Apple Killed the Mac Mini.

  • čas přidán 17. 12. 2018
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    It’s been YEARS since Apple has released an update to the Mac Mini, the most AFFORDABLE Mac available… But it’s not so affordable anymore. So who’s it for now?
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Komentáře • 4 568

  • xGhostInAShellx
    xGhostInAShellx Před 3 hodinami

    So.if you get a bigger HDD or SSD and load mac os on it, the t2 will stop it from.working?

  • Timpraetor
    Timpraetor Před 9 hodinami

    Ummm ... Nope!

  • Nathan McMahon
    Nathan McMahon Před 12 hodinami

    An i3... Starting at $800. Good grief.

  • delakota555
    delakota555 Před 13 hodinami

    I think I would prefer a Intel Hades Canyon i7 VEGA if I was spending this amount on a small computer. Still it looks pretty...

  • HenryBloggit
    HenryBloggit Před 16 hodinami

    You should mention its complete, dead silent operation. I've never had a computer this quiet. Even when I'm pushing it to its limit, the new Mac mini makes no noise at all. You can't even tell it's on if the screen is off.

  • VM CV
    VM CV Před 23 hodinami

    I'm a pro Graphic Designer and I have a MacBook Pro 2018 with 16GB...very happy with it. I had long ago a Mac mini and it was fine..but this Mac mini looks really nice for Graphic Design....I don't use 3D..just PS, Ai, ID and few others plus web developing having an small computer like that (I don't like the towers) is a really nice thing. I don't play games on my computers, games for mobile or my iPad. so there...

  • John Hendren
    John Hendren Před dnem

    Your earrings are cute. Can I have a kiss?

  • Just Me
    Just Me Před dnem

    I'd buy one if I could upgrade the hard drive. They charge too much for more storage.

  • skilecco
    skilecco Před dnem

    the mack mini

  • Yeshua GANG
    Yeshua GANG Před 2 dny

    The only real reason i mess with mac is because they dont get viruses. DOWNLOADING p2p is a lot safer than on a POS PC which is loaded with disgusting people who for some reason want to lock you out with their anti virus SQUAD team located in india.

  • Cubic Ralsei
    Cubic Ralsei Před 2 dny

    Android, Windows and everything other than Apple killed Apple.

    mac sucks ass at both performance and everything else

    if i was forced to use a mac, i'd use hackintosh.

  • delowanfocus
    delowanfocus Před 3 dny

    When you go to the apple store, and get a price quote for the MAC mini as of: i7 6-core 3.2 Ghz, 64 Gb of RAM, 2TB SSD and 10 Gigabit ethernet = 5000$ CAD !!!! Are they crazy or what ???

  • John F
    John F Před 3 dny

    Dude sounding like Steve Carell off 40 year old virgin

  • Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

    oh clickbait, hence I shall not like

  • Rhett Brady
    Rhett Brady Před 4 dny

    lol macbook air didnt even run tomb raider

  • Nhân Lê
    Nhân Lê Před 4 dny

    This is LTT's first video that features the new innovative 2:1 aspect ratio. History was made.

  • rosshilton
    rosshilton Před 4 dny

    The Apple Mac mini server was a useless piece of rubbish - Apple deserve suing for calling it a server.
    Useless, and Mac OS X is a hopeless file managing system.

  • Alex McKenna
    Alex McKenna Před 4 dny

    So depressing. How do I move from Mac when my final MacMini dies? (This is my 12th or 13th different Mac since 1992...) I've turned from Mac addict to an angry beast.

  • Johannes Wallin
    Johannes Wallin Před 4 dny

    Man, you are a Lifesaver. I usually can work these kind of things out by my own, but was I scratching my head with this one. Big thak you.

  • Ren
    Ren Před 5 dny

    7:44 can someone explain this to me? Any articles that explains this case further?

  • Sushi Mamba
    Sushi Mamba Před 5 dny

    I might get one when they upgrade it in 4 or 5 years time.

