Apple Killed the Mac Mini.

  • čas přidán 17. 12. 2018
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    It’s been YEARS since Apple has released an update to the Mac Mini, the most AFFORDABLE Mac available… But it’s not so affordable anymore. So who’s it for now?
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Komentáře • 4 886

  • Colton Harter
    Colton Harter Před 45 minutami

    OH DANG. Got that good segway double whammie going on! Whoo

  • OBV Maze
    OBV Maze Před 3 hodinami

    Im watching the sponser

    No homo

  • James
    James Před 8 hodinami

    Hello, what is that Dell monitor you are using? i want to buy. Thanks

  • michael cruz
    michael cruz Před 16 hodinami

    Anthony sounds like gabe

  • john conners
    john conners Před 19 hodinami +1

    Apple installed the EXPIRATION chip.....good job

  • milkamilla
    milkamilla Před 2 dny

    I've used the mac mini at work for a while because it's useful for iOS app development, you can use all of your components and the specs were ok for that purpose. The size is also great. But as always with Apple, you get mediocre specs for high end prices.

  • DNSEA Ekazim
    DNSEA Ekazim Před 4 dny

    My jaw dropped at 2:05

  • mark burban
    mark burban Před 4 dny

    ohh seeing this chip is so hot, why not do a watercool it.. you could do something really awesome with that mac body form factor; like a giant circular heatsink / radiator module.

  • Robert Drinkall
    Robert Drinkall Před 5 dny

    Let's hope Apple kill all their other products as well!

  • cesar d leon
    cesar d leon Před 7 dny

    How will it work for full hd video editing???

  • zezba9000
    zezba9000 Před 8 dny

    This mac is stupid. If you can't replace the hard-drive (you know the part that goes bad first)... you can't repair your computer in the future. RAM lasts way longer than hard drives do. Apple is conning people.

    OLDSKOOL978 Před 8 dny +1

    Hackintosh kills the Mac mini. I'm using an x99 edition 10, 64gb ram , 6900k at 4.2 stable. Mac osx Mojave.
    its not all that hard to setup and once you got a good setup, your good to update install drivers.. do everything as if it were a real Mac (I even use "lost my iMac") airdrop works... and my water cooler really makes this thing a final cut powerhouse.

    • OLDSKOOL978
      OLDSKOOL978 Před 5 dny

      yeah but how far into the future? apple isnt going to drop support for all of their current computers over night..

    • Edi Utomo Putra
      Edi Utomo Putra Před 6 dny

      With T2 chip it might be in the future no more hackintosh, and Apple will become the most closed ecosystem ever 😅

  • Ram Laska
    Ram Laska Před 10 dny +2

    5:30 Ugh. Never buying a computer that uses a "security chip" to take choices away from me.
    [Comment angrily typed on my Macbook Air]

  • grounding123
    grounding123 Před 11 dny

    BOOM THERE IT IS!!! -- good oldie

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B Před 11 dny

    Any idea if they fixed the vulnerability where the Intel ME Region was not locked on these?

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y Před 13 dny

    since rendering with ray tracing only uses CPU and takes most of the time in a movie production, I guess macOS is the better option than Win10

  • FDSeoul
    FDSeoul Před 13 dny

    Gigabit ethernet, I have yet found the need for this shit and still managed to be very productive. More Shit from MaCgimmick over price shitlot.

    • skifree
      skifree Před 6 dny

      Then it clearly isn't for you...meanwhile everyone over there at LMG works off their 10Gb ethernet ports to a work server as a way of consolidating their massive footage library.....
      In fact from their other video that mac mini WAS actually deployed for LMG....something along the lines of windows ingest programs are not as well polished as the macOS alternatives and they were experimenting if using these as ingest stations would be better.

  • Kevin Brotherton
    Kevin Brotherton Před 13 dny

    Nice Apple friendly review. Did you plug in the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard? Oh so you haven't encountered the bluetooth and WiFi dropouts that everyone is complaining about. I replaced mine (after 2 months of troubleshooting) and the replacement is no better. This makes the Mac Mini a frustrating package. :-(.

  • Tom Babula
    Tom Babula Před 14 dny

    Doesn't replacing RAM yourself voids Apple warranty though?

  • TheJooomes
    TheJooomes Před 15 dny

    Still more reliable than Windows.

