RTX and DLSS... 2019 is going to be a record BAD year...

  • čas přidán 19. 02. 2019
  • It's been SIX MONTHS since RTX cards launched... and it has taken this long to get just ONE game to implement both DXR and DLSS... so was this even worth the wait?
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Komentáře • 3 824

  • epicDoC
    epicDoC Před dnem

    Over priced, over hyped - typical Nvidia

  • enterblank
    enterblank Před dnem

    rtx ftw. at least when it comes to rendering ;) and its going to be more for the win as soon engines support it fully. which in fact will be the next weeks in redshift. couldn't be happier. go rtx go :D

  • Ser Noisy
    Ser Noisy Před 2 dny

    Are you sure this is NVidia to be blamed?
    If I understand this stuff right, the devs need to train this DLSS for every resolution/aspect ratio and graphics settings for every GPU.
    So they probably just made a profile with DXR on the 2080 Ti. And without DXR the profile doesn't work anymore as the processed image is not the same.

  • Anil
    Anil Před 2 dny

    Pretty weird, because i get on 1080p most of all 120 fps and sometime more like 140 with DXR on and DLSS off with my GTX 1080ti..

    • Bronze HD
      Bronze HD Před 2 dny

      I have the same feeling with RTX on other than DXR games... For example GTA V seems almost photorealistic with it and it's causing me a headache because I can't figure out why. FPS is perfect btw

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan Před 2 dny

    OP is too old for this shit

  • Goofball Gaming
    Goofball Gaming Před 2 dny

    Yoda - Offended you are, I don't give a shit!

  • Christian Grey
    Christian Grey Před 2 dny

    I miss the amazing colours on my 24inch flat 100lbs crt screen. I see so much colour banding on my lcd. The sunrising in crysis was so beautiful

  • SoulTriforceSnake
    SoulTriforceSnake Před 2 dny +2

    And then you watch digital foundry and realise all these hardware channels don't know what they're talking about

  • KennethX78
    KennethX78 Před 3 dny +3

    I just want 30%+ performance increase on my next card for the same price as I paid for my two year old 1080 ti. Is that too much to ask for?

  • Rothron
    Rothron Před 3 dny +1

    Could it the reason why DXR must be on with DLSS be because the DLSS is trained with DXR on?

  • ToatsMcGoats
    ToatsMcGoats Před 4 dny +1

    They're doing it so you have to buy a new RTX card to use DLSS instead of just using your probably capable card.

  • BetonBenni
    BetonBenni Před 5 dny

    Raytracing is a really great looking feature but it has only just begun. It will take some time to really work out great. 3d he's haven't been great when they started and the fps surely weren't over 60 all the time I guess but some things just need time to improve. They have to start somewhere. The cards are way too expensive though, but I think it will look great and bring 3d graphics to another level if it gets a chance to evolve.

  • Adrian Chmielewski
    Adrian Chmielewski Před 6 dny

    Welcome to the dlss scene! Becouse raytracing ain't shitty enought!!!

  • Bruno Hanham
    Bruno Hanham Před 7 dny

    ill keep my 980ti for now

  • Athos DeWitt
    Athos DeWitt Před 7 dny

    as long as there are cinematic 30fps medium settings console consumers technology will stagnate no matter how good will be PeaSantry5 compared with PS4 we will be again stuck for 5 years or so like now. 1st and 2nd year will be amazing compared with what we have then all after that just meh.
    DLSS will improve fps for peasntry 4k they don't give twocents about blur/motion blur/TAA/DoF Vaseline Diarrhea and the most important Ophthalmology.