  • doge craft games
    doge craft games Před 5 dny

    Mac mini pro

  • Chris Storer
    Chris Storer Před 5 dny

    MacOS mojave is probably os X best possible version of itself yet. i went from high sierra to mojave, and OMG is it faster. way smoother and so much more.

  • Crux161
    Crux161 Před 6 dny

    4:04 in slow motion, you can clearly see an arc of electricity near the power supply of the iMac Pro. I _never_ noticed this before despite how often I’ve seen it in Linus’ videos! Crazy. That’s why he dropped it. The world somehow make a little more sense.... for now.

  • Ian Schneider
    Ian Schneider Před 6 dny

    Apple went from innovative premium products for a premium cost to nicely designed and okay-ish products with luxury price tag for no real added value. Seems like Tim Cook had some sort of competition with other mega corps who can charge more and still laugh at the quarterly reports.

  • Jacques Gerber
    Jacques Gerber Před 6 dny

    Jeez... this oke should be commentating oversized truck mud rolling or something, not Macs...

  • howtobebasic1
    howtobebasic1 Před 7 dny

    no one was buying it anyways

  • Alpha
    Alpha Před 7 dny

    Some day Linus will learn that windows just sucks, and that he should be ashemed to not be able to use MacOS cuz an ape could use it

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega Před 7 dny

    A hole doubles air flow? OMG you really pay for quality in technological wisdom buying from these guys!

  • Sergey Pelevin
    Sergey Pelevin Před 8 dny

    Not 46 screws but... I was forced to wait Torx secure screwdrivers delivery from US to Russia just to be able to open this box to upgrade ram. For almost 2 weeks. Damn.

  • Don Wald
    Don Wald Před 8 dny

    4:03 You're never going to let him live that down are you!

  • DurpyRainbow 004
    DurpyRainbow 004 Před 8 dny

    30 minutes of CHclip videos on Mac Mini’s later and I still don’t know what it does. I saw it for the first time today and thought it was an upgrade to Apple TV.

  • Temur
    Temur Před 8 dny

    honestly i prefer windows custom built machines over apple because apple is super over priced... but i do tend to buy an apple just for the OS + that only 1 software it has that live by day to day... logic pro x. other than that mac / apple is useless to me. you can say why don't you learn another daw like FL.. I started on logic and pretty much mastered it. FL/ ableton is like a foreign language to me. i tried hackintoshing, though it just never worked out. I hate how apple restricts everything, and they even started to lock every hard component like ram upgradiblity within the last few years just so you pay more. i hate being in the both sides of the war fellas : /

  • xoxidometry
    xoxidometry Před 9 dny

    "one big asterisk" that's everything apple for ya. Seriously how long will it take for them to start dictating what we actually do on our devices?

  • Frank the Ant
    Frank the Ant Před 9 dny

    When will this myth of excess heat causing such an early death die out? In practice I've never seen it happen, I've been building PCs and overclocking for years and not once has a processor died. I didn't even have the best cooling and despite that the processors endured along with the motherboard in all instances. My first processor OC was on those Athlon XPs and when I first started I just used the home fan on the side lol, it worked great. I knew little about OCing and pushed it very far and it didn't die either even while I had the house fan turned off.
    Anyway, I'm sure there is a reduction of some life but it lasting 5 years or less? I don't think so. We have ancient machines still alive today, if PC life does take a hit it's generally going to be outside of the typical upgrade cycle.
    The things that do fail are GPUs, they tend to go bad, particularly mobile GPUs appear to have a higher chance of failure as compared to processors.

  • Frank Lazar
    Frank Lazar Před 9 dny

    With a mini like this, it becomes really hard to justify the aging "Mac Pro".

