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Catch And Cook With Hand Spear On Remote Island

  • čas přidán 12. 03. 2022
  • I attempt a fun survival catch and cook, you won't believe what sea creatures I find underwater and what I catch with my hand spear - Ep 341
    Learn more about mud crabs - • Exploring For Giant Cr...
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Komentáře • 2K

  • @RogueRipple
    @RogueRipple Před rokem +869

    With all the bad that's happening in the world, here comes YBS to help take people's mind off the bad and watch Brodie live his dream and spread the high energy he's got and the beauty that is our oceans. Thanks, Brodie!

    • @alquinn3562
      @alquinn3562 Před rokem +20

      I agree ya gotta live for the beauty, but be vigilant for the evil. Always be a step ahead.😉

    • @colemostert8400
      @colemostert8400 Před rokem +8

      @@OffShoreSniper facts

    • @alquinn3562
      @alquinn3562 Před rokem +3

      @@sfd50 very interesting! The Chinese government uses influencers to shape the minds of the people. Discredit the abuses etc. Given the Chinese influence in Australia, I can see this bleeding over. The Australian gov strangling Influencers if they don’t tow the line. “Influencers are successful monetarily, leaders in shaping perceptions, and need to be “regulated” “Unless you do the bidding of the future regulators you will have to give up your wealth. After all we provide Australia beauty and resources for your channel. We should be able to regulate the content just so you send the right messages.
      Wait until the Chinese trawlers start doing to Australian waters what they have done to their own.

    • @danmanshorts3471
      @danmanshorts3471 Před rokem +3

      @@sfd50 Agreed

  • @DonnaMD
    @DonnaMD Před rokem +30

    Great camera and drone work! Amazing footage as usually Brodie! Definitely feels like a professional TV show docuseries.

  • @bengaluru2010
    @bengaluru2010 Před rokem +93

    Thanking the fish and giving the respect it deserves and appreciating the nature for what it brings and gives is really appreciated. I felt honesty and authenticity in the way the video is presented. Good work team YBS

  • @akmalfishhunter
    @akmalfishhunter Před rokem +1

    Loving how you add the species as you go very helpful and informative loving the growth brodi keep it up❤

  • @olivekate6665
    @olivekate6665 Před rokem +32

    Along with the knowledge and all the amazing things you get to do, the edits in your video help make it even more inspiring to watch

  • @yummysourcandyz
    @yummysourcandyz Před rokem +4

    Y'all rock! Seriously! My six year old and I have been watching and this is so inspiring for him, thank you!

  • @Dylan-is5bw
    @Dylan-is5bw Před rokem +269

    Love your video mate, recently went through a hard time of losing my 2nd child to a rare birth defect. The energy you put into your vids and the amazing landscapes helps take my mind off it.
    Keep up the good work!

    • @IReapzzShotzI
      @IReapzzShotzI Před rokem +24

      Sorry to hear that mate. Much love and lots of health to you and your family ❤️

    • @raquelreyna93
      @raquelreyna93 Před rokem +16

      Sorry to hear that

    • @alquinn3562
      @alquinn3562 Před rokem +16

      Dylan, sorry to hear of your loss. We shouldn’t have to outlive our children. Heal my brother, just heal.

    • @Andrew.818
      @Andrew.818 Před rokem +8

      Much love brother 🙏🏽

    • @JacobandKelsey
      @JacobandKelsey Před rokem +7

      I’ll be praying for you, Dylan.

  • @quick8236
    @quick8236 Před rokem +5

    Listening of the species while your diving is A+ content. Love it fellas

  • @hannahsavanna1
    @hannahsavanna1 Před rokem +24

    This is my favourite channel! It has made my appreciation for our oceans grow so much and its such a privilege to be taken along with the YBS team. We see things many of us wouldn't get the chance to see in our lifetime. The new style of videos are amazing too!! Thank you :)

  • @d.aa.s4142
    @d.aa.s4142 Před rokem

    Mano , muito show esse tipo de pescaria 🎣

  • @deonvanloggerenberg3711
    @deonvanloggerenberg3711 Před rokem +25

    Was looking forward to another fun, energy and passion for life upload. Thanks Brodie you never dissapoint. Lots of Blessings Brodie

  • @carmelakhourie1174
    @carmelakhourie1174 Před rokem

    So dam happy for you and Jacko. To be able to work together and follow your dreams. Amazing!

