Dead by Daylight | Livestream #91 - Who doesn't like hats!?!

  • čas přidán 1. 03. 2018
  • March 1st 2018 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Gabrielle Murphy (not_Queen), Mathieu Côté
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Komentáře • 814

  • fabbbyyyy
    fabbbyyyy Před rokem

    is this title a baby driver reference?

  • D Doop
    D Doop Před rokem

    I wear hats everyday, whatchu mean?!

  • Aryanna Pancost
    Aryanna Pancost Před rokem

    i love dead by daylight

  • Mintaholic Chaos
    Mintaholic Chaos Před rokem

    I love how I can't tell when they are giving hints or just messing with us. Keeps me on my toes.

  • Geoffrey Collins
    Geoffrey Collins Před rokem +1

    When is your ass gonna buff the killers?
    How about now?

  • Marissaa Mua
    Marissaa Mua Před rokem

    Why did yall mess up the barrowed time 💔 now theres more campers then ever 😒

  • Yoruko Mitsui
    Yoruko Mitsui Před rokem +1

    Is there a kind soul who will translate to English what Feng said to Doctor in the fanart?

  • Gentleman _
    Gentleman _ Před rokem

    There's a game in this bug

  • Fortnite Videos
    Fortnite Videos Před rokem

    You guys should put this game on Nintendo switch please

  • Antonio Alvarez
    Antonio Alvarez Před rokem

    The hag change to op pls nerf

    I am just kidding pls no nerf):

  • Justin Malave
    Justin Malave Před rokem

    Anyone else feel like there should be a Deluxe Edition for Dead by Daylight? With every single DLC up to date?

  • KiyanoVEVO
    KiyanoVEVO Před rokem

    Yo I got some killer suggestions
    Don’t really know if anyone will see this but drop a reply if you have any suggestions

  • YoungBread LT
    YoungBread LT Před rokem

    Will dbd come to the switch? I really want dbd on switch

  • AirRayo
    AirRayo Před rokem

    put on a ghost face

  • ps4godknight 193
    ps4godknight 193 Před rokem

    They should add predator to the game

  • RenagadeRose Games
    RenagadeRose Games Před rokem

    Can u guys fix the pig because with the thing on their heads are not supposed to escape but when they're down and near the hatch they can still escape with the thing on their head can you guys please fix this

    • LunarSnows
      LunarSnows Před rokem

      It's actually a good thing we can get hatch escapes because if the killer wanted to they could drop them past the pillars and they instantly die

    • RenagadeRose Games
      RenagadeRose Games Před rokem

      Well that sucks lol

    • RenagadeRose Games
      RenagadeRose Games Před rokem

      LunarSnows uhggg life is so hard lol

    • LunarSnows
      LunarSnows Před rokem

      RenagadeRose Games It's only meant to trigger past the pillars at the exit gate thus you can get the hatch

  • Константин Зюмов

    Добавте Джейсона вурхиза

  • Brandon Whess
    Brandon Whess Před rokem +1

    would be better 1 map of labyrinths

    • Brandon Whess
      Brandon Whess Před rokem

      100 000 like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌

  • Brandon Whess
    Brandon Whess Před rokem

    The L.A.B.E.R.I.N.T.

  • Juggaloturtle 420
    Juggaloturtle 420 Před rokem

    So Bennidict hasnt been in any trials just because we haven't played him? Then why does his journal exist? How does he have knowledge of the entity? Of the fog?

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      some say that bennedict is actually the entity trying to give hope to the survivors by giving them advice

  • ENG 06
    ENG 06 Před rokem

    I can’t update the new version today

  • galaxy games
    galaxy games Před rokem

    They should make it that 2 out of the 7 random gens that are not working gens. So there aren't any leftover gens
    Example:when u are working on it and complete a non working gen it doesn't light up instead explodes and u don't have the option to repair it.
    The reason why u say they should do this is because killers need to be frightening and survivors expect to just go right in and repair them right away. BTW I'm a survivor main and I think that it's a good idea like if u agree