  • 9Tensai9
    9Tensai9 Před 15 dny

    I would totally buy that if it wasn't this fucking.expensive.
    Like, ok it's apple but man... way too expensive.

  • Starco fan
    Starco fan Před 16 dny

    the new mac mini is right there on apple homepage, however an ignorant low IQ android fan will always crave fake news about apple

  • charles 3925
    charles 3925 Před 17 dny


  • J B
    J B Před 17 dny +2

    so they took an Airport and turned into a computer

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Před 17 dny +1

    Apple is evil please do not cover there products the only goal Apple has is to steal from consumers and make the tech industry worse

  • catalysts17az
    catalysts17az Před 17 dny

    what type of HDD does it have? NVMe? M.2 Sata? Sata 2.5? i need to know please

    • Oxy
      Oxy Před 16 dny

      catalysts17az NVMe

  • Carlos Mundaray
    Carlos Mundaray Před 18 dny +1

    jejjeje excelente

  • Wil Raubach
    Wil Raubach Před 19 dny +3

    At 2:06 my heart stopped beating 🙈

  • Lycanroc Dusk
    Lycanroc Dusk Před 19 dny

    try to install windows 10 on that mac mini it should be easy

    • Lycanroc Dusk
      Lycanroc Dusk Před 18 dny

      +Trevor Dupp nice

    • Trevor Dupp
      Trevor Dupp Před 18 dny +1

      I just did it on my 2018 macbook using BootCamp Assist - it was insanely easy, and worked the first time out the gate.

  • Links Loki
    Links Loki Před 19 dny

    Too many compromises, bad value.

    • Hana Diamond
      Hana Diamond Před 19 dny

      I guess it depends what you compare it to. Once you go north of $2K, it's a better value to get an iMac if you have the space for it, but on the lower end, no Mac could touch it. It's the only Apple product that lets you start at a relatively low price and upgrade later. (For $1,500, you get a Mac Mini that vastly outperforms a $6K Macbook Pro aside from the GPU.) . My plan is to add an eGPU in year 2 and expand the RAM 3rd party style. I'm guessing your reaction wrt the old Mac Mini is that started so much cheaper - but it didn't have a cutting edge CPU in it.

  • Nathan Mason
    Nathan Mason Před 20 dny

    I have your fingerprint now 2:17. Using that information I've come to conclude... You have small hands.

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott Před 20 dny +1

    UHD 630 is a garbage graphics processor. I shouldn't have to be expected to use a eGPU. Also, the SSD is TINY. Everything else seems to be nice, though. Definitely better than the 2014 model. Dump the worthless quad core i3, though. Go straight to the 6-core i5. That low end model is a waste of money.

  • Iain Cronen
    Iain Cronen Před 20 dny

    Do you know what apple’s favorite food is? MACaroni and cheese 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • borb
      borb Před 20 dny +1

      please stop

  • pepe
    pepe Před 21 dnem

    You literally chose that sponsor just so you could make that pun lol

  • Happy Potato
    Happy Potato Před 21 dnem +2

    Macs backwards = Scam

  • Jesse Shortis
    Jesse Shortis Před 21 dnem

    Mac/Mac mini reaches over 90 degrees while working
    Will Smith touching Mac/Mac mini: ahhhh that’s hot!

  • Winston Juay
    Winston Juay Před 21 dnem

    What's the model number of the Dell Monitor you have used in this presentation?

  • Jake Henley
    Jake Henley Před 22 dny

    the thing is nobody actually uses thunderbolt that often so i don't see why apple keep trying to push it, it didnt work with firewire and it definitely aint working with thunderbolt

    CRAIG MEDIA LABS Před 22 dny

    his buddy looks like a fat Leonardo DiCaprio Version. :-)

  • leafbelly
    leafbelly Před 23 dny

    Damnit! He click-baited me again. Ugh, why do I keep falling for it?! You know, you could've put quotes around "killed," Linus, but then again ... gotta get dem clicks!

  • Martin Hermosilla
    Martin Hermosilla Před 23 dny

    Hey You should try to see what is the max ram it supports. I am not sure if 2 modules may do 64Gb or 128 Gb.... would be cool, I have an old mac mini (Mid 2010) which was capped on 8Gb And I am have 16Gb installed on it working fine..

