just know Tommy that he will rest in peace

  • anime fighters
    anime fighters Před 7 měsíci +1

    Rip technoblade he was the living legend we will see him again in heaven I literally can't stop crying now and I just found out the news

  • J_Cassidy
    J_Cassidy Před 6 měsíci +3

    RIP TECHNOBLADE: legends never die

  • Ash and Rosie
    Ash and Rosie Před 7 měsíci +1

    The loss of Techno.... Technoblade never dies!

  • SemiHypercube
    SemiHypercube Před 7 měsíci +380

    15:31 "just like in real life, I now realized, you can't even tell what team people are actually on" -TommyInnit 2022
    Love how there was a conflict between Tommy and Slimecicle in addition to a conflict between the three tribes

      QUEST WORLDIAN GREEN KNIGHT Před 7 měsíci +1


    • Elys :P
      Elys :P Před 7 měsíci +2

      "i dont choose sides i choose peop-" 💥💥💥💥

    • ronza 3
      ronza 3 Před 7 měsíci +1

      chclip.net/video/ZnSZzExF58Y/video.html It's here finally!🤣

  • Ashley McDonald
    Ashley McDonald Před 7 měsíci +7

    13:25 = Therapist Tommy

  • Coldness_1
    Coldness_1 Před 6 měsíci

    Is nobody gonna talk about how she said that similice spilled his organic seeds over the desert?

  • Axou
    Axou Před 6 měsíci

    I am French and when he spoke of France I was dying of laughter

  • Emperor of The French
    Emperor of The French Před 6 měsíci +1

    France has become strong again after 200 years.

  • Serenabloodstream devil
    Serenabloodstream devil Před 6 měsíci

    I love how I asked myself "what tribe is techno"

  • Zarck Alien
    Zarck Alien Před 2 měsíci +1

    As a French person (I know, I hate myself too) I agree and I’m terrified

  • Mark Ener
    Mark Ener Před 5 měsíci

    *Germany likes tommyinnit for that*

  • Isabel Hooker
    Isabel Hooker Před měsícem

    Why is the epic background music the theme from up?

  • Wrexyyfn
    Wrexyyfn Před 7 měsíci

    "Someone once said
    that when you die from cancer, the cancer dies
    too. That's not a loss- that's a draw.
    Technoblade never loses"

  • * thatbritishsociopath*
    * thatbritishsociopath* Před 6 měsíci

    “I don’t feel guilt I’m god” 💀

  • awhxariana x
    awhxariana x Před 7 měsíci +2

    R.I.P techno blade, May he Rest In Peace and rest in heaven.

  • -_X-Xiao_-
    -_X-Xiao_- Před 6 měsíci

    Man.. I sure do miss techno.

  • 54T4 Meda
    54T4 Meda Před 7 měsíci +333

    As a french, i think tommy has something against us.
    "We need a clear ennemy"
    France is the country that has won the most battles in history.
    (I know its second degree)

    • Pierre Gazeilles
      Pierre Gazeilles Před 7 měsíci

      La France est littéralement le pays avec le plus haut ratio victoire/ défaite

    • 54T4 Meda
      54T4 Meda Před 7 měsíci

      @Virtual Catofox LETS GOO

    • Rav0nn
      Rav0nn Před 7 měsíci

      Didn’t you surrender to Germany in ww2

    • Dee
      Dee Před 7 měsíci

      @OOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF Canada did get a lot of help from allies but most of the things that Canada did was on its own

    • Darkness
      Darkness Před 7 měsíci +1

      @TØXIN J'irai pas jusqu'a ce point non plus

  • Ari
    Ari Před 7 měsíci +2

    Uh oh, the french, they had the napoleon blood in them.

  • AsBaz1c_LN🌙
    AsBaz1c_LN🌙 Před 7 měsíci +1

    Tommy...How does it feel to be losing a sub battle to a dead person(who is uhm, technically still alive in our hearts lmao) he has 13M subs now-

  • TmbYumYum
    TmbYumYum Před 6 měsíci +2

    Technoblade is still beating people and tommy in subs although he’s dead

  • Vic Altair Olbes
    Vic Altair Olbes Před 5 měsíci

    Tommy isnt destined to be a good god but charlie? He is very kind and very funny, he gives everyone anything they need.

  • CatBoyXavier
    CatBoyXavier Před 7 měsíci +497

    Tommy and Charlie are so funny!! I love their dynamic together and love seeing them interact in videos and on streams!!

    • tvzu
      tvzu Před 7 měsíci

      hi, I put a lot of time into my videos and I'd appreciate it if y'all took a look :)

    • Titik Titik
      Titik Titik Před 7 měsíci

      Last fight chclip.net/video/ZxzlIXpk6qY/video.html

    • spaceymonkeything
      spaceymonkeything Před 7 měsíci +1

      so many bots lol

    • Marry Janee
      Marry Janee Před 7 měsíci


    • Soundwrath II
      Soundwrath II Před 7 měsíci

      Finally its here *YES*

  • The Guinea Pig Viking
    The Guinea Pig Viking Před 6 měsíci

    tommy: have some netherite
    also tommy: *throws nether bricks*

  • Sir Dino!
    Sir Dino! Před 7 měsíci

    "THE DESERT. THE SNOW, and France because we need a clear enemy." I'm from France man! (But I totally agree with you because I hate it here!)

  • FangTheAlmighty
    FangTheAlmighty Před 7 měsíci

    I'm sorry for you loss, Techoblade was a good man, a amazing man
    "Technoblade never dies"

  • _ITZ_IVY_
    _ITZ_IVY_ Před 7 měsíci

    I know this as it relates to your video Tommy but if you need help going through what happened with technoblade chat is always here for you❤️

  • Alfie Animations
    Alfie Animations Před 7 měsíci +571

    tommy is the type of person to ask “no stream? is anyone gonna tap to retry?” and not wait for an answer

    • Fadime Kararmışgil
      Fadime Kararmışgil Před 7 měsíci


    • StarriDreams
      StarriDreams Před 7 měsíci +1

      It might’ve been a mobile issue because I tried on my phone and it popped up with that message but I was able to watch on my computer

    • Titik Titik
      Titik Titik Před 7 měsíci

      Last fight chclip.net/video/ZxzlIXpk6qY/video.html

    • TeaXD
      TeaXD Před 7 měsíci +2

      it’s working for me now

    • Alexander
      Alexander Před 7 měsíci


  • SleekSethic
    SleekSethic Před 7 měsíci

    Even in death Technoblade still surpassed tommy in subscribers