Best laptops for students in 2019

  • čas přidán 22. 07. 2019
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    Laptops have been getting more diverse and exciting in recent years, but that can make choosing the right model even more challenging. If you're looking for a solid machine for school work, media, and maybe some gaming, we've rounded up our favorite Mac and Windows machines.
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Komentáře • 783

  • sisir360 || TheLoneGun101
    sisir360 || TheLoneGun101 Před 53 minutami

    Disliked. You didn’t go over the specs that matter the most, such as the actual processors themselves. Saying it’s “quad core” doesn’t mean anything. The Galaxy S3 or S4 had a quad core chip as well. Secondly, you’ve overestimated college students’ budgets. $500-600 is a good range, these are all way too expensive for school.

  • Tiger Barua
    Tiger Barua Před 10 hodinami

    people need to stop coming after apple users, im a windows user but yall dont have to judge a person on buying a macbook. It's all personal preference, if they wanna spend that guap then let em be

    • Tiger Barua
      Tiger Barua Před 10 hodinami

      also p.s. macbook users, if you're gonna major in engineering. Consider buying a windows laptop and not macbook for specific programs

  • CrackHeadUnicorn
    CrackHeadUnicorn Před 15 hodinami

    My broke ass bought an acer aspire E15 for about $300 upgraded my ram and it's good for university

  • TrueUser025
    TrueUser025 Před dnem

    Gaming laptops are crap, you dont game on laptops

  • Sneazy_ 102
    Sneazy_ 102 Před 2 dny

    Should I get the Razer Blade Stealth base model for $1,100. I don't game in a laptop but the aesthetics are great.

  • MuscleSheriff
    MuscleSheriff Před 2 dny

    yall don't knw what a student is.... no chance we can afford 500+ laptops.... not a single one of your ideas is below or even close to this price!!

  • Leopold Carlton
    Leopold Carlton Před 3 dny

    What student can afford these? Personally i think people would rather be able to eat then buy a 2k laptop, that's instant ramen money.

  • Walking Memes
    Walking Memes Před 4 dny

    Why would anyone want a heavy, expensive gaming laptop to go to school when it only has like 4 hours of battery life?

    And how would anyone would be able to afford the laptops in the video, and most of the laptops don’t even have that great ports. This boi clearly hasn’t gone to school before.

  • Žan Stermecki
    Žan Stermecki Před 4 dny +2

    But we are students. We are broke.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Před 5 dny

    why do people care about the fact that their laptop cost 200$ too much when they have 60k dept at the end of their terms...

  • Frischeparadies
    Frischeparadies Před 5 dny

    One thing is for sure: if you are stupid enough to buy surface family, then nobody can help you.

    • Frischeparadies
      Frischeparadies Před dnem

      Aishah Norizan it has extreme quality issues. Read the reviews of the surface book on the Microsoft shop. Also look on Reddit or amazon. It gets really really bad reviews. I had this device for two years, replaced once, until it dies after this short period of use. Under no circumstances would I buy Microsoft again. It’s just nice on the surface, but seriously a pile of garbage underneath of it.

    • Aishah Norizan
      Aishah Norizan Před 4 dny


  • Mad Engineer
    Mad Engineer Před 7 dny

    I'm using yoga 530 since last 1yr. This is worst quality laptop I've ever used. Don't buy any laptop from lenovo go for hp.....✌️✌️✌️

  • Gercy dos santos
    Gercy dos santos Před 9 dny

    I don't think all students have 1000 bucks to buy a these machines.
    Next time please do a budget list as well or at least put a budget laptop in the vid

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Před 9 dny

    Anyone else thinking of getting a laptop with the financial aid u get?

  • Jay Richards
    Jay Richards Před 10 dny +7

    Should be titled: "Best Student laptops for the 1%"

  • Oliver Daniell
    Oliver Daniell Před 10 dny

    "this is for rich students with rich parents" stfu you just don't know how to work and save😂 lazy bitches

  • Adam s
    Adam s Před 10 dny

    bold of you to assume I'm a student

  • Yaghi Ziad
    Yaghi Ziad Před 11 dny

    step 1: learn pc's specs
    edit: if you dont want to learn specs, buy a gaming laptop

  • A bunny that will chew on your cables

    When so called "reviewers" think a student can afford premium laptops... ffs most of us live on pot noodles...