  • RdL
    RdL Před 24 dny

    im surprized they didnt name a divice a ''small Mac'''yet

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook Před 25 dny

    I mean and it is still a mac so 👎

  • inund8
    inund8 Před 25 dny


  • Finity F
    Finity F Před 25 dny

    You can build a good pc for 800

    • Zoup.
      Zoup. Před 23 dny

      WE. KNOW. THIS. There will be one guy in each comments section thinking we don't know what a custom PC is.

  • Nicolai Laquaglia
    Nicolai Laquaglia Před 26 dny

    Apple can eat a whole bag of dicks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. #OxfordComma

  • Jon Booker
    Jon Booker Před 27 dny +11

    Please stop breathing helium before making these videos.

  • Network Soda
    Network Soda Před 27 dny

    He clearly hates AMD, 6:42

  • Rick Zheng
    Rick Zheng Před 27 dny

    this is definitely a mac mini

  • Maxwell Petrell
    Maxwell Petrell Před 27 dny

    8:48 good thing I made a raid

  • Nicolai Bratsberg
    Nicolai Bratsberg Před 28 dny

    what's with the random line in the intro

  • Steve S
    Steve S Před 28 dny

    Honestly watching ANY of your Apple reviews is a waste of time. All you can tell about Apple is that Apple s»cks. Thank you for the nothing.

  • Andrew Nixon
    Andrew Nixon Před 29 dny

    You never seem happy

  • WatrmelnGames
    WatrmelnGames Před měsícem

    The MacBox!

  • Il Mazza
    Il Mazza Před měsícem +4

    Apple is moronic. they would sell 3 time the quantity if they drop the price by 300 Dollars.

    • William Scarth
      William Scarth Před 6 dny

      They'd sell infinitely more if they just gave it away for free, it doesn't mean they'd make money though

  • Legacy Jeet Kune Do
    Legacy Jeet Kune Do Před měsícem

    You’re really annoying.

  • norwegian m8
    norwegian m8 Před měsícem

    Its a Mac mini max

  • tmac20031
    tmac20031 Před měsícem

    4:00 lmao😂😂😂

  • Benedikt Jordan
    Benedikt Jordan Před měsícem

    it should be called The BigMac

  • Emre Karaman
    Emre Karaman Před měsícem +1

    why would any normal consumer give a fuck about 10g internet

  • TheKing
    TheKing Před měsícem

    So they benchmark the middle tier i5 mini vs a i9 machine and 2 core i7 machines... let’s not forget their “random” memory they installed is the slower 2400mhz and not the 2666mhz speed you get from Apple.... well done Linus 👍🏻

  • chrisose
    chrisose Před měsícem

    Over priced and underwhelming. Yep, it's an Apple.

  • exit159
    exit159 Před měsícem

    It's also worth mentioning that you can use an external thunderbolt 3 volume as a boot volume.

  • exit159
    exit159 Před měsícem

    Though, it's the same physical size as the original Mac mini .... and its not really disappointingly larger than a nun when you consider 1. it has an actual six core desktop processor not a laptop cpu 2. the power supply is inside it.

  • Hachi Roku
    Hachi Roku Před měsícem

    Not apple didn't killed Tim Cook killed

  • Hightechprosolutions
    Hightechprosolutions Před měsícem


  • Fabrício Santana
    Fabrício Santana Před měsícem

    "AND this was just with RANDOM memory we had lying around our warehouse"
    sure, random access memory

  • James Isaac
    James Isaac Před měsícem


  • Logo4Poop
    Logo4Poop Před měsícem

    I love my mac mini from 2010 running centos on it rn

  • Peter Breis
    Peter Breis Před měsícem

    I costed a (sorta) equivalent built i7 NUC from my local cheapie parts supplier and it came in at $60 more than an i7 Mac mini, but had way less ports, no real support, no included productivity software and you do have to aassemble before you can use it.
    I'm pissed off that the Mac mini runs hot and Apple restricts most upgrades, but pricewise and the finish actually beats all those mythically "cheaper" compact PCs.

  • Jörgen Nilsson
    Jörgen Nilsson Před měsícem +1

    Nice design but to expensive for what you get

  • NT S
    NT S Před měsícem

    I have the original mac mini. The one with the built in phone jack. The best fax receiver ever.

  • munzam y
    munzam y Před měsícem

    What kind of monitor is he using?

  • Wasserstoffperoxid
    Wasserstoffperoxid Před měsícem

    let the phone ring 1:37

  • MadMadamba
    MadMadamba Před měsícem

    speaking of Linux.... Linus!

