6 Minimum Wage Workers vs 1 Secret Millionaire

  • čas přidán 10. 11. 2019
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  • ZábavaZábava

Komentáře • 15 909

    MASSIVESUPPORT Před 45 minutami

    Hahahaha he fucked up his story great content i skipped too the end when he got voted out because i was sure it was him. I think all the people deserve the money not just the last 2 remaining now.

  • Kyle Mayer
    Kyle Mayer Před hodinou

    I already figured it out. I haven't even watched the episode "I am a minimum wage worker (and I am not cool)." game over, tipped off out the gate... let's see if I'm right.

  • didi T
    didi T Před hodinou

    That millionaire is humble

  • llLkCrAzYll ftw
    llLkCrAzYll ftw Před 3 hodinami

    “I feel like you’re trying really hard to make it sound like you’re broke” took me out😂😂💀

  • Nevaeh & Heaven VIBEZ
    Nevaeh & Heaven VIBEZ Před 4 hodinami +1

    Kevin’s so sweet❗️

  • I may have a small dick, but
    I may have a small dick, but Před 4 hodinami

    jimmy and kevin said it weirdly so im guessing off the bat that they might be lying, will check later to see if im right

  • AkoSiBiel Catipon
    AkoSiBiel Catipon Před 4 hodinami

    I knew it from the start that it was Kevin.. First I noticed is his posture, well if you're a millionaire i think your job is somewhat formal, and a good posture is one of the aspects of formality.. I also noticed his clothes.. It is like the normal clothes of humble millionaires.. Hahahahahah

  • USA Gamer
    USA Gamer Před 7 hodinami +1

    Why did the millionaire enter the contest even if he wins he will still have money enough?

  • Kaitlyn Bui
    Kaitlyn Bui Před 7 hodinami

    No one:
    No one at all:
    The girl with the white jeans: Send me the link your boutique

  • Slagadorf
    Slagadorf Před 7 hodinami

    Hey, if the millionaire wins, what should we give him?
    *MORE MONEY!!!!!*

  • XtremeConditions
    XtremeConditions Před 8 hodinami

    I'm not trying to be a dick, nor am I rich. I'm actually pretty damn poor! But when we say "millionaire"... A million bucks in 2019 dollars is a very nice amount of money for sure, but it's not crazy rich by any means. A shithole apartment in a place like Los Angeles can cost several hundred grand! I mostly suspected David. Someone who started working early and invested well, even with a fairly low-paying job can definitely be a 2019 millionaire in their 40's. Was mostly age advantage. Kevin didn't come off as the guy. Fun experiment though.

  • Hoshi_ Uchū
    Hoshi_ Uchū Před 8 hodinami

    If I were on there I’d say “WAIT! Before you guys say anything, I’m rich asf! Or am I?!” 😏😏😏 I would make everyone confused and no one would no if I was lying or telling the truth.

  • Brody Marin
    Brody Marin Před 8 hodinami

    I thought it was David he was asking way to many questions

  • Amy
    Amy Před 8 hodinami +1

    Blonde looks like Ellie Goulding

  • Slytherin G
    Slytherin G Před 8 hodinami

    David looks like he's safe all the time

  • Luna PearlStone
    Luna PearlStone Před 9 hodinami

    The guy in the red shirt and jeans was so judgemental 😂

  • Sam Routh
    Sam Routh Před 9 hodinami

    I hated Courtney

  • KIRBY11467
    KIRBY11467 Před 9 hodinami

    This was so not fair, the girl were obviously automatically excluded cause lets be honest not alot of girls are millionares. This was a big L on the guys.

  • Lawrence Stefan
    Lawrence Stefan Před 9 hodinami

    thats kevin david he sells facebook ads, amazon fba courses. and affiliate marketing

  • Cat The Pineapple
    Cat The Pineapple Před 10 hodinami

    Kyla “I don’t look rich”

  • James
    James Před 10 hodinami

    "How do you know I'm asian?"
    Uh... dude... I dont wanna break it to yah but...

  • Zacky Mohmand
    Zacky Mohmand Před 11 hodinami

    Why did the guy try to justify himself saying "oh I wear regular shirts and wear flip flops 90% of the time". It makes it sound we live in a time where people just each other on money and what they have. The guy worked for it he doesnt have to justify why he's wearing a t shirt that the average minimum wage worker can afford too.

  • Diamondjoy love
    Diamondjoy love Před 12 hodinami

    Kevin and Jimmy

  • Joaquin James Rabauliman
    Joaquin James Rabauliman Před 12 hodinami

    The millionaire dosent need the cash prize

  • TeamDATL Tae
    TeamDATL Tae Před 12 hodinami

    Goes to show anyone can be a millionaire

  • Wolfie Does Stuffz2
    Wolfie Does Stuffz2 Před 13 hodinami

    She has a GUCCI™ belt.

