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  • Dylan Is In Trouble
    Dylan Is In Trouble  Před 2 měsíci +17662

    challenge failed 😪

    • adriana516
      adriana516 Před 19 hodinami

      I got 5 ads !!!

    • Lava Lamp
      Lava Lamp Před dnem

      did you just cOmPaRe Christan Gray and FUCKING JESUS together!?!

    • Electric Blaster
      Electric Blaster Před 2 dny

      Aw, RIP monetization.

    • intense_0005 apex
      intense_0005 apex Před 2 dny

      Idk why but I freaked out when you said "fort Washington"
      I live in oxon hill - fort Washington

  • Tonya C.
    Tonya C. Před 51 minutou

    I love the commentary it’s hilarious

  • Aryan Hegde
    Aryan Hegde Před hodinou

    I thought this was a chick flick but damn thiss just a super high budget porno

  • buzzcut boy
    buzzcut boy Před 2 hodinami

    All I thought was DEVIRGINIZE!

  • Ella Wadbrook
    Ella Wadbrook Před 8 hodinami

    2:08 omg i thought the exact same thing. great minds think alike

  • Dope Artisan
    Dope Artisan Před 15 hodinami

    Lmao "it's cause he's sad bitch."

  • Sylphadora
    Sylphadora Před 18 hodinami

    “Ashamed buyer” 😂

  • love life
    love life Před 18 hodinami

    Lol I know twins my freaking class who’s names are ANNA AND CHRISTIAN like Wtf😂

  • Anastasia Xoxo
    Anastasia Xoxo Před 21 hodinou


  • Oriana F
    Oriana F Před 23 hodinami

    Dylan, there is technically a Harry Potter fanfic published (and a lot that we don't know of too I guess). It's called Carry On and it's actually amazing. Like really good. Like it has a plot and the balance between elements JKR created and how the author transformed them it's perfect. At first you know it's a fanfic because you start recognising things like the magical boarding school and some characters but then it's a completely different thing.

  • stella cravo
    stella cravo Před dnem


  • Tithi J.
    Tithi J. Před dnem

    Please curse, curse the shit out of it.

  • Lava Lamp
    Lava Lamp Před dnem

    did he just cOmPaRe Christan Gray and FUCKING JESUS together!?!

  • Ipek
    Ipek Před dnem

    12:24 according to the Film Theory episode talking about this movie, yes, it's basically like signing up for a cult

  • ליזה Shevtsov
    ליזה Shevtsov Před dnem

    I died when he started moving with them 9:55

  • Monster W
    Monster W Před dnem +2

    "dude she said no"
    *Dylan's face Lolol*

  • xroberta_
    xroberta_ Před dnem

    you’re fucking hilarious how have I only found you now😂

  • Trystan Patton
    Trystan Patton Před dnem

    They did a bad job portraying the books as movies lmaooo

  • Shoshana Cole
    Shoshana Cole Před dnem +1

    Dylan: Buys movie*
    Also Dylan: Naw I didn't actually buy it
    Also Also Dylan: Please buy that line
    ALSO ALSO ALSO Dylan: *Laughs* I did- did not buy it
    Also Me: *INHALE*
    All of you:.... pardon?

  • Anime Trash
    Anime Trash Před dnem

    “ they have sex so hard they bend time ...” lmao 😂

  • oxforddictonary
    oxforddictonary Před dnem

    Anyone else curious what kinda porn dylan watches??? No? Just me? Oh, mmkay then....

