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This Trick Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression | Wim Hof

  • čas přidán 4. 12. 2019
  • The adventurer, @wimhof1 ”Iceman” creates a totally unique episode of Framgångspodden! He is famous for being able of withstanding extreme cold, he has climbed Mount Everest wearing shorts, he holds the World Record for icebaths and he is the man behind the global ’cold-shower’-trend. I went down to visit him in the Netherlands where he told me about his breathing techniques that makes it possible for him to withstand the cold and how these techniques can make us more healthy.
    Wim shares his techniques he use to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. And it can be implemented today!
    If you want to learn more about Wim Hof go visit his website: www.wimhofmethod.com/
    Wim also have his own amazing CHclip channel with a guided breathing technique video: • Wim Hof breathing tuto...
    Thank you Wim(@iceman_hof) for letting us visit you at your home and to help share the message.
    332. "Ice man" Wim Hof - The secrets behind cold exposure and breathing: podcasts.apple.com/se/podcast...
    Alexander Pärleros: / alexanderparleros
    Art Svanberg (Videographer & Editor): / artsvanberg
    #framgångspodden #alexanderparleros #wimhof

Komentáře • 4,1K

  • @AngelesGomez-mp8sk
    @AngelesGomez-mp8sk Před 14 dny +100

    I could remember several years ago I suffered severe depression and mental disorder. Not until my husband recommended me to psilocybin mushrooms treatment. Psilocybin treatment saved my life honestly. 8 years totally clean. Never thought I would be saying this about mushrooms.

  • @salimlyoussi9608
    @salimlyoussi9608 Před 3 lety +4

    Just hearing Wim Hof speaking is a stress reliever.

  • @ChainsTheChef888
    @ChainsTheChef888 Před 2 lety +565

    The fact that the scientists said “but you are the iceman you are special” and the iceman himself says “anybody can do it” and goes ahead and proves it, makes me realize how i can’t believe anything being told to me by a doctor just because he is a doctor, there is always a deeper layer to everything

  • @davideagles5202

    I’m supposedly terminally ill, they gave me twelve months to live 16 months ago. They took out my right kidney, but it then spread to my lungs and adrenal gland and spine. So obviously I have lived 4 months longer than expected. I’ve started cold showers this morning. I had a lot of pain before I went into the shower. My pain levels have reduced by half. I will do this every day from now on thank you Wim for this. Thanks 🙏

  • @Ki-Yall
    @Ki-Yall Před rokem +457

    I lost my girlfriend in a car accident awhile ago. I was just lost ,tried so many different things to get better . I have so much anxiety, craziest thoughts right away in the morning . Wim , THANK YOU so much for your videos . I am in love with the cold water now .

  • @TheRussianMystic
    @TheRussianMystic Před 2 lety +117

    Just listening to this speech by Wim inspires me incredibly and reduces my anxiety/depression! Thanks God for this new generation of true pioneers!

  • @ebenham1713
    @ebenham1713 Před 3 lety +1

    I had a nervous breakdown in October last year,I've been doing cold showers everyday for over a month now, my resting heart rate was 120 bpm before, now it's 52...this really does work.

  • @tpstrat14
    @tpstrat14 Před 3 lety +215

    Cold showers work. Don’t be scared because you don’t have to go all the way cold right away. Start with your normal warm shower and wash up, then after you’re done with your business take a couple meditative deep breaths and slowly lower the temperature, focus on your breathing the whole time. Your unconditioned body will be afraid of what you’re doing to it so it will construct, making it harder for you to breathe. So that’s why you have to focus your mind 100% on slow deep breaths. You need to send your body the message that it is ok to open up your body to the cold

  • @kodanrolf
    @kodanrolf Před 2 lety +209

    He’s going to save countless lives, what a beautiful soul ❤️

  • @willhart4762
    @willhart4762 Před rokem +281

    Heart condition, diabetes T2, nearly totally blocked heart arteries a year ago. I could barely walk. Now, a year after my operation, practicing Wim's breathing technique I can hold my breath

  • @TheOriginalWheatLoaf
    @TheOriginalWheatLoaf Před 3 lety +353

    I just love how excited and passionate he is when he's talking about the topic.

  • @DianaAraiza26

    I’m on day three of doing his breathing technique and I could cry. I went from having anxiety all day to being more calm and my breathing has already gotten better and more balance. Thank you. Teaching us things our parents couldn’t 💗

  • @samjg101
    @samjg101 Před 3 lety +2

    This guy speaks my language ... he’s giving away free medical advice which is worth millions in the material world. Maddddd!

  • @hakukuze7947
    @hakukuze7947 Před 2 lety +379

    Been doing the breathing and showers for two weeks and I am addicted. At first, the breathing didn't make much of a difference but yesterday for the first time I felt elated after the breathing and then the cold shower just elevated it. Now I am delving deeper into meditation techniques and trying to find out more about the Tummo meditation which I believe Wim's technique is somewhat based on. It has helped me with anxiety and melancholy. It feels like you are whole again and can challenge the day more energized and focused, not to mention happier. Sometimes I just put Wim's videos in the background as hearing him is just so positive and reassuring in this very combative confusing world.

  • @clairereesretouching
    @clairereesretouching Před 2 lety +129

    I've been suffering from some bad anxiety and panic attacks recently and my in-laws told me about Wim Hof, so I thought I'd try his breathing exercises and now I'm hooked. What a wonderful man for sharing all this life changing information with us <3

  • @Charloveskambo
    @Charloveskambo Před 2 lety +145

    I am working on overcoming MS naturally through daily cold showers, weekly cold plunge in the lake, meditation (Joe Dispenza), exercise, & breath work! I am so so thankful for Wim!! My heart rate used to be 90 or above resting and now it’s in the 70s. This truly does work.

  • @kevinwilson868
    @kevinwilson868 Před 3 lety +90

    I'm 57 and as of August 13 2020 i have been taking cold showers since Jan. 7 2020. I do 2 showers a day and the deep breathing exercises. I've done cold baths as well. It helps with metabolism and my over all fitness/flexibility. What a great resource!

  • @whoknows8223

    Doing cold showers since 6 months and I have now reached a state where I CRAVE for them. I love them. I love how I feel afterwards. Nice to hear how much benefits it actually has.

  • @EricTheBroBean
    @EricTheBroBean Před 3 lety +427

    This guy man, this guy.. He nails every question directed at him and explains in detail about the human body more than any doctor would ever tell you during an entire lifetime.

  • @stevepeterson5943
    @stevepeterson5943 Před 3 lety +34

    Cold showers daily for six years now, plus snow bath/sauna, river swimming in winter, ice dunk tank/sauna.