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  • čas přidán 9. 11. 2017
  • Freddy is coming to Dead by Daylight - as part of the A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter. He will instill fear in you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re awake or asleep. He and his claw clad hand will find you - so keep running.
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  • HryHry

Komentáře • 355

  • Codenamed Zombie
    Codenamed Zombie Před 27 dny

    White Freddy

  • Logan_Zi//ShadowGamer
    Logan_Zi//ShadowGamer Před 4 měsíci

    i remeber where i was so hyped for this and the trailer was so lit but why did they nerf freddy atleast he is getting a rework it will save him hopefully still best effect in this trailer and best trailer

  • Androo 64
    Androo 64 Před 10 měsíci

    I ask y u didn’t get The original Freddy/Robert Englund

  • The Warlock
    The Warlock Před rokem


  • Grub
    Grub Před rokem

    Was a trash killer then, is even worse now.

  • Gamerul Raptor
    Gamerul Raptor Před rokem

    Wow creepy

  • Noah HackZ
    Noah HackZ Před rokem

    I love Freddys charachter so,I wish he was better

  • Failed Abortion
    Failed Abortion Před rokem

    It’s to hard to beat him

  • Raiden Boutelle
    Raiden Boutelle Před rokem

    Add chucky

  • Luigifan 101 2nd
    Luigifan 101 2nd Před rokem +1

    Make pennywise on dead by day light

  • Z3N0X 950
    Z3N0X 950 Před rokem

    I think if having two killer at once is much scarier and much easier for the killer....

  • Zoilic
    Zoilic Před rokem

    DID IT GET REMOVED?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Aquil Khan
    Aquil Khan Před rokem

    Jason anybody?

  • Barry Weiss
    Barry Weiss Před rokem

    51 dislikes.Wraith and his family

  • Grumpy Gamer
    Grumpy Gamer Před rokem

    New Character Idea

  • Liquid Snake
    Liquid Snake Před rokem +1

    they should add a new game mode or something I find this Game gets sooooo boring after like 2 matches I mostly just stick with Friday the 13 the game it's by far superior than this garbage were the entire gameplay just consists of pallet jumping and generator fixing 😴😴😴 for anyone thinking about getting this game get Friday the 13 instead way better value for money

  • David Guledani
    David Guledani Před rokem


  • nomed40351
    nomed40351 Před rokem

    Fix the colors on the maps I am color blind I can't tell if a survivor is in front of me or not. Its frustrating for those who have eye problems. I can't enjoy the game. Most of my friends with visual issues have the same problem. The flash light actually hurts my eyes in real life. Please resolve these issues. I bought a game I don't enjoy because of the visual content. Can you cut the grass so individuals playing as killer can actually have a chance to find a survivor. The corn is way too tall to see anything. All killers should be able to see survivors in a distance in red. Please help the people with visual issues. We want to enjoy the game too. Selling us a lemon is not right...

  • Dakka a
    Dakka a Před rokem

    RIP Freddy 2017 - 2017

  • The Viking Show
    The Viking Show Před rokem

    Where`s the Freddy`s music in game? Dont exist, fake marketing

  • Kaleb Tucker
    Kaleb Tucker Před rokem

    Your crazy if you think I'm paying 8 bucks for a soon-to-be nerfed killer.

  • Damned Eternal1
    Damned Eternal1 Před rokem

    Yeah telling people to not buy the Freddy DLC is not proper information. The nerfs are not bad . it took me the second game to rework my thinking around the changes. Freddy is still extreamly strong. With him now I kill 3 to 4 players.

  • David Guledani
    David Guledani Před rokem

    Add this for free mf we oayed to much dollars mf make all dlc for free

  • Snart Booter
    Snart Booter Před rokem

    Can you add herobrine?

  • Wolfbone 175
    Wolfbone 175 Před rokem +2

    A few weeks ago I lost my progress on my pc and I had a p3 jake lvl 50 and it gone and I lost all my teachable perks and I had every killer and survivor at lvl 1

    • Wolfbone 175
      Wolfbone 175 Před rokem

      Thanks for the help

    • MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall
      MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall Před rokem

      Try sending a support ticket. It can help, they've helped me twice with mine. But it can take time to get it done depending on how many requests there are that they're handling. First problem got resolved in two weeks, second one took about three months.

    • Wolfbone 175
      Wolfbone 175 Před rokem

      And I don’t know how it happened

    DANIEL RAIN Před rokem +1

    Freddy Krueger deserves more than being on this mediocre game.

  • Asho Ibo
    Asho Ibo Před rokem

    but it not free😔😔😔

  • Bigheadedkilla games
    Bigheadedkilla games Před rokem

    What about PS4

  • •Gee Wiz•
    •Gee Wiz• Před rokem


  • VanoxPlays
    VanoxPlays Před rokem

    Help! I can not join any lobbies anymore. I'm always kicked right.