  • @sheaandtesla4599
    @sheaandtesla4599 Před rokem +3

    You’re an inspiration mate I absolutely love your content it makes me realise what an amazing country and world we live in. I can’t wait to get out and explore it more thanks so much

  • @stooflerthelostaussie
    @stooflerthelostaussie Před rokem +1

    I’ve just spent the week up your way Brodie . Fishing, mudcrabbing and flying an ultralight today wow what a place and reminds ya how good Straya is ! Thanks for everything you do mate bloody lo e this video

  • @triotrouble7463
    @triotrouble7463 Před rokem +1

    The reason I love ur video is ur consistent and ur got incredible enthusiasm and use ur hands and it don’t cause any harm to the animals, thanks man

  • @asktoseducemiss434
    @asktoseducemiss434 Před rokem +1

    Amazing reef there. I’d love to see more videos from that island. Gorgeous footage while diving.

  • @tonsofpaperbrokenpen8267

    Love to see you and your brother enjoying that fish on the beach!

  • @CrocsterS4
    @CrocsterS4 Před 11 měsíci +28

    It’s an addiction to watch these videos, not very long ago I sat down for a whole week watching this dude. They’re interesting, entertaining and shows the beauty of marine life. These are some ridiculously cool videos.

  • @tilenmunda958
    @tilenmunda958 Před rokem +40

    I have always wondered for how long can Brodie hold his breath and how deep he can dive

    • @mallepietje6234
      @mallepietje6234 Před rokem +2

      I came to the comments to find out aswell… offcourse He is topfit but without a tank it’s crazy.

    • @firasmegrahi8587
      @firasmegrahi8587 Před rokem +6

      @@mallepietje6234 it is just a video compilation with multiple dives

    • @wspfoo149
      @wspfoo149 Před rokem +4

      @@firasmegrahi8587 lol no, most of the videos underwater are without any cuts, pure 1-2 min content under water. He is insane

    • @firasmegrahi8587
      @firasmegrahi8587 Před rokem +4

      @@wspfoo149 1 or 2 minutes underwater is « normal » for some one who free dive everyday 😂

  • @kadebenn3453
    @kadebenn3453 Před rokem +7

    I like the addition of the names of the marine animals in the corner! It’s great to learn more about the species over there as a marine biology student in the UK, thanks Brodie 😄

  • @that_switchkid
    @that_switchkid Před rokem +2

    he is a ball of energy and joy when hes out in the wild

  • @thichcakhia60
    @thichcakhia60 Před rokem +2

    You have great contents and I love how you show your audience about the beauty of Australia and the respect you gave to the nature. 😍

  • @carloscontreras211
    @carloscontreras211 Před rokem +1

    I never really thought about till now the amount of sand Brodie probably eats while doing these catch and cooks lol

  • @donttalktome-imacat2106
    @donttalktome-imacat2106 Před 8 měsíci +1

    These are very well put together vids. Great editing and energy. Awesome information. Subtle, well timed merch plugs. Noice.

  • @majestic_pelagics9794
    @majestic_pelagics9794 Před rokem +8

    I love how enthusiastic this guy is he’s always so happy🙂

  • @mattedwards_
    @mattedwards_ Před rokem +5

    Your videos bring me and so many others so much joy! My cat will actually sit and watch especially with Strider in the videos! Love it!

  • @danielmunday9275
    @danielmunday9275 Před rokem +12

    Now Jacko is officially apart of the crew I think it’s only fair for me to say for all of us he needs to do a solo survival and cook

  • @jackieconroy3331
    @jackieconroy3331 Před rokem

    Just finished a six week binge and have watched every video from start to finish. So good. Now to watch all the extras and see how they are. Love this content. From Shellharbour NSW near Wollongong

  • @marteenburkett8614
    @marteenburkett8614 Před rokem +1

    I love how do you add the names to the sea creatures you see so we can learn to! Thank you!!

