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  • Dylan Is In Trouble
    Dylan Is In Trouble  Před 13 dny +11587

    challenge failed 😪

    • Shawna Creature
      Shawna Creature Před 8 hodinami


      I guess
      Oh I hate the number 4

    • Jade Boo
      Jade Boo Před dnem

      I see 5 ads so challenge not failed!

    • Little Lionn
      Little Lionn Před 2 dny

      I see ads 👀👀👀

    • Aliasists Smith
      Aliasists Smith Před 2 dny

      Bitch you just earned a new subscriber funniest shit I've seen all year 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣@Dylan Is In Trouble

    • RylieCollins
      RylieCollins Před 2 dny

      You’re still monetized!

  • Shaniyah Hall
    Shaniyah Hall Před 26 minutami


  • Nyjae Johnson
    Nyjae Johnson Před hodinou +1

    React to MOONLIGHT!!!

  • TeleportingDuck HH
    TeleportingDuck HH Před 3 hodinami

    Fucking noob.
    I’ve watched a guy get three hands shoved up his ass. It fits. It fucking fits!

  • TeleportingDuck HH
    TeleportingDuck HH Před 3 hodinami

    FIRST OF ALL I’ve tripped over the fucking floor too many times to count.

    (The front of my shoe hits the floor first and I accidentally drag it across while trying to take the next step which leaves me standing on the front of my foot for a fraction of a second before falling to the ground)

  • Samantha Castro
    Samantha Castro Před 6 hodinami

    I laughed so hard watching this, thank you

  • lightningfury
    lightningfury Před 6 hodinami

    LOL I'm so glad I never watched this movie

  • Ryoko
    Ryoko Před 7 hodinami

    That was the sexiest bread eating ive ever seen

    Me: laughs

  • Isadora Dias
    Isadora Dias Před 7 hodinami

    it’s because you’ve been PENETRATED

  • gen v
    gen v Před 8 hodinami

    I have yet to watch this movie... yet here I am

    • gen v
      gen v Před 8 hodinami

      I had to skip so much of this lol I'm sorry Dylan

  • hannah faith
    hannah faith Před 8 hodinami

    meanwhile life with mak's content is getting deleted for doing clothing hauls
    *anna ou-*

  • angelica m
    angelica m Před 9 hodinami

    "I don't trust you, Bill Cosby" 🤣

  • Duda e Amanda SQN
    Duda e Amanda SQN Před 9 hodinami

    I'm Laughing soo much

  • angelica m
    angelica m Před 9 hodinami

    6:07 IM DEAD. This is 2019 and doubt got me

  • Raquel H
    Raquel H Před 9 hodinami

    I've read way better fanfiction than that crap... wtf was the hype over that for

  • Unicorn Frappuccino
    Unicorn Frappuccino Před 9 hodinami

    This isn’t age restricted tho...

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha Před 10 hodinami

    Oh my god, this made me CRY 😂😂😂😂 this man is so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Woozi is Short he only 164cm
    Woozi is Short he only 164cm Před 10 hodinami

    Your reaction is mine while watching this movie..

  • Bella
    Bella Před 10 hodinami

    Dude ur so funny😂😂

  • Bella
    Bella Před 10 hodinami

    I never realized how stupid the script really is 😂😂

  • Poppy Action
    Poppy Action Před 11 hodinami

    Good lord. Watching this on your channel is the only way I'd ever see this. Stories like this are such a boner killer! If I went to some dudes house and he had a room with all that shit I'd run so fast! But my real issue with this is he's a rich guy in Seattle and his place has way too little stainless steel in it. Seattlites love stainless steel appliances and the color grey on their walls. It's not freaking NYC yet she has exposed brick in her apartment noooooooo! There's also a lack of beanies. And he should definitely have a beard and a hard part. Haha okay but he's like I was molested and my mom was a drug addict I'm so fucked up wah wah and the girl is like ok but I love you and then he abuses her and she's like whoa hey wait a minute there were red flags since we met but oh my- that's the most Seattle thing about this movie.