  • Loch Ness Biker
    Loch Ness Biker Před 9 dny

    I have been using Apple gear for 18 years now. However, all their items are hugely overpriced. Every Apple product i have ever purchased was bought used. I just purchased ( December 2018 ) my first NEW Apple product. An i5 Mac Mini. Well, it was mega noisy, got mega hot and it constantly rebooted when rendering video footage ( with an external GPU ). So, i returned it and tried the i7 version. I could not believe it when the i7 acted exactly as the i5 did ! ! WTF Apple ! ! They definitely have some QC issues. And as for the Tim Cook rant on the censorship stuff. As soon as he opened his mouth the apple stock DIVED 10% ! .. I feel that the Apple Board really have to look at wether TC is still a good choice to be the ‘Big Cheese’ at Apple ? It’s time for a new ‘boss’ who will hopefully bring some new ideas and products to the table. And stop the OBSESSION for making everything even THINNER ! Perhaps if the Mac Mini was 10mm HIGHER they could fit in a more efficient cooling system ? ( Oh, and bring back the headphone jack to the iPhones ! .. And don’t get me started on what they charge for RAM UPGRADES ! ) … I won’t be buying ANY new Apple products as long as Tim Cook is still ‘at the helm’ … ( Yes, i also returned the i7 Mac Mini )

  • TominBach
    TominBach Před 10 dny

    Louis Rossmann cries.. "another Mac to fix!"

  • 2wheelphoto
    2wheelphoto Před 10 dny +1

    what would be a good external graphics card to get, especially for video editing?

  • Wolfe & Co. #LivinBRAVE

    Anyone know what model display he's using please?

  • Tee Tilla
    Tee Tilla Před 10 dny

    Awww man... you just turned me off buying it. Dammit, Macbook Pro it is... Sorry wallet. :'(

  • Samuel Descheneau
    Samuel Descheneau Před 11 dny

    The Mac Minicule is an amazing machine. The standard i3 CPU is just a marketing name. It's a actually a good, low-power quad core. You have many mobile Core i7s that are just very sad dual-cores. The best Atom (C2750) is an 8core server powerhorse. The worst Xeon is a mistake. My point is this: don't believe the hype. I bought an overpriced white WhackBook 12 years ago because it ran the trifecta of OSes ; OS X, Linux, Windows. It was amazing. Now with the T2 chip, you can't even run remotely 'homebrew' software. You do not even own the hardware now. Software as a Service just went nuclear. I'm typing this from a 7 year old laptop. No recall on this one.

    • Samuel Descheneau
      Samuel Descheneau Před 11 dny

      How many tablets did we throw in the trash in the span of 8 years ? Apple Inc. is not named Apple Computer anymore. They now do Consumer devices, not Work stations.

  • Dimitris
    Dimitris Před 11 dny +2

    I bought a used Hp Z600 workstation at 2016 for 550euros. It's 9 years old (2010 release date) but it has 2 Xeons (X5650) runs at 2.66GHz (3.22GHz on boost) with 24 physical cores and 48Gb RAM. I bought also a GTX 1070 and there you have it. A freaking beast with 1050euros and I'm pretty sure that beats all these apple crap...

    • MayPolBeats
      MayPolBeats Před 2 dny

      You can also do that with a 2009 or 2010 mac pro, with dual xeons (x5690), 4 hard drives (you can put more by using the dvd drive bays and the pcle slots) Up to 128gb ram and any AMD or NVIDIA video card, for ~$1000. Your computers will probably be faster, because they're newer, but still, there are choices within Apple that aren't crap.

    • delowanfocus
      delowanfocus Před 3 dny

      I did almost the same thing, but with Dell T5500. :) Apple products are overpriced for the specs.

  • Ken Shaw
    Ken Shaw Před 11 dny

    Aside from Final Cut fetishists why should anyone buy this thing?

  • iherb mop737
    iherb mop737 Před 11 dny

    It starts at $7.99

  • psammiad
    psammiad Před 11 dny

    Apple are such arseholes. Why would they go out of their way to stop you running another OS on their device? Why do they even care what you do with it once you've handed over the money? They're just insane control freaks!