    • Athos DeWitt
      Athos DeWitt Před 4 dny

      +LXRD Z4NG3TZU ikr i was proud on the very second moment after i wrote it

      LXRD Z4NG3TZU Před 4 dny

      PeaSantry5 u got me there 🤣🤣🤣😂🔥

  • D J
    D J Před 7 dny

    It’s not Nvidia’s fault, but rather 3rd party game software developers not making games that have DLSS. The same goes for ray tracing 🙄

  • Any Bag
    Any Bag Před 8 dny +2

    They did this to hide the fact the insanely overpriced card is not all that great.
    I'm playing B5 at 4k with my gtx 1080 60 fps and and the game looks great. I'm running around shooting and capturing flags I dont care about fancy lighting

  • Bulvine420
    Bulvine420 Před 8 dny

    The RTX series should run 4K flawlessly under ultra with all features and 1080p even better come on nvidia! I have a msi 2070 Duke and it runs flawlessly on my 1080p ultrawide 75hz monitor but we should get that performance from a 4K ultrawide 144hz

  • Xesh001
    Xesh001 Před 9 dny

    The features in games always lag behind the tech in graphics cards. I've always said that it takes at least 6 months or so for devs to incorporate the latest tech into their games. This is why I'll never buy any gpu when it's first released, because you're paying for stuff that's not being used. That, and the fact that 6 months after release the price usually falls anyway.

  • Foxtrot815 Jr
    Foxtrot815 Jr Před 9 dny

    That is around 30 games that support DLSS and RTX most of this games are so bad and even kids will not play this games

  • Oozaru85
    Oozaru85 Před 9 dny

    All Pascal owners will have a laugh when Nvidia unlocks RTX features on their cards via drivers for free, lol. I'll be one of them. So glad I didn't buy into the RTX hype.

    • Glassy
      Glassy Před 7 dny

      Oozaru85 well from some new specs the GTX cards (except 16 series) dont do as good. Likely because they don'r have RT Cores but what's interesting is that the 1660 Ti beats the 1080 in RTX

  • Amazed Gamer
    Amazed Gamer Před 9 dny +1

    50 to 60 fps
    I wouldnt consider that *playable*

    • Amazed Gamer
      Amazed Gamer Před 7 dny

      +Glassy no it was a quote from the video
      i have a gtx 850m and i have only 30fps

    • Glassy
      Glassy Před 7 dny

      so you think 60fps is unplayable and the only way to play a video game is having +300 fps

  • PS4Majitza
    PS4Majitza Před 9 dny

    Dude. just turn on raytracing. You bought a raytracing card. Smuck.

  • PS4Majitza
    PS4Majitza Před 9 dny

    @4:440 50 fps. wouldn;t consider this very playable.... Okay shuts video off and dislike. 50 fps is perfectly fine. I use to play cryssis and farcry with someitmes even less then 30 fps back in the day.

  • Jack Who
    Jack Who Před 10 dny

    So based off this would you better off getting a 1070ti or 1080 over 2060?

    • Glassy
      Glassy Před 7 dny

      well I'd rather recommend the 2060 over the 1070 Ti or 1080 because it's cheaper and has performance between the 1070 Ti and 1080. Plus if you plan to play VR this card beats everything easily

  • kais Yaya
    kais Yaya Před 10 dny

    handbrake on
    handbrake off

  • Lee Ellerker
    Lee Ellerker Před 11 dny

    I remember somebody at Nvidia saying "It just works, It just works" Lol

  • madant1977
    madant1977 Před 13 dny

    It is not full raytracing, so "fake" in a way, and DLSS is just a form of scaling, which is the worst kind of display in gaming. Basically crap all around.

  • Dark_Knight 007
    Dark_Knight 007 Před 13 dny

    Fuck you NVIDIA

  • BatsOne
    BatsOne Před 13 dny

    So... Has it improved for the 1080 on the 2070 cards yet? Or still just keep it off? (GTAV related)

  • Rebecca Armstrong
    Rebecca Armstrong Před 14 dny

    Its stupid because id be totally using my 8k 60" tv to do all the upscalling and AA predictive motion mapping where it creates frames between frames and learns over time great for sports creating slow motion from the 60fps creating a 120fps motion or slowing it down by half
    Yeah monitors are for idiots when tvs have the above features these days .. PS if u have the cash to waste on nvidia latests gpus u best waste some on something that will push the limits

  • Georges Oates Larsen
    Georges Oates Larsen Před 14 dny

    The DLSS ML model for battlefield was probably not trained on no-DXR renders, leading to spurious results if used with DXR turned off

  • TH3MS
    TH3MS Před 15 dny

    6 months is not that long time for a new technology. the thing about being a super nerd, is that you spend the hole day with this and you want things be improved as soon as you get tried of it. Its like playing through a game over and over and you get tired of it after a few months and you want a new game, but it takes longer time than a few months to create a new game, perhaps a few years sometimes, same with raytracing

  • Deplorable
    Deplorable Před 15 dny

    There is no reason for it to be on. There are games with just DLSS but no DXR. Anthem enabled DLSS in a recent patch.