  • Ocean Star
    Ocean Star Před 13 hodinami +1

    No one. Legit no one.
    **Christian eats her bread.**
    Me: FUCK OFF! MY FOOD! *slaps his face*

  • T S
    T S Před 14 hodinami

    I'm crying. Favorite commentary ever.

  • R 85
    R 85 Před 15 hodinami

    "Listen to me"
    "Do I have to" 😂💯👍

  • Layla
    Layla Před 15 hodinami

    Not very relevant but I’ve gotta mention this. The whole “the first time is painful” thing is mostly a myth. For a female the first time can be painful if
    1) you don’t know what you’re doing (not enough lubrication, no foreplay, going too fast, etc)
    2) the female has some sort of physical condition that makes sex painful or impossible.
    Nobody I know has ever had a painful first time. I didn’t either. Whenever people are baffled about a female not feeling pain during sex it really irks me. The first time does NOT have to hurt.

  • jenny
    jenny Před 15 hodinami

    i'm very mad at myself that i audibly laughed at the "chicken butt" joke

  • The Sucky Reader
    The Sucky Reader Před 17 hodinami +1

    christian: men must throw themselves at you.
    me: wow. if that would happen, i would throw myself off the fucking building thank you!

  • Punie Caitlin
    Punie Caitlin Před 17 hodinami +3

    "I can't imagine being in a theater like, Where do I look at??"

  • zoe kayt
    zoe kayt Před 18 hodinami +1

    “ok i’m ready christian” “AY!” I FUCKING DIED LMFAOOOO

  • zoe kayt
    zoe kayt Před 19 hodinami +3

    “haha you ain’t gonna see em. not with my face in the way, not on my watch” 💀💀 i dieddddd

  • Luma Freire
    Luma Freire Před 19 hodinami +2

    Dylan: I'm not really into BDSM
    Also Dylan during this movie and the sequels: I CAME FOR DA SPANKING

  • Daya Subramanian
    Daya Subramanian Před 19 hodinami +2

    The scene where she is tied up on the bed and he is slo-mo whipping her and Dylan is like 'this is how you'd shoot Passion of the Christ' FUCK 😂😂😂

  • Daya Subramanian
    Daya Subramanian Před 20 hodinami +1

    Christian: "Would you like a drink?"
    Dylan: "I don't trust you, Bill Cosby" DECEASED

  • TheHPExperiment
    TheHPExperiment Před 20 hodinami

    Christian: Men must throw themselves at you.
    Dylan: .... She works at a hardware store.

  • Y/N The ARMY
    Y/N The ARMY Před 21 hodinou +2

    "A film climax not....

    Her climax"

  • Taena Blackfyre
    Taena Blackfyre Před 21 hodinou +1

    "Men must throw themselves at you"
    "....She works at a hardware store"
    I've never laughed so hard in my life 😂😂😂

  • Niecy Roman
    Niecy Roman Před 22 hodinami

    So no one is gonna mention the casual way he just puts in on how he watches David dobrik? ok that's how it is

  • Emanuela Ivan
    Emanuela Ivan Před 23 hodinami

    I had the same reaction "this is the worst"

  • Steph Anglim Lagones
    Steph Anglim Lagones Před 23 hodinami


  • Morgan Dupree
    Morgan Dupree Před 23 hodinami


  • tskchet :0
    tskchet :0 Před 23 hodinami

    bro that spanking scene you did IM HOLLERING I SUBSCRIBED

  • Haters Gonna Vent
    Haters Gonna Vent Před dnem

    "To fucking hold his today while he eats it I guess. "
    I'm bursting ahahahahaha

  • Anastasia Molina
    Anastasia Molina Před dnem

    wtf is wrong with not wearing a bra? 🙄 men

  • depressed amy
    depressed amy Před dnem


  • sunsignhealer
    sunsignhealer Před dnem

    I know the movie is bad, but please stop calling her bitch!