  • Garrett Mayes
    Garrett Mayes Před 11 dny

    Plenty of people are still shocked at how small the Mini is when they see my Late 2012 model, despite how many machines I’ve seen that are even smaller. It’s actually big enough that I can set a monitor on top though!

  • Nicholas Rauer
    Nicholas Rauer Před 11 dny

    Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!

  • Nicholas Rauer
    Nicholas Rauer Před 11 dny

    Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!

  • Nicholas Rauer
    Nicholas Rauer Před 11 dny

    Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!

  • Robert Xavier
    Robert Xavier Před 12 dny

    Apple could have saved a lot of money and made a lot of sales, by making the new Mac Mini a modified Mac Book Pro. Simply by removing the webcam, screen, keyboard, track pad, speakers & battery and replacing the charger with a power cable & the top side keyboard holes with an aluminum cover. It would be as powerful as a Mac Book Pro, but at half the cost.
    Do you think the LTT crew could mod up a prototype?

  • Some Times
    Some Times Před 12 dny

    Hi there, I don't know too much about computers and was hoping you could help me with a couple of questions regarding this video:
    1) When referencing the Mac Mini's temperature -- what exactly qualifies as a 'sustained load'. I'm a student and will use the computer for basic tasks: word processing, slideshows, statistical analysis, etc. Would performing these tasks, sometimes for hours at a time, have it running at 95 degrees celsius?
    2) Is there any real need to have a dedicated GPU if you don't play games on your computer? I don't play games, but will the Mac Mini's lack of GPU affect the computer's performance in other ways?
    Thanks so much.

  • Alkeryn
    Alkeryn Před 12 dny

    They should rebrand the mac mini into the mac and the mac pro into the big mac

  • wegder
    wegder Před 12 dny

    I will probably never buy a thermally self destructing apple product.

  • Zulu Voodoo
    Zulu Voodoo Před 13 dny

    As we all know, price is death of AAPL. All this talk about “services” from Tim Cook, who gives a shit about services Tim. Fire him for his arrogance, thinking he could charge more just for the name. Your a trillion dollar company FFS, how about a computer that has some balls Apple?

  • Repulse theMonkey
    Repulse theMonkey Před 14 dny

    Why does Apple not understand that at £1,000 this should come with a 2gb graphics card, 16gb RAM and 512gb SSD. There is no chance of me buying the device they choose to sell.

  • CJ Price
    CJ Price Před 14 dny

    Apple didn’t kill the Mac mini and the Mac mini is awesome. Hook it up to the new iPad Pro as a Mac touch screen so freakin cool

  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross Před 14 dny +2

    Too many people in this comment section are not realizing the target demographic for this product. This is a huge win device for iOS app development.

  • Superseanbarry
    Superseanbarry Před 14 dny

    Fair, very fair, Good job!

  • Frédéric Jeanbart
    Frédéric Jeanbart Před 15 dny

    I really like the fact that your advertisements aren't tied to be potential objects of your reviews. A great way to stay objective - at least look like so (unless there'd be Wi-Fi underwear w/integrated mobile router...)
    4:45 - "46 screws later" (+a void warranty since it's not done by a pseudo-Genius Mac authorized shop), and we can add memory... LMAO

  • Darren Mahoney
    Darren Mahoney Před 15 dny

    I would love to see AMD APU in Apple products,

  • Darren Mahoney
    Darren Mahoney Před 15 dny

    Question why does Apple never included a graphics card in it' mac mini or macbooks. intel graphics are poor,

  • MrDemfor
    MrDemfor Před 15 dny

    I can see full video of that moment? Where i can find it?

  • Doruk Çoban
    Doruk Çoban Před 15 dny

    kinda unnecessary device class by apple. its compact but its a desktop, yet its not powerful as macbook pro. if i want a compact device i would go with macbook pro. if i want a desktop, i would go with imac. if i dont have that much money i would go for hackintosh.