  • Skylar Meloche
    Skylar Meloche Před dnem

    as I always say, the book is better than the movies... that being said the third movie was the best one tbh idk why lol

  • Joanna Murella
    Joanna Murella Před dnem

    the passion of the chriSt

  • Fatima
    Fatima Před dnem +1

    Dylan: *pretends to get spanked*
    Christian Grey: *spanks*
    Dylan: " *AYYE!* one "
    Christian Grey: "count anastasia"
    Dylan: " *oNE bitch* "

  • jeb _
    jeb _ Před dnem +1

    twilight had a better relationship then this

  • Kashish Dutt
    Kashish Dutt Před dnem +1

    "I got hit in the throat with a fking pipe that's why my voice sounds like this" 😂😂😂

  • Pitifulbabe 6_6_6
    Pitifulbabe 6_6_6 Před dnem +1

    Omgosh lmaooo i laughed the whole video but watching the movie it's just 😝😌🙈🙈🙈

  • Nkechi Madu
    Nkechi Madu Před 2 dny +2

    When he said „this is Sparta! “ o cracked of🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Dalphina Storm
    Dalphina Storm Před 2 dny

    *Gray tries to look hot while talking a bite of my food*
    *looks down at my food then up at him again*
    If I don't leave now it's about to be your life on the line.😐

  • Elisa Rørhus
    Elisa Rørhus Před 2 dny

    watch Film Theory about this movie, it will make the movie alot more sense

  • Electric Blaster
    Electric Blaster Před 2 dny +1

    I think I see now why people call it "Fifty Shades of Fucked!"

  • Samy Marie Uoyevoli
    Samy Marie Uoyevoli Před 2 dny

    "Laters baby"
    Dylan "Ew". Same man, same.
    You can def tell it's a Twilight fanfic. All the Edward saves Bella moments reshaped into this hahahahahhahaha

  • Chey Girl
    Chey Girl Před 2 dny +1

    "He wanted to butt punch her" 😂😂😂 14:24

  • Kee-Rock Random
    Kee-Rock Random Před 2 dny

    6:08 The fckin (x) doubt gets me every single time.

  • Mariana Martins
    Mariana Martins Před 2 dny

    These movies are sooooooooo cringy

  • abexeha
    abexeha Před 3 dny +1

    I cannot wait for him to realize that this was originally a Twilight fanfiction with Edward as Christian and Bella as Anastasia XD

  • taalbeauty
    taalbeauty Před 3 dny

    HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS HAD ME SO WEAK 🤣🤣🤣 you got a new subscriber this shit funny asf

  • Jacqueline Amaral
    Jacqueline Amaral Před 3 dny +4

    It’s not only me that finds Dylan extremely attractive and funny, right?

  • Tomisin
    Tomisin Před 3 dny +1

    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Dylan: SO MANY NIPPLES!!!

  • MinteHQ
    MinteHQ Před 3 dny

    15:21 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Valen Lahetjuzan
    Valen Lahetjuzan Před 3 dny

    "This video is sponsored by SeatGeek" HAHAHA I died

  • Jesse Castrejon
    Jesse Castrejon Před 3 dny

    Ugh I love BDSM

  • musical theater nerd
    musical theater nerd Před 3 dny +1

    The fact that he bought rope zipties and duct tape freaks me out

  • slim shady
    slim shady Před 4 dny

    Can we talk about how weird Grey takes his shirt off at 5:42 ????? It looks like he's hanging himself for a sec

  • Ashlynn Smith
    Ashlynn Smith Před 4 dny

    There’s a second movie. You should watch it😂

  • Ashlynn Smith
    Ashlynn Smith Před 4 dny

    13:36 - 14:00 LMAO ME

  • Ashlynn Smith
    Ashlynn Smith Před 4 dny

    I never realized how cringy the movie was.

  • Taylor Myers
    Taylor Myers Před 4 dny +2

    Still waiting for my copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Boner

  • Taylor Myers
    Taylor Myers Před 4 dny

    Backpack backpack, backpack backpack SHIRT!

    okay im done.

  • Christa Frye
    Christa Frye Před 4 dny

    This movie honestly is very vanilla

  • Shanice Kingston
    Shanice Kingston Před 4 dny +1

    When he put his glasses on at 12:53 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Caroline's Edits
    Caroline's Edits Před 4 dny +6

    "i'm gonna write a harry potter fanfic, that has never been done before, right?"