  • Bobei Alexandru
    Bobei Alexandru Před měsícem

    Have a MacBook Pro 2015. I use it for software development. .Net Core, altough i am a microsoft technology developer, i enjoy working on a mac. Just bought a Mac mini 2018 for same purpose, to work on it at the office. Wasn't sure about the storage, my pro has 128, and it seemed to be enough, but for the mini, i put 256. and i7. Can't wait for it to be arrive. And of course the ram will be upgraded. The main reason i bought it was because of the upgradable memory.

  • Jakob S
    Jakob S Před měsícem

    Anyone ever tell you you look like Jim Carey?

  • Oli K Gaming
    Oli K Gaming Před měsícem


  • Yan-An Liu
    Yan-An Liu Před měsícem

    He cracked himself up with the headphone jack...

  • Pro internet surfer
    Pro internet surfer Před měsícem +1

    Introducing the new big Mac from apple

  • kami music
    kami music Před měsícem

    you had 32 gigs of ddr4 ram lying around?

  • Nivedan Mangalesh
    Nivedan Mangalesh Před měsícem

    My 2011 15” MacBook Pro died because of overheating last month. With an SSD and RAM update, it was good enough for Lightroom and everything I needed to get done.
    Anyways, it’s gone and I am replacing it with a Mac mini. Just that I’m pissed off with myself for failing to check the overheating thermal-paste-starved graphics chip in that laptop. I want to be careful with overheating of my new Mac mini.
    I am unable to find a dedicated cooling solution for Mac mini. Does anyone know of one? Or some DIY stuff that say placing some heat sink from an old graphics card on top of the Mac mini with some fans. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • 박종찬
    박종찬 Před měsícem

    Thought he is finally saying something good about Apple products.

  • Zac Dior
    Zac Dior Před měsícem

    1.7m views wtf?
    Peace ✌️ out

  • Hamster Boys
    Hamster Boys Před měsícem

    better build a hackintosh

  • Liquid
    Liquid Před měsícem

    lol nice to know you just had some random DDR4 memory sticks laying around

  • Ryan Kidder
    Ryan Kidder Před měsícem +1

    everyone in this comment section. if you really want to know the reasoning behind apple doing all this, spell macs backwards, and you can see what they have been pulling for a while now 👀

  • Andrew Sommers
    Andrew Sommers Před měsícem

    Is that the Mac mini ordering attire

  • Sharky Towers
    Sharky Towers Před měsícem

    Anybody know what monitor that is?

  • Samarah Rassa
    Samarah Rassa Před měsícem

    It's still just a mac

  • pandaman123213
    pandaman123213 Před měsícem

    Hey linus, your bias is showing

  • roger hurd
    roger hurd Před měsícem

    How can you support or recommend Apple after all the times they have screwed over their consumer base? Seriously you need to do a little research and make a video about how Apple is popular only because of social engineering through advertisements and how they screwed sooooooo many people over and over and over again. How their business practices are designed to milk you for everything they possibly can coupled with built in obsolescence. Seriously WTF I always thought you where an intelligent person.
    OH WAIT are you just a sellout? Have I missed the big picture? Has Linus become sooooo popular that the big money has bought his very soul? Well I suppose I am the dumb one for not recognizing the reality of the situation.

  • luca payet
    luca payet Před měsícem

    just use an external SSD

  • Somnia
    Somnia Před měsícem


  • Wolfranco Alejandro Lacrimosa
    Wolfranco Alejandro Lacrimosa Před měsícem +1

    Can a Mac be normal like the others ?

  • treasure wuji
    treasure wuji Před měsícem

    what is stopping me to build a pc and boot Black Apple?

  • Spagg Trait
    Spagg Trait Před měsícem

    Oh man really? "Easy to upgrade RAM". Just unscrew this, pull this out, turn this, remove cooler... and so on..... If you have a PC? Open side case, push it in, close case. ;-)
    I am sure I also heard you say "reasonable price" in connection with the Apple product. Apple has never, ever, made anything that was reasonably priced. Overpriced shitty status symbols for Aristocratic idiots.

  • ttmguitar
    ttmguitar Před měsícem

    that hipster get up thou...

  • Nyda
    Nyda Před měsícem

    my 2012 mac mini had a 1tb hdd and an i7.... in 2012

  • shuttze
    shuttze Před měsícem

    imagine apple sponsoring Linus episode