  • @leticiabeanguido
    @leticiabeanguido Před rokem +5

    Every time you would go under and show us the ocean, I felt at peace.
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful world❤

  • @NKolakovic
    @NKolakovic Před rokem

    I love how you included the names of the fish! would be sick to do some sort of tracked onto them as a cool effect

  • @MegaUrbanlover
    @MegaUrbanlover Před rokem

    I enjoy your videos so much but I super enjoyed them now because you got your brother Jacko with you, it’s wonderful to see you two doing videos together family means everything. Keep up the great content. Luv from cold Canada 😀

  • @bienvenue9854
    @bienvenue9854 Před rokem +14

    Great thing about Brody is that he doesnt claim he is an expert, he has done it for so long that is now 2nd nature and that makes him down to earth and likable and having an energetic personality is a bonus

  • @charliehenley94
    @charliehenley94 Před rokem +4

    The amount of effort he puts into the videos, thanks Brodie! He’s really living the dream😂

  • @samt1059
    @samt1059 Před rokem +12

    Loving it Brodie. Bring back spear fishing with all the boys! Keep it up brother

  • @rhymersreason4521
    @rhymersreason4521 Před rokem

    Brody seems so much happier when he’s out there with his bros.

  • @joshuacoffin9676
    @joshuacoffin9676 Před rokem

    Hey Brodie, be cool to see you chuck up a few tutorials for beginner divers. Tips and tricks on getting deep and holding your breathe. With some safety stuff as well 🙌🏼 big love from NZ

  • @thecuriousvida
    @thecuriousvida Před rokem +1

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the skills this dude has please 👏

  • @hostile_hero2697
    @hostile_hero2697 Před rokem

    Watching your videos brings me some sort of peace. I love seeing what you do & I love what you do, keep it up Brodie, you're the man mate.

  • @zeyrhen2375
    @zeyrhen2375 Před rokem

    Thank you for always entertaining me bro! I really love how you make videos and content. From the Philippines! 🇵🇭 Keep it up! 🐳

  • @papielmo321
    @papielmo321 Před rokem +3

    Can we appreciate how much effort is put in to this video I appreciate the effort he puts in too his videos and I hope you all do thanks so much Brodie I love what you do.and please keep doing it.always remember your such a amazing man and that no matter what keep on doing your what your doing. By the way I love your videos please keep doing CHclip never give up

  • @martymcsmarty7935
    @martymcsmarty7935 Před rokem +1

    I loved seeing the names of all the species you saw. It was a nice way to learn more about the ecosystem

  • @JacobandKelsey
    @JacobandKelsey Před rokem +6

    Love the addition of fish names on the screen while exploring underwater. Thanks for what you do bro!

  • @tacotuesday3021
    @tacotuesday3021 Před rokem

    This is genuinely my happy place watching these videos cause this is literally what I’d love to do for the rest of my life

  • @phoenixaleks
    @phoenixaleks Před rokem

    Absolutely love the new addition of info on the species you are showing!!

  • @maheshamarasinghe4372

    Love this man, please show us many more places like this in this world.. Thanks!

  • @CHT420
    @CHT420 Před rokem +8

    Those underwater shots❤️❤️❤️and the gorgeous water gurgling I love that sound. Wish I could live my best life(alternative vicariously through Brodie)

  • @leeg45691
    @leeg45691 Před rokem

    Awesome video guys! Keep up the amazing content! More adventure videos please

  • @gopackgocheesehead4life57

    Brodie should have a TV show.. or a comic book this dude is a super hero

  • @tarancourchesne1947
    @tarancourchesne1947 Před rokem

    No need to overdramatize you life Brodie...if we're watching we already love it! We like seeing what it's really like to live as you, without the special cams and effects! Love from San Diego

  • @holykamikaze8066
    @holykamikaze8066 Před 5 měsíci

    I love how your fire started with twigs and ended with actual chunks of fire wood 🤣

  • @colmblodget9157
    @colmblodget9157 Před rokem +11

    Brodies videos inspire me everyday to live life to the fullest. Amazing guy

  • @waderaybingham4795
    @waderaybingham4795 Před rokem

    Each video your team posts gets better and better!

  • @tightlinesndirtpatches
    @tightlinesndirtpatches Před rokem +4

    Amazing as always! Thank you for sharing your life and adventures 🙂

  • @zphasm1702
    @zphasm1702 Před rokem

    This is so beautiful. You made me want to try this out!

  • @username0623
    @username0623 Před rokem

    Great video as always!!! Love the fish names added ! Thank you YBS!