  • PK Temsinsook
    PK Temsinsook Před 16 dny +1

    Damn... should have watched this before buying 2060 ☹️ at least that one gives more performance/money??

    • Edgardo Coronado
      Edgardo Coronado Před 2 dny

      I got it too, we buy it because it performs very good for a good price. Ray tracing and DLSS you can see it as a bonus even without it is a pretty good card and price is pretty damn good too.

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Před 17 dny +1

    You do know all your testing is for the rich kunts that have the best gear. and not for the average kunts with medium gear. who will find no difference on their 1080p monitors...

    • William Steyert
      William Steyert Před 15 dny

      There's gamers, then there are casuals. It's okay to be casual. Don't hate.

  • Magical
    Magical Před 17 dny

    Anyone at nvidia= “Let’s release a card that’s so powerful it can handle video editing” also nvidia= “lets try out something that adds no effect to gameplay and chops frames in half”

    • Razumen
      Razumen Před 16 dny

      What graphical feature ever really adds anything to gameplay? The closest has actually been real-time lighting like in Doom 3.

  • Julian
    Julian Před 17 dny

    I'm just sitting here with my GTX 1080 that I paid 419 just before the crypto mining fad took off. Probably going to be another year or 2 before I upgrade.

  • Patrick W
    Patrick W Před 17 dny

    Fuck Nvidia, im gonna buy Radeon or Intel GPU when they came out with their Xtreme Graphics.

  • Patrick W
    Patrick W Před 17 dny

    im just excited for ryzen this year, gonna pair it with my rx580 for one more year and upgrade the gpu later on

  • haydenlake
    haydenlake Před 18 dny

    I remember leading up to launch reading reddit comments from users that wanted the RTX cards because they were so sure they'd be worth the insane upheaval in price and that they wanted the latest and greatest cards.
    I do not feel bad for you that you bought a glorified upscaler & sharpener and that not many games really necessitate raytracing over the efficiency or rasterization.
    I argued for days how there'd be more value in a 1080 Ti over an RTX 2080 but NOPE! "Nvidia is the best, they wouldn't lie! Every penny is worth it!"
    By the time raytracing becomes a common feature like HDR rendering in the mid-2000s your RTX cards won't be able to handle the fidelity required for the best experience and you'll realise that you wasted up to over $1000 on early access rubbish.

  • sparda9060
    sparda9060 Před 19 dny +3

    I dont think RTX cards can actually run Ray Tracing for more than 1 type at the same time. They either choose, GI, Shadow, Colors, etc, etc, but never all of them all at once, it would make the game go under 10 fps.

  • sparda9060
    sparda9060 Před 19 dny

    Finally a major YTuber made a video about this bullshit DLSS feature that was making everything look more blurry for performance gains. Everytime me and someone else points that out before this video, we are seen as AMD fanboys and shit.

  • Espen Buseth
    Espen Buseth Před 20 dny

    Naahh, AMD is my next GPU and CPU :)

  • surg23
    surg23 Před 20 dny

    As crappy as this situation might seem, the RTX cards (excluding the 2080) are still the better option over AMD. If you like hot, power hungry under-performing cards, by all means go AMD.

  • Syed wasay
    Syed wasay Před 20 dny

    Nvida! no more like apple is that you!!!!