  • Agoatisass Lolll
    Agoatisass Lolll Před 14 hodinami

    3:51 if you’re wearing AirPods or earphones and have the volume at 100% you can hear her heartbeat

  • yg sterling
    yg sterling Před 14 hodinami

    Literally no one:
    Jimmy: I look poor like....jesus

  • Titanium williams
    Titanium williams Před 14 hodinami

    I could tell it was Kevin, from his body posture, and the fact that all young entrepreneurs workout, and he seemed like he worked out. Also, he has a clean haircut.

  • Zespinossa
    Zespinossa Před 15 hodinami +1

    1:28 something about that doesn't surprise me

  • DEBS
    DEBS Před 15 hodinami +1

    “we think you’re a millionaire??”
    *ᵒʰʰ ᵒʰʰ ᵗʰᵃⁿᵏ ʸᵒᵘ*

  • Joey Bella
    Joey Bella Před 15 hodinami

    Bruh the millionaire doesn’t need the cash prize

  • Alex Vishnevskiy
    Alex Vishnevskiy Před 15 hodinami

    In the beginning I was like I hope the millionaire still gives everyone money.

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby Před 16 hodinami

    Not gonna lie did anyone noticed the Asian guy just kept picking up the money while the rest were busy having a little fun throwing the money XD the dudes always serious about his work take a break sometime lol

  • Lena Olsen
    Lena Olsen Před 16 hodinami

    Him saying that the money didn't change anything. That it's just a random number in the bank. It reminded me that yes, yes I am poor. He seemed nice though.

  • Christopher_GamingHQ
    Christopher_GamingHQ Před 16 hodinami

    kendra looks like a raindeer

  • Cindy-Joy
    Cindy-Joy Před 16 hodinami

    The end🥺

  • Humbers
    Humbers Před 16 hodinami

    The video is a cool idea but the format is rubbish. By voting out 5/7 of the contestants it becomes less about 'Finding the secret Millionaire' and more 'Find the 2 least suspicious people'. They should only get one vote on who the Millionaire is, or at the very least there should be a punishment for 'voting off' people.

  • 25 Dynamics
    25 Dynamics Před 16 hodinami +1

    This was the easiest one EVER!!! Who doesn’t know KEVIN DAVID?! The Shopify online e-commerce GOD!!!! If you haven’t seen his ads on CHclip then wtf have you been searching all this time?! Go over to Kevin’s website or CHclip channel and learn how you can start an online business with little to no money today!🥳

  • IliaPorcelainCosplay
    IliaPorcelainCosplay Před 17 hodinami

    That blonde is so annoying

  • No Username
    No Username Před 17 hodinami

    The second I clicked on this video I just knew Kevin was the millionaire...

  • Ren Kevin
    Ren Kevin Před 18 hodinami

    Its Kevin David lol

  • Tiya Hendron
    Tiya Hendron Před 18 hodinami

    The millionaire doesn’t need the money

  • Gamba혜상
    Gamba혜상 Před 19 hodinami

    i always read jubilee as jollibee lmao i have poor eyesight

  • Malvisk
    Malvisk Před 19 hodinami

    6 minimum wage workers, not working minimum wage jobs... but independent jobs

  • Ava Carpenter
    Ava Carpenter Před 20 hodinami

    ik it was him. i know a millionaire when i see one, they give off a vibe 😂

  • jasonjo1993
    jasonjo1993 Před 20 hodinami

    There's a reason why these people earn minimum wage!

  • Tiago Moreira
    Tiago Moreira Před 20 hodinami

    this just made me cringe. People actually think you can get millionaires by having 1000 followers on instagram or having a youtube account.

  • M _ary
    M _ary Před 20 hodinami

    Let me get this straight... The millionaire gets MORE money when he/she fools the other people 🙃

    JKDONNIE23 Před 20 hodinami +1

    HAHah that "oh oh thank you" reminded me of jhope

    Marc DEGLAVE CUNNINGTON Před 21 hodinou

    Black dude being racist by assuming people's salary based on their origins. No one cares...

  • ilove carrie
    ilove carrie Před 21 hodinou

    "What You don't live with your parents?" I knew right then he was the one. It was out of context.

  • Britt
    Britt Před 21 hodinou

    a poke bowl? tHaTS nOT VeGaN

  • Alice O'Brien
    Alice O'Brien Před 22 hodinami

    each round they just attack one person and no matter what their answers are they are eliminated

  • KrypticReality
    KrypticReality Před 23 hodinami

    What nice millionaire, good wholesome stuff

  • pankaj chandwani
    pankaj chandwani Před 23 hodinami

    I was born a millionaire and I think I wouldve laughed through out the show

  • KrypticReality
    KrypticReality Před 23 hodinami

    What nice millionaire, good wholesome stuff

  • Mojmír Bezák
    Mojmír Bezák Před 23 hodinami

    What's the loss for a millionare not winning 10K?

  • I Am Groot
    I Am Groot Před 23 hodinami

    Oh my god I wear Nike shorts I'm so poor

  • ㄥ 卂 乂尺 乇
    ㄥ 卂 乂尺 乇 Před dnem

    They should have a rule were the more you vote a person out, the less money they get. Because all they do is vote more so there's an high chance of success of them winning.