  • Pbg 500# Kam
    Pbg 500# Kam Před rokem

    Jeepers creepers

    • Pbg 500# Kam
      Pbg 500# Kam Před rokem

      * we need to get jeepers creepers in dead by daylight

  • Hossytootoo
    Hossytootoo Před rokem

    As a dedicated player of Dead By Daylight, I would like to suggest a few changes to your game. Before that, I would like to say that I think the game was best when it was in its early stages with few players. I'm not saying that the game mechanics were better, but it was the players themselves. That was when "toxicity" wasn't prominent in literally every single game. Nobody pallet looped, nobody 360'd; these jukes weren't a thing back then. And without these ways of making it impossible for the killer, the killer was actually scary. Now, we can't wipe the minds of players to make them forget these things, so I think there are a couple ways to make the killer scarier. First of all, when sprinting, survivors should be only able to turn their character with their mouse. They wont be able to strafe with "d" or "a", only "w". Now, this is only while sprinting, so players have a harder time juking the killer, making them easier to hit, making them feel vulnerable. This can also make running from the killer much more terrifying, because you can't look behind and around you. This will make it hard to plan where to go next and can make the not knowing of how close the killer is until you see the red light extremely nerve wracking. Also, pallets should be scarce. I don't say this because I'm a salty killer main, I say this because it makes it harder to shake off the killer and waste their time. It promotes the most important thing I want to be prominent in Dead By Daylight: stealth. Nothing is more nerve wracking then hiding behind a rock as a killer walks past you five feet away. Now, with the promotion of stealth, some killers and killer perks will definitely have to be nerfed, such as BBQ and Chili, Nurse's Calling, and the Doctor himself. Honestly, Nurse's Calling should be removed entirely if you are to make the game more stealth based. But the Doctor could be limited so that survivors only scream when they are afflicted with madness and within a certain range of the Doctor, not just when he's near them and they haven't been touched. Madness will only apply when they are zapped, and that only. BBQ and Chili should only show the general location of the survivor, not their exact whereabouts. The last thing I think should be changed is body-blocking. When the killer picks up a survivor, other survivors can easily body-block until the killer drops the person they are holding. This can give players a sense of power, eliminating the desolate mood. The killer should be able to push the survivors aside. Those are my thoughts, and I hope you will at least take these into consideration. Thank you.

  • Panda wind13
    Panda wind13 Před rokem

    0:36 Trop bien awwwww !!!

  • Bacon Boy Productionz
    Bacon Boy Productionz Před rokem +1

    Will you roll back the changes to borrowed time, the perk was only useful for when (hypothetically) a killer was face-camping with noed, or camping in general, that may have stopped killers from farming the survivors, but in a situation where the gates are opened and the killer is trying to secure one kill by camping, he will secure that kill due to the fact that borrowed time is only for one person. (this especially applies to the noed situation).

  • Anonimus Anonimus
    Anonimus Anonimus Před rokem

    Is killer ??

  • 月夜なの
    月夜なの Před rokem


  • Carlos Nóbrega
    Carlos Nóbrega Před rokem

    I really like to play killer, but lately it's being difficult when there are 4 connected survivors communicating with each other. The freddy is very weak, it should change for those who had in the dream can not escape until waking, Pig, also has a fault, can not escape if you have the trap in the head, while not withdrawing can not escape. This is an example that I feel need, the lanterns are very strong, it was not for the killer to release the survivor when he is with him on the shoulder. Please developers, analyze case

  • Nelson Cartier Gaming
    Nelson Cartier Gaming Před rokem

    what are those light beams @5:08 I seen those in a game 1 time but never again..what does it mean?

  • The Average Churro
    The Average Churro Před rokem

    im honestly glad the devs recognized their mistake and are now making jokes about it, even though they cant balance the game they are still having fun! go devs go!

  • SuperSenshi
    SuperSenshi Před rokem

    Is there a way to contact the devs to make a suggestion/request for a guest killer and survivor (like they did for Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street)?

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      you can suggest in reddit and steam forums

  • Frogmin
    Frogmin Před rokem

    Hey shitheads wake up. Your method of balance is continuing to upset your fan base and yet you keep nerfing killers like what the hell

  • Jirian Mori
    Jirian Mori Před rokem

    They are talking about how they will not do any console exclusives. Bill ._. I understand that they needed the money from valve, but can you at least make a Xbox and ps4 exlcusive. Just make a killer for ps4 and survivor for Xbox. It really isn't that hard. Plus PC has it worst because they have way more bugs XD

    • Jirian Mori
      Jirian Mori Před rokem

      Symebo Symebo Jesus sorry... Didn't mean to trigger you... All I'm saying is that a small ps4 and Xbox exclusive would be nice... Even if it's like a clothing item... Bill isn't the only exclusion... The charity pack is excluded from the consoles... The twitch pack is excluded from us.... I mean just slap the ps4 symbol on a white and blue jacket and slap the Xbox symbol on a tee shirt

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      they said NO exclusives, they cant get bill on ps4 and xbox so thats why he is pc only they WONT make exclusive characters

  • The Spring SFM
    The Spring SFM Před rokem

    Ey put un The game something for The killers campers

  • Uzaki Kena
    Uzaki Kena Před rokem

    Watch this an if you have any sort of heart please fix this game an do proper balance.