  • cheeki breeki
    cheeki breeki Před 21 dnem

    i'll stick to the rx580 8g oc play the same game 1080p ,144hz monitor and it looks marvelous, i really never liked invidia

  • DreamReaver
    DreamReaver Před 22 dny

    They are trying to sell RTX as a necessity when clearly it is not. There are many game engines that can have the same results with lighting effects without RTX. They are showcasing Quake II because that game lacked advanced lighting effects almost completely so you can see how "huge" the difference is. Modern game engines don't need RTX and they can achieve almost the same results without it. I am an Nvidia fanboy but it is clear that RTX is taking the same road as the Direct X 10 fiasco, a few years back. Add the huge performance cost, the lack of games that support it and there you go. A marketing trick ready to invade your psychology and make ypu think that the hardware you bought last year is "obsolete".

  • Denver Starkey
    Denver Starkey Před 22 dny

    you wouldn't call 51FPS playable ? holy fucking shit , you have to be the biggest PC snob I know to say that. any thing over 40 fps , is HIGHLY PLAYBLE AND SMOOTH.

  • Lime4TW
    Lime4TW Před 23 dny +1

    I’m confused, I can’t recall any game engine having ray tracing built in yet your expecting so many all of a sudden? I understand the stuff regarding price and poor performance but for you to expect there would be loads of raytracing games already is absurd.

    • Krismate
      Krismate Před 21 dnem

      it's more in reference of nvidia saying there would be plenty of games available and that it's such a revolutionary feature, when in reality, there are maybe 3 games? And the hit in performance is too large to make it viable in the first place.

  • Ody Mbegbu
    Ody Mbegbu Před 23 dny +1

    I think the reason DLSS was pegged to RTX was because it is pretty much pointless. ML is never perfect and DLSS without DXR would actually make the image worse for a performance gain

  • Joshua weisenborn
    Joshua weisenborn Před 23 dny

    And the game hardly looks good. It's sad we dont get what we pay for..

  • Mr AMD
    Mr AMD Před 23 dny

    You have to blur the crap out of the game to enable higher frame rates. NVIDIA is playing the gamers.... and the shills keep on saying "NVIDIA is da best".... my ass!!!!

  • Anthony Davian
    Anthony Davian Před 23 dny

    Leave it to NVIDIA...

  • Wudang Academy
    Wudang Academy Před 23 dny +1

    I like the DLSS smudge art filter! it gives me a more vintage cinematic feel! Seriously no need for oversharpening the image.

  • Fall
    Fall Před 24 dny

    gets a 2080 plays battlefield...

  • Jiatao Yun
    Jiatao Yun Před 24 dny +4

    When you realize nvidia fanboys just paid double price for upscaling and more reflections 😂😂😂😂😂

  • brenden gee
    brenden gee Před 25 dny

    seems like i was right to wait till like the 2180 or maybe 2280 just stick with my 1080ti

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson Před 25 dny

    Waiting for my 980ti to die first before thinking of buying a new GPU

  • Paul Koenig
    Paul Koenig Před 26 dny

    Ray's have everything to do with light. Of course, they are focusing on lighting.

  • Kek Tech
    Kek Tech Před 26 dny

    Rtx is ass, can't wait until Intel or AMD comes up with something cheaper

  • Howler
    Howler Před 26 dny

    so a question for the comment section, currently running a 4yo gtx980 4gb, planning to upgrade since i got a 4k 60hz panel for christmas, almost went to trade it in for a 1440 144hz but didn't so i'm looking to uprade my gpu to something that will run most newer games on 50-ish frames preferabbly in 4k. or if it's really demanding online multiplayer, 60fps on 1440p, obviously i wanna use ultra settings eye candy. do i have any other choice other than the rtx 2080 ti? how would a 1660ti compare? especially when keeping in mind i usually future proof when i upgrade. not looking to replace the gpu in the next 3 years after this upgrade.

  • SiisKolkytEuroo
    SiisKolkytEuroo Před 27 dny

    Dude you don't buy this hardware for games like that, you buy it for raytraced Quake

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius Před 27 dny

    whiny gamer bitches. you think advances in tech come for free? do you have a slightest idea how much it costs to push this tech forward? how many incredibly hard hours are put into this by the smartest ppl in the industry? people like you with their rants can push it to the point when nvidia just gives up on your asses and will be ai datacentric company only and you will get stuck with the same old tech for years. idiots. you’re cutting the branch you’re sitting on

  • Sekiberius Welkesh
    Sekiberius Welkesh Před 27 dny

    how possible is 4k 60fps DXR with just a RTX 2080.