  • @pixsaru
    @pixsaru Před rokem +2

    I remember when I was 10 and my dad took me out on my first snorkel dive. I remember saying dad! It sounds like pop rocks down there! And I was blown away when he explained to me it was hundreds of crustaceans walking on the rocks and coral and sound is amplified in the water. I remember him explaining all this while we treaded water and it was so exciting and I felt so lucky to be in the presence of such abundant life. miss my dad.
    Anyways this beginning of this vid brought me back to that happy time, thank you.

  • @imamafandi31
    @imamafandi31 Před rokem +56

    Fun Fact ; This man is really enjoying life at this point

  • @JV-NeverQuit
    @JV-NeverQuit Před rokem

    How long can Brodie hold his breath underwater?

  • @snakebites7502
    @snakebites7502 Před rokem +2

    Yo Brodie, been watching a long time and just want to say your vlogging has improved so much since I started watching. I love watching your videos and seeing that clear blue water and all of the wild life/sea life, keep doing what you're doing!

  • @adriane9724
    @adriane9724 Před rokem

    You know im glad youtube recommend me this amazing video, becuase it help us realize how beautiful the nature is, and thank you YBS for making this video it really inspire a lot of ppl

  • @bryanchan420
    @bryanchan420 Před rokem

    I just love it man, every bit of your video, and you present it perfectly well mannered.

  • @FishingDohaR
    @FishingDohaR Před rokem

    Not everyone understands what fun fishing is, I like it very much

  • @Nogginshot
    @Nogginshot Před rokem

    We need a YBS video game where you can explore and catch different things and keep track of what you’ve seen

  • @Slingdude007
    @Slingdude007 Před rokem

    Given all the bad in the world now, I needed this badly. Thank you Brodie

  • @WisnuVloggerSungai
    @WisnuVloggerSungai Před rokem

    Wow, the atmosphere in the ocean is really cool while grilling crabs and the sea is very beautiful

  • @leopoldolontoc9756
    @leopoldolontoc9756 Před rokem

    the way he shows how beautiful the nature is makes it better

  • @InsideOutOreosJaeb
    @InsideOutOreosJaeb Před rokem +61

    Brodie, i really miss your older videos with the lads doing 2-3 day fishing trips!

    • @keelawehrle7140
      @keelawehrle7140 Před rokem +3

      I totally agree.

    • @cloclolehmann5565
      @cloclolehmann5565 Před rokem +5

      No friends around much anymore.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @seanmorrell490
      @seanmorrell490 Před rokem +5

      I agree still love the channel and the videos but I started watching because of the diving and fishing with the crew and when I started watching he did a couple videos a week now he does one every 2 weeks

    • @IReapzzShotzI
      @IReapzzShotzI Před rokem +13

      His old videos were so much better and felt more authentic. Hate the constant edits in these new videos. Oh well he’s still making bank I guess so good on him.

    • @richardlionheart3935
      @richardlionheart3935 Před rokem

      @@IReapzzShotzI I agree with you. I suspect it's the fault of the youtube algorithm. I've seen a few content makers complaining that it is pushing them towards more sensationalistic videos to get decent exposure from them.

  • @tdubb9505
    @tdubb9505 Před rokem

    Love all your videos, hopefully one day I can visit Australia it’s so beautiful

  • @TheDillberto
    @TheDillberto Před rokem

    you're doin Australia a service here mate . good work . keep representing the Australian spirit to the world.

  • @lucasgarcia7936
    @lucasgarcia7936 Před rokem

    Your videos are too entertaining, interesting and addictive at the same time.

  • @deshonmitchell7199
    @deshonmitchell7199 Před rokem

    I really love your video's Brodie out of all the bad things in my life your video's are the only thing that keeps me on my feet that's why im such a fan thank you Brodie for everything thank you YBS

  • @miguelestebantastet4331
    @miguelestebantastet4331 Před rokem +19

    I like how he changed from hand picked sticks to industrial logs the moment he said we got a fire going! Love the video haha

  • @Phoenix44439
    @Phoenix44439 Před rokem

    I spent a year in Aus right as covid hit. Spent a lot of time snorkeling and feeling fulfilled. Life in Canada hasn't been as fulfilling for me, but I love seeing your energy mate - brings joy to me during these troubling times. Oh what I would do to get back out there..

  • @rosssiegler8014
    @rosssiegler8014 Před rokem

    Brodie is an absolute legend.