  • Harry Shahrum
    Harry Shahrum Před 16 dny

    Call it Mac Daddy

  • LilZebra
    LilZebra Před 16 dny

    I think I'm gonna stick with my Lenovo T61 for a while.

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles Před 16 dny

    y not call it "Big Mac"?

  • David Cortés DaFailboatFan

    Orrrr build a MUCH more powerful sff PC and use it as a hackintosh as well as a PC (or just a hackintosh if you hate windows that bad) new or use used parts and make an even better one.

  • TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha
    TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha Před 16 dny

    Mack sponsored Mac, no pun intended ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Caleb Hawk
    Caleb Hawk Před 16 dny +3

    What kind of annoys me on these videos with everyone complaining about apple is that most of these people tend to be computer enthusiasts. So generally these people tend to be focused technical things such as the process of building/upgrading a computer, and intensive things such as high end video editing or gaming. The type of people who think 8GB of ram is nothing and anything below 60FPS is laughable. I get it. If this is your hobby, you're probably willing to spend a lot of money on it. You're willing to put work in to have a machine that will run everything perfectly. That's fine if that's what you want.
    What commenters here tend to forget is that you aren't really the majority in terms of consumers. Most people who use a computer just do it for simple work. A majority of gamers are technically "casual". Most people who own computers just need one that works and is easy to use, which is what apple is good at. Not to mention people like graphic designers, photographers, musicians, etc. Everyone in the comments are so engrossed in the PC "fandom" that you forget how the average person uses a computer. Generally a computer can go 3 or 4 years without being upgraded. That's because most people don't need a machine that will run everything perfectly smoothly, they just need one that works well enough. Generally, for most people who use Macs, they'll be able to get a good 4 years out of it before replacing it.
    Basically, the issue is that the Macs are for a completely different type of demographic than a high end gaming rig, so stop judging people who use them. They aren't idiots, they just have different needs than you do.
    And while we're at it, stop acting like Apple is an idiotic company that doesn't get computers. If I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure they have the highest market value of any company in the world, and if not they're one of the highest. Obviously they know what they're doing.

    • Caleb Hawk
      Caleb Hawk Před 7 dny

      +Frank Lazar I understand that. All I'm saying is that this is obviously not a gaming computer, and this review wasn't reviewing it as a gaming computer. This isn't really a gaming channel, it's just a tech-based channel. It's seems really stuck up to say that a computer is useless bc it's not powerful enough to game.
      It's fine to say it can't game, cuz that's true. But to make a blanket statement about the entire market bc of that is just dumb.

    • Frank Lazar
      Frank Lazar Před 9 dny

      These people are the gaming crowd ... the only people for whom FPS is a meaningful statstic. Apple's Macs have never been aimed at this market.

  • Shaik Abdul Haq
    Shaik Abdul Haq Před 16 dny

    First time

  • Caleb wilkins
    Caleb wilkins Před 16 dny

    it should be a Mac portable

  • Kuroko Tetsuya
    Kuroko Tetsuya Před 17 dny

    Such irritating voice

  • ADH-Deluxe
    ADH-Deluxe Před 17 dny

    Hey Linus! Thank you for a good clip nice again! I wanted to ask if that is The LG ultraclear display you have there in The background connected to The ”MAC”(macmini)?

  • TheKitty 1227
    TheKitty 1227 Před 17 dny

    Apple killed the Mac Mini... Something happened to it.

  • Khang Xiong
    Khang Xiong Před 17 dny

    Apple seems to like running hot. It's been so even from way back on my old Mac book pro 2009 model. It runs reaaaaaalllly hot!

  • Olivier Lopez Ch
    Olivier Lopez Ch Před 17 dny +2

    3:59 Lol, that burn XD

  • Agris Matejuns
    Agris Matejuns Před 17 dny

    Hi Linus could U try or make video how this thing works with EGPU . ALSO intrested does EGPU works in bootcamp in windows . IM migrate to mac mini but im big fan of World if Tanks . This game is for macos but not works great.
    So for now im searching enclosers becouse i own AMD RX 580 8G

  • enlightendbel
    enlightendbel Před 18 dny

    All benchmarks in this video are null and void since they were done with the 250-300€ worth of extra ram installed.