  • Sekiberius Welkesh
    Sekiberius Welkesh Před 27 dny

    loving your hair.

  • Classic Cview
    Classic Cview Před 27 dny

    Remember that time Nvidia said they replaced the Titans with 2080TIs and that will be the new top tier? Then they launched the RTX titans? And people believed it?.... yeah, that was funny

  • Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma Před 27 dny +2

    Amd navi is hope

    SuperCHAOSXXX Před 27 dny

    So we're taking sides whether in MP will be fast or in SP? WTF that's so stupid :D, the game must run like it's suppose to in both. Not focus only on Multiplayer, and leave Singleplayer in the dust, what kind of bullsh!t is this.

  • MapleLeafAce
    MapleLeafAce Před 28 dny +1

    Apparently 52fps is unplayable. But 60 is? That’s literally only 8 difference.

      KING0SISQO Před 28 dny

      It’s anal people that push for that. To some degree it can actually become jerky in some games. For eg. Street fighter NEEDS to be 60. But gta 50 is ok. But you’ll notice a smoother performance.
      What I didn’t expect to make a difference the way it has is monitors with higher refresh rate. 1st laptop with 120hz. I see the difference in the way the animation is. So for competition wannabes I can see the big fuss of FPS and whatever. But if your happy with 52 then just do you.

  • ben c
    ben c Před 29 dny

    Does this guy know how long it takes to make a game? It was pretty obvious this was a developers card with the new tech and the high price point. It will take a few years to get the tech implemented properly. Plus getting 60+ frames at 4k seem pretty good for real time ray tracing. Don't know what more he's expecting. This whole video seems like click bait to me.

  • NPC: Drone Class
    NPC: Drone Class Před 29 dny

    RTX is a joke. They're most likely going to abandon this technology. Stick with GTX boys! Brute Force = Tried and True.

  • Christian
    Christian Před 29 dny

    Nvidia made it were you ether buy there video card and have the settings to play or not and that's where nvidia f#!?ked up , and screwed players like me I don't even play battlefield V anymore after the first hour just cause how the players with 2080tis play like and has all advantage over all. PC GAMING IS DEAD . Cause of how Expensive Nvidia is and AMD is nearly impossible to afford anymore.

  • Pothitos Kourtis
    Pothitos Kourtis Před 29 dny

    got metro exodus yesterday and yes it was worth it playing on extreme with rtx and dlss on getting 60+ fps at 2K resolution with the 2070!

    • Saba Gamer
      Saba Gamer Před 29 dny

      +Pothitos Kourtis metro Exodus was fucking amazing though at low for me and stutters because of my cpu i5 4460

    • Pothitos Kourtis
      Pothitos Kourtis Před 29 dny

      +Saba Gamer I'm not rich I just don't hate based on the hatewagon😉

    • Saba Gamer
      Saba Gamer Před 29 dny

      We get it u are rich

  • GodKing Kade
    GodKing Kade Před 29 dny +1

    DLSS is a toolset layered on top of the DXR API which is why you cannot have DXR disabled.

  • soulbytes
    soulbytes Před měsícem

    Even worst after watch the new cryengine

  • Chobbler
    Chobbler Před měsícem +2

    Can't believe I watched this beginning to end when I have no idea what DXR, DLSS, RTX or anything else he was on about actually means.

  • Maratha
    Maratha Před měsícem

    you completely forgot about GTX 1660 and its TI version. It's best at the moment.

  • Lowell Camp
    Lowell Camp Před měsícem

    The current guess is that DLSS actually takes a decent time budget to happen, or otherwise just works better when the GPU maxed out so that it can run in parallel with other processes. In other words, if your FPS is high enough / your GPU isn't working super hard, then it actually becomes the bottleneck, instead of improving the framerate. That's why they disable it.