  • Helz
    Helz Před dnem

    Oh my God I laughed so hard 😂 😂 😂

  • Methane
    Methane Před dnem

    The crazy thing is this isnt even demonitized

  • Kayla Russell
    Kayla Russell Před dnem

    “Everything u play us so sad”
    Dylan: Because he’s sad bitch?

  • Kayla Russell
    Kayla Russell Před dnem

    “I rolled my eyes”
    “Is that polite?”
    Lol no but it’s funny

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray Před dnem

    Dylan is fucking funny af. I'm wheezing

  • Autumn Smith
    Autumn Smith Před dnem

    Dylan: Why would anyone want to buy this?
    A Dutch friend of mine: This is my favorite series. :)

  • jade rose
    jade rose Před dnem

    'okay ready Christian ayyy'
    the sound you made hahahah

  • J.R. M
    J.R. M Před dnem

    Still think the dialogue in this movie is flat & dry. And characters are duel & dead

  • Suzy Shafey
    Suzy Shafey Před dnem

    4:42 🤰

  • StarTrek Kitty
    StarTrek Kitty Před dnem +1

    12:27 I direct you over to Film Theory for that question

  • Guada Buffa
    Guada Buffa Před dnem

    dying at 18:41 slow motion reference to passion of Christ reference 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Samantha Hayward-Brown
    Samantha Hayward-Brown Před dnem +3

    "okay enough about your family, tell me about your sexual kinks" actually ME on dates lol

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia Před dnem

    He wanted to butt punch her😅😂

  • Izzy Angel
    Izzy Angel Před dnem +1

    19:41 I’m dying 😂😂

  • La MeraMera
    La MeraMera Před dnem

    the way Dylan says “AYY” when christian spanks him and then he says “I said one bitch” 🤣

  • Harriet King
    Harriet King Před dnem

    i have never laughed so much omg i love your videos my friend

  • Swedish_Louise
    Swedish_Louise Před dnem +2

    C: Listen to me
    D: Do I have to?
    I'm dead 😂😂

  • Erien Buta
    Erien Buta Před dnem

    I remember when my mom tried to force me to watch this...big oof

    • Erien Buta
      Erien Buta Před 15 hodinami

      @Sutzy Ku idk man,but i sure am traumatized

    • Sutzy Ku
      Sutzy Ku Před 15 hodinami

      Why would she do that to you?!

  • Thalia Moore
    Thalia Moore Před dnem

    You should binge watch chambers on netflix next !!!

  • Tiny Me
    Tiny Me Před dnem +1

    At the end of the movie:
    ThAt'S It??
    ThAT WaS sO dUMb!

  • Tiny Me
    Tiny Me Před dnem +1

    Anastasia : Is everything okay?
    Dylan : No BiTcH, WHaT do yOu tHinK?!

  • Brittany Navarro
    Brittany Navarro Před dnem

    I just found your channel and I LOVE YOU! Your videos make me laugh so hard, I am seriously obsessed. Thank you for all the boss content :)

  • B 27D
    B 27D Před dnem

    First video of you I've ever seen you're SO funny🤣

  • NotFunny ButFunny
    NotFunny ButFunny Před dnem


  • jaeminssmilecurescancer

    *i got hit in the throat with a fucking pipe*

  • so artistic
    so artistic Před dnem

    i’m dead laughing

  • I'm a Capricorn
    I'm a Capricorn Před dnem +1

    I am so glad I never watched this movie

  • Emma Mae
    Emma Mae Před dnem

    Bro I feel bad for the actors lmao

  • Holly Fossen
    Holly Fossen Před dnem

    Hahahahah. I love you

  • Life of a Mom
    Life of a Mom Před dnem

    Anna: Is everything okay?
    Dylan: No bitch, what do you think?