  • SquidkidMega
    SquidkidMega Před 18 dny

    1:24.....the average mac user, lol

  • Nathan Frey
    Nathan Frey Před 18 dny

    8GB of RAM? Are you kidding me? We should be looking at 32 and 64GB of RAM at this point

  • Juan Pedro Ibor Belveze

    A mi me encanta el nuevo MAC Mini ;)
    Otra cosa es el precio de 8 GB a 16 GB RAM o de 128GB a 256GB Pcie

  • Виталий Юнов

    Why you always need to make such a face for almost every video?

  • Wheel333
    Wheel333 Před 19 dny

    My 2011 mac mini still going strong.

  • Howard Maguire
    Howard Maguire Před 19 dny

    Where are his eyes man. They sunk into fat

  • ProjectHomeProductions
    ProjectHomeProductions Před 19 dny

    6:49 me: *looks over at my ryzen 7 hackintosh that scored 1895 in cinebench* im good

  • netgod3com
    netgod3com Před 19 dny

    Apple is killing everything, Tim Cook needs to go and they need to find someone who adds functionality instead of relentlessly pursuing anorexia for the entire product like. Right to repair is not a trifle for Cook to try to waive away!

  • DJGM1974
    DJGM1974 Před 19 dny

    S100 for a decent ethernet port? Typical Apple overpricing!

  • Ralph Evangelista
    Ralph Evangelista Před 19 dny

    3:17 Linus Anxiety Tips

  • Garrett Ewing
    Garrett Ewing Před 19 dny


  • Dale Cosby
    Dale Cosby Před 19 dny

    I run 8GB in a hackintosh similar to this and in an older Mac mini. 8 GB is all most people need. Of course performance was good with only 8 GB. You have to be doing a lot to need more than that. Of course, 4k video would do the trick but most people don't do that.

  • Mac McRae
    Mac McRae Před 19 dny

    lol 8k with a face for radio.

  • Ali Rafiei
    Ali Rafiei Před 20 dny

    Damn Linus, that sponsorship segment was smooth af :0

  • nightrazer85
    nightrazer85 Před 20 dny

    Hopefully a fix will come around for this. Give or take a few months. I have a few ideas how it could be done (5 or 6 of them), but not the skills to do it.
    And since linux users often use older hardware to my knowledge, this will work out in the end. Using cutting edge hardware is often an issue when running
    Linux anyway, there just is not support or drivers available.

  • VioletDragon Projects
    VioletDragon Projects Před 20 dny

    it should be called! The overpriced garbage!

  • prayogi bambang
    prayogi bambang Před 21 dnem

    The power of Brand.

  • Clinton Neal
    Clinton Neal Před 21 dnem

    I have to reiterate that my advice to all, in any configuration is that the Mac mini is a firm DO NOT buy. Based on horrific thermals, thermal throttling, unwarranted high price, poor refresh cycles. If you need a computer just buy a PC and you'll get far more value for your money in this case in addition to it being a modular totally upgradable design. Nobody should be buying Macs at this day and age. And I'll let you in on a little secret, Apple is not far away from killing Macs in general as evidenced by the lack of refresh to the line in recent decades and the removing of the word Computer from their name Apple Computer.

    • Dale Cosby
      Dale Cosby Před 19 dny

      Apple won't be killing that Mac anytime soon

  • Jason
    Jason Před 21 dnem

    You really like shadow of the tomb raider

  • Jason
    Jason Před 21 dnem

    Red scarf guy. That's fashion?

  • ansarirayyan
    ansarirayyan Před 21 dnem


    • ansarirayyan
      ansarirayyan Před 21 dnem

      I knew this was too good to be true...