  • Matthew Golden
    Matthew Golden Před měsícem

    DLSS is a bad idea with a worse implementation. Neural Nets are really great for making estimations with a high level of accuracy when there is truly unknown data that needs to be generated. For Graphics processing, we know all the data that needs to be generated. Trying to make estimates and "predict" these demands seem like it will inevitably get artifacts and odd graphical anomalies. JUST MAKE A STRONGER GPU! DLSS seems like a cheap trick for added performance, but it isn't ever going to be a free tradeoff. Maybe they can improve things over time, but it seems like the way to get higher FPS is to produce a more powerful GPU. DLSS is a cheap gimmicky short cut.

  • MrErosgt
    MrErosgt Před měsícem

    I gave in and ordered a 2080, will arrive in few days... I am feeling bad right now

  • Drunken Hamster
    Drunken Hamster Před měsícem

    Wow, what the fuck...

    C'mon, AMD, we're counting on you!

  • Michel Javert
    Michel Javert Před měsícem

    So what's the verdict on the RTX series? I know a guy who upgraded from a GTX 1050 to the RTX 2070. He swears by it, but he's also mostly playing Apex, Anthem, and Destiny.

    • MapleLeafAce
      MapleLeafAce Před 28 dny

      All three of those are graphically beautiful tho so what’s your point.

  • Ultravore
    Ultravore Před měsícem

    yeah... when the DLSS update came I started BF V right up and wanted to enable it.... first I thought it was some kind of a bug because the option was just greyed out but then after digging around a little on the internet I realised that nvidia was just screwing me once again.
    I got a 1440p 165Hz monitor and a RTX 2080 Ti and I can't even activate DLSS. great nvidia.... sure... if you have a 2080 Ti you should play only at 2160p right? seems legit. I never really cared about DXR when I bought the card. I just wanted the performance, but I thought DLSS would be kind of cool to have. now I found out it's just as crap as DXR because of nvidias awesome limitations.
    yeah I know nvidia didn't make that game but it's kind of obvious that those are artificial limitations enforced by them.

  • Artwertable
    Artwertable Před měsícem +2

    Why dafuq does DLSS only works if the Resolution is higher then 1080p? This makes no sense. 2k and especially 4k you dont need any sampling at all...

  • t0sh
    t0sh Před měsícem

    This is a PC-ONLY feature in a CROSS-PLATFORM world. Unless it reaches mainstream (consoles) there will be no reason for game developers to spend resources on supporting this. Maybe Nvidia Gameworks swoops in and makes it easy for them in exchange for some cash and goodies as a promotional investment.

  • Zeff
    Zeff Před měsícem +1

    Maybe I've midunderstood DLSS but isn't entirely 100% to do with filtering out which rays to bother tracing? Ie, why would you turn it on without ray tracing since, that's entirely what it does?

  • AMS Orgasm Moan
    AMS Orgasm Moan Před měsícem

    Let me answer why they ''can't'' do that. It's because if you are buying an 20 fucking 80 ti, they also wan't you to spend way more than that by buying a 4k monitor instead of 4 times half res, because you are rich as fuggg. It is an agreement between the game, Nvidia and the monitor manufacturers.

  • Brandyn G
    Brandyn G Před měsícem +1

    DLSS requires RTX on for 2 reasons
    1) DLSS cannot run high FPS, due to tensor core bottlenecks
    2) DLSS has to be tuned for every single graphics option you change specifically. Which is why it kinda wont let you reduce certain settings when using DLSS.

  • Valiant
    Valiant Před měsícem

    Just like sli; developers are creating obstacles due to business practices for maximum profit instead of creative construction.

  • I'm watching you sleep
    I'm watching you sleep Před měsícem

    With all the crap AAA games released in the last couple of years, i've saved tonnes on not upgrading.

  • Nick B
    Nick B Před měsícem

    Thanks for exposing the pointlessness of these features. Helps people like me feel better about buying lower end Gaming equipment ;) Jokes I don't buy high end because my passion for gaming isn't so strong and also because I've been out the gaming scene so long that 5 year old games wow me

    • Nick B
      Nick B Před měsícem

      Double jokes it's because I've been playing console the last 5 years so I'm used to low res

  • Stutzinator
    Stutzinator Před měsícem

    You should do a whole video with your fingers on your nose

  • KidRiver
    KidRiver Před měsícem +22

    NVIDIA: Thank you for participating in our early adopter program. Your sacrifice will soon be forgotten.