  • Michelle Belle
    Michelle Belle Před 4 dny

    Is it weird that I now LOVE the dumb line “like your-x box and stuff?”

  • Krystallia
    Krystallia Před 5 dny

    "How did you trip!?" Oh sweetie... you must be one of the lucky ones who is aware of his own body and coordination. Some of us poor unfortunate souls literally trip over our own feet... even while standing still :'( I was always the girl in school who fell over and up steps. Tell you, it takes some real talent to fall UP stairs!

  • Naty C:
    Naty C: Před 5 dny

    Watching you always makes me feel happy, thank you Dylan💕

  • Kash0utt Miaa
    Kash0utt Miaa Před 5 dny

    The realist reaction of this movie I have ever encountered

  • Introvert! At The Disco


  • Skittles McDonald’s
    Skittles McDonald’s Před 5 dny

    Everyone needs to go watch film theory's video on fifty shades of grey

  • Darker Than Lovely
    Darker Than Lovely Před 5 dny

    me, a witch: if bdsm is witchcraft, i'm in the wrong fucking coven

  • DeborahRenee
    DeborahRenee Před 5 dny

    “Not till I have your written consent”
    *Your face was my face, and everyone else’s face who paid to see this in theaters* 😂

  • Delilah Grey
    Delilah Grey Před 5 dny

    Christian *blames the women who gave birth , who had a hard life yet was still able to look after him for 4 years while being on drugs because that was the only way for her to get through the pain because that’s why he’s so fucked up*
    Everyone else *what about that bitch that literally abused you from age 16 to 21*

  • Kait 5
    Kait 5 Před 5 dny +27

    "6 years? Is that how it works? You're a submissive and then you graduate and become dominant...it's like an internship that you do....?" - Dylan 2019 😂

  • idøntcare19364
    idøntcare19364 Před 6 dny

    I once paid $5 to spank a German dudes butt at a Renaissance fair

  • Gillian Blue
    Gillian Blue Před 6 dny +5

    It's actually hilarious that you said that about witchcraft and BDSM cause a couple years ago I was heavily into witchcraft. And I've since joined the BDSM community XDD

  • I am Reign
    I am Reign Před 6 dny

    your reactions to this stupid ass movie are exactly as mine . the only difference is a couldn't bring myself to continue watching after that stupid scene were he eats out of her hand -.-

  • Faith Marie Lover
    Faith Marie Lover Před 6 dny

    Dylan: I could write a Harry Potter fanfiction. No ones done that before, right?
    Me: Damn you really don't know, do you?

  • amanda elias
    amanda elias Před 7 dny

    What’s the song that you play at the end of your videos?

  • jinks
    jinks Před 7 dny

    The beginning is Dylan looking bored and disappointed...the second half is him looking super uncomfortable or shocked 😂😂

  • KittySnicker
    KittySnicker Před 7 dny +7

    BDSM folks were rightfully mad at this movie because this movie portrays abuse and stalking and tries to pass it off as BDSM.
    Also LOL at “They have sex so hard that they bend the space time continuum.”

  • Sun Fire
    Sun Fire Před 7 dny

    5:47 😂😂🤣🤣😂💀💀💀 best reaction ever

  • Antonella Rebel
    Antonella Rebel Před 7 dny

    I'm dying here, you've made this movie good by being honest, extremely hilarious.

  • Imaginary_me123
    Imaginary_me123 Před 8 dny

    I'm confused about the part after she her virginity that she wasn't sore or maybe the guy had a small one.

  • mystery lady
    mystery lady Před 8 dny

    Lmao you crack me up

  • Jimin's Accident
    Jimin's Accident Před 8 dny +6

    Dylan: -rolls eyes at Grey-
    Me: Subscribed!

  • Jessica Bean
    Jessica Bean Před 9 dny

    You got ads?

    *W H A T*