  • Suicidal_ Thoughts
    Suicidal_ Thoughts Před 11 dny

    Correction on title
    Top laptops that you can never buy unless your rich

  • Elijah Hiltebrand
    Elijah Hiltebrand Před 13 dny +1

    Homeboy mx150 is not a gaming gpu

  • Dennis Taranchuk
    Dennis Taranchuk Před 14 dny

    Lmao damn you guys must think college students are made of money

  • Yellow Red
    Yellow Red Před 14 dny +1

    get surface laptop 1, the price on amazon is low as hec.

  • Multifandom K-Pop Stan
    Multifandom K-Pop Stan Před 14 dny

    get a ASUS VivoBook S15 S532FL it’s $800 yeah kinda expensive but it’s better than an apple product compared to the macbook pro 13 inch

  • Brothxrhood
    Brothxrhood Před 14 dny +1

    U look a little bit like elon musk and i can't unsee it

  • Marvel is better Than DC

    Hey guys. I go to school two days a week and work the other 3. Weekend are my days off and that’s how I got my MacBook. Tbh kind of a bad buy but the point is I got the damn thing without being rich. There’s this thing called effort.

  • mi Lpov
    mi Lpov Před 15 dny

    I have 20$

  • Saffy Baba
    Saffy Baba Před 15 dny +71

    “oh I like that laptop”
    “Imma check the price”
    *sees three zero*
    “Never mind”

  • StephVlogsXO
    StephVlogsXO Před 15 dny +3

    Who's here for looking laptops cause planning buying one to play roblox with no lag?

  • Duc Do
    Duc Do Před 15 dny

    Hey bro. You're reviewing for F k business guy or students bro . crazy

  • Lubna Naaz
    Lubna Naaz Před 15 dny

    Now y’all can’t see how I got all these likes

  • zobots diys
    zobots diys Před 16 dny

    4:10 look at the webcam!!!!

    It moves around !

    FAROUK SADEK Před 16 dny

    I think he forgot that the concept was for STUDENTS

  • Feed VC
    Feed VC Před 18 dny +1

    Idk about you but I’m finna get a kindle cuz 1200? Not it chief😒

  • RDJ fan
    RDJ fan Před 18 dny

    Don't trust these reviewer's if you want a smooth laptop always go for Mac

  • Cold Truth
    Cold Truth Před 18 dny +1

    The title should be corrected to for students in Beverly Hills

    • Marvel is better Than DC
      Marvel is better Than DC Před 15 dny

      Cold Truth or for students with a job who actually know how to move the little money that they have. There’s this thing called a credit card. That’s how I got my laptop. It’s for college students so there no interest for the first 15 months and since I have a job I just pay each month 100 towards it. I got my laptop, didn’t break the bank cuz I didn’t have to fork over 1,300 all at once and I’m starting my credit with a payment of 0 interest. Y’all just suck at life cuz y’all always had a blindfold over your eyes your entire life and now that you’re 18 in the real world you’re lost af. I was always that kid asking questions being intrigued by some simple shit like how a debit card works. Yes I would talk to my dad about shit like that at age 11. Even as a little kid I was giving myself a little head start on how the world works without even knowing it.

  • josue castro
    josue castro Před 19 dny

    Bro wtf I don’t have this type of money 😭 please change the title of your video

  • Chriz 15
    Chriz 15 Před 19 dny

    I just need a laptop that is less than $1000, portable, where i can code, and play minecraft.

  • Arquib Ismail
    Arquib Ismail Před 21 dnem

    I'll settle for an inspiron

  • Dimo Gant
    Dimo Gant Před 21 dnem

    First CHclipr who dont show me the links of the laptops...