  • Jason Paul
    Jason Paul Před měsícem

    At this point I'm just waiting for the class action lawsuit for all the false advertising BS they pulled with this, Jensen sure does a good job as a conman though.

  • KidRiver
    KidRiver Před měsícem

    DLSS is really bad

  • DaD
    DaD Před měsícem

    2060 or 1070 ti? Are the 2 Gbs more VRAM in the 1070 ti worth it or is the rtx 2060 because of newer drivers & Co a better option for the future?

    • DaD
      DaD Před měsícem

      +FED L. Yea, I currently have a one fan gtx 1060 and its getting quite toasty sometimes ^^. However, the 1070 ti and rtx 2060 cost almost the same, maybe a few euros difference and that makes it hard to decide. I am just concerned about the future of the pascal architecture and am not sure how well it will compare to the new Turing architecture in the next few years. On the other hand I am concerned about 2 Gbs less VRAM in the rtx 2060 for 1440p gaming, but I am not planning on 4k gaming in the near future.

      So it's basicly 8Gb vs 6Gb and older vs newer drivers (for 1080p/1440p gaming). Very hard decision...

    • FED L.
      FED L. Před měsícem

      They're about the same, get the cheaper one, don't buy into the hype, RTX is worthless. 1070 ti IS FASTER, most benchmarks comparing the 2060 are comparing an OVERCLOCKED 2060, so don't buy into the bullshit, if you can get the 1070 ti cheaper or at the same price, get that. If not, the 2060 is a great card.
      PS: don't buy a card with those a single fan, they are LOUD and perform POORLY, get a card with AT LEAST 2 fans, so you won't have to worry about your temperatures down the line.

  • Bidule200
    Bidule200 Před měsícem +30

    I don't own a RTX card, but it seems like BattlefieldV and Rise of the Tomb Raider only offer raytraced **reflections**, but no true raytraced lighting/shading/shadowing.
    Nobody seems to care, but there is a huge difference between the two.

    • Bronze HD
      Bronze HD Před 2 dny

      +Emomilol1213 3-10fps with 10-series still translates to 60 fps with rtx equivalent

    • Bronze HD
      Bronze HD Před 2 dny

      +Emomilol1213 What I mean is, outside scenes would be far cheaper than scenes inside, if I remember correctly they discouraged to use global illumination in interior scenes

    • Bronze HD
      Bronze HD Před 2 dny

      +Emomilol1213 Well, that sounds exactly the opposite of what the unreal engine demonstration at GTC said. Global illumination was supposed to be cheaper in terms of rays because of most rays would bounce into the sky and not generate secondary bounces. Then again it would depend on scene to scene basis

    • Emomilol1213
      Emomilol1213 Před 2 dny

      ​+Bronze HD Did some tests with an gtx 1080 in Unreal, normal scene 1440p had like 90 fps, raytrace reflections only, got like 45fps, raytrace shadows only got like 75-80 and global illumination 3-10fps. So in fps cost it goes something like this, cheap to expensive, Raytraced soft shadows > Raytraced reflections > Raytraced Global Illumination (expensive af)

    • Bronze HD
      Bronze HD Před 2 dny

      +Bidule200 Have you tried the new unity build with raytracing?

  • Karl Massie
    Karl Massie Před měsícem

    as i said b4 more gameworks features that are a waste of time and an fps hog yes some look nice but not worth the performance hit

  • Booger
    Booger Před měsícem

    I typically like to play my games on ultra (for immersion). And also planning on finally investing on vr. Should i stick with my 1080oc card or should i upgrade to a 2060 or 2070?

    • iLikePies
      iLikePies Před měsícem

      1080 and 2060 are somewhat similar in performance, some titles 1080 tops it off, if you want an upgrade either go for beefier brother 1080ti or 2070/2080 if you want any significant performance boost, other then that it's not worth it