  • @fishhunterepisode
    @fishhunterepisode Před rokem

    I truly love your channel. Keep doing the best work

  • @mattallen5517
    @mattallen5517 Před rokem

    Hey Brody i love this episode. Need to get Jacko to open up abit more, would love to hear some of his ideas on different episodes.

  • @kimtuyennguyen7734
    @kimtuyennguyen7734 Před rokem

    The scenery around is so amazing

  • @editsbysarina6442
    @editsbysarina6442 Před rokem +12

    thank you for adding the fish's names, it helped me understand the types of fish! keep it up brodie!! 👍☺️

  • @amokrani
    @amokrani Před rokem

    WOW I haven’t seen your videos for while, but I can see the big improvement and the enhancements that you have made in your video quality, montage as well as the ideas! well done Mate we are always here to support you. Peace from GERMANY 🇩🇪

  • @jaredc9631
    @jaredc9631 Před rokem

    Hey mate love what your doing in the world teaching people about the seas and out doors, just wanted to give you some advice as I am a rural firefighter, that covering fires with sand is a bad idea as sand can keep heat for up to several weeks when a fire is buried and can burn kids or whom ever else decides to use the beach after the fire is buried, love what you do mate keep doing it 👌

  • @terror5845
    @terror5845 Před rokem

    I got the same speer last week. You should buy another rubber for the end and have two at once. This helps so much and it makes the spear a lot quicker to get the fish.

  • @imthemultistangirl
    @imthemultistangirl Před rokem

    I found this very calming thx for existing brodie love from Philippines 😊❤️

  • @radfishguy6784
    @radfishguy6784 Před rokem +3

    Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us. Truly a beautiful place

  • @vicentebermudezdecastrorey2146

    I hope that you will be putting the name of the species more often
    It is a very cool detail

  • @user-zv5zq3sx3l
    @user-zv5zq3sx3l Před rokem

    Thank you Brodie for this video! It was awesome bro!

  • @gamingsoldier5314
    @gamingsoldier5314 Před rokem

    Love your vids mate! I love your courage towards animals take could hurt you a lot!

  • @kwik_dutchmen1916
    @kwik_dutchmen1916 Před rokem +5

    Yeah like many people have said, it’s awesome having the names so we can learn the different fish and sea creatures, seeing as watching your videos got me into the sport of spearfishing in NZ and now I have a Reef tank after the video with the clown fish and currently have 4 captive breed clown fish. Thanks heaps!!

  • @ursula_yt5831
    @ursula_yt5831 Před 7 měsíci

    I dream to live like you with nature and his firstfruits, you are the man who give me the joy to keep living .
    Thanks so much for all your hardwork and video 😄🏝

  • @beacool9024
    @beacool9024 Před rokem +6

    we all know that he is living everyones dream, this is amazing

  • @go4thewin531
    @go4thewin531 Před rokem

    Brodie, I have been watching for a long bloody time now and you make the best videos keep up the amazing work!

  • @eshaycenterkink8628
    @eshaycenterkink8628 Před rokem

    Love the energy as always Brody keep it up mate!

  • @clairebear2660
    @clairebear2660 Před rokem

    I love how when you do something dangerous you’re always so excited☺️😉

  • @jacobwiley3215
    @jacobwiley3215 Před rokem

    Love seeing the brothers together

  • @lylxie
    @lylxie Před 10 měsíci +1

    I swear he is the happiest man alive
    (Rest in peace turtle fly high 🕊️)

  • @YoutubeOrganism
    @YoutubeOrganism Před rokem +3

    I love how you know what everything is. I’m from the UK so anything more than a sheep is tropical and new for me

  • @sandeepnaicker4051
    @sandeepnaicker4051 Před rokem

    This is so amazing to watch and congratulations on the channels big growth. Awesome just awesome

  • @roypowell3450
    @roypowell3450 Před rokem

    This was great Brodie, where ever people are have problems in the world today this was very cheery...Well done. Cheers from the UK.

  • @Yassin-185
    @Yassin-185 Před 4 měsíci +1

    I started watching your videos a couple years ago now I started watching them again and wauw it’s so beautiful what you make like I just can’t believe it I showed my mom it too she had the same reaction and thanks for making the awesome videos

  • @witheredroses9228
    @witheredroses9228 Před rokem

    Hey Brodie I got a question, when diving, when should we be afraid of sharks or when should we be careful of sharks? Cuz I see in your videos you often dive with them.