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh Před 22 dny

    You did not mention HP pavillion x360

  • CarbonSlice
    CarbonSlice Před 22 dny +2

    Alternative recommendations:
    For people who want to look professional: Thinkbooks
    For light gamers and people looking for an Apple alternative: Razer Blade Stealth
    For heavier gamers: one of the ones above along with a Thunderbolt 3 external GPU
    For people who should really work on getting more dispensable income: public computers until you have the credit to take a loan or finance out one mentioned before.

  • Mars _
    Mars _ Před 22 dny

    Can someone help me? I’m going to another country for a whole month and am missing 2 weeks of school. I’m going to college in an year, what laptop would be useful? I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me ( :

  • kiknav
    kiknav Před 24 dny +1

    This has to be worst best laptops list i have ever seen. For students? Really?

  • Emily Kiser
    Emily Kiser Před 26 dny

    People are so cranky about how it's so expensive... I USE MY LAPTOP FOR EVERYTHING. My textbooks, notes, assignments -- EVERYTHING that I do for my masters degree is on my laptop. If you spend 1100 on a laptop (what I spent for my lenovo yoga 920) and you actually use it, its money well spent. No, I don't have money either. I had to open up a credit card to get it. My fiancee is in medical school, he has a surface and we spent about the same on it. I don't know what either of us would do without our computers. We tried smaller, cheaper. It did not work out at all because over the course of 4 years, we'd be buying a new computer every year for the both of us and shell out around 300 each. Over the course of an undergrad degree, that's more than what our computers cost. IT'S EXPENSIVE BUT IT'S WORTH IT.

  • Insta Swap
    Insta Swap Před 26 dny

    What fucking student can afford spending 1200 dollars on a laptop

  • Elliott Waddick
    Elliott Waddick Před 28 dny

    Honestly buying used laptops are way better than buying new if you’re a student. Even something 2-3 years old is bound to have a significant price drop, and the quality is basically still there if it was premium to begin with.

  • EscapeTheCave
    EscapeTheCave Před 28 dny

    Best laptops for working professionals?

  • Kishan Mayengbam
    Kishan Mayengbam Před 28 dny

    So students huh ? Get out of CHclip !

    LOL WTF Před 29 dny

    Why would i search "best laptop for students" on youtube if i had 1200 USD budget to begin with?
    Useless video

  • You Need to Know
    You Need to Know Před 29 dny

    Now, I want to buy a laptop:
    Hp 15db0002au; AMD dual core e2 9000e; 4GB DDR4; 5000GB HDD.
    Next, I want to replace HDD with 120GB or 240 GB SSD.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Later, I want to add this HDD in place of DVD RW.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Then,can this laptop run MS office and internet **without any problem**??
    Please answer...

  • Karan Dev
    Karan Dev Před 29 dny

    You guys are so delusional. Dialled.

  • Sir Barbah
    Sir Barbah Před 29 dny

    Edit the title to laptops for rich kids?

  • Spartan Patten
    Spartan Patten Před měsícem

    *back to school....... more like flex at school*

  • Koulibaly il boss
    Koulibaly il boss Před měsícem

    Yes every studente can pay 1000$ for a laptop

  • Kai Fetscher
    Kai Fetscher Před měsícem

    The logic of students having no money and recommending them a Macbook...?

    • Ace Anime
      Ace Anime Před 25 dny

      Logic? Or lack their of

  • Divy Patel
    Divy Patel Před měsícem

    Do you know the meaning of budget? 🤣

  • Babor Mohammad
    Babor Mohammad Před měsícem

    Its not for rich students, if you really want to study its not an investment of 1000$ that is gonna change your life(Don't buy the Iphone Xr and you should be good). People have nothing to do this days smh. Just enjoy the video and it is a good review!

  • Mi Ba
    Mi Ba Před měsícem

    engadget PRO COMMIES LGTB and Expensive devices . I see some disharmony )) you Guys in Engadget are hypocrates pro commie c....s

  • Alex Tiong
    Alex Tiong Před měsícem

    Zenbook is good and reasonable priced