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    I can’t point out enough that just cause your a dev doesn’t mean your an unstoppable god of a player when push comes to shove their a player like me a rank 5 ish player that just wants to play this amazing game

  • gene issac
    gene issac Před rokem

    need more in dlc other then new map killer and survivor should add everything new outfits kill by hand weapons emotes items and whatever too make it better

    VESSEL Před rokem

    12:27 The Hag
    *Flashback to that time he got fucked by that toxic SWF*
    Yes, totally the most 'fun' lol

  • Unknown abstract
    Unknown abstract Před rokem

    Who thinks they should add mister babadook and his power would be to posses players for 30 seconds

  • Benelux 078
    Benelux 078 Před rokem

    I will give a suggestion to the next killer who will be Vallak invoking from evil 2 the nun, or the Ghostface (Panic) movie.

    EXP WOLF Před rokem +1

    Maybe Dead by Daylight are working on a project to get Jason Voorhees as a killer and call him, ‘The Murderer’. His ability could be called ‘kill for mother’, the ability to use swift attacks with his machete and the ability to place bear traps around the map. His perks could be about making the killer unescapable. The first perk is called ‘False Escape’, when a pallet is pulled down to stun the killer, the pallet will immediately break and delays the stun, this will have a cool down of 30 seconds. The next perk is called ‘Death lake’ when a survivor is hit, this will slow down the survivor while putting him into the Hemorrage effect. The last perk is called ‘Hex: Out of luck’, when a survivor is killed and a dull totem is still remaining, survivors suffer from reduced repairing, healing, cleansing, unlocking and sabotaging, even the hatch will not be available, slowing down the game for more death. I think they should have Tommy Jarvis as a survivor or Alice from part 1 but I haven’t thought about the perks. Developers of Dead by Daylight, if you are reading this thank you for your support!

    • EXP WOLF
      EXP WOLF Před rokem

      Heh lol which perks did you like the best? Mine was the ‘False escape’ which would go well with ‘enduring’

    • EXP WOLF
      EXP WOLF Před rokem

      Heh lol but do you think it’s a good idea???

    • EXP WOLF
      EXP WOLF Před rokem +1

      Heh lol sorry about that, I definitely won’t argue about all the time I spent typing this! Sorry, how about a customisation pack with Jason hockey mask for the trapper???

  • The Slasher
    The Slasher Před rokem

    DBD why won't you add bill on ps4

  • Grungedude93
    Grungedude93 Před rokem

    If you guys need an idea for the next killer I think you should most definitely do the creeper from jeepers creepers.

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer Před rokem

    A new killer should be peniwise and a survivor billy the map wold be in a sewer connected to the main house

  • Mayton Garcia Juarez
    Mayton Garcia Juarez Před rokem

    You should add scream or predator as a new killers

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty Před rokem

    Emag director

  • BTeb
    BTeb Před rokem

    Hey guys have you seen my recent funtage ???

    ESKEETIT Před rokem

    Again killing the game no killer want to play anymore, instead of streaming fuck streams balance your game, survivors should hide from killer not play with them, reduce alot of pallets remove DS do fucking something jesus.. If i worked there this game would've been so fucking good!!!!

  • Kas '-'
    Kas '-' Před rokem

    Killer idea:
    Killer: The Psycho
    Real name: Jonathan
    Power: Ilusions
    Weapon: Knife

  • Fabio Pauli
    Fabio Pauli Před rokem

    12:34 Ironic or not Ironic that's the question

  • Welcomedrumble2
    Welcomedrumble2 Před rokem +1

    Hex:cluck sounds amazing cause that’ll make “calm spirit” op or even useful

  • xpineaplex 1
    xpineaplex 1 Před rokem

    You should make ghost face a killer if you can access the license to it

  • ToxicClaudette :D
    ToxicClaudette :D Před rokem +1

    These devs! Omg seriously? Completely oblivious to what the community wants. We don’t really want events or new content or patch reworks. We want and need new chase features, new objectives, new game modes because right now most people are getting bored of the game.

  • LordVoltio
    LordVoltio Před rokem

    When I finish a match said me SERVER DISCONNECTED and I lose all the points. Please, give me the points (ID: LordVoltio PLATFORM: PS4)

    • LordVoltio
      LordVoltio Před rokem

      I broke a CD because I'm angry

  • The Boss
    The Boss Před rokem

    Can you add pennywise in this game or a killer which can disguise in a survivor

  • Sarah O.
    Sarah O. Před rokem

    "UI team is quite small" as in, run in a broom closet you mean..? What do you do with all our money for the game and DLC..? Go on vacations..?

  • Sarah O.
    Sarah O. Před rokem

    Mathieu Cote, you come across as arrogant, though you clearly don't seem to care about that. All that matters is money and vacations, eh?

  • Ben Munson
    Ben Munson Před rokem


  • Charlotte workman
    Charlotte workman Před rokem

    make jeff the killer one of the killers