  • Life of a Mom
    Life of a Mom Před dnem +1

    Anastasia kind of reminds me of timid and naive Bella...

  • idkaskhermione
    idkaskhermione Před dnem


  • Carrie Henderson
    Carrie Henderson Před dnem

    4:40 i cackled.

  • Old _Yeller
    Old _Yeller Před dnem

    4:41 me throughout the whole movie xD I really enjoyed this video

  • Abigail Tesfaye
    Abigail Tesfaye Před 2 dny

    watch Me Before You
    It's sooo goood

  • Izzie
    Izzie Před 2 dny

    I’m still not convinced that he just rented it instead of buying it

  • Lisa Kokx
    Lisa Kokx Před 2 dny

    I had to wait a week to watch this and it was so worth it

  • Octopus Food
    Octopus Food Před 2 dny +2


  • Omai Kathy
    Omai Kathy Před 2 dny

    This video is the funniest thing ive watched😂

  • Mimi Vicious
    Mimi Vicious Před 2 dny

    I cant stop laughing, it HURTS! 😂😂

  • Miranda Lea
    Miranda Lea Před 2 dny

    This entire video was beyond hilarious omg 😂😂

  • Danielle Holmes
    Danielle Holmes Před 2 dny +2

    4:42 sexiest eyeroll ever lol sorry not sorry

  • fucker who pings
    fucker who pings Před 2 dny

    As someone who is into the BDSM scene, fuck this movie. It is so bad on so many levels

  • thelostobe txt
    thelostobe txt Před 2 dny +3

    I honestly hate fsog ita a very bad misrepresentation of the bdsm and our community like there are sooooooooooooooo many things in contract alone thats not true and how the contracts work in the community are completelt different both the sub and dom have a say in the contract its totallly different. You should do a rewatch after researching

  • Allie H
    Allie H Před 2 dny +14

    “she works at a hardware store”
    “does he tell her he’s a vampire”
    “this is all Edward did, invade Bella’s personal space”
    “David Dobrik comes out of the car”
    “go back to the couch”
    “oookayy i’m ready Christian”
    “she’s leaving but at least you still have your couch”
    i’m actually crying😂😂😂

  • Mariah Edits
    Mariah Edits Před 2 dny +40

    “That couch looks comfortable, I would sit on that couch. Wait, not after that!” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Freddy Josiah
    Freddy Josiah Před 2 dny

    confession time: I , as a twelve year old boy, went into a library to ask a librarian where fifty shades of grey was located on the shelves, while my dad and sister were present. I didn't know what it was but I heard the title a lot on TV and from school.. I guess. Needless to say, the librarian and my family were in total shock. so was I when I learned the nature of the book.

  • Ana Laura Almonte
    Ana Laura Almonte Před 2 dny +22

    "They put a bare nipple in there?"
    "Is this art?"

  • Snow Harpper
    Snow Harpper Před 2 dny

    Just as an informer as a person in this community and pretty much everyone in the BDSM community finds this movie disgraceful and unrealistic of what an actual BDSM relationship is and should look like. what happens in these movies honestly falls under the description of rape, endangerment of life, stalking, and under no reason should you or anyone else find this romantic or feel that this is how people of the BDSM community act toward one another.

  • Vionie Beaunissant
    Vionie Beaunissant Před 2 dny

    "Not on my watch. I'll like Jon Snow in this bitch."🤣🤣🤣

  • Lyn Anele
    Lyn Anele Před 2 dny

    9:05 "not on my watch. i'm like jon snow in this bitch. not on my watch." I SCREAMED

  • Nexy Cazares
    Nexy Cazares Před 2 dny +1

    do after next

  • Ayeeitsalex !!!
    Ayeeitsalex !!! Před 2 dny


  • Lauren Fennelly
    Lauren Fennelly Před 2 dny

    I’m wheezing

  • Monica LovesTwilight
    Monica LovesTwilight Před 2 dny

    I laughed so hard throughout your entire commentary Dylan soo funny!