  • kevins82
    kevins82 Před rokem

    I have it on PC and Xbox

  • Alexandra Brücke
    Alexandra Brücke Před rokem

    TOTALLY NOT OP :)))))

  • Lion Siege
    Lion Siege Před rokem

    xbox kids got it yayyyy hans uuup uhhh

  • TheRealFireboom
    TheRealFireboom Před rokem

    Does he really need a nerf? Don’ t listen only to the salty survivors. He needs a buff actually.

  • masterladaryl
    masterladaryl Před rokem

    I might have bought him but I've been waiting a month and a half for the patch to fix the no network bug so it's no point

  • Sindy Sindiyo
    Sindy Sindiyo Před rokem +1


  • FaZe Blade
    FaZe Blade Před rokem

    Hell yea

  • Stephany Michael
    Stephany Michael Před rokem

    Yeeeeessss! FINALLY! 😂🖤

  • Maryam Shariati
    Maryam Shariati Před rokem


  • Waleed Alazmi
    Waleed Alazmi Před rokem +1


  • John Zammit 316
    John Zammit 316 Před rokem

    Ok... this is a pretty lame whinge ... but why is freddy glove not shown on the home page of the game?? Instead yoh have just a plain milky white hand that looks like a kids hand...??? Looks terrible. .. you gotta change that... myers at least has his kitchen knife. ... update update update! !

  • Juan Núñez
    Juan Núñez Před rokem

    Save the money guys... All the DLC killers are absolutly trash (doctor, witch, leatherface, myers) and are useless with high ranks, only can do a nice match playing with nurse or hillbilly. This is the last DLC who i bought from this guys

  • Rezzy76 Xbox scrub
    Rezzy76 Xbox scrub Před rokem +1

    Lucky I have a Xbox and a ps4 but I like my Xbox better

  • gerard mcdonald
    gerard mcdonald Před rokem

    Whens it coming out on ps4

  • Game Nerd
    Game Nerd Před rokem

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Adam Does Stuff
    Adam Does Stuff Před rokem

    But ps4 is better

  • Lemon Ada
    Lemon Ada Před rokem

    yes bitches!!!!!

  • Conor Fogarty
    Conor Fogarty Před rokem +1

    Dear xbox players,
    Stop fucking disconnecting when it's freddy grow up ffs

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez Před rokem

    Another great DLC release five stars guys!!!!

  • DrOp FettySwat
    DrOp FettySwat Před rokem +1

    GOD BLESS YOU❤❤❤ you already know I own it😃😃😃

  • Alberto Cuautle
    Alberto Cuautle Před rokem

    When i was playing ps4 last night i was playing aganste freddy but why its not even in the PlayStation store

  • Damned Eternal1
    Damned Eternal1 Před rokem

    Thank you for bringing us this chapter. Freddy is officially my new main character. Please do not nerf him . Many things happen in a game and survivors do not need any more advantages seriously.

  • CrystalClown96
    CrystalClown96 Před rokem


  • Diogo Simões
    Diogo Simões Před rokem

    I play on ps4 not Xbox ;-;

    • Gamer6234
      Gamer6234 Před rokem

      Diogo Simões It's out on PS4 too!

  • Kentleigh
    Kentleigh Před rokem +2

    Don't buy it. They nerfed Freddy into uselessness. It's not worth $7.

    • Kentleigh
      Kentleigh Před rokem

      Someone who doesn't play killer doesn't react when killers are nerfed... Again...

    • Gamer6234
      Gamer6234 Před rokem

      m8 do you even read my comment? 1.8.0 was the patch Freddy came with, 1.8.1 was the patch that nerfed him. I own a computer, but I daren't turn it on at 11 pm in the night

    • Damned Eternal1
      Damned Eternal1 Před rokem

      Kentleigh T. Actually they did nerf him but very little. Seriously little he is a beast and they stated He is Freddy and he is strong so learn how to play against him. They listen to all of the rants and comments about Freddy about to be nerfed into the ground and they have replyed. Yes Freddy is Nerfed but very very very minimal. The they did not change the obsession perk at all , they did not and will not add the 10 seconds for the aura to activate if you get away in the dream state . this is great. Freddy should be powerful and those that do not agree well duelly noted but Remember Freddy is not your average killer He is Freddy Krueger and he should be treated as the iconic horror icon he is and will always be.

    • Kentleigh
      Kentleigh Před rokem
      Do you even own a computer to check these things for yourself? The nerf happened today.

    • Gamer6234
      Gamer6234 Před rokem

      Kentleigh T. No there is not, the last time I checked what the latest patch was, it was 1.8.0, the same patch that released with Freddy

  • vived David
    vived David Před rokem

    Fuck yes finally

  • LetUniform 8129
    LetUniform 8129 Před rokem

    Freddy is free?

  • ssuuccyy
    ssuuccyy Před rokem

    How Tf do u counter this little bitch if he tunnelling u

    • Gamer6234
      Gamer6234 Před rokem

      You waste his time by pallet looping

    • Damned Eternal1
      Damned Eternal1 Před rokem

      Relinquished if he is tunnling your fucked . till you get saved off of a hook or he loses interest in you and chases some one else.

  • Kacper Łowczak
    Kacper Łowczak Před rokem


  • Mykel Williams
    Mykel Williams Před rokem